Maverick, Casablanca and More Tube Treats on the Way

How the West Was Fun: James Garner and Jack Kelly play two of the most iconoclastic TV cowboys ever in Maverick: The Complete First Season, a 27-episode disc of the TV show’s initial season, broadcast in 1957-1958. Garner’s Brett Maverick, a charismatic cardsharp, went solo for the first eight episodes of the ABC series, and was then joined by Kelly as his sibling Bart. After three seasons, Garner indeed proved a maverick by entering a contract holdout; over the remaining two seasons of the show’s run, Kelly was occasionally spelled by cousin Beau (Roger Moore) and third sib Brent (Robert Colbert). Whether playing high-stakes poker, battling bad guys or charming the ladies, you can count on Maverick to deliver fun and excitement.

You Must Remember This…Mustn’t You?: As far as cinematic remakes go, Citizen Kane and Casablanca seem to be immune to the idea—and rightly so. But does anyone recall that Casablanca actually was the basis of TWO—COUNT THEM!–TV series? One was made in 1955 and featured Charles McGraw, star of many “B” pictures, as Rick, proprietor of the Café Americain nightclub in the exotic Moroccan city.  David L. Wolper, the legendary producer of Roots and North and South, helped bring the 1983 small-screen adaptation to life, with David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) as the enterprising Rick Blaine, and a supporting cast that included Ray Liotta (Sacha), Hector Elizondo (Louis) and Scatman Crothers (Sam). The two-disc Casablanca: The Complete Series includes all five episodes of the show.

Secret Agent Ape: Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp was the unusual show that ran on Saturday morning from 1970 to 1972 in which chimps played the characters. Lancelot Link was a special operative who, with sidekick Mata Hairi, tried to save the world from the evil master criminal Baron Van Butcher. Lance and Mata work for the secret organization called the Agency to Prevent Evil (APE). The three disc set includes 17 episodes of monkey shines from this unique TV adventure.


  • Blair kramer

    Regarding “Maverick,” no matter what James Garner has done in movies or television, he remains the most likeable star in Hollywood.

  • Feltondunn

    Maverick is a REALLY good show–long overdue to DVD.

  • Carlmegill

    If WB is releasing their shows then how about “77 Sunset Strip?”