Movies That Scared Me – When I Was Young

During a recent New Year’s Eve marathon of The Twilight Zone, I was reminded of something that scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a mere tyke. As a baby-boomer growing up in Philadelphia, I was raised on horror movies on Saturday afternoons (introduced by an amiable ghoul named Dr. Shock) and late night chiller theaters. I also was a slave to such shows as The Outer Limits, One Step Beyond and the aforementioned Twilight Zone. I guess I just couldn’t get enough of horror in my life.

It was during the recent marathon that the Twilight Zone entry called Eye of the Beholder aired. That’s the one where a woman is all bandaged up like a mummy, having just undergone her eleventh surgery in order to look normal like everyone else. There are never any face shots of the solicitous doctors and nurses attending her; it isn’t until the end of this incredibly suspenseful episode that we get the gist of what was going on, as the woman is revealed to be gorgeous (Donna Douglas, AKA Ellie Mae Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies) while the hospital staff is finally shown as pig-nosed, dark-eyed, cleft-lipped monstrosities.

As a kid –the episode first aired in 1960, when I was three years-old—I watched the show over and over again, my hands half-covering my eyes for the final reveal. And I recall how I later sadistically encouraged my sister, three years younger than I, to watch the same episode without warning her of the surprise ending, not-so-loving older brother that I was.

The show still packs a sinister wallop, as do the best installments of “the Zone” (Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, anyone?) and The Outer Limits (I still hate those Zanti Misfits!).

But that recent marathon got me thinking: What else scared the hell out of me when I was a kid?

Here are some of the films I came up with:

The Thing from Another World (1951):  I’ve argued the merits of the original versus John Carpenter’s 1982 remake for years, and I still have a fondness for the Howard Hawks-sanctioned, subtle black-and-white classic over Carpenter’s special effects-filled shock show.  Ok, James Arness’ monster, on the occasions you got to see it, was essentially a huge carrot, but the scene in which the members of the expedition stand around the frozen pond for the evidence that tells us that a flying saucer has landed there is still a chiller—and not because it takes place in Antarctica. It also proves my point that the fear of the unknown is creepier than the overt gore and head-bludgeoning FX of Carpenter’s concoction.

Invaders from Mars (1953): This is one of those movies that stays with you for years, giving you nightmares. A young kid (Jimmy Hunt) looks out his window and sees a spaceship crash into a nearby sandpit. Soon, his scientist father—and various other adults around him—begin to behave robotically, and now have mysterious marks behind their necks. The police ignore the youngster’s complaints, but with help from a female doctor and an astronomer, the boy discovers that an invasion is underway as aliens with big heads have housed themselves in the nearby dunes.  This movie had such an effect on me that I made my parents show me the back of their necks to make sure they didn’t have the same markings as the parents in the film. Then I insisted that my friends’ parents do the same. Because the film centers on a little kid with a vivid imagination, I could relate to his trauma—and so, apparently, could many other folks my age who talk about watching Invaders from Mars for the first time and being genuinely frightened out of their minds. As for Tobe Hooper’s 1986 remake, don’t bother. It’s a travesty.

Target Earth (1954): The idea of a large city being abandoned—ala The World, the Flesh and the Devil, The Omega Man, 28 Days Later…, The Quiet Earth,  and I Am Legend—has always touched a nerve in me. It’s probably because of this Cold War sci-fi parable in which a large city—presumably Chicago—is mostly people-less, and robots from Venus are roaming around the streets. At first, the only survivors appear to be a guy from Detroit and a woman who tried to commit suicide by ingesting sleeping pills. Other, less likable remnants of humanity eventually appear (as do scientists trying to resolve the problem), but will they all be able to just get along and halt the Venusians from conquering the world?

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957):  The 1950s gave us movies about giant you-name-its, from birds to mantises to octopi. But this is the one and only ‘50s sci-fi film about a giant snail. And while the thought of an enormous escargot may not be enough to give you the heebie-jeebies , take a look at the mug on this thing, and you’ll see why one of my friends wouldn’t talk to me for one whole year after we attended a matinee showing of this one at my behest.  It’s got two huge red eyes, a pair of pincers and a saliva-dripping whatsit for sucking the life out of humans. Hatched from a volcanic explosion in the Salton Sea, the scary snail takes on Navy divers, scientists and others although, oddly enough, not French chefs.

I Bury the Living (1958): This is a case where the principals involved seem like an unlikely collaboration that just comes together. The director is Albert Band, father of Charles and producer/director of many spaghetti westerns and gladiator movies. The stars are Richard Boone, best known as the lead in the TV western Have Gun, Will Travel, and Theodore Bikel, a character actor and folk singer best known for playing the male leads during the Broadway runs of both The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof. The plot has successful small-town businessman Boone taking over an old cemetery where the plots are signified on a map by black pins (occupied) and white pins (not). When Boone accidentally mismarks a pair of plots with black pins, and the youthful, healthy owners of those plots abruptly die, he realizes that he may have control over the life and death of others. The spare atmosphere provides much of the film’s tension, with the rundown cemetery office with that large, ominous graveyard map as a primary location and Gerald Fried’s creepy harpsichord score providing a sense of dread. Then there’s Bikel as the Scottish gravedigger who may or may not know more about the secret behind the pins then he’s letting on.

A Bucket of Blood (1959):  You laugh and then you shudder. And that’s the joy of Roger Corman’s made-on-pennies companion piece to The Little Shop of Horrors. Here, Shop star Dick Miller is the busboy at a bohemian hangout who wants nothing more than to be considered a real artist like the pompous hipster (Julian Burton) who peddles poetry at his workplace. When Miller accidentally kills a cat, he coats it in clay, presents his “sculpture” at the club, and he’s on his way to beatnik fame. But the rush of celebrity, however, soon has him turning to humans for his subject matter. Corman skews “modern art” and the whole beat movement with satiric flare, but the more grotesque Miller’s works become the more uneasy we get at his artistic abilities.

Classic Horror Movies That Scared MeThe Tingler (1959): Except for maybe my gym teachers and Uncle Hymie, William Castle probably scared me more than anyone else in my childhood. Castle also made kids shudder in that era with 13 Ghosts, The House on Haunted Hill and Mr. Sardonicus , but I didn’t realize until I got older how this particular terror tale was years ahead of its time. Vincent Price plays the doctor delving into the physiology of what makes people frightened and discovers that everyone has an undetectable centipede-like creature attached to their spine. Now, if he can just find one on a dead person during an autopsy!  Someone gets dosed by LSD! Although the film is in black-and-white, there’s a red-tinted color sequence in which the water in a bath tub turns into blood! And then, of course, there is the scene where the creepy crawly is loose in the movie theater! Exhibitors hired people to act like they were fainting in theaters, and Castle invented “Percepto,” a process in which electric vibrations were sent to patrons’ seats. Still, you couldn’t get louder screams (even sans acting or electrical accompaniment) than the Tyson Theater audience during a matinee showing of The Tingler circa the early 1960s.

The Time Machine (1960): George Pal’s version of the H.G. Wells story may be my favorite movie of all-time. Along with everything that is great about it—the nifty special effects, Rod Taylor as the stalwart lead, a supporting cast that includes Alan Young and Sebastian Cabot, the talking rings, the memorable score by Russell Garcia, and the gorgeous Yvette Mimieux as futuristic fox Weena—there are those Morlocks, bug-eyed beasts who live underground and terrorize the peaceful Eloi with their unpredictable assaults and cannibalistic palates. I’ve seen this film well over 30 times, and the Morlocks, a mix of troglodyte and ape, still offer unsettling glimpses into the future. Are they not men? They are Devo.  As for 2002’s remake, directed by Simon Wells (H.G.’s grandson) and produced by Steven Spielberg, don’t bother. It’s a travesty.

Black Sunday (1960): The image of a spiked mask (“The Mask of Satan,” an alternate title for the film) being nailed into the face of sorceress Barbara Steele by a mallet is one of the most shocking in horrordom. But the rest of Mario Bava’s gothic masterpiece is no slouch in the creepiness department, either. Steele actually has two roles, the 18th century witch known as Princess Asa, and Katia, her beautiful descendant. 200 years after her spiking, the resurrected Asa rises from the grave to seek Katia lifeforce so that she may keep ticking for centuries more. The film opened with this little word of advice to get all the kiddies in the right mood: “We feel that the moral obligation to warn you that the film you are about to see will shock you as no other film you will ever see…Therefore, the producers recommend that it only be seen by those persons with mature minds.”

The Haunting (1963): The sounds of Robert Wise’s translation of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House are what really spooked yours truly as a kid.  The wind whooshes, the doors creak and the walls cry…and what’s that ominous tapping sound? All are found in a house in New England where psychic investigator Richard Johnson is joined by house heir Russ Tamblyn, lesbian ESP expert Claire Bloom and emotionally distraught Julie Harris to determine if the unwilling spirits are real or not. Here Wise and company prove that the cinema of suggestion can often be the creepiest of all, goosebumps guaranteed. As for the 1999 remake, don’t bother. It’s a travesty.

We were curious: What movies can you recall being afraid of when you were young?

  • Bill

    You mention many of my favorites, but failed to mention my personal favorite, “THEM” from 1954. A great movie!

    • doris

      it’s sorry not a reply to bill just my vote: ‘carnival of souls’

      • Bradford Newell

        I’ve seen most of those mentioned over the years, but the one that I really REMEMBER is the original “Thing from Another World”.

    • Gerry

      “Curse of the Demon with Dana Andrews
      Scared the bejesus out of mr

    • VictoriaRegina

      “Tarantula” and “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”

    • facetfact

      THEM ! The little girl screaming…

  • Bob Wyllie

    The movie that scared me the most when I was a kid was the TV movie “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”. It was the first horror movie I saw that didn’t have a happy ending and it really shocked me as a kid. Even now when I’m in a darkened room or basement, I think of that movie.

  • bubba sawyer

    I would have to say that i have never actually see any of these movies except The thing from another world,but these all seem really good.

  • Amy Austin

    Though I could never get enough of horror films as a kid — the classic Universals on Tv and Hammer horror in the theater — they didn’t provide dread, just thrills.

    Strangely enough I was scared by a single shot in a NON horror film. I was with my parents at a Philly drive-in. I fell asleep in the back seat. I woke up, groggy, and looked at the screen. It was a shock close-up cut to a human skull! But the movie soon settled back into [what I perceived as] a talky drama for grown-ups. I fell asleep again but had nightmares about the skull.

    Wish I could remember the name of that movie! I think the skull was all that was left of a guy who died in a submarine in WWII.

  • Irene Dean

    HUSH … HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE — Scared me so much I was too sick to go to school the next day.

  • Luther Wright

    Submitted for your approval… the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, wherein Kevin McCarthy screams into the camera, “They’re here already… you’re next!” after barely escaping the seed-pod aliens that are slowly taking over an disbelieving human race. Definitely the inspiration of many a nightmare!

    • Jake

      Luther Wright. Invasion of the Body Snatchers,The night of the Hunter.I must say and do believe that real movie making is a thing of the past.Movies made now lack genuine talent.Of course I may be a little melancholy. Bring out the old movies and 5cent pop corn and Id be happy to watch them in the twilight of my years.Luther you made a good choice

      • hypatiab7

        “Night of the Hunter” with Robert Mitchum – was a marvelous choice. Mitchum was truly chilling as a murderer who was more than willing to kill two children to gain a little money. In my opinion, this was Mitchum’s best performance. He always played tough guys, but in this one, he was really frightening.

        • Bruce Reber

          That hymn he was singing as he was riding along, stalking the two kids: “Lean-ing, Lean-ing, on the Ever-last-ing Arms”.

          • hypatiab7

            Seems fitting somehow.

          • hypatiab7

            How fitting.

  • Amy Austin

    from the real amy austin… Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood

  • Gary K

    I recall following Stephen King’s advise to turn out all the lights in the house to watch WAIT UNTIL DARK. The moment the light goes on in that one dark scene caused me to scream bloody murder. My brother came racing down the stairs to make sure I was OK. I was speechless, pointing and shaking….

    It’s funny, I really liked suspense film more than scary movies as a kid–FRIDAY THE 13THS and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREETS weren’t my cup of tea. (They didn’t have subtitles). But now, as an adult, I make sure to see every SAW Film. Must be trying to capture what I missed growing up!

  • roy levering

    I agree with Zanti Misfits for the scariest TV show. For me, the movie that scared me the most when i was a kid was “The Birds”.

    If you are counting the teens, then count “The Exorcist”. Nothing scarier than that.

  • Alan C.

    Two films really scared me as a kid: one is famous, the other more esoteric. The famous one was William Castle’s “Homicidal”, which kept me up at night thinking about Helga in her wheelchair; the other was a 1942 PRC B-movie called “Mad Monster”, with George Zucco.

  • Matt Gaffney

    When I was about 9 I saw one called
    “The She Demons.” That one scared the heck out of me. Also the “Giant Behemoth” where a dinosaur from the deep had been radiated & terrorized the British countryside. It was 1962 or 1963.

