The Great Dictator

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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The Great Dictator: Charlie Chaplin

When your uniform is a strait jacket…that’s how you know you’re insane.


  • John Richardson

    You say it is a mustache, I say it is a caterpillar. Just look for yourself.

  • roy levering

    Oh my god do I have to fart.

  • wayne

    Just try to pull my finger or arm, for that matter! And dont try to pull anything else, git me, Gestapo spank?

  • Stacy Borans

    Simon Says-Cross your arms and make crazy eyes.

  • Woody

    Zs, I definately told them Zs. What’s with these Xs?

  • Movie Fan

    Glue is good for the armpits! Next question!

  • Ron

    Simon says, evryone fold your arms in front and look bug eyed like this.

  • Mark Townsend

    “I want my jelly doughnut NOW!!!!!!”



  • Rocky

    I have to do WHAT to get a triple “X” rating!!!!

  • Susan Johnston

    I em NOT crazy!! Any more qvestions?

  • john

    Oh boy, I forgot to use my under arm deoderant! For God’s sake don’t raise your arms!!

  • Marcb

    OK why is there a man under the podium and why is he unzipping my pants?

  • Colin

    OK.. I’m ready for my Cossack dance, but I told them this camera angle isn’t going to work!

  • Sochocinsky

      no i didnt  pass gas

  • Sochocinsky

    i think i just pooped in my pants

  • Sochocinsky

    i peed myselt ll the way uo to my belly  button momma,s gonna kill me

  • Chett

    No, I am not Moe Howard.

  • banjojane66

    “Who took the other microphone?”