What’s the best post-1971 “doomed romance” film?

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  • buddy mantia

    No contest. “The Way We Were”

  • Raksim

    My personal favorite (which is not listed) has got to be Sid & Nancy.

  • Evie

    The Way We Were. But you’ve gotta love Gary Oldman. Wouldn’t you say Brahm Stoker’s Dracula was a “doomed” romance?

  • Classic Movie Lover

    Backstreet with Susan Hayward and John Gavin


    the Titanic was so sad all way round……so many lost loves and doomed romances – a four hanky-do

  • KennyA

    Some real good ones on the list…my top 5:
    The Way We Were; Brokeback Mountain; A Walk to Remember (tear-jerkers all)…
    (500) Days of Summer and Once…not teary but just great fun!

  • Linda Snyder

    Not on the list, but Immortal Beloved is a doomed as they come.

  • jeanine

    I liked They Way We Were, and Ghost, but doomed romances are not my favorite type of movie.

  • Ellen Urie

    I agree with Gayle. The Titanic was the most “haunting” movie I ever saw. It is just so sad. So many things done wrong – they never had a chance. And that coward who jumps into a lifeboat to save his own skin! I voted for this movie.

  • Johnny

    The Way We Were…Hands Down! :-)

  • Lord Belchmore

    Harold and Maude !!!

  • jaime

    The best-most mature,funny and intensely human of the lot is Woody Allen`s Annie Hall. No sobby, silly tearjerker but a great film

  • Hannah

    How could you leave “Somewhere In Time” off of the list? Absolutely beautiful and even more poignant considering how Christopher Reeve suffered soon after.

  • Shawn

    As Linda said above, Immortal Beloved is the first film that came to my mind (probably because I love Beethoven) and I’m suprised it’s not on the list.

  • Mark B

    I agree with Hannah, “Somewhere In Time” should be on that list. “Titanic” is usually #1 because it’s based on an true event.

  • Wayne

    My vote was for Titanic but I would give an honourable mention to Jack lemmon / Lee Remick in “The Days of Wine and Roses”

  • Lotta Flatulence

    What about “Klute”???

  • Alfie

    First, it was “The Way We Were.” Then, it was “Ghost,” which involves tragedy. However, when a couple mentioned “Somewhere In Time” [1980) – well, none could top that one. So-my vote would be for the haunting and tragic “Somewhere In Time.” A multiple-watch movie.


    ANNIE HALL is the best film among these. “Doomed romance”? Allen is always a “doomed” character…who somehow always survives.

  • Bryan K

    I had to go with Titanic! I loved the movie as it was, great watch, great tear jerker, directed very well! The cast was unbelievable! The Way We Were was a great watch also, but I would still have to go with A Walk To Remember over that one. I know, the cast was probably better in the former, but I liked the story better in the later.

  • Genevap123

    The Titanic was my favorite….but not the latest one, the earlier movie with Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. I cry every time I view it. The “newer” Titanic had too much “junk” going on, although it was still a sad story.

  • Pat

    Oh, come on now, Wm. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has got to be the most doomed romance of all time. Titanic was Romeo and Juliet in another setting.

  • Evelyn

    Untamed Heart is my favorite.

  • Mark H.

    None of the above.

  • Shawn McGinnis

    First one that came to mind was Purple Rose of Cairo. Woody still got my vote.

  • jim

    bride of frankenstein

  • lemchek

    I voted for “The Way We Were”. I watch it every time it comes on no matter what. I should get the DVD. A close second is the 500 days of Summer. What about the doomed love of all doomed loves, “Atonement”

  • Susan W.

    Just had to watch “The Way We Were” today since it got my vote.

  • Anne

    Yes: “Untamed Heart” — what a sweet and romantic movie.

  • MissKitty

    What about Harold and Maude, it just squeaks in at 1971?!? Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon…What’s not to like about combining a Jaguar and a Hearse and a teen falling for an 80 year old woman!

  • lemchek

    Almost forgot about the “the Great Gatsby” with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. One of the best!

  • Cynthia Wolfe

    It has to be THE WAY WE WERE…so sad!

  • Kaye McIntyre

    I strongly second “Harold and Maude”! An extraordinary love story if ever there was one!!!!

  • christina

    don’t forget 1946: Duel in the Sun, gregory peck, jennifer jones, joseph cotton, lionel barrymore, lillian gish; the list goes on and on. one of hollywood’s great ‘doomed’ love stories. top rate acting, when actors knew how to act.

  • toodels

    1949 ‘the heiress’, classic movie with classic acting.

  • Rodney

    Doomed romances after 1971…lot good choices. Brokeback Mtn was a good one along with Titanic….before 1971 The Heiress is a good choice.

  • Lorraine

    “Brokeback Mountain”–easily. This was a heartwrenching story of forbidden love (not merely desire) set in a place (rugged Wyoming) and era (1963) when gay as a concept was understood, if it was understood at all, as an unnatural perversion not an intrinsic identity. Back then such feelings could never be openly expressed, and even if kept secret the consequences were swift and deadly upon discovery (consider the horror visited upon the two dead men, the outcome of which young Ennis was forced by his father to witness). This movie, based on the Annie Proulx story, was a fictional account of untold numbers of real-life hidden lives. This places it head and shoulders above all the other entries, even the disaster-romance “Titanic” which after all was a one-time tragedy rather than an ongoing one.

  • version

    Good additions of Sid and Nancy; Oldmans Dracula;& Harold & Maude. How about any – any Costner movie with a romantic plot – all doomed, doomed, doomed doomed. I’d add Dangerous Liaisons even though that was the plot and Casino too had a painful love story plot DeNiro and Stone (Stone and Woods). Sea of Love with Hoffman & Barkin; Speaking of Barkin – does Mercy qualify? I don’t think Barkin gets the Girl (Grrl) in the end. Then The Hunger doesn’t end well nor does Thelma & Louise.

    • Antone

      Sea of Love: Substitute Pacino for Hoffman.

  • Susan

    What happened to The Bridges of Madison County ?

  • Ken

    What about “Somewhere In Time” !!!!

  • Joe W

    Everyone is missing Peter Falk & Jill Clayburg in Griffin & Phoenix

  • Gary Clure

    Syd and Nancy. Boyfriend stabs girlfriend while on heroin.

  • elitist-movie-snob

    Just came across this, but I’m surprised no one mentioned Joel & Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  • Student

    Another honourable mention: Cinema Paradiso. Especially in the director’s cut.