  • Vicki Masters

    There are others out there like me!I LOVE these movies.”The Thing From Another World” I watch it every first snow of the Winter-as late at night as possible of course.My brother and I grew up in Reading PA,where we were fortunate enough to receive three Philadelphia TV stations-all showed tons of 50’s,60’s horror and sci-fi plus the classic horrors-too many to mention.Does anyone remember Roland? He hosted the horror movies-his wife was in a casket-Roland called her – My Dear??? One of my favorite sci fi’s is “Fiend Without a Face”- the brain and spinal chord number,a British film. That was the first dvd I bought.There was quite a dry spell there without seeing any of my favorite movies until vcr’s were available.Too bad all the independent stations are long gone.One can go broke buying dvd’s, but it feels so good to own them! Klaatu barada nikto……

    • hypatiab7

      At last someone remembers Roland (John Zackerly before he hit it big in New York).
      I always wondered what he was doing with that body in the coffin. It looked like he was trying to stuff it with giant gumballs. But, I loved his little interruptions during the scary
      films like “Neanderthal Man” and all the classics. Zackerly made his corny jokes and
      did that husky goofy laugh of his while commenting to his vampire wife My Dear (who
      was never seen) more for the kids staying up late than adults. During the week, I asked my parents to let me stay up to watch the news; then I’d stay up to watch Jack Parr and Johnny Carson. On weekends, they usually didn’t get home until Shock Theater was over.
      But, my staying up during the week enabled me to see the original Frontier Briss with Johnny Carson and Ed Ames (of the Ames Brothers singing group) . It was the talk of my school the next day. It was also proof that I wasn’t the only kid tricking their parents into letting them stay up late.

  • TexAg71

    I’ll second Luther Wright’s vote for “Body Snatchers,” and add “Enemy from Space” — also known as “Quatermass 2″ in the UK. Eerie and gripping. I also have a vivid memory of sitting alone in my uncle and aunt’s darkened TV room and watching the original “King Kong” while the adults sat and talked in the kitchen. No sleep for me THAT night!

  • Cynthia Grisolia

    I love scary movies, but these kept me up at night: Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte, Strait Jacket with Joan Crawford, the 1963 The Haunting–maybe scariest movie ever, and The Exorcist.

  • Bob Charkow

    Pillow Talk with Doris Day. I had just had my eyes refracted and the whole thing was a hazy horror.

  • Jason Marcewicz

    I remebered being totally freaked out by two things in my youth (both involving skulls):
    1. Saturday afternoon monster movie fave, The Screaming Skull;
    2. a commerical for Suspiria

    Both are laughable.

  • Ken

    There was a B movie called “The Thing That Wouldn’t Die” about a spanish soldier that was beheaded and the body was buried in a box without the head . Later on they dig them both up and its still alive. Now that creeped me out. There was another one about a vampire who was also a gunslinger!! Can’t think of the name??

    • John

      I’m sure someone else has answered by now, but the movie about the vampire gunslinger was “Curse of the Undead” (1958), with Kathleen Crowley and Michael Pate. I remember it well, and the design of the original posters by Reynold Brown, which was fabulous!

    • hypatiab7

      You should see “The Thing That Wouldn’t Die” now. It’s hysterical. Once the skeleton gets its skull back, it starts making plans to conquer the world. And, when it doesn’t get its way, it gets all whiney. But, it spoke perfect English – when it wasn’t taking a nap.

  • Lisa C

    Ken, I think that movie was Billy the Kid Meets Dracula, or something like that. I remember seeing it on TV.

    I also remember watching “The Eye of the Beholder” when I was a kid. When the pig-faced people turned around, I screamed and went running for my mom!

  • Ken Strawn

    When video versions of the fifties monster movies began showing up in video stores, I began renting them and laughing at what used to scare me as a kid. Then one night I rented ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS and got scared all over again. It is still one of my favorites and even though it was made on a budget $6.98, it still creeps me out. the first movie to really scare me was the 1952 reissue of KING KONG. My mother’s younger brother needed to borrow my dad’s car for a hot date and to get it, he had to take me and my cousin Dave to see KONG. He must have been mortified to sit between two 6 year olds hiding behind the seats in front of them throughout the whole movie. KING KONG is still one of my all time favorites.

  • Tom

    I also love The Thing from Another World and grew up reading Forrest Ackerman magazines and devouring classic horror and scifi movies, but the two that really scared me in a profound way I have never forgotten weren’t really horror films. The first was Tarzan and the Amazons and the scene in which Maria Ouspenskaya sets a jeweled cup of poison in front of Boy and tells him he must drink it and die. The other was Hitchcock’s Stranger’s on a Train and the runaway merry-go-round that finally tore off its moorings and hurled terrified children into the darkness. Because of that bit of perversion I haven’t ridden a roller coaster or any other significant carnival ride to this day. Of course nothing is scarier than a flying monkey . . . NOTHING.

  • ww

    When I was a kid, there was nothing scarier than the “child catcher” in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

  • Chuck Millstein

    About 1960, another 12 year old and I took our neighbor’s 8 year old to see “The Abominable Snowman”. Kid had a bag full of marbles. Monster showed up and marbles went flying. Luckily there was a slope to the floor towards the screen- spend 30 minutes finding all the marbles after the lights came up.

  • Jan

    The movie that scared me the most when I was young was “The House of Wax” with Vincent Price. I had nightmares about it for weeks afterward!

    • Carol

      I agree, Vincent gave me nightmares too. How about Robert Mitchum in “Night of the Hunter”

  • William Sommerwerck

    At the tender age of 4 (or thereabouts) I found the queen’s transformation into a crone in “Snow White” to be extremely frightening. As an adult, I could see that she was supposed to be comically grotesque — but children are often frightened by the grotesque, even when “comic”.

    This is likely the reason you were so bothered by the people in “Eye of the Beholder”. It’s one of the very few truly good TZ episodes (most are pretentious crap), and it has a Bernard Herrmann score.

  • Chip

    I remember movies that involved large insects. The movie with a super large tarantula used to scare me every time I watched it. To this day I have a fear of spiders.

    I loved the twilight zone shows, didn’t care too much for the gory movies. But I have to agree with the shot of the people backing up to give us the viewer the size of the spaceship in The Thing From Another World. Doesn’t need to be gory to send shivers up your spine!

  • David

    I remember watching “Psycho” in a large movie theater, and there were two scenes when EVERYBODY in the theater screamed in unison: when the bathroom curtain was pulled aside and the knife came from above, and when the “mother” attacked the detective as he walked up the stairs of the house.

  • Bobby T

    Hi, great subject. I loved two movies with close to the same title. “IT THE TERROR FROM SPACE” which was the original “ALIENS” and “IT CONQUERED THE WORLD” with Lee Van Cleef. I always feared one of those pancake creatures would land on my head and suck out my brains. I had little to fear since my wife tells me sometimes I have no brains. LOL

  • Hitchfan

    I was 8 years old at a drive in movie, alone in the back seat when Bruce Derns hand and head were cut off in “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte”. I spent the next 2 hours alternating from the floor to peeking over the seat to watch.

  • Tom

    Definitely “The Black Sleep” and “Black Sunday.”

  • tom bannister

    Dracula with Christopher Lee but only because after I got off the bus I had to walk a mile down an unlit coutry road to get home. Trees are scary oin the dark.

  • Paul Cox

    INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS!!!! Scared the crap outta me and slept with the lights on for 3yrs…Waiting, Waiting…..;))))). I think I was 7yrs old at the time it came out.

  • Pam

    Dracula, Prince od Darkness (1966), with Christopher Lee, had me scared to death for years. I think that out of all the Dracula movies that Christopher Lee had ever made (and they were all pretty super scary), this one was the scariest and creepiest, because all through the movie he never spoke. He just stared with his trademark frightening blood-shot eyes and smiled with his signature scary fangs. That all really creeped me out.

  • deano

    The first movie my parents took me to when I was about 5 or 6 years old was a movie called The First Man In Outerspace. My folks thought it was an educational film. It wasn’t. Astronaut goes up in space and comes back as a blood sucking vampire monster. I had dreams for years after that. I recently caught it on AMC and I had to laugh at the rubber suit the monster wore. It brought back those precious memories of our youth.

  • Wayne

    I was about 11 years old & got scared watching Frankenstein. A few years later, Children of the Damned, Psycho and The Shining were scary ones for me to watch.

  • mackie patton

    Bela Lugosi in Dracula , 1930 circa, a film in green tint. When he
    arose from a coffin. As a kid, I was to terrified to watch.

  • marjie

    “Carnival of Souls”. I watched on a Saturday afternoon when I was 5. My life has been has never been the same…

  • Keith

    When I was a kid I saw “The Brain Eaters” where these crawling brain like creatures with little antenna’s would attach themselves to the back of your neck and control you. It was basically the first filming of “The Puppet Masters” by Robert A Heinlein, but it scared me so much that every night I would have to pull the covers around my neck and sleep on my back so they couldn’t get me while I slept. Also, the Hammer films version of “Horror of Dracula”. Again, those covers around my neck at night. Would never have my window open in case a vampire got in. Gore was not necessary, the mood set was more important. To this day, these are still some of my favorite movies.

  • Phyllis

    The ‘psychie’ monster of The Forbidden Planet and Quatermass II scared the living bejesus out of me!!
    I saw both at a drive-in as a kid and both times Dad told me “just don’t look” but how can you not when it might be coming for you. See it out there, you’re safe…take your eyes off it and maybe you’re not safe!!
    Concepts of childhood!

  • Richard Dobyns

    The original Dracula and Mummy movies scared
    the “you know what” out of me.

  • Mario Brescio

    I haven’t been right since the night my mother took us to the drive-in and I saw “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.”

  • Sheryl Jones

    I am a great fan of 50’s & 60’s horror movies, and own several including Them, It Came From Outer Space, The Day the Earth Stood Still (the original), Journey to the Center of the Earth (the original), War of the Worlds (the original), Creature from the Black Lagoon, and of couse – Godzilla. I spend a lot of Saturdays doing “Old Movies” weekend.

  • Juanita

    “The Phantom of the Opera” (Claude Rains version) kept me awake for months as a child. Later “The Innocents” and “The Haunting” terrifed me. I still won’t watch the last two alone or at night.

  • Jazz

    Four movies scare the crap out of me.

    1. Black Sabbath with Boris Karloff. It scared me then and scares me now. Two short stories and one movie about a vampire in the old country.

    2. Original Invaders from Mars. People being sucked down into the ground with eerie music did it for me.

    3. Orignal Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Santa Mira was the fictional California town. I lived in California so I was convienced that the pods would be in my town any moment.

    4. Exorcist. I was not a child but it scared me non-the less.

    5. The Omen with Gregory Peck. Still scares me.

  • Deborah Hughes

    When I saw the title of this article, I thought “If it doesn’t mention The Haunting, it’s totally bogus.” Well, it did and your movie suggestions are terrific. The only one I haven’t seen is “Black Sunday”, which I’ll check out on Netflix immediately. The only things I’d add are another William Castle movie “House on Haunted Hill” (still an all-time fave and the remake — horrible!) and “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”.

  • Lynn

    The sound of the ants in “Them” still can get to me. I’m 68 years old so the old black and whites were all we got. “It Came From Beneath the Sea” also scared me.

  • Ron C Clair

    I suppose because I’m the age I am, I was terribly frightened by a movie way back when, called the First Yank In Tokyo…I remember spending most of the movie in the men’s room as I was really terrified…of course, like everyone else here I can laugh about it now

  • Richard Finn

    So many great horror films have been mentioned. But I haven’t heard about “The Blob” with Steve McQueen, one of my favorites. “The Thing from Another World” was my first horror film experience at age 13. It hooked me on sc-fi for years. I recall the scene where the guy places the electric blanket over the Thing which was frozen in the huge block of ice. Another classic was “Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman”. I ran home that night, from street light to street light. Another favorite for sheer terror was “Salem’s Lot”. And certainly, “The Shining” with Jack Nicholas, was intense. But I was adult by the time these last 2 reached the screen.

  • speedle

    The British made some good horror films (other than the Hammer productions). One creepy one was “X The Unknown” – It was about radioactive mud.

    Also, one of the best monsters for its time was revealed in “This Island Earth”.

  • Mary Arther

    It was definately the Haunting. I still cringe at the door that breathed and the loud banging on the wall. It still amazes me that this movie did not have the high tech special effects but just noises and good acting made it surreal and scary. I loved this movie. like you the remake sucks it depended too much on SFX and not much on acting and imagination.

  • Mahone

    So many of the ones named above, but House of Wax, Twighlight Zones and Legend of Boggy Creek also come to mind. But for sheer terror, those damn Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz!! I was 5 and thought for sure they’d find me and carry me away too!!

  • jeanine

    Hitchcock’s House Of Wax in 3D as a child. I saw it twice then had nightmares for a week. As an adult Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. Real is more terrifying tha the imaginary.

  • Tommy T

    The scariest–Mrs. Bates from the original “Psycho”. I went to that movie when my folks went dancing one night. It was light when I went into the theater but was dark when I came out. I went home, sprinting from streetlight to streetlight, carefully avoiding bushes and trees too close to the sidewalk, doorways, alcoves, anyplace where Mrs.Bates might be hiding. I made it home safely but the house was dark and I thought I saw something move up in the window of my bedroom. I ened up sprinting from streetlight to streetlight about two miles to where my parents were dancing to wait for them to escort me home. Yep–Mrs. Bates–for movies. For TV, many of the creatures and aliens on the original “The Outer Limits”. Some were so scary, when they came on the screen I’d have to run out of the room and my parents would tell me when they were gone so I could come back and continue watching the show.

  • Winston

    You nailed it with “The Tingler.” How scary that the terror was already lurking within each of us. Scream for your lives! I remember trying to fight off fearful feelings just knowing that thing was about to engulf my spine.

  • Dave Manning

    I was so scared by the original Thing that I slept in my parents bdfroom for a week. Remember the long hallway down which the Thing came in the late scene when he finally got fried? My bedroom was at the end of a long hallway and my bed faced down that hallway!!

  • gus paterson

    In the 50’s…”The Mummy’s” hand.

