The Illustrated Man

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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When would he ever learn? Don’t buy cheap sheets with dyes that run!

  • Wayne

    Ive become very attached to this piece of furniture…who knew!?

  • Aaron

    I know I said I wanted to blend in,but this is ridiculous!

  • Movie Fan

    This is what I get for rebelling against my mother!

  • Irv

    These are not tattoos–they are skin ill-us-trations!  

  • Bernard

    I wonder if the ink runs when I take a shower !


    I fell asleep in the wating room at the tattoo pallor.

  • Stldjen

    “Darn, they just don’t match.”

  • RayDJr.

    I can’t believe the doctor can’t see me until next Tuesday. Thid weird rash is driving me CRAZY!

  • john

    Playing a garnish in a fruit salad is hard work! Time for a nap.

  • Dave Manning

    I don’t believe it!! That damned tattoo guy left out “Mother”!!

    • Wayne

      Dont touch it where it says ‘mother’!

  • Tom

    This new urban camouflage works !

  • Dave Bennett

    I know I have some junk down there but I can’t find it!!!!

  • Tim

    What guy on the sofa?

  • jmc

    I always wanted to be a Playgirl model, but here I am posing for Upholstery Times!

  • Michael Roy

     What a poor choice for Arctic wear!

  • Michael Roy

    I know it:says mother down there! I couldn’t have gotten it without her!

  • Susan Johnston

    Sigh!  Why won’t people ever listen when I tell them that I do not have tatoos, but skin illustrations?

  • CarterCE

    Bill got drunk and passed out at a frat party; and when he woke up the next morning ….

  • Sochocinsky

    now thats colored coordination

  • Rhill3850

    Another William Shatner wannabe! When will they ever learn?

  • Mccoyfamily

    “One matches and the other doesn’t.  That Interior Decorator still didn’t get it right.” 

  • Nick Z.

    It was the sixties. You had to be there. To lose yourself in the cultural freedom or just a cheap drape with ugly tats.