Create-A-Caption: The Valachi Papers

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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The Valachi Papers (1972) starring Charles Bronson)

Reluctant to do it himself, tough mob enforcer Joe Valachi
was quite the baby when it came to getting a splinter removed.



  • Richard

    So you really use the gun and knife on the table to give a manicure?

  • Stacy B

    I see that your love line is very long but your life line is very short.

  • Movie Fan

    No, no, no! It’s “this little piggy played the market, this little piggy played none, this little piggy ran hot games, this little piggy fronted one, and this little piggy went to the joint when Grandma Barker got home.”

  • Obie

    I see a long trip in your future

  • Robert

    Best thing for these calluses Joe is to get yourself a wife.

  • Wayne P.

    My blood meters not working right now, so do you mind taking a dipstick to the little boys room and getting us a sample that way? Darn if I know why mobsters have to be drug tested either, since its not like were into sports or anything!


    ok, so you want the fancy nail paint with the sparkles, right ?



  • FilmFan104

    This is the secret Mafia initiation code of “OMANICURE” involving blood. If an exit from the organization proves necessary, the “OPEDICURE” code is enforced, employing cement.

  • banjojane66

    “Yeah, It’s a wart!” I told you to leave those frogs alone!”

  • Bruce Reber

    Hey, that’s a nice ring Joe, but I’m not gonna kiss it!

  • Bill

    OK boss – You can prick my finger, but you can’t finger my…… Oh never mind !

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