  • Mary

    Also liked the referenced Twilight Zone “Eye of the Beholder”– saw the original airing and was impressed with the real meaning of the show. My sister and I would not accept phones call from our friends during Twilight Zone. First horror movie experience in a theater was The Blob and by the end, even as a kid, it got ridiculous. Favorite-Rosemary’s Baby–saw it originally at a drive-in.

  • Scott

    Like you, I watched movies on Saturday afternoons, in my case, in Cleveland on a show called Superhost. Other than the Universal monster movies (specifically Frankenstein meets the Wolfman)which I generally avoided because I understood that they would scare me, I was most frightened by a movie called “The Six Skulls of Jonathan Drake”. It was about a South American explorer who is pursued to the US by a man with a Zombie servant who has come to retrieve six shrunken heads that Drake had brought back from one of his expeditions. This movie terrified me growing up. It didn’t see it again for almost 30 years until I found it on DVD. It still raises(minor) chills (although I suppose this is more my memory of how I felt as a kid on first viewing.

  • Barbara Atkinson

    Delighted to see that my candidate has been mentioned…. As a kid, we had a neighborhood theater within a mile or so of our house. On Saturday afternoons, on rare occasions when a treat could be afforded, we would pop up a grocery sack full of popcorn and take it with us to the Saturday matinee. Yes, they’d let us in with it then! One afternoon, still pre-school age me saw only the previews of “The Mummy.” Scared me so badly that I had the only night ever of waking up in the middle of the night, seeing that thing coming at me, and running to my parents’ bed for protection! Have never particularly enjoyed horror since. Fortunately I am able to laugh heartily at things like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” But I stay away from the really scary, although admire achievements in the genre, such as the “Twilight Zone” episodes.

  • Steve Edwards

    The first movie to scare me was the first one I was taken to (by mistake around the age of 3): The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. I subsequently was addicted to Ray Harryhausen’s special effects. I too was drawn to Horror Movies by Saturday afternoon showings (both at the local theater and on TV). My brothers and cousins and I couldn’t wait for our weekly scare on Saturday nights (after Gunsmoke and the news) presented by Morgus the Magnificent (accompanied by his assistants, Eric (a talking skull) and Chopsley (his massive, lumbering “Igor”) who looked more like the Grim Reaper, complete with hood and scythe. Morgus introduced me the classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman and the Mummy) while interspersing segments of his “experiments” on live humans (New Orleans locals brought in by the station) after commercial breaks.

  • DIRK

    THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN — I know no one will say this film scared them, but I was a kid and the shears stabbed into the portrait (in the womans neck); then that night I remember my dresser in my room turning into the haunted organ with blood-stains on the keys ‘and they couldn’t get them out, even with Bon-Ami!!!’ (memorable line!!). LOL maybe I should re-view this comedy again all these years later to see what I missed when I covered my face with my hands!!

  • tim kenneally

    some films that scared me were “it, the terror from outer space” that twilight zone episode with arlene martel(sax) where was was a nurse and then airline employee at the end “this way,honey” also that knife in the gut scene from “homicidal”

  • Bruce Lagasse

    My all-time creepy-movie-as-a-kid was the original Howard Hawks “Thing”. Like several other commenters, I also saw it at night and had to walk home alone aferwards. I was so frightened that I couldn’t even walk on the sidewalk, instead I walked down the middle of the road to try to distance myself from any monsters/fiends hiding in the bushes.

  • Jewel Jaffe Ross

    The House of Wax (for the melting faces) and the original It Came From Outer Space (for the music). By the way, it never occurred to me that Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte would scare so many people. I played Bette Davis at 18 in it and my memories are pretty warm and fuzzy. Victor Buono was the sweetest man in the world and Bette Davis was even more electric in person than on the screen.

  • maxfabien

    First, just for the record, Jeanine, Hitchcock did not do “House of Wax”. As for my scariest movie, when I was a kid in the late 1950’s, I loved Saturday night watching “Shock Theater”. I didn’t have any fright problems with any of them, except for one: Boris Karloff on “The Mummy”(1932). I refused to go to bed alone after seeing that. I was so scared, my big brother (he was 15 then) had to stay with me in my bed until I fell asleep. I sometimes imagine how the audiences in 1932 reacted to that film when they saw it in the dark theater for the first time.

  • Rick Daniels

    Without hesitation, Invaders from Mars (original) truly terrified me.
    In second place was Curse of the Demon with Dana Andrews. For years I was afraid to drop a piece of paper.



  • lebaron

    Welcome to Hollyweird, Karloffornia, fans of the B-movie monsterrific universe… For me, growing up in the sixties on a putrid diet of Famous Monsters and The Monster Times, you didn’t “watch” movies, you “lived” them (doesn’t it seem like you experienced things more intensely as a kid??). So I was kidnapped by Boris Karloff at the end of “SON OF FRANKENSTEIN”, I was cornered by the count’s son in his vampiric bedroom in “THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS” – for a supposed “comedy”, this was one of the movies that scared me the most as a child: I didn’t laugh much in it – like the protagonists, I was on a trek to find and destroy vampires…! To this day, this is one of my favourites films, period (the 110-minute, untampered by Ransohoff’s editor version, that is. Try and watch it in French; it is the second-best version by far… Voices are typecast and hand-picked by Polanski himself – Roger Carel as Abronsius is awesome!). Continuing on my walk through the haunted forest of Snow White, adventure was always on the menu, as I fought morlocks alongside Rod Taylor in “THE TIME MACHINE”. Gee whiz, when you discovered they were eating people, your heart fell in your stomach! Then I explored the Valley of the Cyclops in “THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD”, expecting a one-eyed, reverse-walking giant to pop up at any moment and eat me (ahhh! The sweet chills of utter terror!). Getting more serious now, I was deliciously revolted by all the blood spilled to revive the count in “DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS” (yes, I totally agree with a previous post – Chris Lee’s eyes were deep, penetrating and really creepy – gotta love that ghoul!). In those unglourious days, there was no “virtual” distance between you and the tension on the screen. One time, my (lovingly misguided) parents brought me to a drive-in showing of “THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE” and I almost threw up because of all the giallo brutality on the screen! Speaking of twisted violence, why did I have to stay awake to wait for a 3:00 AM showing of “THE DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE”, which I saw at the tender age of 10 (way before any PVRs, DVRs or Betamaxes)? And way too young for such nightmare-filled visions of hell! The contorted expressions on Erika Blanc’s demonized face still haunt me to this day… To contrast this rude awakening to a world of senseless violence and gut-spilling, how I would have liked to watch a full-size screening of “THE HAUNTING”, yet even on TV my hair was standing up so high on the back of my neck… At one point in my innocence, good old Vinnie Price frightened the heck out of me in “HOUSE OF USHER”, where I thought his white hair and complexion made him out to be a vampire (what did I know of E.A. Poe), and I expected him to grow fangs at any moment… Wrong monster… But one of the movies that actually made me leave the screening and take refuge in the lobby (only to come back a while later) was “CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF”, with the magnificently intense Oliver Reed, at the moment he was transforming and throwing fits of canine rage all over the place… Then, my arm felt the sting of the ugliest creatures you ever saw, with spaghetti for bowels, as Peter Cushing got hit by one of the silicates in “ISLAND OF TERROR”. After this, horror of horrors (sorry for the spoiler), his infected hand had to be cut!! That had to hurt, Peter! In retrospect, much like Nasa astronauts, what exhilaration you felt at all the fantasy and surreal worlds you were discovering! Obligatory (and sometimes hurtful) rites of passage, I guess. During these dread-filled days, ghosts, goblins and demons really left the theatre to follow you home. Have they left yet? I hope and pray so: be gone in the name of Jesus (for all of us believers in the audience)!! Try to remain unharmed, if you can… LB

  • Ron C

    Of course, The Thing from Another World takes top honors, but “Invasion of the Saucermen” with their bulging heads and dripping needles extending from their fingertips caused many a sleepless night to this kid.

  • hiram grant

    It all depends on when you were a kid. At some time around 1950, when I was six, I saw a revival of Pinocchio. Bad boys getting turned into donkeys was terrifying.

  • maxfabien

    Jewel Jaffe Ross! Were you young Charlotte Hollis? “No Papa, I don’t want to, Papa.” Your voice was dubbed by Bette Davis, which I thought was a mistake cuz it didn’t sound like a young girl. But I love the film nonetheless.

  • Fred

    “The Thing” scared the living daylights out of me and all my friends.I saw it when it first opened and when the soldier guarding the thing encased in the block of ice got up and threw the blanket over the ice and the camera pans down the blanket and follows the electrical cord to the outlet to show it’s an electric blanket, well half the kids headed for the lobby. Then when the shadow of the thing appears over the soldier sitting and reading, well the remaining kids in that theater either ran to the lobby to keep their friends company and the rest went under their seats. That was probably the greatest scare I ever had in any movie….I loved it…

  • JudithSpankysMom

    Wow there were quite a few you mentioned that I remember giving me the look over your shoulder feelings. But there where a few that really scared me the first one was the Blob then when I was a preteen girl two scared the bejesus out of me the Abdominal Dr. Phibes and Dr. Phibes rises Again. Till this day there are still a few scenes in those two movies that give me butterflies in my stomach.

  • Warren Clark

    OK, I’ve read all of the posts and they run the gamut. But here are a couple to ponder. First, the 1945 British classic “Dead of Night” with Sir Michael Redgrave; very creepy and atmospheric. The Brits were doing wonders on next to no budgets. Second, how about “Nightmare Alley” with Tyrone Power, 1947. Not really a “horror” movie per se but terrifying in its own way, given when it was produced. Lastly, no one mentioned the 1963 cult favorite “Day of the Triffids” with songman Howard Keel of all people. What a fantastic, fun movie and really, if you think about it, it makes outer space plants frightening.

  • Billie June

    Horrors of the Black Museum almost made me wet my pants in the first couple of minutes…I was six or seven. At five, my parents took me to the drive-in when they went to see The Fly. They thought they had me put to sleep, but I was watching through the crack between the two front seats. When the lady uncovers her husband’s fly head and screams, I screamed right along with her and embarrassed/startled my parents to no end. I also had nightmares about Village of the Damned…dreamed about those eyes floating around. Still, I couldn’t get enough. My faves include Hush,Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Psycho, War of the Worlds,Straight Jacket, Rosemary’s Baby (really creeped me out as a young adult), and the 1960’s Time Machine. I got my teens hooked on Time Machine and it’s one of their favorites too…got the DVD.

  • Jean T. Smith

    I was taken to see “The Thing” at my request. I had the box of truffles candies on my lap (my stepfather’s favorites). I jumped up to run to the ladies room when The Thing came on the screen and dumped the box of candies all over the people in the row in front of us. My movie requests were censored after that incident.

  • version

    Psycho – never looked at highway motel the same way ever again. The Birds; The Haunting; the House on Haunted Hill; Last House on the Left; The House on Green Apple Road – becasue these played to what you thought was safe. Someonementioned the Fearless Vampire Killers – well I just loved that movie – only movie where the Vamps win in the end – way ahead of its time.
    “Alien” – well I was much older – so I needed a drink aftger watching that the first time.

    • Phyllis

      “THE BIRDS” by Alfred Hitchcock scared me because it gave you the feeling that it could happen at any time….. what caused THE BIRDS to go mad?

  • Gloria Briganti

    Remember you asked when we were young. It was Dracula (Bela Lagosi), Frankenstein and The Wolfman. Also there was one I believe something about the cat woman? all these back in the 40’s.

  • heather S

    It seems so silly now, but for me Magic, the movie about the killer ventriloquist dummy, was the worst, followed closely by an old black and white that I can’t remember the name of. In that particular thriller, there was a scene where two men were fighting around large vats of wax, and one of them had a huge pair of ice tongs to place and remove bodies from the wax. This wasn’t a Vincent Price film, but that one scene still creeps me out! Thirty years later and I still can’t stand Ice tongs!

  • Charley Blake

    In my hometown in the early sixties, the nearby CBS affiliate showed their horror movies on Friday nights at 10:35, right after the news and an interminable five-minute gardening program sponsored by a local nursery. Then it was time for Weird Theater, where I first saw Kong, Dracula, Frankenstein and a host of lesser boogers. One night they showed one from the fifties called “Zombies of Mora Tau.” The heroine arrives in this Caribbean island for some purpose and is being driven in a taxi to the remote mansion where she is to stay. Suddenly a human figure appears in the headlights, standing in the middle of the road. The cab driver never touches his brakes and the speeding auto knocks the stranger into the ditch. “Stop!” screams the woman. “You hit a man back there.” Grimly he replies, “That wasn’t a man. It was one of them!” That scene creeped me out like nothing I’d seen before.
    A few years ago I watched the same movie and it is absolute dreck…but that one scene is still chilling.

  • Pat

    Most of th Universal horror films of the 1930’s –especially “Frankenstein” and “Dracula”—the scoreless soundtrack adds to the creep factor. And super low budgets can sometimes produce chilling horror like “The Carnival of Souls” and “Frankenstein’s Daughter.”

  • John Schoonover – – – now 74

    Boris Karlof, Mummy, 1932? Viewing it at age 8 . .many nightmares followed. Viewing it at age 18 . . . how funny 5,000 year old bundle of rags brought to ‘life’ with tea leaves with only one active arm and dragging a lifeless foot can manage to catch healthy adults capable of running . . .later skinning Beli Lugosi with a scalpel in “The Black Cat” [saw shadows only] and in real life Karlof was such a gentle man.

  • J.Bradley

    The Martians in “War of the Worlds” and the climax of “Quatermass and the Pit” had me watching the living room tv from behind a dining room chair.

