Your Questions On The Burglar, Knock On Any Door And More

Q: What are the chances that The Burglar with Jayne Mansfield and Dan Duryea will be put on DVD?

A: We’ve been an advocate of the film noir penned by David Goodis for a long time, especially since it was shot in the Philadelphia area. Good news! The film will finally be issued as part of Columbia Pictures Film Noir Collection III. For the uninitiated, the film deals with double crosses, femmes fatale, a group of crooks and a jewelry heist from a phony psychic’s mansion. It would have been Mansfield’s first featured role, but its release was held up for a few years. Also part of the set are My Name is Julia Ross (1945), a tale of shifting identities and murder with Nina Foch, Dame May Whitty and George Macready; Drive a Crooked Road (1955), with Mickey Rooney as a lonesome car mechanic sucked into a robbery scheme by duplicitous hottie Diane Foster; The Mob (1951), with Broderick Crawford going undercover as a longshoreman to expose mob corruption; and Tight Spot (1955), starring Ginger Rogers as an ex-con enlisted by D.A. Edward G. Robinson to give testimony against crime boss Lorne Greene. The set will be issued in early 2012.

Q: What about the TV series The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd and the movie Knock on Any Door?

A: The Blair Brown-starring Molly Dodd is not scheduled for DVD release in the near future. In the series that ran from 1987 to 1991 on both NBC and Showtime, the red-headed Ms. Blair a divorced New York woman who drifted from job to job and man to man. However, Knock on Any Door is coming to DVD—as part of the Humphrey Bogart: The Columbia Pictures collection. The 1949 film from director Nicholas Ray features Humphrey Bogart as an attorney from a tough New York neighborhood who defends a young hood (John Derek) during a murder trial. It will only be available as part of a set that also includes Love Affair (1932), Tokyo Joe (1949), Sirocco (1951) and The Harder They Fall (1956).

Q: The one picture I have always wanted to see is Tumbleweed, but I wonder if it even exists still.

A: You’re right. The 1953 film is not on DVD and gets rare showings on cable. Universal owns it, so a future release is possible. In the film, Audie Murphy plays a guard for a stagecoach that is attacked by Indians, but Murphy’s life is spared due to his past efforts to help the tribal chief. Murphy is subsequently branded as a turncoat by the white townsfolk and pursued by a posse. The crack supporting cast here includes Lori Nelson, Chill Wills, Russell Johnson and Lee Van Cleef.

Q: When are they releasing The Story of Louis Pasteur, The Farmer’s Daughter, Anthony Adverse, Coquette–all with Oscar-winning performances!

A: We agree with you. We would welcome any and all of these much admired films to DVD. Hopefully, your outcry will be heard by the studios that own the titles—Warner, Fox, Warner and Warner, respectively.

Q: Any chance Rogues’ Regiment (1947) will be issued on DVD? It’s an underappreciated masterpiece with Vincent Price as an ex-Nazi turned Communist.

A: This unusual film is owned by Universal as well, so we hope a release is possible. It is set in the early days of France’s involvement in Vietnam (then French Indo-China) and features Dick Powell as a French Foreign Legion soldier and Price as an art dealer with a murky past aiding the Legion’s cause.

Q: I would love to see the TV western show Lancer become available.

A: This sagebrush saga, focusing on a rugged rancher family a la Bonanza, ran on CBS from 1968 to 1970. It starred James Stacy, Wayne Maunder and Andrew Duggan as members of the Lancer clan. It was produced by Fox, so a DVD appearance in the near future is unlikely.

Q: Why can’t we get The Crimson Pirate and The Spanish Main on DVD? Come on, powers that be, we need you to get on the bandwagon and get the good ole clean movies reissued for family viewing.

A: Both Burt Lancaster in the classic The Crimson Pirate and Paul Henreid and Maureen O’Hara The Spanish Main are owned by Warner, so we would assume a future release in their archives series. En garde!

Q: I remember seeing a movie when I was a kid about a sea monster who terrorized the people who lived near a lighthouse. The movie reminded me of Creature from the Black Lagoon, but I can remember it being much more grisly in nature. Do you know the film and is it available?

A: Our guess is that the film is 1959’s The Monster of Piedras Blancas, in which the Gillman-like monster terrorizes a lighthouse keeper and other residents of a small town. And you’re right—it was more gruesome, with scenes of the monster holding a human head. The film was actually the craftwork of people who worked for Universal Studios and on the Creature films. Unfortunately, it is not out on DVD currently. For what it’s worth, the monster resurfaced in an episode of Flipper.

