What Movie Character Team-Ups Would You Like to See?

Don’t bother trying to reach me at work today, I’m out sick. Okay, I’m not really sick; I’m actually holed up at one of the local multiplexes–whichever one has the largest screens–so that I can spend the day continually watching The Avengers until I either fall asleep or get tossed out by the manager. Ever since Samuel L. Jackson, as Nick Fury, popped up after the credits of 2008′s Iron Man to talk to Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark about  “a bigger universe” and “the Avenger Initiative,” fanboys such as myself have been eagerly obsessively waiting for the eventual teaming of Ol’ Shellhead with fellow Marvel Comics mainstays the Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

The arrival of this unprecedented big-screen super-hero smash-up, however, got me to thinking about what a rarity a movie like The Avengers is in Hollywood history. Such multi-character confluences hardly ever occur outside of the horror/sci-fi  genres (think Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, King Kong vs. GodzillaFreddy vs. Jason, and Alien vs. Predator) or in satires and pastiches (Bob Hope’s B-Western comedy Alias Jesse James, Neil Simon’s sleuth spoof Murder by Death, and the ”SuperFriends” of Victorian Literature, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). I read once that writer Colin Higgins–who penned both Harold and Maude and Silver Streak, among other titles–was contemplating a prequel script that would have teamed free-spirited senior citizen Maude (Ruth Gordon) with Silver Streak’s wise-cracking thief Grover (Richard Pryor). For whatever reason that project never came to fruition, but there are plenty of  other potential pairings out there. For example:

What if Paul Kersey’s Death Wish crusade to clean up the streets of New York pitted him against The Warriors?  How would All About Eve’s Margo Channing have dealt with gossip articles by J.J. Hunsecker from Sweet Smell of Success? What sort of otherworldly threat would have Ash from The Evil Dead joining forces with Big Trouble in Little China’s Jack Burton? Pretty in Pink’s Ducky didn’t win Andie’s heart at the prom, but rather than wind up with some anonymous coed, he would have been better off with a girl who would appreciate his unique sense of style…like, say, Alison from The Breakfast Club. And what if an aging Michael Corleone faced a battle for control of his organized crime empire thanks to a brash Cuban immigrant named Tony Montana (yeah, Pacino vs. Pacino!)?

Those were just a couple of ideas off the top of my head, but what about you?  What film characters have you always wanted to see get together, as lovers, enemies or something in between? Sound off in the comments!


  • Wayne

    Id just settle for a “Godfather 4″ and pick it right up where the left off in 3, with Andy Garcia running what remains of the show!  He could do a whole lot worse than than bringing back Joe Montagnea  for a new role as an elder hit-statesman too, no?  But, of course, am mixing and matching film characters with real actors here…but you get the general idea ;)

  • Gemini09

    How about pitting Batman v Spiderman v Superman? I loved how the Batman TV series had guest villains such as the great Caesar Romero as the Joker.

  • Blair kramer

    James Bond and Derek Flint are assigned to bring down ”Galaxy” after it has been taken over by Ernst Stavro Blofeld!

  • Sageaqua

    Bond is sent after Borne, while Borne is hunting down someone after Bond.

  • Ganderson

    I recently saw a picture of three gunslingers walking down the middle of an old western town; it’s one of those iconic images that always preceeds the big shootout.  But in this image one of the men was Hondo Lane (John Wayne, ‘Hondo’), one Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell, ‘Tombstone’) and one the Man With No Name (Clint Eastwood, the ‘Dollars” trilogy).  I can’t imagine what sort of plot would have three such diverse personalities as allies, but boy would I like to see that movie!

  • Johny B.

    Katie Morosky and Hubble Gardner from The Way We Were.  Let’s see that would happen if they got back into each others’ lives.  Movie magic and a blockbuster for sure.

  • Michael79

    I would love to see a biography of Lucy & Desi. The perfect actors would be Debra Messing & Esai Morales.

    • Ganderson

      Sometimes wishes come true, though with a different cast.  See the made for TV movie: ‘Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter’ 1991, with Frances Fisher and Maurice Benard as the leads.  I thought the movie was more than a little sad — their real life marriage was no ‘I Love Lucy.’

      • Caribbmichael

        I had forgotten that movie.. …. nuff said

        Their marriage was a disaster… being a recovering alcoholic I know what Lucy went through.

  • The Evil One

    Indiana Jones vs Hans Solo

  • David_alan77

    Rick Blaine meets Gloves Donahue, they reminisce how they successfully rid the world of Major Strasser and Ebbing.  Hmmm, how about Ebbing and Strasser meeting to discuss how they were undone by Gloves and Rick……..

  • Bob

    I’d love to see Superman and Batman together in a movie just like they teamed up in some of the comic book stories I read as a kid.

  • CW

    I was thinking…  Forrest Gump and Ray Babbit…  I can just hear the exchange:
    “I do know what love is…”
    “Yeah..  bout a hundred dollars…”

  • jerry j.

    Margo Channing and Scarlett O’Hara could have a lot to hash out about the men in their lives.

  • anh

    I thought Hollywood blew it big-time when it failed to capitalize on pairing Shirley McLaine and Olivia Dukakis again after their wonderful interplay in “Steel Magnolias.”  Their playfulness and underlying love for one another made it a sheer joy to watch these two pros go at it.  Remember the bench scene after the funeral?  Someone really missed the boat….

    It could still happen — if someone in Hollywood had sense enough to retrieve its quality writers from the mothballs and nursing homes (or wherever).