  • Steve Thomas

    I agree with pretty much all of the above. My first big-time fright was Frankenstein. I was 4 and it scared me for weeks. But the all-time cappo de screamo was the Banshee scene from Disney’s “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”. I saw it at our small town theatre when it first came out. When the banshee appeared, I was out of the seat, up the aisle, and in the lobby in 5 seconds flat. Then they did it again near the end of the film. Stop laughing! It wasn’t funny. Those scenes still makes me jump.

  • danny

    The first horror movie I got to see was The Thing, with James Arness. My mom forbade us to see horror movies, but our best friends convinced my brother and I to lie about which movie we were going to see, for which we paid dearly when we got back! I saw all those movies, but none of them really scared me as a child. I thought they were all exciting, but The Haunting, The Exorcist, and Salem’s Lot, all of them seen after I was well into adulthood, were what scared me. The picture of the smiling, recently-dead vampire with blazing eyes, sitting in a rocking chair in a dark bedroom almost did me in! And the memory of the boy’s dead little brother, floating in a swirling fog outside his 2nd-floor bedroom window, scratching and begging to be let in still gives me chills!

  • Daisy

    I wasn’t exactly a kid when I saw “Whatever Happened to baby Jane?”, but that one creeped the begeezes outta me. I still won’t watch it. As a kid, I confess that I avoided scary movies because I didn’t want to be scared. By the time I was 8 or 9, I watched all the Universal monster movies, which were not at all scary, but full of thrills. They were (and still are) great Halloween fair. I’ve seen too much up close in the way of costumes, makeup, and SFX to be overly upset by monsters. But the original examples of the Twilight Zone definetly include episodes that send chills up my spine.

  • Maxwell Starr

    It’s great to read about everyone’s youthful film fostered nightmares. It’s amazing how many kids were scared over the same crop of creepies. Like a previous contributor I was scared witless by Disney’s witch in “Snow White” and later by the headless horseman in Disney’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and later on by Margaret Hamilton’s witch and, especially, her horribly nasty flying monkeys in “The Wizard of Oz”. At age five my parents took my sister and me to see “Earth vs the Flying Saucers”. It was on a double bill with a film called “The Werewolf” My dad said we could sit through it if we promised not to be scared. We promised. There was a scene where this guy is in a cave and transforms into the werewolf. At one point in the transformation (before he fully develops into a dogfaced make-up rehash of the werewolf seen in “Return of the Vampire”)he has this part human part beast demonic expression where his eyes seem to blaze hotly and drool spills from his fangs and lips. It was terrifying and the only image that stayed with me when I went to bed that night. I broke my promise and bunked with my parents for safety. Here are some other nightmares from my youth:
    FRANKENSTEIN (1931) – Dad let us watch this on late night TV – I was sure the monster was standing in the shadows of my bedroom.
    INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) – I watched this on an afternoon TV showing. There was a sandlot behind our house where we kids used to play – I avoided it for a long time.
    VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) – I never saw the full movie as a kid – but the preview scared me silly with those blazing-eyed brats.
    TELEVISION served up lots of horrors:
    DRACULA (1956) – It was a “live” performance on an afternoon television broadcast with, I believe, John Carradine as Dracula (reprising his role from his two Universal Pictures stints) – It was ultra creepy for my five year old sensibilities. Incidentally, Bram Stoker’s book of DRACULA was one of only a handful of books that actually scared me the first time I read it (around age 13 or 14). It remains a top favorite thriller for me.
    Various TV episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Karloff’s THRILLER, ALFRED HITCHCOCK and several crime dramas – GANGBUSTERS in particular – all had episodes that stirred up fear in my psyche and raised gooseflesh.
    And, like so many baby boomers, Forrest J Ackerman’s FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine took a humorous approach to its content and helped to take the sting out of horror by calming our fear and replacing it with awe, wonder and appreciation for the cinematic genres of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

  • pipman

    ‘The Haunting’ & ‘Black Sunday’ were two of my favorites, also. But ‘The Premature Burial’ & ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ (scene where she is forced to kiss her dead grandmother) really creeped me out!

  • steve

    Lets see, when i first saw the wizard of oz, and those fluying monkeys comming afer dorthy and toto, that scared the beejeezus out of me…hahahha But a few movies still scare me now . Kind of embarrassed to admit it, but the omen gives me chills even now. Pet cemetary is another one. Not real gory, but when that kid comes after his mother with a needle, that still makes me cover my eyes.hahahha And I think the excorsist has to be the all time horror show. A lot of people who first saw that movie, young people and grown ups, came out of the theater feeling sick, anc just plain creeped out!!

  • Joseph Imhoff

    My sister, she is now sixty, still feels the shudders of the bandages being unwrapped in the episode. ‘Them’ still packs a wallop as does ‘The Thing’, ‘Invaders’, and ‘I bury the living’. My personal story is that I spent summers at my aunts, and Saturday my cousins, who were older, took me to the local theatre for the matinee. I was eight, the movie, ‘The Creatures Revenge’. I went and sat in the lounge of the men’s room until my cousin, Charles, came and got me, assuring me that things were all right. Gillman still scares me, but the movie seems trite and silly, but fiftyeight years ago it scared the you-know-what out of me.

  • Mary Jane

    The scariest thing I’ve EVER seen was The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, “The Unlocked Window.” I think I was about 10 years old. I was about a psychotic madman on the loose preying only on live-in nurses. One dark stormy night two nurses are tending to their employer, a man with a heart condition who resides in a creepy old mansion just outside of town and needs constant attention. A phone call from the murderer informs the women that he knows they’re alone, and intends to pay them a visit before the night is over. Checking to make sure all the doors and windows are locked, one of the nurses finds that she overlooked a basement window.

    I still don’t want to think about it.

  • duvyp

    The first movie I ever saw alone was The Thing.
    I was 8yrs old and spending the summer at my grandmother’s house in a small town in South Jersey. I was really excited walking the three blocks to the movie theater. When I got there I found myself the only child in the theater. I was feeling a bit uneasy. Through the movie I was feeling the tension build in myself and the audience. When the thing finally appeared at the end of the corrugated corridor the whole audience as one (including me) jumped out of their seats. When the journalist at the end of the movie stated “Keep watching the skies”, I took it to heart. My walk home with no street lights and no moon was one of the scariest moments of my young life. I spent the three blocks home watching the skies.

  • Ernst Steinert

    In 1958 my parents took me to a double feature: Blood of the Vampire, and I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. I had trouble falling asleep for years and kept imagining shadows coming from behind a curtain in the bedroom.

    Check out The Crawling Eye. It is a very original story and very entertaining.

  • lovejoy66

    what about Village of the Damned-scared the hell out of me as a youngster sitting in the old clsea theatryWhen the eyes stared sent shivers donw my spine

  • barbara mangano

    The Day The Earth Stood Still(seen at age 9 before I realized what it was really all about), Invaders from Mars, Twilight Zone,s the Hitchhiker and Mirror Image

  • Fred

    There were many scary films during my youth that I now laugh at today. Films such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman and Mummy, King Kong or anything with vampires. The more recent scary films that got my heart racing were Rosemary’s Baby and Psycho. I still jump a bit when something unusual pops up in a film but it really doesn’t make me as nervous as it did during my youth.

  • Gwen

    thank you!!! i kept thinking the unveiled woman in the twilight zone was barbara nichols, but her voice was always whiny (at least in the movies).
    i guess no one is old enough to have seen “lights out” on tv. we begged to stay up to see it & then were afraid to go upstairs.
    any dracula movie pre hammer-studios was scary to me.

    • Jeanne Blumberg

      Oh, I remember “Lights Out”. It scared me to death. We didn’t have a TV yet but my aunt and uncle did and when I slept over at their house they always let me stay up to see it. (P.S. they let me have Coca-Cola and potato chips too, you can bet I never turned down an invitation to sleep over!!)

  • Diane

    When I was about 9 or 10 I convinced my Mom that I was old enough to go to the movies with my brother to see “Tarantula”. BIG MISTAKE! I was terrified to go to bed at night for fear one of those nasty spiders would come out from beneath it and eat me for sure. It took me a LOOONG TIME to get over it. To this day I will not go to a “horror” movie. My dreams become too vivid to take any more chances :-P.

  • richie c

    as ayoung boy growing up in the 50’s, my two scariest films were “the thing from another world” and “invasion of yhe body snatchers” 1956 Iam a lifetime fan of the atomic age sci-fi movies.

  • DeMeio

    Scared at the movies? PSYCHO, THE UNINVITED. Some scenes in the LEOPARD MAN and THE CAT PEOPLE, the French film LES DIABOLIQUES. But in the 70 some years I’ve been watching TV, only twice – A Thriller episode called (I think) “A Voice In The Fog” about a couple stranded in a Bermuda Triangle setting, and part of a terror trilogy with Karen Black called THE DEVIL DOLL (?).
    For cold shivers watch the French versions of THE WAGES OF FEAR or RIFIFI.

    • Lisa

      That was ‘Trilogy of Terror’ (1975). That little black doll scared me pretty back. I was only 7 at the time.

  • Rich

    No one has mentioned “Caltiki, the Immortal Monster” That one … did me in…

  • rick

    When I was five I watched THE MAN FROM PLANET X on TV. It’s an extremely atmospheric film directed by Edgar Ulmer on a small budget. There’s one scene where a woman walks from a lighted part of a room and then into the darkness..and screams. At that point my mom saw how scared I was and turned it off. I also remember Hammer’s SEVEN BRIDES OF DRACULA had me putting my head under the covers for years.

  • kilgen

    In the early to mid 1950s, I have seen “The Thing”, “War of the Worlds”, “Them”, “Invaders from Mars”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” amongst many other 50s sci-fi films plus almost all of the Universal Horror films in several Milwaukee south side movie theatres such as The Modjeska, The Pearl, The Alamo and The Abby. I now have all these movies within my personal DVD library that supports my home theatre. I do enjoy showing those movies to friends now and then but I wish I could re-experience some of the feelings that I had when I was a kid when I first watched these movies. Lots of fun being scared!

  • David Alan

    “Alien” scared me. Near the end of the movie, I did not realize (until I sat back up) the I was so far down in my seat at the theater. The management of that theater also kept the temperature in the place cold!

  • Garry Stewart

    As a child, boys turning into donkeys in ” Pinocchio” was pretty scary, as was the snake called Histah, guarding a pile of treasure in the 1940 edition of ” The jungle Book ” , and the giant spider coming down from the roof of the cave in” Tarzan’s Desert Mystery “.

  • Joy

    The only movie that I can remember really terrifying me…and still bothers me today I might add, is The Innocents, with Debora Kerr. There are scenes in that movie…the last nanny standing in the lake for instance that I remember vividly. The end of it all with the loss of the children is still very powerful and works incredibly well in the black and white format.

  • Joy

    There was also an episode of Twiglight that has a killer doll that kep me awake for many a night!

  • cs grasso

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned The Witch’s Mirror -with the killer hand crawling around on it’s own. Old black and white circa 60s. Still don’t sleep with my back exposed to the outside of the bed. Alfred Hitchcocks weekly show..the episode “Where the Woodbine Twineth” not sure that was the name of the episode but it involved a little girl and a large doll her gandfather (?) gave her. She and the doll would take turns being human until one day the spinster/cranky aunt chased off the “other” little girl th en to her horror discovered her niece in the box -now in doll form

  • Phil Copp

    Don’t know why I kept going to see horror movies, because I’d get so freaked out and hide in the lobby or the men’s room that I’d miss the “best” parts – but I got the idea nevertheless! “The Colossus of New York” sent me out sure enough. I saw “The Tingler” when it first came out, and that sure scared the heck out of me; when the thing was crawling up someone’s leg in the (film’s) movie theatre, and when, toward the end, the (was she supposed to be dead?) woman rose up from her bed in the dark and started toward the camera (was she aiming for Vincent Price, or, I think, some substandard husband?? – I forget the details, but not the horrors I felt!). Yes, I was shaken. Well, I caught the movie on TV just a few years ago – recently – and by Gosh I had to laugh at it. THIS is what scared us back in the late ’50’s? Vincent Price lifting some rubber thing off someone’s spine (supposedly opened surgically, but you didn’t see any operation performed), or putting it back in? Or that same Latex creepie-crawlie jumping up on someone? Virtually bare-faced make-believe! But it did the job for us 50 years ago. Glad I can get a laugh out of it now, and feel no urge to run out of the room…

  • LORI

    The trilogy of scary shows, where there was one “The Devil Doll” That you must not remove the chain around it’s waist or “all hell would break loose.” The ending where Karen Black was sitting on the floor looking ferel as all get out holding a butcher knife… and mom is coming over.
    The other was Outer Limits, “The Misfits” was about this space ship lands in the desert and people were curious as it was so small, and while they were looking at it up close, the door pops open and these little black ants looking things come out with huge eyes and a human face. Making this awefull crying siren type sound. Chasing after the people and killing them and hiding beneath the bodies. CREEPY! Never forgot those two shows… I am 60 and still get the chills thinking about them. lol The only movie I really couldn’t deal with was the “Incubus” where the devil springs up out of the floor and captures the innocent and turns them around and the person looks into the devils eyes… and the devil owns them and take them to to hell.. I never prayed the rosary so much after I saw that movie, and still get the shivers thinking about that movie.. lol

    • Lisa

      That was ‘Trilogy of Terror’ (1975). That little black doll scared me so badly. I was only 7 at the time and can still remember it. Glad I’m not the only one. Can’t imagine what my parents were thinking letting me watch that!