Q: Someone told me the Hammer film Twins of Evil was coming out, but it doesn’t seem to be available yet. Is it on its way or not?

A: Twins of Evil, the third entry in the Count Karnstein trilogy following The Vampire Lovers and Lust for a Vampire, has been long in the works and will arrive early next year in DVD and Blu-ray. What is taking so long, according to sources, is that the releasing company wants to stack it with extras. We expect something really special for the digital presentation of the 1971 shocker about the twin nieces (played by Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeleine Collinson) of witch hunter Peter Cushing, who encounter the evil Count Karnstein and a reincarnated female vampire.

Q: I just saw the film Hall Pass and was mesmerized at the beauty of the actress who played the babysitter in the film. What was her name and what else has she been?

A: You are talking about the lovely and talented brunette thespian Alexandra Daddario. Her highest profile role was as heroine Annabeth Chase in the family fantasy Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. In addition to regular stints in the TV series White Collar and the soap opera All My Children and guest shots on The Sopranos, Law & Order and Nurse Jackie, she can be seen in the films The Hottest State and Bereavement. Her upcoming projects include Leatherface 3-D and the Percy Jackson sequel. The future seems bright for this 25-year old New Yorker.

Q: When is I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster being released?

A: The ’62-’63 sitcom didn’t last long—32 episodes—but it did have a following, as we get regular questions about its availability. Married John Astin and single Marty Ingels were the carpenter pals who compared lifestyles and got into zany situations while irritating their boss (played by music composer Frank De Vol). It ran on ABC, and was produced by Heyday Productions, the folks behind Holmes and Yo-Yo, Rosetti and Ryan and Operation Petticoat, also with Astin. We would imagine the rights belong to the estate of the recently deceased Leonard Stern, one of the executive producers of Get Smart, who created I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster.

Q: Any chance the Frank Sinatra film Assault on a Queen will be put on Blu-ray?

A: Good news. We understand the 1966 Paramount film has been licensed to another company and will likely be released in 2012. The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling penned the screenplay based on a book by Jack Finney (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), which details a group of cons who use an old German submarine to help pull a jewel heist on the Queen Mary. Virna Lisi, Anthony Franciosa and Sinatra crony Richard Conte also star in this enjoyable caper.

Q: Elizabeth Taylor—When is one of her best, Raintree County, going to be on DVD? Also, what about Nijinsky with Alan Bates, and The Trials of Oscar Wilde with James Mason and Peter Finch? All fine movies, not on DVD, while we have oceans of rubbish available!

A: Raintree County is supposedly going through a much-needed restoration. The 1957 epic Civil War romance was originally released at 188 minutes, then had 20 minutes shorn. Word is that Warner, the studio that controls the MGM property, is trying to put the Taylor-Montgomery Clift starrer back together again. Liz fans will be happy to know that other requested titles from her portfolio–The Big Hangover, Julia Misbehaves and Night Watch–will be on their way presently. We actually do offer The Trials of Oscar Wilde in which Finch plays the playwright accused of sodomy. Nijinsky, centering on the noted choreographer, is slated for a 2012 DVD release.

  • Larry

    When is “Temperature Rising” with Cleavon Little going to be available on DVD/Blu-Ray? Its time this funny sitcom was available to enjoy again.

  • Lou Coppola

    The train on blu-ray. Any shot?

  • Justin

    Do you happen to know who controls the rights to The Farmer’s Daughter, Wuthering Heights (1939), and A Bill of Divorcement (1932)?

  • Irv Slifkin

    Lou Re: The Train
    Under the aupices of MGM/Fox, so it’s a possibility for that great Lancaster/Frankensheimer film. No definite word yet, though.

  • Ray

    How about “Tripoli” the action movie with John Payne and Maureen O’hara about the historical war between a young United States and Libyan pirates.

  • Ed Schsnker

    I’ve been waiting a long time for 55 Days At Peking, The Buccaneer (with Heston and Brynner),The Count of Monte Cristo (with R. Chamberlain) and Last Command with Sterling Heyden. Any hope for the near future on any of these?

  • ed

    all star cast of mid 70′s twilights last gleaming with burt lancaster ever going to be released? another two ‘black tuesday’ and ‘hell on frisco bay’ with edward g robinson will they ever be released?

  • Ludy M. Wilkie

    Who owns the rights to the FRANCIS THE TALKING MULE movies/characters? The final entry in the series featured Mickey Rooney instead of Donald O’connor and Paul Frees instead of Chil Willis as the voice of the mule, and was not very successful.
    The series was reportedly based on a story by David Stern.

