New DVD Releases: Week of 10-18-10

Psycho Legacy: New DVD Releases: Week of 10-18-10

Can you believe that Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is 50? Where does the time go? Well, a documentary focusing on the horror classic leads off this week’s new releases. Other notable titles making their DVD and Blu-ray debuts this week include a 1970s TV favorite, an attempted relaunch of the Predator franchise, a fun, short-lived TV series, and the most mainstream cult classic ever. Let’s do the time warp again and check out what new releases are now available!

The Psycho Legacy

“A boy’s best friend is his mother,” and over the years the Psycho series of films have thrilled and frightened scores of mothers and sons. This documentary–celebrating the original film’s 50th anniversary–examines the franchise that changed horror filmmaking forever, from director Alfred Hitchcock’s original masterpiece and the shower scene through all the sequels, and more. Interviews with stars Robert Loggia, Olivia Hussey, and Henry Thomas, as well as unseen footage of Anthony Perkins, illuminate the films’ influence.

The Bionic Woman: Season One

In this 1976-78 spinoff of “The Six Million Dollar Man,” a skydiving accident leaves tennis pro Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) with a series of traumatic injuries. Rebuilt using state-of-the-art bionic parts that give her enhanced speed, strength, and hearing, Jaime must put her powers to good use as an agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence. With Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks.  All 16 episodes from the first season–including the two-part crossover “The Bionic Woman,” the two-part “Welcome Home, Jaime,” “Claws,” “Canyon of Death,” and “The Ghost Hunter”–are featured in a four-disc set. It’s amazing to finally have this on DVD…even though it doesn’t feature any of the appearances from the Bionic Bigfoot.


Produced by Robert Rodriguez, this follow-up to “Predator” follows a diverse group of mercenaries, criminals, and generally bad folks as they are mysteriously transported to a game reserve planet. Led by the enigmatic Royce (Adrien Brody), they find themselves hunted by ruthless alien Predators and must band together in order to stay alive. With Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, and Danny Trejo. This film was goofy fun, but it wasn’t the blockbuster Fox was hoping for. If you saw it, feel free to offer up your thoughts on it in the comments.

Please Give

A Manhattan married couple (Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt) making a comfortable living selling off the furnishings of the recently deceased gets involved in complicated relationships with the granddaughters (Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet) of their elderly neighbor (Ann Guilbert). Each character works their way through issues of guilt and betrayal in writer/director Nicole Holofcener’s (“Lovely and Amazing”) sharp and darkly funny film. With Elise Ivy, Josh Pais.

Tales from the Darkside: The Final Season

Unable to adapt his hit film “Creepshow” into a television show, horror master George Romero instead developed this 1984-88 syndicated anthology series that featured weekly forays into the world of the macabre. With appearances by Danny Aiello, Christian Slater, Brent Spiner, Fritz Weaver, Keenan Wynn, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and episodes penned by Romero, Stephen King, and David Gerrold. And remember, try to enjoy the daylight.  All l 20 episodes from the fourth and final season–including “Beetles,” “Sorry, Right Number,” “The Deal,” “Going Native,” and “Basher Malone”–are featured in a three-disc set.

Accidentally on Purpose: The DVD Edition

Billie (Jenna Elfman) is a thirtysomething San Francisco film critic who has a one-night stand with Zack (Jon Foster), an aspiring chef in his 20s, in an effort to get over a recent break-up. When the fling results in an unexpected pregnancy, not only does Billie elect to keep the baby, but she also decides to move Zack into her apartment so they can raise the baby as a platonic pair. What could possibly go wrong? Grant Show, Ashley Jensen, Nicolas Wright also star in this short-lived sitcom. All 18 episodes of the series–including the “Pilot,” “The Godfather,” “Class,” “The Rock,” and the two-part “Speed”–are featured in a two-disc set

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 35th Anniversary

Oh Rocky! The horror-comedy-musical and quintessential cult movie follows hero Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and heroine Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) as a flat tire leads them to a bizarre castle and the “hospitality” of mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry). Richard O’Brien (the show’s author), Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, and Meatloaf also star. Songs include “The Time Warp,” “Sweet Transvestite,” and “Dammit Janet.” This special set celebrating the film’s 35th anniversary is a Blu-ray exclusive. So I suppose now you can throw rice and toast at your HD television if you’d like.

