This Means War

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Dating high-powered real estate magnates was really cool.
Being labeled their “timeshare” was decidedly not.

  • Movie Fan

    When he asked me to shampoo his carpet, I didn’t think he really meant CARPET…

  • Bryan Ruffin

    #1 Guy: O. I know I can get her to say it!
    #2 No. Not possible.
    Girl: Guys! I’m right here!! I CAN hear you!
    #1 Then it’s a bet!
    #2 You’re on!
    Girl: I. Am. In. Romper Room.

  • Wayne P.

    So, now that weve settled whos paying for lunch, are you gonna wait and buy low on facebook stock?

  • Tom

    These new ” personal robots ” are so realistic – I’ll take the brunette and red head model, too.

  • tango28

    “dammit, they’re thumb wrestling again but i’m just too tired to carea’

  • Avenger007

    Why have they been holding hands for so long?

  • Sochocinsky

    whom ever has the strongst grip gets the girl ok?

  • Sochocinsky

    now wee engaged lets ditch her

  • Rhill3850

    Only a well stocked liquor cabinet could cement this deal.

  • Nick Z.

    She sat there like a lump with a wedgie wondering who would win the coin toss, but all they wanted to do was shake hands. Other appendages optional.