  • r-gordon-7

    Re: “I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster” – the first half of the series (the first 16 episodes) is being released as a 3 DVD set next month (December, 2011).

  • K

    Are there any plans to release the Andy Hardy movies on DVD? From the discussions I’ve read elsewhere, there’s a lot of interest in this Oscar-winning series. I’d love to own the full set!

  • Frank Wilder

    Any chance for the following movies being available on DVD: Horizons West with Robert Ryan; Blood on the Moon with Robert Mitchum; Two Rode Together with James Stewart; Backlash with Richard Witmark; Westward the Women; Western Union with Gary Cooper; The hanging Tree with Gary Cooper; Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford; Rachael and the Stranger with Mitchum; et al ?????

  • Tom la Pare

    Does anyone know if there is a video copy of the 1951 Broadway play, Stalag 17? Robert lansing, my all time favorite actor, played Lieutenant Dunbar in that production!

  • Gord Jackson

    I have heard, for some time now that Fox is going to release (in an on-demand basis) some of their classic fifties films, but nothing yet has happened. The titles I keep requesting, and will repeat here again are, “A Hatful of Rain”, “From Hell to Texas” (made available in South Korea), “The Wayward Bus”, “The Sound and the Fury” and from 1962, “Gigot”, still, in my opinion Jackie Gleason’s finest film performance. I suppose we should be thankful (and I am) that I have bben able to put the Kazan masterpiece “Wild River” into my collection and that “Stars and Stripes Forever” is due out in December. But really, what is the holdup on all of the above?

    Will Paramount ever release the Bob Hope starrer “Beau James” (arguably his best), George Gobel’s first feature film “The Birds and the Bees” (co-starring Mtzi Gaynor and David Niven), “The Joker is Wild” with Frank Sinatra, Eddie Albert, Jeanne Crain and Mitzi Gaynor, the Don Murray silly but fun western “Kid Rodelo”, the AC Lyles westerns that reunited us with many of our favourite stars from former days or the fascinating “American Hox Wax”, an intriguing look at Allan Freed (the late Tim McIntire) and the era of fifties music.

    Is there any chance of Universal releasing one of the sixties cutest of comedies, “What’s So Bad About Feeling Good?” With a cast that includes George Peppard, Mary Tyler Moore, “Dom DeLuise, Susan Saint James and Thelma Ritter, it should be worth a look to many.

    And then there is Warner Brothers. I know they have made a lot available, but there is still “The Naked Runner” (a personal favourite in the Frank Sinatra ouvre) along with all of those Bomba and Bowery Boys movies they have inherited through Allied Artists and Monogram. Also from WB, they now presumably have MGMs 1959 suspenser gem, “Cry Terror” with Rod Steiger, James Mason and Inger Stevens, a film I first saw double-billed with “I Accuse” with Jose Ferrer. (I think the latter is either out or coming out, but if not, then it too needs a DVD release.)

    And finally, isn’t it Columbia who hold the rights to the American International Pictures film library? If so, what is the holdup on “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”, Michael Landon’s breakthrough film just to name one.

    Yes a few have made it, but oh-my-goodness, there is so much more we still await. I know there are lots of thirties and forties films still not out but personally, I think the classics of the fifties probably get the shortest shrift of all. Hopefully, things will in time change.

    Irv, if you have any news (even if it is bad), please let us know about any or all of the above. I’ve written to individual studios but I get no response. Indeed, I would get more of a response if I went out and banged my head against a brick wall. Then I would at least get a headache.

    Many thanks.

  • Mike Huculak

    Any word on the comedy “Surrender” with Michael Caine and Sally Field coming out on DVD? The Crimson Pirate is avabile on DVD, try Amazon.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    NBC Universal owns Francis the talking Mule and did one DVD release and stopped. Now that all the Ma & Pa Kettle titles are on DVD in one set maybe there is hope of these also in the near future.
    Some of the Bogie titles coming have been available on regular DVD from UK and Australia for some time.

    I have seen a forthcoming I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster listing in the past couple of weeks u=in USA.

    American International is not with Columbia but rather, I believe, with MGM/UA.

  • Bill

    Are the following movies scheduled to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray in the near future?
    Larceny (Shelley Winters)
    Samson and Delilah (Hedy Lamarr)
    Walk on the Wild Side
    Mourning Becomes Electra
    Hurricane (Jon Hall)
    The Reckless Moment
    Woman of Straw
    They Won’t Believe Me, and
    Shadow on the Wall (Ann Sothern)

    Thank you.

