Star Trek or Star Wars?

Maybe you consider yourself one of the Trekkies (or Trekkers, as the die-hards would insist upon); perhaps you’ve declared yourself a student of Yoda’s wisdom and spent hours noodling over the phenomenon of midichlorians. On the other hand, you might think Gene Roddenbery’s optimistic visions of “Wagon Train in space” are just so much naive hogwash; or you might be firmly convinced that the Star Wars prequel trilogy “raped your childhood.”

Just as some folks go for Flash Gordon over Buck Rogers (or vice versa), and some prefer Batman to Superman, or Bugs over Mickey, loyalists of sci-fi franchises tend to decamp in favor of one over the other.

Irv must now choose. May The Force Be With Him:

Have you got a preference? Philosophize about the differences between Trek and Wars below. Live long and prosper!

  • rickcard

    The last three Star Wars movies were a disgrace with the exception of Darth Maul. The last Star Trek movie was something I was rooting for for over twenty years, the old crew via new actors. The casting wasn’t the best as the emphasis seemed to be the skinnier the better e.g. (Spock and Uhura) Wow what toothpicks! But it was better than the Star Wars prequels! So Star Trek!

  • Lala1941jan

    I liked the early version of both, what came later, no so much.

  • Anne

    I have watched “Star Trek” since it’s earliest TV shows, and have actually enjoyed each incarnation, down to the latest prequel.  Have found something to love in every one of them.  While I enjoy “Star Wars” too, my vote will always go to “Star Trek”.

  • TmtJo8

    Been a Tekkie since  i found the show on B.B.C 2  at 6pm.  The show was so inspiring ,and brilliant, for me it’s Star Trek every time ! 

  • Hank Zangara

    This is like comparing apples and oranges:  

    Star Trek is speculative science-based fiction that takes place in a possible future extension of our own time.  As such, it is technologically predictive, and often written in social or political allegory. 

    Star Wars on the other hand, is a fantasy fable that takes place “long long ago.”  It is pure escapist fare often incorporating homage to classic movie types.

    Both are terrific fun — one is science-fiction, the other is fantasy — and they are each among the greatest of their respective genres.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Personally, I find it hard to choose between to two. When looking at them from the perspective of just a movie, Star Wars would definitely get the vote! They really went the extra mile, in my opinion. I loved all 6 of them!
    When looking from my childhood, I remember seeing this show that depicted so many things I considered the best part of my imagination. It had lasers, space travel, a transporter! Everything a young boy could possibly want!! Then there was Spock. A slight green tint to his skin, he had a nerve pinch, could actually read your mind! I was in kid Heaven! The part I am not so happy about, when I watch them now, I see this campy show about a very egotistical ship’s Captain, women dressed (or barely dressed) in tinfoil. Plots thin enough to see through in the first 5 min.! Yet, I still watch and remember. Fondly, no less.

  • Blair kramer

    Neither. I choose FORBIDDEN PLANET, the film upon which STAR TREK is loosely based. As for the STAR WARS films, I doubt they would have been made if the STAR TREK T.V. series had never been broadcast. Ergo, to some degree, the STAR WARS films owe their existence to STAR TREK!  

    • Sherlock Whovian

      Then how about Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (especially the production with the great Helen Mirren as Prospero) upon which Forbidden Planet was not-so-loosely based? If we’re coloring outside the lines, here, you could call that Shakespearian Sci-Fi veiled as magic. But the point of the discussion is to force ourselves to choose sides between Star Trek and Star Wars. No cheatsies.

  • WA

    Star Trek!

  • Wayne P.

    1)  Star Trek—The original TV show 1966-68.
    2)  Star Trek, The Next Generation  1987-93.
    3)  Star Wars and the following two sequels from 1977, 1980 and 1983…NOT the last cycles 3 sequels from 1999 on!

  • john h.

    Star Trek The original series, Star Trek The next generation, and the star trek movies.  Star wars is more for kids than adults.  I’m not much of a star wars fan.

