Fox Hunt: 20th Century Fox Digs Deep For Archive Classics DVDs

Here foxy, foxy, foxy: Fox made a big splash with their batches of classic stuff tapped from their vaults of archive collections and the anticipated crops of DVDs continue in the same unpredictable style, much desired by movie fans.

Josette (1938) Starring Don Ameche and Robert Young China Girl (1942) Wartime Drama starring George Montgomery 36 Hours to Kill (1936) Starring Brian Donlevy, Douglas Fowley The Country Doctor (1936) Starring Jean Hersholt
Josette (1938) China Girl (1942) 36 Hours to Kill (1936) The Country Doctor (1936)


Spanning genres and decades, the goodies include: the seldom-seen Josette (1938), with Don Ameche and Robert Young mistaking attractive singer Simone Simon for the gold-digger stalking their father;  The Rookie (1959), a long -lost military farce with comedy team Peter Marshall and Tommy Noonan as Americans stuck on an island with gorgeous Julie Newmar.

Fans of Dorothy McGuire who made her big screen debut in 1943′s smash hit Claudia, will welcome Claudia and David (1946), the sequel which has Dorothy and Robert Young returning as the married Connecticut couple.

Accent on Love (1941), in which unhappily married, privileged George Montgomery falls for immigrant  Osa Massen while serving as a ditch digger and helping out New York’s poor.

 36 Hours to Kill (1936) is a crackerjack crime yarn set mostly on a train starring Brian Donlevy, Douglas Fowley and Gloria Stuart; Miss Stuart, a veteran of more than 70 films, will best be remembered as “Old Rose” in James Cameron’s Titanic (1997).

The wartime drama China Girl (1942), written by Ben Hecht, stars George Montgomery as an American newsreel photographer who escapes prison with mercenary pal Victor McLaglen with help from beautiful Asian girl Gene Tierney; Nancy Steele is Missing! (1937) also stars McLaglen, this time as a waiter with antiwar sentiments who kidnaps the daughter of munitions manufacturer Walter Connolly to protest World War I.

The Country Doctor (1936), a real movie oddity, stars Jean Hersholt as the title character, a friendly physician struggling to make ends meet until he delivers the Dionne quintuplets (played by the real quints!)

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We can’t help but give special mention to one of Fox’s new offerings that stands alone in its sheer weirdness. It’s The Day the Fish Came Out (1967), a post-Dr. Strangelove nuclear bomb satire from Michael Cacoyannis, the director of Zorba the Greek, in which two bombs accidentally land in the sea near a Greek island. A couple of NATO officers start to investigate the bombs’ whereabouts as the island is overrun by pleasure-seeking tourists. We won’t give away anything else that happens, but we will say it’s way, way-way-out and stars Tom Courtney, Sam Wanamaker and Candice Bergen.

  • BernardS.

    Indeed, indeed, every time I read about what “new” titles this FOX CINEMA ARCHIVES’ series has coming out,
    a thrill went up my spine….yes, yes… “Josette” would be something worth looking into, any Clifton Webb
    movies would be fun, and Dorothy McGuire, Don Ameche, Tyrone Power starrers are almost guarantees of
    solid entertainment for the night, but the question is…how much deeper do they have to dig to come up with
    “Nine Hours to Rama” (Horst Buchholz), “Lisa”(Dolores Hart), “The Visit”(Ingrid Bergman), “Marriage-Go-
    Around” (Susan Hayward), “April Love”(Pat Boone), “Mardi Gras” (Pat Boone), “Bernadine”(Pat Boone),
    “All Hands on Deck” (Pat Boone again, is there a conspiracy ??), “Cluny Brown” (Jennifer Jones),
    “Good Morning Miss Dove”(Jennifer Jones), “Beloved Infidel” (Deborah Kerr), all the Betty Grable musicals…
    all the other “unreleased” Tyrone Power movies…..hurry up, the oldtimers’ eyesight are getting blurred

  • Bjodrie

    How about Manilla Calling(1942)?Long overdue.

  • Rich

    “Three Little Girls in Blue”   Okay, so you’ve seen the plot a dozen or so times.  But the score was terrific. The cast about the best 20th could offer.  The colour in better control than most 20th musicals. The choreography was great.And it was Celeste Holm’s first film and established her screen personae, “You Make Me Feel so Young” introduced and not overdone.

    Ah, perhaps all the prints have withered away and I shall only have memories…

  • Tom

    How about a Lawrence Tibbett double bill of “Metropolitan” (20th Century Fox’s first production following the merger of 20th Century Pictures and Fox Film Corp) and “Under Your Spell” (the second film directed by a young Otto Preminger)?

  • Mark

    Here is my wish list that i hope 20th century fox archives will release:The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell 1939,Star Dust 1940,Cadet Girl 1941,Iceland 1942,Ten Gentlemen From West Point 1942,Happy Land 1943,Wintertime 1943,Roger Touhy-Gangster 1944,Tampico 1944,Wilson 1944, Winged Victory 1944,Captain Eddie 1945,Johnny Comes Flying Home 1946,Sentimental Journey 1946,Give My Regards To Broadway 1948,Jungle Patrol 1948,The Walls Of Jericho,Canadian Pacific 1949,Come To The Stable 1949,American Guerrilla In The Philippines 1950,The Jackpot 1950,Stella 1950,The Girl On The Bridge 1951,Deadline-U.S.A 1952,Taxi 1953 with Dan Dailey.

    I hope that these movies will be released soon.

    • Jrray85

      Tampico and Come to the Stable will arrive with the next batch of Fox Cinema Archive releases :)

  • Blair Kramer

    Regarding THE DAY THE FISH CAME OUT, though you call it a weird film, historically speaking, nuclear weapons were twice lost by NATO bombers. In fact, if memory serves me correctly,  two hydrogen bombs were lost off the coast of Spain.  One of which is still missing. Also, a pair of atomic bombs were lost off the coast of Louisiana when a recon bomber was forced to jetison its payload due to mechanical difficulties. I don’t believe the bombs have ever been found. I just wonder how many Soviet made nuclear bombs and warheads have been lost.  I doubt complete records of such incidents have been released by Russian military or security officials. I suspect they lost a great many more nuclear weapons than NATO or the United States ever did. To be sure, I have no doubt they did.

  • Jrray85

    Here’s a list of the October FCA releases:

    They Had to See Paris (1929)
    Big Business (1937)
    Kentucky Moonshine (1938)
    Swanee River (1939)
    Holy Matrimony (1943)
    Tampico (1944)
    Come to the Stable (1949)
    Mother is a Freshman (1949)
    The Golden Girl (1951)
    My Pal Gus (1952)
    The Kid from Left Field (1953)
    Night People (1954)
    The Rocket Man (1954)
    Sing Boy Sing (1958)
    The Story on Page One (1959)
    The Second Time Around (1961)
    Take Her, She’s Mine (1963)
    Thunder Island (1963)
    The Visit (1964)
    The Guru (1969)
    This is My Life (1992)

  • Jason fleming

    Hope Fox gets around to releasing Western Union & An American Guerrilla in the Philippines so I can get closer to completing my Fritz Lang collection. You and Me & Ministry of Fear are own by Universal so who know if they’ll see the light of day.