This Week In Film History, 09.11.11

button-film-historySeptember 14, 1919: Lon Chaney portrays the first of his memorable “grotesque roles,” twisting his body to play a fake cripple healed by The Miracle Man.

September 14, 1936: Producer Irving G. Thalberg, the “boy wonder” behind many of MGM’s film classics, dies of pneumonia in Santa Monica, Ca., at the age of 37.

September 11, 1947: Jane Russell delivers her bust-out debut performance as Howard Hughes‘ much-anticipated, controversial adult western The Outlaw opens.

September 16, 1953: To compete with the popularity of television, Fox launches the first successful widescreen process, CinemaScope, with The Robe.

September 11, 1970: Joan Crawford makes a less than seemly screen farewell in the “B” horror vehicle Trog.

September 13, 1982: Monaco’s Princess Grace of Monaco, the former Grace Kelly of Philadelphia, dies at 52 from injuries sustained in an auto accident.

September 12, 1992: Anthony Perkins, who immortalized the role of Norman Bates in Psycho, dies of AIDS at the age of 60.

  • Joe Glaeser

    Anthony Perkins played in some fine films but my favorite will always be “Fear Strikes Out”. As an actor he did a fine job but as a baseball player he was just lousy. The people who cast these roles should find out first if the actor can throw,hit or catch before they hire him.

  • normanb

    Trog is really horrible but such fun to watch. I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since Perkins passed away. Norman Bates will always be my favorite screen character.

  • Sherlyn

    One of my Favorite Films! And this was Jason Statham’s VERY FIRST LIONSGATE film .and It’s got a bteter storyline than Death Race.Besides, It’s like T2 s Storyline!HEH!