Here’s What Classic DVD Titles Are Available This Week


Braveheart (1925) Christus 1914 silent film 1926 Silent Film Fine Manners
Braveheart (1925) Christus (1914) Fine Manners (1926)


Dark Crimes: Film Noir Thrillers

“The Glass Key” (1942), Dashiell Hammett’s tale of political corruption, blackmail, and murder, stars Alan Ladd as an aide to kingmaker Brian Donlevy who must clear his boss’s name when he’s accused of killing a candidate’s son. Veronica Lake, William Bendix co-star. Secretary Ella Raines joins forces with cop Thomas Gomez to find the person who killed boss Alan Curtis’ wife–a crime he has been sentenced to die for. Can they find the “Phantom Lady” (1946) who was with Curtis on that fateful night? Franchot Tone, Elisha Cook, Jr. co-star. “The Blue Dahlia” (1946) stars Alan Ladd as a naval pilot returned home to find his wife involved with another man.  When she’s found murdered, Ladd becomes the prime suspect, and he must clear his name with the help of Veronica Lake, the estranged spouse of his wife’s lover. William Bendix, Howard Da Silva co-star; Raymond Chandler scripts.

Fine Manners (1926)

In this “Pygmalion”-like silent romantic comedy, chorus girl Gloria Swanson and millionaire Eugene O’Brien meet and fall in love. Worried that the streetwise Swanson won’t be accepted by Park Avenue friends and family, O’Brien gets his aunt to teach her how to behave like a “proper lady.” This was Swanson’s final Paramount film until 1950′s “Sunset Blvd;” with Helen Dunbar.

Will Hay Double Feature, Vol. 1

First, Will Hay stars in “Boys Will Be Boys” (1935), a British crime comedy about a school headmaster who discovers that one of his students’ fathers is a jewel robber and tries to stop him.  Gordon Harker, Claude Dampier co-star.  Next, Hay plays a bumbling solicitor who becomes the patsy of a gang of crooks wanting to use his never-busy office to tunnel into a neighboring bank vault, in the frenetic British farce “Where There’s A Will” (1936). Graham Moffatt, Norma Varden also star.

Bat Masterson: Best of Season 1, Vol. 2 (1958)

Twelve more of the most popular episodes from the series’s debut season–including “Double Trouble in Trinidad,” “License to Cheat,” “Marked Deck,” “Incident in Leadville,” and “Brunette Bombshell”–are featured in a two-disc set.

Braveheart (1925)

A bitter feud between Native Americans and whites over fishing rights in the Northwest forms the backdrop for this unusual silent drama. Braveheart (Rod La Rocque), an Indian youth studying law at an Eastern college, returns home and confront a nasty white cannery owner who’s monopolizing the salmon supply Braveheart’s people need to survive. Lillian Rich, Tyrone Power, Sr. co-star.

Christus (1914)

One of the most popular story topics in silent Italian cinema was the life of Christ, and this powerful dramatization from director Giuseppe de Liguoro offers faithful depictions in key moments from the New Testament and a moving performance by star Alessandro Rocca as Jesus. The color-tinted print was hand-painted by French nuns; Alfonso Cassini, Giulia Cassini-Rizzotto also star.

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  • Bigthumb

    I believe the Will Hay two-fer marks the first _official_ U.S. DVD release of any of the British features directed by the American William Beaudine, whose career ran from Bud Duncan to Tom Mix to Loretta Young to Jean Harlow to W.C. Fields and then, after Britain, to Bela Lugosi, the Bowery Boys and finally Lassie. His British films were very popular there but the three-year stay killed his career at home.