Peter O’Toole, George C. Scott and Helen Hunt in the Spotlight

Oklahoma Crude 1973 starring Faye Dunaway & George C. Scott The Looking Glass War (1965) starriing Anthony Hopkins Lord Jim (1965) starring Peter O'Toole
 Oklahoma Crude (1973)  The Looking Glass War (1969)  Lord Jim (1965)


Video enthusiasts are finding themselves happily barraged by the plethora of movies becoming available for home viewing from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Recent releases are revealing big stars in big stories:

Lord Jim (1965): Majestic adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s classic tale chronicles the exploits of adventure-seeking seaman Peter O’Toole as he joins the crew of a merchant vessel travelling the Orient. After abandoning ship during a fierce storm, the Englishman becomes overwhelmed with feelings of guilt for his cowardly act. James Mason, Curt Jurgens and Daliah Lavi also star.

The Looking Glass War (1969): Effective take on the John Le Carre thriller from first time director Frank Pierson (co-screenwriter of “Cool Hand Luke”), with Christopher Jones as the young Polish photog recruited by MI-6 for intelligence behind the Iron Curtain; Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Richardson co-star.

Oklahoma Crude (1973): Stanley Kramer’s flavorful drama set during Oklahoma’s oil boom of the 1910s stars Faye Dunaway as a tough, independent woman whose parcel and lone rig is coveted by big-money interests, and must reluctantly turn to a wildcat drifter (George C. Scott) and her estranged father (John Mills) to help fend them off. Jack Palance co-stars.

Calendar Girl (1993): Jason Priestley plays a slick teenager who decides to join his two pals on one last fling before he’s inducted into the Army in the summer of 1962. The guys decide to head to Hollywood where they plan to meet America’s reigning sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. After several funny near-miss incidents, they come face to face with the blonde bombshell. Joe Pantoliano, Jerry O’Connell co-star.

Melissa P. (2005): Daring Italian adaptation of “100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed” concerns a lonely 15-year-old girl whose circumstances bring her to drift into unhealthy sexual experimentation.

The Waterdance (1992): Based on co-director and screenwriter Neal Jimenez’s own experiences, this powerful, off-handedly funny story stars Eric Stoltz as a talented writer whose life is shattered when a hiking accident leaves him paralyzed. His rehabilitation takes place in an L.A. clinic where he befriends a biker (William Forsythe) and a hard-living black man (Wesley Snipes). With Oscar-winner Helen Hunt.

North (1994): Whimsical comedy centering on a young boy who leaves his work-obsessed mom and dad to find a new set of parents. Along with his “guardian angel” (a bunny-suited Bruce Willis), the lad sets out on a worldwide journey to screen parental prospects. Elijah Wood, Jon Lovitz, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Dan Aykroyd co-star in Rob Reiner’s fanciful tale.

The Inner Circle (1991): An epic historical film focuses on the experiences of the KGB officer who was the personal film projectionist for Josef Stalin, and how his domestic life was sacrificed for his devotion to the the State. Tom Hulce, Lolita Davidovich, and Bob Hoskins star in this lavishly produced drama.

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