    If memory serves correctly my grandmother took me to the Broadway Capitol Theater in Detroit, Michigan to see such films as “The Thing From Another Planet”. I know we also went to this theater to see “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”. The Thing, James Arness, I didn’t see until I was an adult. Hands were over my eyes in the theater the moment the music changed and I knew Arness was about to appear. I have seen almost every horror and sci-fi movie from “The Tingler” to “The Murders In the Rue Morgue”. My favorite movie today is “The Lion In Winter.”

  • Bob

    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane scared me so bad that I still have nightmares about it 40 some odd years later. I think just the idea of someone who was supposed to love you doing all of those horrible things to you. The dead bird and the dead mouse were more than I could handle. And Joan Crawford and Betty Davis did a good job of scaring me.

    • Bruce Reber

      BTW, that wasn’t a mouse, but a rat, served complete w/lettuce and tomato garnish. That Jane Hudson was quite a cook – she could give Julia Child a run for her money!

  • Max Fraley

    THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR (1943) with John Loder. Today it’s liquid soap, but to a 7 yr. old impressionable boy this story that concerns a headless ghost in a tin mine near a small Cornish village in Great Britain remains an intense memory. After crawling into bed with the lights already off I could see this headless thing at the end of my bed. “MOM, MOM, MOM!!!!!!” The quickly lighted room showcased a coat on a chair. It still seems like yesterday but it was 68 years ago in a small Indiana village with no tin mine near by. Thank heaven.

  • John Stanton

    As a kid in the 1940s I saw all of the original Frankenstein pictures in the theater, and none of them frightened me. Then came “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” — and the Wolf Man and Dracula as well (1948)I wasn’t so much frightened for me as I was my beloved Abbott and Costello. The only movie that really frightened ME as a kid was “The Mummy’s Curse.” I can still see the mummy, its foot dragging in the sand and an arm extended straight out, walking straight at me. Brrrr

  • Keith Owen

    Henry Hull in ‘The Werewolf of London’
    Brian Donlevy ‘Quatermass & the Pit’ The one
    that involved turning people into ‘human pulp.’
    The ‘First Man Into Space’ 1958 creeping crud!

  • Shawn

    Yes the Zanti Misfits and many Twilight Zone episopdes scared me but The original Wolfman where he walks through the fog in the forest freaked me for years since our backyard was forest. The 2nd and 3rd stories in Black Sabbath gave me nightmares for years and I don’t think I slept well for years after seeing The Exorcist when I was 8.

  • Cindy Urban

    How wonderful to read so many comments on a favorite genre of mine ! I too grew up with a black and white T.V.(only one in the living room) !I am also a “Baby Boomer”,who grew up watching John Zacherly present horror movies,what a fun time to grow up ! I sure do miss those days,we don’t have anything as entertaining as that today.The movies that scared me the most:Psycho,The Haunting,a movie which the title escapes me,about a giant man affected by radiation,Dr.Cyclops,Lon Chaneys’ Phantom of the Opera,Lon Chaney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame(now it makes me cry with pity for poor Quisimoto),Lon Chaney’s London After Midnight(who I believe Zacherley fashioned his makeup after)as you can tell,I’m a huge Chaney Fan ! Also the incredible Boris Karloff(any thing he did was pure Brillance!)The Mummy,Frankenstein,The Body Snatchers,as I said he was The MASTER Of HORROR,as was Vincent Price,in the Conquer Worm.I could go on and on but, I can get carried away with one of my favorite genres of film.Oh Yea,what about Guy Rolphe as the hideous DR. SARDONICUS !!!!!!

  • Cindy Urban

    CS Grasso,I too ,LOVED Alfred Hitchcocks’ “Where The Woodbine Twineth” ! It’s NEVER on T.V.! and hey Steve Thomas,I saw Darby O’Gill and The Little People in an old movie theater in Metuchen,N.J. When The “Banshees” appeared on the screen I let out such “Blood curdling” screams my mother had to take me out of the theater ! By the way,Happy St. Patricks Day to all !!I wonder if I dare watch Sean Connery in Darby O’Gill and The Little People!!

  • Tracy

    Dirk, you’re not the only one scared by THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN, it scared me when I saw it at the movie theater while visiting my cousin down in Arkansas. I was around 5 years old. I slept in her room and she had a jewelry/music box that looked like a piano and I could see it from my pallet on the floor and it reminded me of the bloody piano keys that were playing that scary song. I can still remember the music!

  • ekim smada

    Wow! It’s nice to know so many people agree with me about the original vesion of “The Thing”. Howard Hawks did a super job with this film. I think the technique he uses with the characters delivering their lines over top of each other makes the people seem very believable. This movie is the first time I ever noticed that happening. In real life people always interupt each other. The scene at the beginning when the group spreads out and holds their arms out to determine the shape of the object under the ice, still makes my skin crawl! Whenever my family is trying to decide what movie to watch I always suggest “The Thing”. It’s a family joke! My other all time favorite is “Moby Dick” with Gregory Peck and Orson Wells. Other movies that scared the daylights out of me were: “THEM, INVADERS FROM MARS, THE OMEN, THE EXORCIST, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, KING KONG [the original], THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and more recently SIGNS, THE VILLAGE, and THE MIST”. If anyone can watch SIGNS without jumping out of their seat when the alien appears on the roof, or when he passes through the end of the alley at the childrens birthday party, well, you’re probably dead….

  • Dr. Mirakle

    Nothing scared me so much in childhood as THE MAN FROM PLANET X. All the fog,darkness and then the creepy faced alien…YOW !!! I would have also have to fess up to developing a fear of Gorillas after being exposed to Boris Karloff’s THE APE and Lugosi’s THE APE MAN.I actually was in fear of a Gorilla coming into our house and killing me…but never fear..I got over it by age 19.

  • Cinema Lover

    In addition to the mutants of This Island Earth, and the flaying scene in The Black Cat (Boris and Bela), I was frightened by a little remembered film called Donovan’s Brain, which had a delightful laboratory and an evil brain kept alive in bubbling brain juice.

  • Ms P

    I can remember seeing many of these previously mentioned horror movies as a child in the ’60s, and they did often frighten me into nightmares. When I was 9 years old, I saw Hitchcock’s The Birds, and there was this scene where the birds were chasing all the little kids away from their school and attacking them as they ran. Can you imagine what that must have felt like watching that as a kid? To this day I am afraid of birds flying over my head. I guess as kids, we have such big imaginations, and when we see such horrifying things as that, we tend to see it happening to us, and it does tend to follow us for a long time. I believe someone did make a similar comment in a previous post. I suppose this can also pass on from one generation to the next. When my adult daughter was 6 years old, she used to be terrified by Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. It took her a few years to get over it.

  • Bridget

    The movie that caught me off guard was The A m ittyvil le Horror!! I lost it when the fireplace changed form! I slept on my parents floor that night. Bridget

  • Andrew

    I have to say the original “Invaders from Mars” scared the pants off me. Adding Raoul Kraushaar’s
    scary musical score put the icing on the cake. It
    was so creepy when the sand dunes opened up and
    that scary score was played. The special effects
    are really “Hokey” compared to today’s standards
    but, it still scared me. Tobe Hooper’s 1986 remake was indeed a travesty but, I found his lesser known “The Funhouse” quite eerie.

  • Richard Ferrie

    Great posts. I agree with so many… And, yes, the age we are when we see a film is certainly a key element. I’ve asked and discussed this question over the years. A young physical therapist told me that the scariest movie she ever saw was “It’s Alive,” the one about the killer baby is the crib! I had to stifle a laugh as she worked on my # 3 ankle sprain. Of course, as we grew up, we were all rendered children again by the great Romero classic “Night of The Living Dead.” Also, as adults we may be guilty of initiating our children into these “guilty pleasures.” Our son was eight, I think, when we took him to a drive-in (remember those) one warm California summer night to see the Herschel Gordon Lewis trilogy, 2000 Maniacs, etc. It was the first time we’d seen them and they remain disturbing today. Well, they got to me as an adult who’d been in the military and I kept asking my son if he wanted to go. He said he wanted to stay. But I think he was in shock.

    Two that terrified me as a pre-teen that didn’t show up here: William Castle’s MACABRE (because I believed the gimmick of a life insurance policy passed out with your ticket at the box office) and the great Beverly Garland in NOT OF THIS EARTH. I believe that both of these are available, at long last.

  • Donna from the Jersey Shore

    Excellent comments here!!! I had to smile at the memory of a lot of these movies. No one mentioned the one that scared the dickens out of me. Around 1965 (give or take) my father let me go to the movies alone, no less. The film that was showing was called “The Crawling Hand”. It was about an astronaut whose ship exploded and his hand fell to earth and began killing people. Many years ago, it was on TV. I tried to watch, but even as an adult I just couldn’t do it! To this day I cannot watch movies with a dismembered hand!

    • hypatiab7

      You’ve never seen “The Beast With Five Fingers” with Peter Lorre?. You never know if he’s imagining it and kills himself or if it really existed. Very well done horror movie. Of
      course, the film maker has the hand fade away when Lorre dies, but that could be interpreted by saying that the hand had achieved its goal and could go away.

  • Gary

    One movie that scared the h–l out of me when I was a kid was “Horror Hotel”. It was a nifty little “B” thriller about witchcraft in a New England village. I was sitting up all alone around 1 AM watching the Friday night horror movie on the Houlihan and Big Chuck Show out of WJW-TV in Cleveland. Man, it was great!!

  • Helen

    The first movie I remember to really scare me was (the original)Villiage of The Damned. Those platnium haired children with glowing eyes gave me nightmares. As an adult, I think it’s more frightening that they could read minds and had a collective knowledge.

  • Mike

    All of the original Universal and Hammer horror movies, Vincent Price in “The Fly”, Repticlicus, “The Deadly Mantis”. There is nothing better entertainment wise than watching any of the old B&w movies. Night of the Living Dead still gives me the creeps. I was 5 and left at home with my 12 year old brother when I first watched it. I was scared to death but it started me on the classics.

  • roger zotti

    My pick is Dead of Night – specifically, the final episode starring Michael Redgrave as a ventriloquist. When that evil “piece of wood” attacks Redgrave — nightmares for me. I still have ‘em when I think about that flick.

  • Gwenda

    How about two silent classics ? The original Dracula NOSFERATU which has the most corpse-like appearance for a newly risen vampire on film. Then there’s the close-up of the eyeballs being slowly slashed open in UN CHIEN ANDALOU by Bunuel, totally gross. Still gives me nightmares.

  • Theresa

    Definitely the Haunting! The part where the room is dark and Claire Bloom and Julie Harris are holding hands to comfort themselves in the dark. Then the light turns on and no one is holding their hands. I was 9, visiting cousins, and saw it at the 25 cent matinee on the big screen. I wasn’t used to movies of that kind, and it still gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it. Later I read the book, and it was even worse, definitely gave me nightmares.

  • Gil

    The Wizard of Oz! When Dorothy looks into the witch’s crystal ball and sees Auntie Em crying for her to come home and then the witch appears, mocking Dorothy….Auntie Em, Auntie Em. Ugh…scared the bejeebies out of me!!! It still creeps me out:-)

  • Jim

    The original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Had just returned home from scout camp and, after seeing the movie, I began wondering if people were who they appeared to be.

  • Maggie

    Wow! You listed most of the extremely-terrified-me-as-a-child films! Even “Black Sunday’ and “A Bucket of Blood” (both kept me awake!) A few others: “The Terror”, “The Crawling Eye” (very silly now), “From Hell It Came” (walking tree demon)and “Freaks”. The silent and 1930s “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde” were both creepy (and nightmare-worthy), too.

  • kelly

    Nightmare on Elm Street. BEFORE Freddy had a sense of humor and lost his scariness.

  • SylvanWiz

    “Night of the Living Dead”,…the “original” Black & WHite movie from the 60s scared the hell out of me. Especially I guess since I saw it when I was 9 or 10 y/o with my eldest sister.

  • Hauser

    The ONLY movie that scared me was Richard Carlson in “The Maze” one scene only. Gave me nightmares

  • Bob Riley

    I saw many of the films reference in the other replies and agree with all the writers on them. But here are some which nobody mentioned:

    1) The multi-story film, “The House That Dripped Blood” where Peter Cushing is decaptitated and his head winds up in a wax museum.

    2) “Midnight Lace”. Not a real horror film, but a mystery where Doris Day is chased by a killer in the London fog. Had bad dreams about that scene.

    3)”Count Yorga-Vampire” Cheesy and gory at the same time. Robert Quarry rivals Christopher Lee as a vampire.

    4) One episode of Boris Karloff’s “Thriller” in which a young, attractive couple (Elizabeth Montgomery was the girl) spend a night with a very strange family, and in the end, guess who the vampires were?

    5) “The Time Element” by Rod Serling. Some people say it was the real pilot for “The Twilight Zone”. A story about a man (William Bendix) who has a dream about being at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The ending really gets you

  • Neil Cronin

    I’d have to agree with the poster who chose Hush..Hush Sweet Charlotte. I wet my pants when the head rolled down the stairs. Great movie. Even better than Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

  • Maureen

    “Play Misty for Me” was very scary because it was real. This is not fiction, stalking happens all the time and can go too far. Some of the other shows that are scary are fiction. Loved the movie and found it very scary and realistic. Whenever I see Jessica Walters, I think of her in the movie.

  • golden1

    I loved horror movies as a child, still do! The one movie that scared me to my bones, and still stands the test of time is…The Crawling Eye, with Forrest Tucker. Despite it’s Roger Corman-sounding title, this is a truly atmospheric film with a well-written script and fine acting. It’s set in the Swiss Alps at a ski resort that’s threatened by aliens (crawling eyes)descending from the mountaintops in clouds.Very, very scary!