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  • Louis Martinez

    It’s about time the Bionic Woman was released on dvd and now if Universal will get off their collective asses and release the Six Million Dollar Man in this region everything will be cool. Currently it’s only available in Region 2 which is Great Britain and parts of Europe which does me no good at all.

  • Linda Fitzgerald

    Just when will Universal decide to release the COMPLETE Rock Hudson film collection? The man was responsible for Universal’s survival. The collection previously released (Rock Hudson-Screen Legend) was an odd mix at best. Wher are the all of the films and the entire McMillan & Wife package?

  • Chris Cummins

    Great question. Hopefully, Universal will release more of Hudson’s filmography soon. When they do, you can bet we will carry them here at Movies Unlimited!

  • Linda M. Howery

    From Linda H. I would like to know when the rest of Party of Five DVD’s are going to be released? It’s been forever since the last one was released. Party of Five DVD’s year’s 4-6 are still hanging. What’s wrong with Sony?

  • Linda

    Does anyone remember a movie about an old man in a wheelchair and his grandson? The old man is visited by “death” who intends to take him, but somehow the old man tricks him and “death” winds up in a tree. The old man’s grandson is tricked and both he and his grandfather die. The closing clip is of both of them walking off into the horizon. (I think thats how it ends.)

  • JJ


    I believe the movie your looking for is “Death Takes A Holiday” with John Barrymore.

  • Kurt Langlotz

    The movie that you’re looking for is ON BORROWED TIME, with Lionel Barrymore, made in 1939

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  • Paul

    I’m looking for a film made sometime between the 30’s and 50’s where the end of the movie has a young boy on a ledge(I think)who is trying to get away from a killer. The killer is about to reach the boy, when he is shot by a policeman from the ground. It’s not “The Window” from 1949. I just remember seeing it several years ago, and it scared the heck out of me? Any ideas as to what the name of the movie is?

  • Stormer

    The BIG question about Rocky Horror is does it put the 2 missing scenes back in. One is a Brad solo after he and Frankenfurter… well, you know. The other is Superheroes which goes at the end.

    If only.

  • Sharon

    When will Third Watch, season 3,Nash Bridges, Season 4, and Perry Mason, season 5.2 be released. I am all into old TV!

  • Chuck Stewart

    It is a real shame that The Univited starring Ray Miland has never been released on DVD. It is a classic and creepy ghost story with a great cast and plot twists.

  • Stanley Cooper

    When Will They Put Out A DVD of THE HATCHET MAN
    with EDWARD G.ROBINSON &Loretta Young Truly a
    Wonderful Movie With The Greatest Ending Of any
    Movie That I Have Ever Seen//Also GEORGE SANDERS
    in THGE PRIVATE AFFAIRS OF BEL AMI//One of The Best George Sanders Movies Ever Made//They Should PUT out a BOX SET OF GEORGE SANDERS Truly A Great
    Actor Who Most People Have Underated///

  • Mary Gregory

    This is for Linda October 22 question. The name of the movie you are seeking is “On Borrowed Time “. Lionel Barrymore plays the grandfather who traps Mr. Brinks (death) in a tree after he tricks him into it. He puts a fence around it to keep people from touching it. He keeps him in the tree until his grandson (Pud) is hurt. He lets him out so he can take him and Pud to Nellie whom Mr. Brinks had taken earlier. One of my favorites. It is also Cher’s favorite movie. I had purchased it years ago on VHS, now you can get it here on DVD. Hope this helps.

  • Sandra Schaub

    I’m still waiting for Universal to release “The List of Adrian Messenger” on DVD. All of the actors having cameo roles (Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, Robert Mitchum have already died. George C. Scott is dead, and Kirk Douglas’ health is failing. It’s a wonderful cinematic who-done-it, well directed by the late John Huston. Mr. Huston appears briefly as Lord Ashton because his son Walter Anthony Huston has a featured role (the heir apparent, Master Derrick), thus carrying on the tradition his father started in “The Maltese Falcon.”

  • Judy

    I agree with Stanley Cooper. George Sanders was a remarkable actor who has been undervalued. Anyone who has watched “The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry” and “All About Eve” can see his wonderful versatility.

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