The Seven Year Itch

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

It was a match made in heaven: a voyeur and an exhibitionist.

  • wayne

    I think Joe is gonna get quite a jolt when he gets a load of this!

  • Tim Moran

    Good grief, Marilyn! You’re using WAY too much starch in the laundry!

  • Blair Kramer.

    Say Marilyn… That’s a heck of a way to dry your undies!

  • Blair Kramer.

    Don’t look now Marilyn, but I saw a bunch of guys working maintenance under that grate!

  • gordon

    I was in times square when they were going to film that scean…everyone was waiting for marilyn.She never arrived .They finally filmed it in hollywood.



  • DGlover

    Wow Marilyn that looks cool! Can I try on the dress next?

  • Walter h

    I think the photo is swell,but it’s lost it’s rating over a time.
    There’s more sex in the sundy news paper,in the pantie adds.

  • Darrell McCoy

    “So you have hot looking legs, You outa look at my, they’er even hotter.”

  • Nina

    Marilyn, you’re going to have to stop eating those bean burritos!

  • Jack West

    Now that’s what I call a Blow Job!

  • Colin

    yeah, yeah.. I know your shoe is stuck in the grate, and I’ll help you in just a couple more minutes..

  • BryanK

    “Do you really think faking a stuck shoe is going to help you get a guy?! What do I know? “

  • William Smith

    So how about now?

  • Movie Fan

    You’re right. It DOES look like your hips have ears!

  • John Primavera

    This film has always been my favorite of hers.
    Saw it when it first came out and the director
    is the marvelous Billy Wilder(one of my favs, too).

    Let’s hear it for the “Girl Upstairs.”

  • marcb

    I ran out of vinegar this is the only way I can feel fresh

  • Gern Blanston

    Sheesh honey, there ought to be an easier way to get that oh so fresh feeling.

  • Susan

    Like I said Tom, New Yorkers give off a lot of gas.

  • Alfie

    “Joe won’t like this — but ooooh, it feels soooo goooood!!!”


    Hope it smells better after that, I feel like doing a little munching when we get home Babe Doll…

  • Gregory

    You know, you can get the same effect standing over a platoon in Company B.

  • Tito Pannaggi

    Billy Wilder did some nice stuff with MM, but their best was “Some Like It Hot”!!!

    Have any of you seen “Don’t Bother to Knock”, she was more scary than Richard Widmark in that film.

  • stanley ochocinsky

    u shouldnt eat so many beans

  • stanley ochocinsky

    im glad im standing in front and not in back

  • banjojane66

    “Do you want to see my butterfly impression?”