  • Bob Fisher

    Does “Wait ‘TIl the Sun Shines, Nellie” even exist anymore? If so, will it ever appear on DVD? It was a nice slice of Americana (as they say) and should appeal to a couple of generations who have never even heard of it.

  • Ellie

    I’m still patiently awaiting for the release to DVD of: The Uninvited (1946) starring Ray Milland, The Brasher Doubloon starring George Montgomery, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid starring William Powell and The Lost Moment starring Robert Cummings, Susan Hayward and Agnes Moorehead. Any news about when these may become available?

  • Bill

    Are there any plans for Desert Fury to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray?


  • Tom la Pare

    “Wait Till the Sun Shimnes Nellie” Wow! That’s one great movie that I have forgotten about!

  • CheriLynn

    Any word on, Letter from an Unknown Woman? Joan Fontaine also did a little known film I think was called Ivy. She plays a killer in the eighteen hundreds. I’m with you Ellie on waiting for The Uninvited to come out. And Mr. Peabody and Mermaid was delightful film. I remember admiring Wlliam Powell so much when I was a kid that I got hooked on watching all his films when they were shown on TV. And what about more George Sanders movies. I keep watching Rebecca over and over just to see and hear him. He used to make my heart skip a beat when he’d open his mouth and that voice rolled out like molasses. Yum. I can see why Zsa Zsa was smitten. What a man! He played The Saint and I think The Falcon. His brother Tom Conway took over The Falcon duties, if memory serves. Tom was yummy too, but never seemed to wield the star power of his brother George.

    And will we ever see Teahouse of the August Moon? Glenn Ford was wonderful. I adore his comedies. Marlon Brando was strange, but he did a decent job as the Okinawan, or was it Japanese. It’s been too long. The memory is going.

  • Barbara

    I keep hoping for the Questor Tapes (Robert Foxworth and Mike Farrell), and also the British series How Green Was My Valley, with Sean Phillips as the mother. Any chance they’ll become available soon?

  • Kenneth A Gentile

    When will Northwest Passage (1940) and the Blondie Series be out on dvd? I know that a few Blondie movies have been released but why not the whole set? Also, I agree that the whole Andy Hardy series should be released and with commentary by Mickey Rooney while he is still with us!

  • Sylvia Winfrey

    Question- I briefly glimpsed a film with Joan Crawford and Jack Palance, I believe, in which she was hiding in a house and he was searching it for her or someone else. Could you tell me what that film is and is it available to order?

  • Tom

    It was a TV movie I believe and starred William Holden as a uniformed policeman and Lee Remick as a waitress? It was done in the second half of the 1970′s.
    Was it called ,”The Blue Knight”?

  • Alex

    SYLVIA: I believe the movie you may be referring to is “Sudden Fear” (1952, Joseph Kaufman Productions, once available through “Kino on Video”). Joan is heiress-turned-successful-playwright Myra Hudson who first rejects young actor Lester Blaine (Palance) from the male lead in her new play, only to fall for him later when they meet by chance on a cross-country train. They marry, but Myra learns that Lester is out for her money–and her murder. Great story and a delicious part for Gloria Grahame as Palance’s real girlfriend.

    And speaking of Joan Crawford, anyone out there know if my favorite guilty-pleasure–”Female on the Beach”–will ever be available on DVD? Granted, calling this a Grade B movie is giving it more credit than many would; but I love watching Crawford and lusty Jeff Chandler go one round after another with each other. And there are wonderfully wicked supporting parts for Jan Sterling, Cecil Kellaway, and Natalie “Lovey” Schaffer.

  • RayF

    Any idea when we might see 77th Bengal Lancers [tv series with Phil Carey and Warren Stevens?]
    Also the feature film Bengal Brigade with Rock

  • Lou Coppola

    How about The Trap with Oliver Reed ?

