Staff Notes

Bring Your Own Movie Blog


The title’s as self-explanatory as it gets: Take over MovieFanFare in the comments section and tell us what movie(s) and movie topics everyone should be talking about this week. Give everyone a question. Serve up a list. The possibilities are endless with BYOMB!

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Let’s Do Five Shots


We’ve all gone through the challenging exercise of making lists of our favorite movies…how hard is that anymore? Let’s drill down a little deeper and start looking for some favorite single shots. Out of millions, here are five.

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If Not Her, Then Who?


Did you love “Her”? Spike Jonze’s talked-about film and I weren’t the perfect match, but I don’t regret our first get-together, as it led me to a terrific little documentary about the nature of modern love, and thoughts about other great movies on the subject.

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