  • fred buschbaum

    The list is so long….., The very first for me was the asyet unmentioned,”Unkown Island”, with a lot of “B” acting, and”Dinosaurs”, got out of late afternoon matinee only to find it was dark with the wind making shadows in the trees. Stood by the box office lights praying that Dad would pick me up before the monsters got me. The Thing, (original), from a story called Who Go’s There?, (carpenters was much closer to the story because of newer technology and location, but The original still better).,Them,(the sounds in the desert). the first of the Creature from the Black Lagoon trilogy, the hand coming through the porthole toward the bandaged man who can’t yell). Godzilla!, trivia for today, The beast from 20,00 fathems,early Atomic era film,(look for Lee Van Cleef as the marksman near the end). The Japanese liked it so much, they made Godzilla, and it did so well in Japan, They added scenes with american actors and english dubbing for the American market. The first War of The Worlds, Invaders from Mars, and The man from planet X still brings chills out on the foggy plain. Not really scary, but, Rocket XM, And Gort in The Day the Earth stood still, is still the most unsettling robot because of it’s invulnerable and unstoppable activities. Gotta go, drag out some oldies to spend the afternoon with!

  • Geri

    Soylent Green is maybe not so scary throughout, but the end creeped me out and still does.

    • Bruce Reber

      Charlton Heston found out the secret of those green crackers, which he learned from Edward G. Robinson just before EGR “went home”.

  • Wayne Hutton

    The first one I can recall scaring the beejesus outta me was “IT, TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE”, being trapped in a spaceship with nowhere to run (before ALIEN).
    The other was “HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL”. Vincent Price is incomparable in horror flicks.

  • Carolyn Cpp[er

    1947 The Body Snatchers
    1960 (?) Psycho (and I wasn’t a child!)
    Some of the best were not so much the sci-fi or gruesome ghoulie types, but the psychological thrillers: Alfred Hitchcock,the Master; Home Before Dark; Midnight Lace (Doris Day, an under-rated actress), many of the classic ’40s movies, the names of which I don’t remember Instead of quick shock, these provided longer-lasting terror, the type that stays with you. The most insidious evil is betrayal unto death by someone you loved and trusted completely.(But I still see the carriage racing down a hill in the thunderstorm, with the dead body falling forward onto the body snatchers, and there is NO way I’d watch Psycho again.)The Babysitter )”He’s in the house !” was scary.

  • Mikey

    The Wasp Woman.

  • Carolyn Cooper

    If you’re got a creepy kid, defiant disorder type, you may want to watch the original “The Bad Seed” {1957 or so}. Just don’t turn your back and keep her/him under watch at all times. (Be sure your guns and knives are under lock-and-key and lock your bedroom door at night.)

  • Louis Martinez


    • John

      Not “The Undead” (that was a different movie), but “Curse of the Undead” is the correct title.

  • Mr. Ed

    Great article. I am very happy to see that I am not alone in the appreciation of horror and sci-fi flicks from the fifties and sixties. Viewer imagination was a cheif requirement as you watched movies either devoid of special affects or which had minimal affects.
    Among my favorites I include “The Body Snatcher,” with Boris Karloff. Again, with little or no special affects the ending does a nice job of giving one the shivers. If you have not seen it, I recommend it. Like any movie you appreciate, it is best viewed without external interruptions and minimal conversation.


    scary movies-THEM was the best! stepped on every ant on the sidewalk on the way home. THE NAKED JUNGLE with Charleston Heston-i hate ants! Earth Vs. Flying Saucers and War of the Worlds. Now those would scare anybody! Scary but we loved them all!

  • John

    As a preschooler watching Zacherly host a midnight movie of “Frankenstein” upstairs in my bed in the dark while my parents celebrated New Year’s downstairs with their friends,it was indeed Mr. Karloff who gave me my first shivers. I agree also with the Body Snatchers and as for the Twilight Zone, don’t forget “To Serve Man”-“don’t get on that ship-‘To Serve Man’ is a cookbook!”

  • Leo


    I think the vampire gunslinger movie to which you refer is CURSE OF THE UNDEAD w/Eric Fleming (remembered as Gil Favor, trail boss in the RAWHIDE TV series) and Michael Pate.

    The first film I ever saw was the 1952 re-issue of the original KING KONG. I spent the night looking out my window terrified that he would be looking in.

  • DIRK

    ‘Have you checked the children lately?’ AND ‘The calls are coming from inside the House! Get out now!’ Two of the scariest lines in one movie!!! Carol Kane was the best babysitter in WHEN MICHAEL CALLS. And I was older at the time; still creepy!

  • DIRK

    okay, sorry, there are so many: but who here was not absolutely freaked out by the ending of PLANET OF THE APES! Maybe I shoulda included that on the best surprise endings poll. But that movie stayed with me for weeks; thinking about it over and over again!!

  • Marvin

    The one that scared the living stuff out of me was Gorgo, cheezy now but to me, it scared me so bad I was upended in the seat at the theater and stayed like that until the closing credits.

  • Diane

    Wow – lots of horror fans out there. Movies that scared the poop out of me when I was a kid – Wait Until Dark, The Thing, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, The Innocents, Mr. Sardonicus, War of the Worlds, Village of the Damned, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and one war movie called “Went the day well?”. It takes place in a small town in England and the towns people (no soldiers, just ordinary people) fight to save their little town from the Germans. No big stars in it either, just great acting and realistic situations. Saw it recently on Turner Classic Movies and it still kept me on the edge of my seat. And of course all of the old Twilight Zone tv shows. Especially the one with William Shatner (my fellow Canadian) on the airplane and the little gremlin creature out on the wing. Love it!!

  • Jay A. Stockwell

    The final scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train” did it for me. When that merry-go-round broke off its axis and careened wildly out of control and finally crashed to a halt,I freaked. Merry-go-rounds are not supposed to do that.Alfred, the unrivaled master of suspense. Think I’ll watch it over again right now.

  • Chris J

    “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” still scares me silly!! I vividly remember watching this movie in 1970 with my mom, having a “camp-out” in the dark, living room. I snuggled so closely with her. Now looking back I wonder what was my mom thinking having me watch that!!!! Jane’s grotesque face, Blanche’s fading beauty were just too much! Still today, 40 years later, my sister looks at me the wrong way, and I picture Jane and Blanche!! Ahhhhhh the 70’s!

  • DAVE G

    I guess the scariest movie I saw when I was a kid was THE MASK (1961). This was actually one of the very first 3D movies to come out. Before the movie, some ominous looking character came ouand told us if the movie is too scary, watch it entirel through the red only, or the green only side of your glasses. Even this tip didn;t help, as after the first 15 minutes of the movie, skulls, and various monsters and other items would instantl pop out of nowwhere seemingly right into our faces. Add to that an extremely spooky musical score and wow, most any kid would have been a bit shaken.

  • Ostrogoth

    The movie that scared me most as a kid wasn’t even supposed to be scary. The Canterville Ghost, with Charles Laughton and Robert Young, when viewed later as an adult is mostly mugging and shoddy script, but the beginning holds as a vignette of pity, pathos and horror. Pre-ghost, a cowardly knight runs from a joust into his father’s castle, and into a deep one-way alcove to hide. His father, so ashamed, accepts a challenge out of burned pride and has his son bricked up. E.A. Poe, right? As a kid I always feared being bricked up in my room – and I had windows!

  • Ostrogoth

    P.S. Amy Austin, Feb 18, your submarine/skull movie is the hard to find Frank Sinatra film “Assault On A Queen”.

    • Bruce Reber

      “Assault On A Queen” is available on Olive Films (Paramount) DVD – I bought it this past March.

  • Linda Howard

    You I read every comment on movies that scared others and they named quite a few really good movies. Scary movies for their time, but no one mentioned another William Castle movie that scared me when I was young. I watched on late night TV and it sacared me to death and I guesss into really liking scary movies. It is called “Mr. Sardonicus”, a 1961 movie about a man that robs his father’s grave for a lottery ticket and his face becomes deformed. In trying to fix his face it only gets worse and more terrifiying. He wears a movie for most of the movie. You talk about a movie scaring the bejeebers out of you, this one wilol do it.

    • Bruce Reber

      I think you meant to say he wears a mask for most of the movie – or did you mean he wears a movie for most of the mask? Now that’s something I’d like to see!

    • Bruce Reber

      BTW, it’s Dr.Sardonicus , not Mr.

      • GeorgeDAllen

        Bruce, I’m afraid that Linda and William Castle are going to have to sic The Tingler on you:

        Or, to repurpose a popular movie quote: “They call me MISTER Sardonicus!”

        • Bruce Reber

          I apologize – I was thinking of the album from the rock group Spirit titled “The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus”, so please don’t sic the Tingler on me!

      • John David Stewart

        It’s Mr. Sardonicus. I checked IMDB.

  • Shirley Torres

    I remember two movies that scard me. The Thing
    (1951)and Them (1954). They were good movies.

  • TIsh

    The scariest movie I ever saw was a TV “Movie of the Week” called “Crowhaven Farm.” About witches and reincarnation…and I was wicked spooked by it for years.

  • Chrissy S

    The first time I saw “Forbidden Planet,” I was very little and scared to death of the invisible monster.

  • Tom S.

    The two that bothered me as a kid in the ’50’s were Invaders
    from Mars and The Man From Planet X. Frankly, I sometimes
    found the Invaders, with Roy Thinnes, a little unsettling & I was
    in college by then.

  • Deborah G.

    So much fun reading all the posts and remembering all the movies mentioned! For me,it was both of the Quatermass flicks,The Blob and War of the Worlds. And even though it didn’t really scare me,The Deadly Mantis was and still is,one of my favorites. To this day,though,The Quatermass Xperiment is at the top of my list!

  • Thomas A. Petillo

    In no particular order, my scariest movies were;
    The Haunting (1963)
    Phantom of The Opera (1925)
    The Mad Ghoul (1943)

  • Salvatore R LaRosa

    The Omen and the graveyard scene

  • Tom Ciorciari

    Okay, so the first was the William Shatner ‘Twilight Zone’ Terror at 20,000 Feet episode (even though every William Tuttle monster looks exactly alike) which scared me silly at 3 years old; then there was “The Creeping Unkown” (American title of “The Quartermass Experiment”), which did likewise during a Saturday night Creature Features viewing when I was about 9; followed by the original b&w “Night Of The Living Dead” seen at a drive-in when I was about 11 (I slept with a baseball bat for a week and still find zombies the creepiest of movie monsters); leading finally to “The Exorcist” when I was 13 (although as I get older I find the first half scarier than the second, full-on-possessed half). Still love horror/monster movies and enjoy being creeped-out (just saw “The Last Exorcism” and was thrilled to find it unnerving, right up to the silly climax)!

  • Jewel Jaffe Ross

    To Maxfabian – Yes, she did over dub it. That was just Bette being in control. And now that I’ve looked over other people’s lists, I realize that the scariest movie I ever saw was “The Exorcist”, (Also the scariest book I ever read). I wasn’t a kid at the time, but it scared me so badly that I still won’t rewatch or reread it!

  • James Brown Lord

    Them, The thing , Twilight Zone: Probe Seven ,Night of the living Dead, Solient Green, Ben. These were but a few movies which have impacted me. For beyond the scary is also a little mesage in each if one looks closely.What scares me now is the movies are more about death destruction , blood gore and sex. The re-makes lose in so many ways. But we had the orginals so we could escape on a saturday afternoon for a quarter then fifty cents and lastly a dollar, campy but fun to remember.

  • Fred B

    The skeletons at the end of Jason and the Argonauts got me as a kid. I couldn’t walk down the hall to the bathroom at night without turning on the light because I was convinced those damn skeletons were down there waiting for me.

  • Colin Benson

    I remember when I was 11 years old I watched Humphrey Bogart in 2 films that scared the hell out of me, so much so that I could not sleep for nights on end. the first one was The petrified Forest where he played one of the most evil men I had seen, Duke Mantee. the second was The Return of Dr. X when he played a pasty faced vampire. Very scary for an 11 year old.

  • Stan

    The ones that scared me the most was the undead and zombies(like the movie “I Bury The Living”), that came back for revenge. Because they were one of hardest to fend off and then living would fight them in a basement.

  • Jack

    When I watch it now, it seems pretty cheezy, but I remember my sister and I being scared to death after watching ‘TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE’.When the aliens zap the dog at the gas station with the ray gun and turn him into a skeleton,that stuck with me for a long time.

  • Gene Bragg

    I was almost crushed by my Dad as he jumped of the couch when the attic door opened and closed in The Haunting! The other movie that scared me and had me cringing behind the seats in the theater with my friends was The House of Ushers with Vincent Price. Another movie I saw on TV was The Mysterions. I was with my parents coming home from our Grandparents house in Monterey,CA in our car and passing a military base and seeing lights in the skyand thinking they were flying saucers. We got home and saw the movie and that night I sat at my bedroom window looking for Mysterions coming to take me away!!!!

  • Phil Copp

    For Ostrogoth; March 4; 8:54 PM : “The Canterville Ghost” was written by Oscar Wilde. But it seems he could have been influenced by Poe…

  • David Berkin

    It is good to see that I was not the only one who was scared by “The Crawling Eye.” I do not remember how old I was when I first saw it…I think I may have seen it in the theatre…but it scared me!!
    A little older…The Zanti Misfits (?)which was an episode of The Outer Limits. Large, spider-like creatures with creepy, sort-of human faces.

    It seems now that the most frightening themes were helplessness and loss of human identity, which is why the original Body Snatchers and Invaders from Mars were so scary.