  • Movie Fan

    I’d love to see any version of Sherlock Holmes teamed up with Peter Falk’s Columbo. That would be a hoot! Holmes: The evidence would be quite clear if I could SEE it through all the smoke in the near vicinity!!! Columbo: That’s interesting, because I thought you said you never relied on your eyes for information. Here, I’ll put this out right now…sorry…oops…in the dirt…ah…uh…your shoes…sorry…

    • Rob in L.A.

      You wonder, though, how the story would be structured.  The Holmes mysteries were whodunnits, while every Columbo episode (with one exception: “Last Salute to the Commodore”) began with knowing who the murderer was, and the thrill was in learning how Columbo would prove it.  Maybe the mystery would have two villains: one we know from the beginning whom Columbo would reveal and another discovered at the end of the story by Holmes.  Gets you thinking.

  • johnny sherman

    The Terminator VS Dirty Harry

  • Jbfilmprods

    I thought it would be cool, even now to get Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman to team up as Dirty Harry and  Popeye Doyle. Maybe the script could be a copycat killer like The Scorpio Killer from Dirty Harry is loose in New York so Harry has to go to to team with Hackman to take care of business.

  • Frosty

    Jbfilmprods: TV beat you to it. “The Streets of San Francisco” was a rip-off of those two movie characters.

  • Frosty

    I always wanted to John Wayne and Clint Eastwood in a buddy movie – cowboys or cops.

  • Nils Goering

    How about an intergalactic smackdown with a mash-up of the STAR TREK and STAR WARS universes?  Klingons, Romulans, The Federation, The Galactic Empire, The Rebel Alliance – everybody beating the tar out of each other.  How glorious!

    • chrijeff

      I once wrote a fanfic in which Dirk Benedict’s Starbuck from the original Galactica visited the Star Wars Universe and learned that his people were the distant descendants of the inhabitants there.

  • Rob in L.A.

    An RKO movie from the early 1940s: George Saunders as the Saint meets George Saunders as the Falcon.  The two look, dress, and behave absolutely identical, and everyone keeps commenting about how different they look.

    • chrijeff

      Sorry, I meant that as a reply to Nils below.

  • Tim Moran

    My dream team-up’s are for actors, rather than the characters they play:

    I would love to see Sirs Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Michael Caine all in a movie together.  I don’t know if it will happen because I heard or read that Sir Sean has retired.  It might also be interesting to see Connery and / or Moore as villains facing off against Daniel Craig.

    Also, I would love to see Ernest Borgnine and Kirk Douglas team up for something, maybe with Eli Wallach.  All three of them are in their 90′s and still working!

    • Jacke

      It would be great to see Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Michael Caine together in a movie. Give us the plot and how it would develop. I started a little story several years ago that would feature Harry Carey Jr., Jack Elam, Burt Reynolds, and Warren Oates as relatives in a setting in 1932 Colorado. If you’ve been around as long as I have you’ve seen them in many movies. I still plan on finishing it as soon as I can. Jack E. Meador  

  • Doppleganger51

    an  interesting  one  would  be  since  holly  wood  is  going  comic   lately  is  to  have  the legion  of  superheroes   and  the Justice  league   team  up  against  some   super   bad  entity  or  in  the  real  world  have  all  the  Bonds  unite  against   a  sinister plot  by  al  queda  or  some  such  evil  organization 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sally-Parker-Goulis/1417810609 Sally Parker Goulis

    Maryl Streep and Jack Nicholson

  • Asann

    Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson.

  • Bornagain710

    Dc Comic Superheroes and Marvel Superheroes

  • jerry j.

    I thought a duo of Yul Brynner and George Sanders playing ancient arrogant kings would be interesting, but they were both in Solomon and Sheba.  The third guy for a trio of these characters would have been Frank Thring, who played Herod, Pilate, and the mean Saxon king in The Vikings.  Nobody could throw his toga around him like Thring.  Sanders, Brynner, and Thring in a scene doing their haughty king roles would have been an interesting scene.

  • Lisa Grove

    Would love to see Yul Brenner as the Robot Gunslinger in WEST WORLD partner with Arnold S. as the TERMINATOR.

  • jerry j.

    Margaret Dumont, Marie Dressler, Margaret Rutherford, and Patricia Routledge(Hyacinth Bucket) playing Baker Street Irregulars would have been interesting.   

  • http://twitter.com/LarryCox6 Larry Cox

    Re my last comment; Routledge probably would be too recent an actress of old lady parts to be in a movie with Dumont and the others, but who was still doing small parts up into the 30s was Flora Finch, whose glory days went clear back to c. 1910, when she was teaming with John Bunny. 

  • http://twitter.com/LarryCox6 Larry Cox

    If Theda Bara could have been brought out of retirement in the ’40s (she did have a good speaking voice according to the radio clip of her that survived) and put into a movie with Heddy Lamarr. and the two were allowed to vamp it  up heavily  the movie would have been been one for the ages. 

  • http://twitter.com/LarryCox6 Larry Cox

    Still on my kick of teaming old lady actresses together, a movie something like Westward the Women, with Margaret Hamilton, Edna Oliver, Laura Hope Crews(Aunt Pittipat), Doro Merande(the old lady in the healthfood diner in 7 Year Itch), Maria Ouspenskaya, Marjorie Maine, and Juia Faye (who played old ladies in a bunch of DeMille movies).  All led across the West by Errol Flynn.

    • chrijeff

      Oh, that’s a good one. I’m chuckling just thinking about it. Why would they all be heading West?

  • Dog888k

    A kind of Magnificent Seven  movie with Billy Gilbert, Sterling Hollaway, Percy Kilbride, Charles Lane, Andy Devine, Edward Everett Horton, and Mel Blanc, and one cute little kid (Kevin Corchoran as Moochie) , all teamed with Joan Davis, would have been interesting to see.