  • Irv Slifkin

    re: The Trap

    : The 1965 film is a drama with Reed as a rugged trapper in late 19th century Canada who takes a young mute woman (Rita Tushingham) as his wife. Even though she is fearful of him, she comes to his aid in his time of need. The film has never been on DVD, and its rights are under the auspices of MGM. That is a good thing as the company has been aggressive in puttuing out archive titles of late, so we could see the 1965 with gorgeous cinematography in the future.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Guess you got Bengal on your mind! Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers, a TV series that ran for one year on NBC starting in 1956, involved a regiment of soldiers facing adventure as they try to protect the Crown Jewels of England during the final days of the Raj. Waren Stevens,. Philip Carey and Patrick Whyte starred. While it ran on NBC, the show was produced by Screen Gems, which makes it the property of Columbia. We would say it’s a longshot at best for a DVD appearance. Bengal Brigade with Rock Hudson as a leader opf the Sepoys in India who finds himself in trouble after leading his troops into battle against orders, then relinquishing his commission. Arlene Dahl and torin thatcher also starred in this adventure director by The Wild One’s Laszlo Benedek. It’s owned by Universal and a future DVD release is unlikely.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Re: China Beach/Molly dodd
    The pilot for China Beach was on VHS once upon a time, but we are not sure why the series with Dana Delaney which ran from 1988-1991 has yet to be offered on DVD. Warner Brothers controls the rights. And the Blair Brown-starrer The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, which ran on NBC and Lifetime, is also conspicuously absent and we don’t have any info about an impending release.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Re: The Blue Knight
    You are the correct about the stars of the 1973 TV adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh’s book. IT was also transformed into a TV series with George Kennedy which ran from 1975 to 1976 on NBC. Neither are available but are certainly candidates as they were produced by Lorimar, now owned by Warner Brothers.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Re: Northwest Passage, Blondie, etc.
    Some good news here. On the way to DVD is Spencer Tracy as the leader of Roger’s Rangers, who find themselves in trouble during the French-Indian War. Also, there are a few Andy Hardys on the way (sans Mickey’s commentary) including You’re Only Young Once (1937), Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941) and Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941). Unfortunately, there is no word on the fate of the Blondie movies, which are owned by King features and Columbia Pictures.


    Any information on the following films:
    “BEN” (1972)
    “DEATH SHIP” (1980)
    “A COLD NIGHT’S DEATH (1973)


  • Irv Slifkin

    re: Questor
    Gene Rodenberry’s 1974 TV movie—created to serve as a launching pad for a TV series after Star Trek was cancelled—is owned by Universal, so it is unlikely it will be issued anytime soon although many have asked about it. For the record, it involves the creation of an android (Foxwoprth) by a team of scientists. When the android’s chief creator, Dr. Vaslovik, goes missing, it teams with another scientist (Mike Farrell) to track him down and find missing tapes that will inform him of the purpose of his creation. The series was slated as a go with scripts with 13 episodes written, when Rodenberry’s battles with Universal over content which eventually led to its curbing. As for How Green Was My Valley, the 1975 Masterpiece Theater version is not slated for DVD anytime soon. It’s a BBC production, so Warner would distribute it in the States. It’s based on the same book as the 1941 John ford Oscar winner, and centers on tough lives of a family in a mining town in South Wales.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Re: Willard, Ben, et. al
    : The popular Willard with Bruce Davison and Ernest Borgnine, its sequel Ben, featuring the hit title track by Michael Jackson, and Peter Proud, the parapsychology thriller with Michael Sarrazin and Margot Kidder, were all produced by Bing Crosby of all people. He also produced Walking Tall and the TV series Ben Casey and Hogan’s Heroes. The films are now under the auspices of Lionsgate. Death Ship with George Kennedy and Richard Crenna is owned by a Canadian company and not licensed for DVD. Dr. Terror, a film that found Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, heading to Hammer competitor Amicus, is licensed to MPI who put out other films form the same company, but there is no DVD date yet. A Cold Night’s Death (aka Chill Factor), an unnerving TV movie with Robert Culp and Eli Wallach as scientists in the Arctic who become the target of disturbing occurances, was an
    ABC Movie of the Week, and was produced by ABC—and owned by Disney. Not likely to be on DVD soon—if ever. And the sequel to Fright Night was from the short-lived Vista Organization (along with such films as russkies and Maid to Order). From what we can tell, its rights are not controlled by anyone right now.

  • Irv Slifkin

    re: Wait ‘Til the sun shines Nellie
    The 1952 film is from Fox, and we’re hoping that after the surprise releasing of Stars and Stripes Forever on DVD will jumpstart interest in further library titles like this. David Wayne is barber who settles on small-time
    America in the late 1800s with wife Jean Peters even though he prefers to move to Chicago. During their lives, the couple faces tragedies and moments of joy and surprises. And, yes, the ttile song is featured in the film.


    Any information on the following Television series:
    “ONE STEP BEYOND”:The official second and third seasons.
    “NIGHT GALLERY” The third season.
    “THE EQUALIZER” The second,third,and fourth seasons.
    “IN SEARCH OF…” Leonard Nimoy hosted version.
    “BEYOND BELIEF:FACT OR FICTION” The second,third,and fourth seasons.

    Thank you.

  • Lou Coppola

    Odd man out Criterion well over due.
    Any word on this great film?