The Phantom Of The Opera

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Erik caught sight of his blind date—frankly, she was a little scary looking.

  • Stacy

    Anyone know a good dentist?

  • Ed_schenker

    Anyone know a good plastic sugeon?

  • Ed_Schenker

    Anyone know a good plastic surgeon?

  • Wayne

    John Kerry told me not to inject too much Botox during my first application! Did I miss a spot, or what?

  • Cap’n Marvel

    Yes, the’re my teeth. Got a problem with that!

  • JackW

    Serious businessmen cross their arms to project power. Do I look serious enough?

  • Movie Fan

    For the LAST time, no, I don’t want to see it, peel it or hold it. I HATE bananas!

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I don’t care what you say; Nutella is NOT Peanut Butter!

  • 116thDream

    Hummmph….I’ll just stand here all day ’til you give me my enema!!

  • Melanie Sanderson

    You farted you sick condemned soul! I will have my vengeance.

  • R.D.Cochran

    “Do you really think Donald Trump’s hairstyle will work for me?”

  • Malachai St James

    So what are you saying this position does NOT come with a dental plan?

  • Jo

    “And just what in the devil do you think you are doing in bed with my wife?”

  • speedle

    I’m not leaving until you tell me you will go to the prom with me

  • Wayne

    Is this where the auditions for Mama Mia are being held?

  • Terry1946

    What do you mean?!?!?  John Kennedy, Jr., looks better than ME?!?!?

  • sheldon

    I’m smiling go ahead and take the picture

  • Publius

    I TOLD you not to wear that dress!

  • James

    Holy smokes……………..Is that MY forehead?!?!

  • FalmouthBill

    Mmmmm my dates hot, gonna get it tonight, gonna get it tonight !

  • Susan Johnston

    I dressed for this date very carefully, my Love.  I can’t help it if I look like a freking Halloween decoration!

  • Keith

    NOW they tell me dental isn’t covered under ObamaCare!

  • Littlehoss123

    I am trying out for a Michelle Obama look alike contest

    • Frank

      What a witless, stupid and offensive attempt at humor.A score of zero.

      • CHIPTZ23


        NOW HE’S REALLY SCAREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jumbybird

        It was ok to make fun of the Kardashians but not Michele Obama?

        • hypatiab7

           The Michelle Obama comment was probably racist.

          • jumbybird

            I don’t see how… besides, she is pretty ugly…

          • hypatiab7

             You don’t see how because you are a racist. And, she is not ugly. To someone like you, Hally Berry would be ugly.

          • jumbybird

            Where do you get off calling me racist? Michelle Obama is ugly and that’s it. It’s not racist to think a person ugly, and if it’s a giant horse looking thing like MO then she’s ugly!
             Because I think someone is ugly means I’m racist? You are stupid to think that way. Yes you are stupid!
            Finally for your information, I think Halle Berry is gorgeous, I often masturbate to her, something I would never do to a Horsey Obama picture. I’m also a person of color so there goes your racist argument. Do me a favor, take  your hypersensitive ass and to to hell!

          • hypatiab7

             Why is the copy of your message that I received in my e-mail different from and far more offensive than this one? I have a copy of that message and am seriously considering sending it to Movies Unlimited.

    • hypatiab7

       That’s a rotten thing to say.

  • Magman

    So what do you suggest I floss with….barbed wire?

  • Nathan

    Why is Johnny Depp stealing my moves?

  • Chris

    Damnd  Viagra Side effects!!!!

  • Tom

    Lon Chaney.
    Absolute “original”.

  • Kramer4077

    Saw my future mother in law…do I look Scared ??

  • Frank

    U-G-L-Y You ain’t got no alibi! You ugly! You ugly!

  • Scribe_well

    Baby got plaque!

  • Spasticsnake

    I can go into politics with this face.

  • Burt

    That new eye shadow makes me look like a Kardashian…?

    • Tim


  • Aaron

    Just think,one day I’ll end up on a lunch box with the other Universal monsters!

  • Johny2291

    I see a little Errol Flynn, a little Gary Cooper and maybe just a touch of Tyrone Power when I look in the mirror. Am I being to modest?

  • Fbusch

    What do you mean my fingers look scary?

  • Bar754


  • jumbybird

    They control your mind with Flouride!

  • Jeff Heise

    Damn flesh eating virus!

  • Pandro42

    ‘m still waiting for my royalty cheque from Andrew Lloyd-Weber.  Frankly, he owes me quite a lot!

  • Kathleen

     Oh  gads!!! I want a divorce, you didn’t looked like different last night… Oh gads!!! I was drunk…

  • Kathleen

     Oh gads!!!  I want a divorce, you looked so different last night… Oh gads!!!  I was drunk!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stromberg67

    The damn organ needs tuning again. Blast it all!!

  • hypatiab7

    Won”t you cuddle up and be my little honey bun?

  • Lenny

    Cross my heart, I never had plastic surgery!

  • Chett56

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  • Sochocinsky


  • Rhill3850

    This IS black tie.