Wall Street = Spalding Gray? Irv’s 10 Cinemassociations

Maybe if you were hit with “Wall Street” and asked to rattle off the first thing that comes to your movie-lovin’ mind,  you’d say greed. As in Michael Douglas and Gordon Gekko, of course. Irv takes a slightly different path, and ends up with renowned (and passed-before-his-time) monologue artist Spalding Gray at the end of his latest round of Cinemassociations:

Gray is a challenging place for you to start the next list of 10 in the comments! We challenge you to take up the mantle and keep our movie lists going.




  • Movie Fan

    Spalding Gray…

    Richard and Liz in Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?
    A couple who might be known as The Egg and I (egging him on…), bringing to mind
    Marjorie Main who was always pressing shirts for Pa thanks to
    Unconditional Love, a sweet movie starring Kathy Bates who also
    Starred with Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt
    Jack played Jack Torrance in The Shining, a film
    Directed by Stanley Kubrick
    Whose final film was Eyes Wide Shut, a depressing film that
    Starred Tom and Nicole, leading to the ultimate
    Attack of The Crab Monsters, a movie by Roger Corman

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