Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Natalie Wood Arrive for the Holidays

New DVD Releases with Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, and Natalie Wood Arrive for the Holiday

Little Old New York (1940) Starring Alice Faye, Fred MacMurray, Richard Greene Happy Land (1943) Starring Don Ameche, Frances Dee Father Was a Fullback (1949) Starring Fred MacMurray Show Them No Mercy (1935) Starring Rochelle Hudson, Cesar Romero
Little Old New York (1940) Happy Land (1943) Father Was a Fullback (1949) Show Them No Mercy (1935)

This Is My Affair (1937) Intriguing historical suspenser stars Robert Taylor as an early-20th-century U.S. naval officer sent deep undercover to break a gang engaged in high-end bank fraud. He gains entry by seducing chanteuse Barbara Stanwyck, the sister of ringleader Brian Donlevy. What happens when the government’s net is sprung, and the only man who can confirm Taylor’s true identity–President McKinley–is now dead? Victor McLaglen, Sidney Blackmer co-star.

Show Them No Mercy (1935) A young couple and their child are taken hostage by kidnappers hiding out from the law in this suspenseful thriller, later remade as the 1951 western “Rawhide.” Bruce Cabot, Edward Norris, Rochelle Hudson and Cesar Romero star.

Little Old New York (1940) It’s 1807, and Robert Fulton (Richard Greene) has come to Manhattan to find backers for his much-ridiculed notion of a steamboat. He finds support, as well as an uncomfortable triangle, courtesy of tavern owner landlady Alice Faye and shipbuilder Fred MacMurray. Charming comedy-drama co-stars Brenda Joyce, Henry Stephenson, Ward Bond, Andy Devine.

Happy Land (1943) Mired in bitterness after losing his son in combat overseas, a Midwestern druggist (Don Ameche) receives a visitation from the ghost of his father (Harry Carey), who provides an overview of all their lives to show that none were lived in vain. Morale-lifting Americana co-stars Frances Dee, Ann Rutherford, Cara Williams; look for a 5-year-old Natalie Wood dropping her ice cream in her feature debut.

Where Do We Go from Here? (1945) It’s World War II, and 4F USO worker Fred MacMurray wishes he could be doing his part. Clumsy genie Gene Sheldon is happy to oblige, but he winds up sending him to Washington’s army in revolutionary times! That’s just the beginning of a bollixed journey through the ages in this musical fantasy comedy with June Haver, Joan Leslie, Anthony Quinn; Kurt Weill-Ira Gershwin score includes “All at Once,” “Morale.”

Father Was a Fullback (1949) With a losing record, and angry alumni breathing down his neck, college football coach Fred MacMurray hasn’t much time or patience for the issues of wallflower teenage daughter Betty Lynn. It’s up to her to craft a solution to both of their problems in this engaging light farce. Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood, Thelma Ritter, Rudy Vallee also star.

Everybody Does It (1949)  Harried businessman Paul Douglas puts himself in the red by indulging the pretensions of wannabe operatic soprano wife Celeste Holm. Is there going to be new disharmony in their relationship when he’s the one revealed to have the wonderful singing voice? Linda Darnell, Charles Coburn, Millard Mitchell co-star; near shot-for-shot remake of 1939′s “Wife, Husband and Friend.”

Silent Films

Thor, Lord of the Jungles/Tarzan of the Apes (1918) An intriguing silent actioner from the Selig studio, “Thor, Lord Of The Jungles” stars Kathlyn Williams as a South African rancher’s daughter who meets hunter Charles Clary. A smitten Williams travels to America to join the circus Clary’s father owns, but she soon gets homesick for Africa and befriends a captured lion named Thor. Also includes “Tarzan Of The Apes.”

The Rat (1926) Ivor Novello plays the title role of a Parisian master thief in this silent crime picture, which follows a rich woman’s quest to spice up her life by visiting a dance hall known to be frequented by members of the underworld. There, she meets and falls for Novello while her consort sets his designs on Novello’s female companion. With Mae Marsh, Robert Scholtz.

Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) Great seafaring saga stars Lionel Barrymore as the veteran master of a 19th-century whaler who finds himself in growing conflict with his new first mate (Richard Widmark) over the younger officer’s reliance on book learning, as well as the shifting loyalties of the captain’s young grandson (Dean Stockwell). Cecil Kellaway, Gene Lockhart, John McIntire co-star under Henry Hathaway’s direction.

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