  • Vinny Castellano

    That’s a tough call.  The original Star Trek TV series was a landmark show.  It started in the fall of 1966.  We were in the middle of the space race with the Soviet Union.  We still hadn’t reached the moon.  Star Trek gave us the first futuristic view of space travel.  Through the eyes of a 23rd century philosophy, they were able to address issues about war between super powers, equal rights for all (beings), the danger of absolute power, women’s rights,  … just to name a few.
    It was definitely ahead of its time.  Gene Roddenberry, the creator, was an idealistic visionary.  Many of the first season episodes (the best of the three) had great stories and conveyed important messages.  Some of the characters and lines have become part of Americana:
    -Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty
    -“Live long and prosper.”
    -“Beam me up, Scotty.”
    Star Wars came along about ten years later and reflected both the technology and the sentiment of that time – an America living in the post-Vietnam War, post-Watergate era.  George Lucas was a genius at blending hi-tech know-how with a mix of Greek drama, mythology, Biblical references, western themes, and world history.  The series also includes now famous characters and lines – from Darth Vader’s ominous breathing and Nazi helmet to the religious-like line, “May the force be with you.”
    Both have withstood the test of time, and both have had an impact, mainly positive, on our culture.

  • Tito Pannaggi

    No doubt; Star Wars – they have EVERYTHING what I saw in the cinemas when I was you. George Lucas is one of the greatest cinephile of the film history together with Georges Méliès.

  • Tito Pannaggi

    No doubt; Star Wars – they have EVERYTHING what I saw in the cinemas when I was child and young. George Lucas is one of the greatest cinephile of the film history together with Georges Méliès

  • hypatiab7

    I am a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars. I refuse to argue about this. It’s stupid.

  • Rebel Ed

    Hank Zangara is correct. Back in the middle 1960s some were asking the rhertorical question “Lost In Space, or Star Trek?” That’s the same as asking “F Troop, or Gunsmoke?” The main reason many are so fond of Star Wars (parts 1 through infinity) is that the sets, the costumes, the makeup. the music and the special effects are remarkable. (Who needs a story? Let’s just watch things get blowed-up REAL good!) As for the show and the films that fell off the Roddenberry bush, they often had some interesting tales to tell and a rose coloured prediction of the future. Yes, they may be “action-adventure,” they have been made for TV, they may not have had cutting edge special effects. but they did often present drama, comedy, satire and science fiction (before we started calling it SciFi) to a weekly television audience. Bair Kramer is also correct; “Forbidden Planet” was one of the inspirations for the “Wagon Train To The Stars” (and stop calling me Shirley.) My vote is for Star Trek because it tells a variety of tales. Star Wars is also very good and quite entertaining. Once.

    • Emma Rodas

      I agree with, Rebel Ed. I have been a fan of STAR TREK since day one back in 1966. While I enjoyed the Star Wars movies, I could only do so Once!

    • Sherlock Whovian

      LOL I love the F Troop or Gunsmoke comparison! That sums it up nicely!

  • CColvin

    Of those two, Star Trek, Star Wars is a moderately entertaining film series, with no real meaning. Not enough shown to me anyway. But, the series Babylon 5 is better then each of them by far.

    • DAVID Ellefson

      Babylon 5 is the most underrated sci-fi shows and also one of the best.

      • MissBrendaWI

        You better not tell that to Dr Sheldon Cooper, Mr David Ellefson. For he is an Orginal Star Trek Fan (mostly). I do think he has some acceptence of Star Wars

        • David Ellefson

          LOL. BTW I used watch Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG, Voyager and DS9 (which stole material from B5) all at the same time.

  • Kathie Behm


    • Emma Rodas


  • John Small

    Hank is right – it’s an unfair comparison because they are two very different types of series. If I had to aboslutely pick one over the other Star Wars would get the nod, just because it hews much closer to the Edgar Rice Burroughs-style of science fiction/fantasy that I grew up reading. But since I DON’T have to absolutely choose one over the other, I shall just continue to enjoy them equally for what they are.

  • John W. Parana

    Star Wars (original trilogy)!!!

