A Pirate Meets the Thin Man

Johnny Depp soon to star in The Thin ManGuest blogger Andrea Tuccillo writes:

So I think maybe I’m a little psychic. Or maybe just super intuitive.

Way back in February of last year, I wrote a post about franchises, focusing specifically on The Thin Man series and also referencing the shoulda-stopped-after-one Pirates of the Caribbean series. Little did I know over a year later these two franchises would be magically combined! How is this mash-up possible, you ask? Picture Johnny Depp as Nick Charles, the cocktail-sipping, fast-quipping detective originated by William Powell, and you’ll get what I mean.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it seems Warner Bros. is remaking the 1930s-through-’40s franchise (six films over 13 years) with Captain Jack Sparrow himself in the lead role. Word is, Depp’s been trying to convince his Pirates 4 director Rob Marshall to direct him on this film, too. Mind you, all of this is still in its early stages – there’s not even a script yet. But it’s an interesting prospect, no? We already know Depp has wit and swagger – plus he can rock a thin mustache.

Who do you think will snag the role of Nora, Nick’s sassy, wealthy wife and partner in solving crime, originally played by Myrna Loy? Cate Blanchett? Or am I just saying that because I believe she can do no wrong?

Two franchises merging into… a remake. Hollywood’s really working overtime, isn’t it?

Andrea Tuccillo is a news and entertainment writer for a radio news service in New York City and a film critic for TheCinemaSource.com. When she’s not covering New Hollywood, she’s obsessing over Old Hollywood on her blog, www.onthemarqueeblog.com.

What remakes do you want to/not want to see? Sound off in the comments!

  • Tito Pannaggi

    This must be the greatest remakesurprice since The Birds”!!!

  • Allen Hefner

    I protest! As a lover of old movies, NO ONE will be able to duplicate the original Thin Man series. Not to mention the lack of a talented dog such as Asta. The first one will be watchable, but then they will fade into the realm of movies that should not have been made. No matter who they pick for the female lead, there will not be chemistry between them – not like Powell and Loy. Let them make the first film, then be done with it. IMO!

  • JUanita Curtis

    Interesting choice – I love Johnny Depp but not sure if anyone can emulate the inimitable William Powell…..

  • Hank Zangara

    This is nothing more than stunt casting. I like Johnny Depp and many of his films, but the key to casting a star is not just his/her acting chops — it’s also what image and persona they bring to the role. Depp is simply not known to be suave and debonair like William Powell. I suppose the closest thing we have today to that Cary Grant/Sean Connery/David Niven mold would be Pierce Brosnan.

  • Hank Zangara

    P.S. My nominee for Nora Charles: Anne Hathaway. Her star talent has been wasted in many less-than-stellar films (e.g. Get Smart), but with a crackling script, she could nail the “sassy, wealthy wife and partner in solving crime” and also bring something fresh and modern to it.

  • Blair Kramer.

    Waddaya think of Pearce Brosnan as Nick Charles? Give him a thin mustache and he’d be perfect.

  • William Sommerwerck

    According to the Wikipedia article, “The Thin Man”‘s screenwriters (Hackett and Goodrich) were told to give principal attention to the interplay between Nick and Nora — not the plot.

    Repeating the success of the original depends on finding an acting duo who can duplicate the marvelous chemistry between Powell and Loy, and getting at-least as witty a script.

    The latter is theoretically doable. The former doesn’t seem even remotely possible. As fine an actor as Johnny Depp is, he’s not William Powell (or anything resembling a modern equivalent).

  • Koop

    No…just no! Does Johnny Depp *really* think he could be a better Nick Charles than William Powell? IMO, this is just a really horrible idea and I hope this goes the same way of Spielberg’s remake of “Harvey”. (fingers crossed)

  • Ellen Urie

    First, I agree that a lot of movies should stop right there – no #2’s or sequels. Even Pirates of the Caribbean. First one was wonderful. I’m a Johnny Depp fan but don’t know about him as the Thin Man. Why do a remake now anyway? Not Anne Hathaway, please!! i do think Pearce Bosnan would be a good choice. He’s smooth, handsome, & has great acting skills. i have liked his work ever since Remington Steele on TV.