Looking for Classics Movies on DVD? Here You Go!

 Monday’s DVD releases feature great classics including Peter Pan (1953), Cabaret (40th Anniversary Special Edition) (1972) starring Liza Minnelli, Best of Warner Bros.: 20 Film Collection: Musicals including Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and That’s Entertainment!!

Peter Pan (1953)  Best Of Warner Bros.: 20 Film Collection: Musicals  Cabaret 40th Anniversary Special Edition (1972)
 Peter Pan (1953) Best of Warner Bros.: 20 Film
Collection: Musicals
 Cabaret (40th Anniversary
Special Edition)


Best of Warner Bros.: 20 Film Collection: Musicals

Twenty-disc set includes “The Jazz Singer” (1927), “The Broadway Melody,” “42nd Street,” “The Great Ziegfeld,” “The Wizard Of Oz” (1939), “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” “An American In Paris,” “Show Boat” (1951), “Singin’ In The Rain,” “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers,” “A Star Is Born” (1954), “The Music Man” (1962), “Viva Las Vegas,” “Camelot” (1967), “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” “Cabaret,” “That’s Entertainment!,” “Victor/Victoria” (1982), “Little Shop Of Horrors” (1986), and “Hairspray” (1988).

Cabaret (40th Anniversary Special Edition) (1972)

In Weimar Republic Berlin, with the rise of Nazi power looming, free-spirited American chanteuse Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) juggles affairs with an expatriate writer (Michael York) and a nobleman (Helmut Griem) against the decadent backdrop of a seamy nightspot.  Bob Fosse’s multi-Oscar-winning musical, inspired by Christopher Isherwood’s “Berlin Stories,” co-stars Joel Grey, Marisa Berenson, Fritz Wepper.

Norman Wisdom Double Feature, Vol. 2

Norman Wisdom, the clown with cloth cap and tight clothing, accidentally becomes the British delegate at the Geneva Convention, in “Man Of The Moment” (1955). Comedy abounds as Wisdom conducts negotiations and handles important government affairs. Lana Morris and Belinda Lee co-star. And the popular English funnyman takes a job as a window cleaner for Lady Banderville, but constantly gets into trouble with her son, Sir Reggie, who stages wild pranks.  Wisdom decides to try to help the lad by straightening him out.  Maureen Swanson and Jerry Desmonde also star in “Up In The World” (1956).

Peter Pan (1953)

J.M. Barrie’s boy who wouldn’t grow up takes to the skies in this beloved Disney cartoon feature, the final film from the studio’s “Nine Old Men” animators. Join Peter, Tinker Bell, and the Darling children on an adventure-filled trip to Never Land, where Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, and a very hungry crocodile await them.”Never Smile at a Crocodile” and “You Can Fly” are among the songs. Voiced by Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, and Hans Conried; narrated by Tom Conway.

Side by Side (2012)

Is film “dead”? This provocative documentary offers a unique history of filmmaking and explores the arrival of digital technologies and the possibility (inevitability?) of celluloid obsolescence. Producer Keanu Reeves (“Excellent!”) interviews an assortment of Hollywood power players, including James Cameron, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, and others, to discuss the contrasts between photochemical and digital movie magic.

Testimony of Two Men (1977)

Taylor Caldwell’s bestselling 1968 historical novel comes to the screen in this well-appointed miniseries. The turn-of-the-century tale relates the saga of brilliant and enigmatic Pennsylvania physician Jonathan Ferrier (David Birney), who carries with him secrets concerning his tragic past. While others around him work to unravel or protect those secrets, they are taken hold by lusts for romance and power. Barbara Parkins, Ralph Bellamy, Tom Bosley, Linda Purl, and William Shatner co-star. 

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