  • James Flowers II

    I am a Trekkie, but love Star Wars as a Sci-Fi fan.

  • Susana Suarez

    Definitely Star Trek

  • Sutnut

    Star Trek

  • DaRev

    Star Trek, only a chump would choose Star Wars, Scott, Spock, and Bones. Over that Pansy Luke and the stuffed Panda.

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  • Donna Posey

    STAR TREK! It gave hope that finally we would settle our differences peacefully and the technology would be awesome. I posting this by the vision of Star Trek fans.

  • Donna Posey

    I must add that at that time I was living through the riot in Detroit. I spent my birthday in my home, away from the windows, bored CRAZY. I had read all of the books and had started on the Yellow Pages.
    Most of all “Live Long and Prosper” comes from the book of Numbers 6:22. The Lord Bless you and keep you

  • Ektor

    Star Trek by far.

  • Roger Womack

    The original Star Trek very underrated !

  • Marilyn

    Star trek and “next generation”, Star wars too hard to follow with all the prequels.

  • William Donovan

    I grew up watching star trek , and I have seen star wars movies . but star trek has been around longer , with all spin off series and movies . and all the hd tvs cell phone laptop and tablets . is credit to star trek , so star trek is the best

  • jrr22

    Star Trek edges out Star Wars but really, one was a TV series, the other a full blown sci-fi movie series. (The original first 3 Star Wars movies were the best in my opinion. Was never happy with the dude that played the young Darth Vader. Additionally, I will go see the next 3 movies remaining in the Star Wars saga.) The 2 new Star Trek movies starring Chris Pine were excellent. Plenty of non-stop action and with the familiarity of the Star Trek TV series. But for all that, I fell in love with the Star Gate TV series. Awesome!

  • Cristopher Toti

    Die hard Star Trek fan! Star Trek had Mr Spock he was better then anything Star Wars had

  • MickeyV1

    Star Trek all the way. Think of all the things we use today that come from Star Trek. Cell phones, portable medical devices, genetically altered food (okay, maybe that isn’t such a great thing), and lots of others. Gene Rodenberry was way ahead of his time.

  • Mr. Hoover

    Star Trek, AND it ain’t even close! And just asking the masses, I loathe PREQUELS, How’s bout you??

  • Sherlock Whovian

    The answer is STAR TREK, people! Absolutely no contest. Star Wars is nice, I like it, but come on! Seriously?

  • suzukavich

    star trek where no one has gone before . the way i felt every morning riding my motorcycle to work at 4:30am trying to best my speed every day on a freeway sweeper.until at 95mph a dog was siting on the apex of the corner beam me up scotty .

  • Charles M Lee

    Star Trek no contest.

  • Frank Petrone

    Star Trek no contest……

  • albert

    blonds or brunetts? both are ood

  • David Ellefson

    Good Sci-Fi is good Sci-fi no matter what name you put to it. I like many different series. Right now i am am re watching Farscape on blu-ray. Star Wars and Star Trek are two totally different kinds of product and should be appreciated for their own concepts.

  • barbara phillips

    reading sci-fi since 8. asimov, heinlein, bradbury also edgar rice burriughs, who besides writing tarzen also wrote great sci-fi such as thuvia, maid of mars and many other stories. (and many other sci fi writers) star trek and star wars should continue to keep the imaginations of the next generations going. i am 77 years old and have instiled my beliefs into my three children and my grandchildren. this is for the world to enjoy and on as many planets we will travel to.

  • Ben Ohmart

    The first Star Wars. But collectively, I have to go with Star Trek, because it’s a better series and the books are a lot more fun to read.

  • barbara phillips

    to be very honest. BOTH. WHY NOT? THEY SHOULD BOTH CONTINUE ON AND ON. imagination is where it’s at. the spice of life. bring us more, please. we are waiting. where are you? there is much money to be made here so why haven’t they produced additional episodes of both? IT IS TIME. THIS IS BARBARA, signing off until then. ALSO PLEASE CONTINUE ON WITH THE GREATEST: B L A D E R U N N E R.