This Week In Film History, 08.26.12

September 1, 1902: A milestone in the evolution of the cinema is marked with the release of George Melies’ fantastic Voyage to the Moon.

August 28, 1912: “King of Comedy” Mack Sennett leaves Biograph and forms Keystone Film Company with two former bookies.

August 27, 1917: The first feature to be directed by John Ford, the Harry CareyHoot Gibson western Straight Shooting, opens.

September 1, 1919: The first United Artists film, His Majesty, the American with Douglas Fairbanks, opens in New York.

September 1, 1920: After co-starring with “Fatty” Arbuckle for three years, Buster Keaton makes his solo starring debut with the short One Week.

August 28, 1927: Though they had worked together as far back as 1917, With Love and Hisses marks the debut of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as a comedy team.

September 1, 1928: Animator Paul Terry’s Dinner Time, the first all-talking cartoon short, premieres in New York.

August 26, 1930: The silent cinema loses one of its greatest stars when “man of a thousand faces” Lon Chaney succumbs to bronchial cancer at the age of 47.

August 31, 1939: An all-distaff cast drives the witty goings-on in director George Cukor‘s filming of the hit Broadway play The Women.

August 28, 1948: Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rope, with all the action taking place over continuous ten-minute takes and seamless cuts to the next scene, opens.

August 27, 1953: Audrey Hepburn captivates audiences with her Hollywood debut as the runaway princess in Roman Holiday, for which she’ll win an Academy Award.

August 31, 1973: John Ford, the maverick director of Stagecoach and The Quiet Man, dies in Palm Desert, California, at the age of 78.

August 26, 1980: Master of outlandish cartoon mayhem Frederick “Tex” Avery, who gave Bugs Bunny his “What’s up, Doc?” catchphrase, dies at 72.

August 28, 1987: Famed director John Huston passes away from emphysema at 81, days before the premiere of his final film, The Dead.

  • Ron

    How can you do Film History and not mention August 27 as the day the gorgeous Gail Russell died in 1961. Whoever does this weekly portion of your MovieFanFare is not up to the task.
    This noteable happening should not go unnoticed.

  • Dave

    Where is the notice of Gail Russell’s death???????????
    How could you forget it?

  • Evelyn

    Jay Steinberg is hopeless. He forgot August 27th was the day Gail Russell died.