  • Joann

    As a child I watched, along with my mom, on Saturday afternoon channels 48 and 17. They showed all scary D type movies. We loved them. Wish I could remember the names. One of my favs is about a couple who marry, they have a woman who is also in love with the hubby and somehow dies over a cliff into the ocean.She haunts them, kills the wife, and at the end they find the bodies and the crazy one has the wife’s wedding ring on. If this sounds familiar to anyone please reply would love to find it. Thanks.

    • Bruce Reber

      I’m guessing the movie you’re referring to is “Tormented” (1960) – I saw it on “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ in the 90’s.

  • Kerry Chesser

    As a youngster in the 1950’s I did as many other commentators here did, went to the Saturday matinee movies. We didn’t know what was playing, we just went. I have seen most of the movies other commentators cite and they were scary. But the movie (mentioned by one person) that really struck horror in me was one with Marshall Thompson called: The First Man in Space. A rocket plane test pilot takes his test plane to the edge of space and becomes rapturous upon seeing the stars, so pulls the booster, goes higher, and his hit by a sparkling meteor. Next they begin finding cattle dead with slit throats in (I think) the New Mexico countryside. Then the space plane is discovered covered in a black, sparkly crust. Finally, we see the pilot staggering around the countryside covered in the black, sparkly crust. His helmet is gone and his head and face are coated with the stuff. We see that he has killed the cattle by raking his crust-coated forearm across their throats, effectively slitting them. In the end his brother (Marshall Thompson, a.k.a. TV’s Daktari) coaxes him into what seems to be a hyperbaric chamber so he can breathe. Then we really see his face and he looks horrible! It really left and indelible impression on me as I have not seen this movie since 1958, but still vividly remember it and how horrified I was!

  • rp354

    the scareiest movie i can remember is night of the living dead.

  • tony

    The movie that scared me the most was The Birds. I still get little leary when there is giant group of birds outside. The clown toy in the movie poltergeist and the last sceen in the movie Phantasim.

  • Foy Tennant

    I got my first scare (leave the seats) from when the wicked witch’s feet curled up in Wizard of Oz-I guess I was 5. Next, screamed watching the Legend of Boggy Creek,when the window got punched in. Loved ALL the giant insect movies, and at an older age–“The Birds” truly creeped me out.
    What fun this has been to read of others scary movie favorites.

  • Foy Tennant

    OOOH OOOh -oooh
    The Killer Shrews — Don’t really know why, but
    this one scared me


    Teenagers from outer space—-1959—saw it at the local theater—-I was nine years old—-gas station ray gun part—-destoyed me for life.

  • Lee

    “The Leopard Man” is my vote, though there are many others that are already mentioned.

  • roger lynn

    the birds and on tv Dark Shadows

  • Vesty

    It would have to be “House on Haunted Hill” with the impecable Vincent Price. The opening scene with that blood curdling scream set the tone for me, didn’t want to go to bed and turn off the lights after that one. Also “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” (Twilight Zone). I screamed when William Shatner pulled back the curtain!! If I thought any harder, I’d come with quite a few that scared me when I was a kid…

  • Ron

    Invaders From Mars” .Even the music still scares me. I won’t watch this at night. Also “The Creeping Unknown “

  • ian

    As a 7 yr old the scarlet claw (basil rathbone) had me scared witless, i wouldnt go up to the bathroom as i feared the glowing figure was up there waiting to pounce.

  • Cliff

    Oh, my. Hands down it’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from 1951. An alien (was there any other kind in the 50s?)space ship, Gort the Robot with gun-melting helmet ray and Michael Rennie (who was a little spooky himself). Saw it in a huge theater in Chicago in about 1952 when I was five (and everything looked huge). Had nightmares about Gort and and his helmet ray for months.

  • barbara

    As a kid, I didn’t need horror movies to get scared. I had nightmares for YEARS from Ben-Hur (Yoshibell getting her dress caught in the pyramid blocks) and Moby Dick (Gregory Peck lashed onto the whale, with his arm going back and forth). And also the boys-into-donkeys in Pinocchio. In later years, I found The Other (Uta Hagen and those twins)terrifying, though I LOVE the ambiguous ending: either way (possession or insanity), you’re left with a homocidal child- the scariest thing ever.

    • Bruce Reber

      The scene with Yochabel and the blocks was from “The Ten Commandments”, not from “Ben Hur”.

  • Jake flanigan

    My dad was 5 years old when his grandmother took him to see the silent Phantom of the Opera and he was scared for years still remembered it as a adult. My first scary movie was Abbott and costeello meet the wolfmand , dracula etc. I watched the whole movie with my fingers in my ears my cousins took me to see it. Some of my favorites growing up were Them, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Time Machine, Forbidden Planet, I became an addict to sci-fi and horror films , still am. Christopher Lee will always rock along with Boris Karloff- I loved THriller- Favorite story was Pidgeons From Hell with Brandon De wilde. In 1971 saw Night Of THe Living Dead as a college student with my roommate, afterwards sat up all night with the lights on still creeps me out but love Zombies lol. Favorite guilty Pleasures Nightwing bats, and all zombie George Romero- Diary of the Dead was a favorite along with both versions Dawn of the Dead. Now i also like humor in my scary films. Dylan Dog isa funny and scary film.
    Tv love True Blood, and Dr. Who and well written
    horror. The World , The Flesh ,and the Devil matches will Smith in a desolate NYC in the future. Bite Me or at least scare me silly !

  • roy johnson

    all of universals monsters, Karloff, Chaney Jr., Lugosi
    In the early 70’s a theater here in Honolulu ran the Frankenstein,
    Wolfman and Dracula from the 30’s and 40’s. families came with there children, most who got so scared they had to be taken out of the theater.

  • RMS

    The opening scene in The Creature With The Atom Brain” kept me awake for years, and I have shown it to my children and grandchildren. They seem unaffected. Have we changed that much?

  • stephen Farris

    The first horror/monster movie that me and a friend saw was “The She Creature”. By today’s standards, it doesn’t see all that scary [when saw it recently], but it gave me nightmares for weeks.

  • Clay Robinson

    Not just James Arness as The Thing from Another World, but his other scarry classic, Them, in which he starred with James Whitmore. Of course this genre with atomic contaminated monsters soon became pretty lame, but for an eight year old, after seeing it one Saturday, and with his older brother hearing that creepy sound coming outside their open window late that night while laying in bed. Of course my older brother made the most of scarring me saying it was the giant ants moving around in the dark. He later confessed it was just a car starting up with a loose fan belt and driving down our street. I wonder if that is how the film makers created that eerie ant-sound?

  • ANDY


  • william spring

    the haunting with julie harris scared the crap out of me when I was a kid-it still does

  • don lombard

    The WEARWOLF with Lon Chaney,JR

  • don lombard

    The WEARWOLFS Movies with Lon Chaney ,JR Also the Frakenstien ones with Boris Karloff

  • james

    The first movie I saw in an indoor theater, I was 7 years old, was in 3-D “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” I think I stayed under the seat half the time my dad took me and my cousin to see it a first run I don’t remember the year but it had to be in the 50’s I do remember being scared and holding on to my dads leg I think my cousine had the other one. I have always loved horror movies and drive in theaters the best. The drive in horror classics were great I think some of those classics were made for under a few thousand dollars they were great fun.

  • Thomas W. Wilson

    A lot of great movies have been named in the comments, most of which I have seen and most when they were in the theaters. I am a fan of the 50s sci-fi with War of the worlds being my favorite. It made me a Gene Barry fan. I was in high school and interested in astronomy and of a scientific bent and read a lot of science fiction and alsoa Ray Bradbury fan. When I first read the promos for the film I thought it was going to be ruined by setting it in modern LA and the atomic age. I had read the book. But when I saw the film I changed my mind as the moral of the story was best presented in the context of the latest technology. When I was in collage I took my brother to see a return showing and it scared him so bad he wanted to leave and I made him stay as I wanted to see it again. Not very nice of me. He is 11 years younger than me and was in grade school at the time.

    I agree about the chill effect of many of the films listed. To me one of the spine-chillingest when I was a kid was The Uninvited. That wailing sound in the dead of night in the darked house gave me goose bumps for awhile after that. My sister would sleep with a light on when we were in our teens. I would tell her the boogy man could see her more easily that way. I was a lot of comfort to my siblings.

    Another chilling film is Night of the Demon. And 5 Million Years to Earth. The latter is the movie version made about 10 years after the 6 part British TV version of 1958-59 entitled “Quatermas and the Pit” which I like even better. It has an excellent ending that is not in the later film version and naturally more content with the longer playing time. I just found this version last year on DVD and for a 50s teleplay it is excellent.

  • Thomas W. Wilson

    In my ealier post I fogot to mention anything with gorillas. Gorrllas have been given a bad rap in movies because they are actually gentle creatures but one does have to admitthey do make excellent monsters. When I was akid I would have nightmares about being pursued by a gorilla, especially after seeing a gorilla movie. I would tell myself I was dreaming and if I would close my eyes I would wake up in bed which I actually would! It worked every time I had one of those nightmares, a testament, I suppose, to how bad they scared me;obviously some kind of psychological release valve.

    • Bruce Reber

      The gorillas in the original “Planet Of The Apes” movies looked pretty damn menacing, and acted likewise – they were the soldiers and military enforcers.

  • Linda

    No one has mentioned “THE WENDIGO” a half-hour presentation on TV in the 60’s. Story about campers who hear “Oh, my hot and burning feet” and then smell a bag smell. Before you know it, they are being drug out of the tent by a flying, deer-like monster. Actually, a legitimate myth (possibly Norwegian). Every time I smelled something bad, I wanted to hide under my bed!

  • Tamazon

    Ok, I know it’s not really a horror film, but “Night of the Hunter” left me scared out of my wits as a kid. I still shudder when Mitchum stands outside the house and calls “Children… children…!” in that mellifluously evil sing-song tone. I lived next door to a Southern Baptist Preacher whom I never trusted because of this film (although I know he was a very nice man).
    Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte can still seriously creep me out, as can Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? The Mummy’s Hand and Black Sabbath gave me nightmares for a long time.

  • Chazz

    Love the memories of the scary movies! I think, like several others, my first memory of a scary movie or at least part of a movie when I was VERY young, was the flying monkeys in “Wizard of Oz”, more so than Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West! I do remember my folks would take my sister and I to the drive-in movie in a station wagon, and there was one movie that so terrified me I stayed in the very back of the station wagon with my head down, never looking up once to the movie screen. The movie was “The Crawling Eye”. to this day I have no idea what that movie is about because I never saw one frame of it as a kid. But my all time disturbing and scary movie which lives with me to this day is the original grainy black and white “Night of the Living Dead” (nightmares for weeks!). Of course now I watch it every year in October leading into Halloween. That movie and the original black and white “The Haunting” are probably the two scary movies that left the biggest impression on me (and scared the “snot” out of me) as a kid….. oh…yeah… and as a teen who was finally old enough to drive and take a car load of friends to the drive-in movie, we saw “Last House on the Left”! I was so disturbed by that story (which I understand was based on a true incident), that I refuse to this day many decades later to ever see that movie again; I was so rattled and disturbed by it.

  • BILL

    The only movie, that I can remember being scared by, was a film authored by Anthony Mann (he probably directed it too) titled “Follow Me Quietly” (1949)and it was about a serial killer, in L.A., who killed whenever it rained. The cops nicknamed him “The Judge.” It was not a true story, but was filmed sort of documentary style.I saw it at a theater in Sacramento, CA when I was 11 years old and I slept with my head under the covers for about a month. I haven’t seen it since, but I’m quite sure it wouldn’t be that scary now.

  • chris mattson


  • Rosemary

    I was in 3rd or 4th grade when a neighbor took her daughter and me to see House of Wax with Vincent Price. That was in the 50s. I had nightmares for a long time after that and my mother didn’t let me go to any movies again til the Ten Commandments came out.

  • Judith R

    Ok, you mentioned that the big giant snail came out because of a volcano eruption but that is not correct. It was an earthquake in the Salton Sea which opened up a crack in the seabed and “The Monster That Challenged the World” came out. Sci-fi movies that scared me the most: THEM, WAR OF THE WORLDS, TIME MACHINE, INVADERS FROM MARS, THE THING FROM ANOTHER PLANET (and by the way, the “remake” of this that was made in 1982 was almost exactly how the book was written in 1938 (wow) by the author J. W. Campbell). For a long time, after I saw “THEM” I would keep closing my window at night because the sound of the crickets sounded like the sounds made by ‘THEM.” My older sister used to scream at me because she couldn’t figure out why I kept closing the windows when it was so hot. First sci-fi tv series I liked: One Step Beyond, Outer Limits, and of course Twilight Zone. Those were the good old days. Getting scared without encountering massive amounts of guts, blood and gore.

  • Tom Ciorciari

    The first Quatermass flick, known as “The Creeping Unknown” did me in when I was 9, and it still packs a bit of a punch all these years later. Also, there was an “unveiling” moment in the PRC cheapo “The Monster Maker” that forever caused me to hide my eyes. Great, great stuff!

  • Jim

    ‘The Thing’ was by far the scariest movie. The entire movie was filmed in very low lighting which gave the illusion of Antarctic locations, although it was suppose to be the North Pole arctic not the South Pole as in John W. Campbell’s story that it was based on. By hardly ever seeing the creature and just hearing the actors description of its actions caused more of a scare then seeing it constantly.At thetime it came out, 1951, there were actual UFO sightings around the world which added to the question as to whether or not such a thing was actually possible.

  • Jill

    I rember when I was little watching the movie “Burnt Offerings” on tv. What got me was the driver of the hearse. Just something about him that creeped me out.



  • Beck

    I was approximate 8 when my dad took me to see Invader’s from mars. scared me to death and to this day I still remember some part of this movie. i need to see it again to be over it. I’m like someone else w
    ho commented on this movie i was checking adults neck in the back to make sure they weren’t from Mars. too damn funny.

  • Jack

    The old “mummy,” “Frankenstien” and Vampire movies of the early 50s and 60s.

  • Stephen Farris

    My first monster movie, “The She Creature”, gave me nightmares for weeks. By today’s standards, it’s so crude [I saw it on cable-recently], but back then it was spooky.I believe I was in the fifth grade when I first saw it and I’m 65, now.

  • Betty

    I remember seeing “The Blob” when I was in high school back in the 1950s. I kept my eyes closed when that thing would start creeping under doors, and still can’t stand to watch it. Psycho was also a terrifying film.

  • ralph parker

    Psycho! Saw it in a double feature w/The Birds. I was maybe 12 at the time….Psycho was in re-release. I was 20-22 when The Exorcist came out. Scared the —- out of me!

  • Rusi

    One movie that really scared me was “Horror Of Dracula”, (1958) staring Christopher Lee. At that time I was 16 and it left me with nightmares for many a night!

  • Dan Ackermann

    I have to agree with Twilight Zone- Eye of the Beholder. I had nightmares for a long time after that. By the way, Donna Douglas of The Beverly Hillbillies fame played the “ugly” person!

  • Johnny Sherman

    The Killer Shrews caused me to stop playing outside for several days.

    And Invaders From Mars scared the bejeepers out of me—I still think I’ll go to the The Great Beyond by being sucked down into a sandy whirlpool in the desert.

  • Marjorie Anderson Iniguez

    OMG! This movie, though so benign by today’s standards, “Carnival of Souls” scarred me for life!

  • Tony Pulvino

    Not really a horror movie; but “The Window” terrified me. It was about a boy(Bobby Driscoll), about my age at the time, who saw his neighbors kill a man while he watched from the fire escape. Then it became a “boy who cried wolf” situation. Naturally, the neighbors tried to do away with him. It concluded with him being chased through a warehouse, and trapped whie the bad neighbor tried to find him. Supenseful as hell; and scared the crap out of me. I ran all the way home after that one. A really terrific movie.

  • Martha

    Curse of Frankinstein (1957) with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Saw it when I was 7 yrs. old. My parents didn’t realize how intense it was. I was afraid for weeks, and then became a huge fan of horror movies. Loved the Hammer movies for a long time after that! Only kid in my second grade class allowed to stay up late on Fridays to see Shock Theater.

  • John Goodwin

    I liked your article very much, it’s right on the money. One that scared me early on was “This Island Earth”, naturally I took my hands away from my eyes just as the Metaluna Monster appeared!

    • NYC Chaney Fan

      Three scenes from my 13 & under years still make me jump:
      1. The unmasking scene in the 1925 Phantom of the Opera.
      2. Ben Gardner’s head falling out of the wrecked boat bottom in Jaws.
      3. The undead Mina coming out of the shadows in the 1979 Dracula (the one with Frank Langella) though since that moron who directed it John Badham tampered with the colors in the mid-90’s the initial shock is somewhat lessened,

  • Gayle

    Hey,didn’t anyone ever see “The House of Wax” with
    Vincent Price??….I had nightmares for a week after this one!! But I was just a kid, how did I know anything?

  • m.j. hensler

    Love vampire movies. The scariest was Stephen King’s “Salems Lot” Got David Soul to autograph my copy.

  • Gary

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not but in the early 60’s there was a short lived horror anthology on CBS called “WAY OUT”. It was hosted by Roald Dahl and aired either just before or just after “Twilight Zone” here in Southern California. It looked like it was either filmed or taped live and was truly an eerie show. The TV teaser showed hands coming up out of a parched ground. It was the stuff of nightmares.

    • Madmanny

      Check out a website called “vintagetvand more”. They offer 5 episodes of the series “Way Out” for $9.99. According to the write up on that site, the series ran for 14 episodes, and the 5 being offered are the only ones known to exist. There are many great TV shows being offered on that site.

  • Jeanne Blumberg

    I was terrified by the killer Indian in the cave in “Tom Sawyer” when I was about 8. Had nightmares for weeks.

  • Pamela Hollingsworth

    Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds: My parents woke me up to watch it on TV, and then went to bed. I was sitting on the sofa with a window behind me, and the house was in darkness. I was terrified to go to bed, so I ran into the hall and turned on the light, only then running back to turn off the living room lamp, then turned on the bathroom light, etc. It was awesome!

    • Patrice Mitsos

      LOL…gosh….were your parents a little bit guilty after deserting you to watch the remainder of “The Birds” alone?  Your antics remind me of what I went through after watching “The Exorcist” at the theatre.  I had to sleep (my choice, certainly not theirs) in my parents’ bedroom for about two weeks before I ventured back to my own bedroom…with hall light on every night.

  • Gary

    When I was young our family was invited to the parties at Universal Studios (before it was a theme park). The first year I went they showed a composite scenes from many of their old films. I remember the sequence from “The Invisible Man Returns” where Vincent Price borrows the coat from the scarecrow and then lies dying in the hospital bed and he regains his visibility -starting with his suspended arteries and veins, then his muscular system, etc. When I saw all those veins in the shape of a human being lying on the bed it scared the heck out of me. That was the only portion of the film that they showed in the montage. Yet for weeks after that I was afraid to look into my closet for fear of finding veins and arteries waiting for me inside.

  • Gary

    Oh yes, sorry for the verbosity but I do have to give a nod to “The Eye of the Beholder” episode of “Twilight Zone” as well….The shock of that twist ending kept my bedroom light on at night for several monthes. But as I look at those creatures now they kind of resemble Dick York from “Bewitched”!

  • hernando

    Believe it or not, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Claude Rains. It’s actually a beautiful film but I was very young, and the idea of the Phantom showing up out of the shadows or climbing out of a manhole wearing that mask to hide… what? terrified me to no end. Claude Rains was a great actor, wasn’t he.

  • Alton Robertson

    The masterpiece is, of course as often as stated here, Howard Hawks’ “The Thing.” It is the first film I can remember seeing from begining to end at the age of five. The film is responsibe for my love of cinema which continues at the age of 64.
    It plays today as fresh and as frightening as it did then. Other films have scared me, the beautifully creepy “Cat People,” “The Uninvited,”
    “Cape Fear” with Gregory Peck, “Repulsion,” “The Changeling,” “Scream of Fear,” “Night of the Demon,” “Onibaba,” which still freaks me out; “Jaws,” the classic “Psycho” wherein the shy good old boy is the monster, “Dead Calm,” etc. But the film that still makes me jump, does so simply with the opening of a door and what’s behind it.

  • jim ethington

    when i was little the movie that scared me the most was “day of the triffids”

  • Rick Minor

    The first horror image that scared me as a child was Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Mummy in one of the later sequels. I was probably about 4 or 5 years old and caught a few minutes on the late-night local Creature Feature. I saw the mummy walking down a street, passing by someone’s window, and the image terrified me for weeks.
    A couple of years later, I watched the 1931 “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi with my dad on a rainy afternoon. I didn’t think it was necessarily scary, but the imagery of the film entranced me and seem to convey a sense of strangeness, of other-worldliness. It was at this point that I became fascinated by monster and sci-fi movies, a love that endures to this day and can be directly traced back to that one film viewing.

  • Lisa

    Dawn of the Dead (1978) – Zombies still creep me out even today.

    Trilogy of Terror (1975) – Specifically the segment with the little black doll. Wouldn’t sleep with dolls in my room after this one. Ever.

    Trapped (1973) – “A man is accidently locked in a department store overnight and finds himself held at bay by six vicious Doberman guard dogs.” I just remember he was hiding in a bathroom stall and his hand or leg was dangling below the door and the dog bit him. To this day I won’t dangle body parts off my bed! Lol

    I was born in 1968 so I was too young to watch any of these movies and was generally subjected to them by older siblings.

  • Doghousereilly1

    “Are we not men?”

  • Doppleganger51

    I  would  have  to  say  the  original  birds   by  alfred   Hitchcock    it  took a  bit  to  go  back  outside and  not  be  looking  up  at the  sky  watching  out  for  the birds   I later found  out  as an adult  he  got the I dea  from  reading  the Book  of  Revelation 

    • Psychoajr

      “The Birds” a based on a novela by Daphine Du Maurier and not a idea from reading Revelations. See film credits.

    • Bruce Reber

      After one of the bird attacks when Tippi Hedren and the others are in the restaurant, the drunk guy quotes from the Bible: “they neither reap nor sow, but your heavenly father feeds them”.

  • moviemaven

    Night of the Hunter.  Robert Mitchum, Shelly Winters, Lillian Gish. I knew all the Sci-Fi and Monster movies were just a fun afternoon.  This black and white thriller was a gripping tale of a very bad man after two young children. This I knew could happen. Saw it in the theater when it came out, what was my mother thinking!

    • Honeybit

      I only saw the previews of Night of the Hunter and I hated Robert Mitchum for years after that because the preview alone was terrifying.  I was a long-time grownup before I would go to one of his movies.

  • Emily

    Night of the Hunter was one of the scariest for me. Still is. Wolfman scared me, too.

  • Marry431

    when I was about seven I was watching Rebecca, it was spooky and terryfying to me at that age. Years later it came on television again and I realised this was the film that had scared me as a child. Of course I watched it all through, it is now one of my favourite films, and book, I have also read the sequels to the original story, wish they would make films of them as they are just as suspensful.
    Daphne Dumaurier is one of my favourite authors 

  • victor0630

    Night of the living dead, the original blob and my all time favorite, X The Unknown gave me the creeps.

  • Filmax

    THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR, THE WOLFMAN (Lon Chaney, Jr.), THE MUMMY’S GHOST, and any Christopher Lee “Dracula” movie ( I still think he was the real deal).

  • Rayjohnson1

    The Phantom From outer Space and The Thing that Wouldn’t Die.

  • Bill Stetser


    • Flutepilot


  • Baysprin

    I was a sensitive kid–Those Flying Monkeys from “Wizaed of Oz” scared the heebidijeebidies out of me when I was 10! Nightmare fodder for weeks!

    • Cadesgrams

       I hated those monkeys too or when they were going through the forest! I love that movie though. Use to show it once a year when I was younger and had to make deals with my Dad to be able to watch it. Way before DVDs! My granddaughter is 5 and this is her fave movie. She is very sensitive so I was surprised when she wasn’t afraid to watch it over and over… Her fave part, when the witch melts “I’m melting,melting…”

  • K.W. Stryker

    1959’s  “THE FLY” with Al Hedison and Vincent Price.  Noooooooo, NOT the human sized monster with the arm and head of a fly-THAT WAS COOL!   It was the fly sized monster with the head and arm of a human screaming pathetically to “Heeeeeellllp Me…..SSAaaaave Me…”

    For when I came home after the midnight movies, I went straight to bed and a wind storm blew up and the wind storm moved the big ivy tree across the glass of my window and THAT sounded like “Heeelp me..”Saave Me” and at the age of 14 I totally freaked out and camped in the hallway outside my folks’  room.   My dad brought up the whole affair in 1970 on a fishing trip.   I was 25 years old.  I left him in forty feet of the iciest water along the Skagit River…

  • TUfan

    As a child, my parents wouldn’t allow me to view horror movies.  One night, when I was about 8 years old, my babysitter watched “The Omen II” after sending my little brothers and me to bed.  I always hated being sent to bed, especially by the babysitter.  So of course, I crept out of bed and down the hallway.  I was able to find a good spot to hide where I could still see the TV and I ended up watching the entire movie.  Boy, was I sorry!  I had nightmares for weeks.  I’ll never forget the gruesome death scenes, especially the woman who got attacked by crows.  Ugh!

  • Cadesgrams

    The Time Machine was definitely one that scared me even to this day but it is one of my favorites.I use to stay up at night when family was asleep and watch old Dracula,Frankenstein movies. I don’t know the name of these movies but they certainly scared me. One was about a scientist who was turning people into snakes? the other was a movie where someone was stalking nurses at this nursing home or hospital,and this one nurse had to go downstairs and the one window in the place was open downstairs. This man was in there and they had no idea. To this day I hate basements!

    • Cadesgrams

       Oh,When the Earth Stood Still,the old version not remake. Use to give me goose bumps!

  • Charob

    I share much of this author’s list of truly scary movies. My favorite was “The Thing from another World”. That really terrified me (especially when they opened the door to the greenhouse). I do not understand why they keep remaking the story but with transforming aliens instead of a non changing creature . I think my favorite episode of the Outer Limits (I think) was ” to Serve Man” about aliens coming to Earth with their secrets to help us and then leave their book which gets translated. I have seen “The Time Machine” dozens of times and love the original version. “The Tingler” was fun as were originals of “War of the Worlds”, “The Blob” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. I truly hated the way they changed the story in the latter one to an Earth already in countdown. By deleting Michael Rennie’s speech at the end, it ruined the whole impact of the story.

  • Patrice Mitsos

    The Exorcist…of course.  I was about 11 when I saw it.  I don’t know how, but the ticket taker managed to let me in to see the film.  After seeing that film, I slept BETWEEN my parents, in their bed, for a solid week.  Then, because my dad thought I was being completely ridiculous, I moved over to sleep just next to my mother for the next week…braving the “edge of their bed”…closer to any possible demons that could take me.  And then, I still had to spend about four days sleeping on the floor of their bedroom, before braving it back to sleep alone in my own room.  The hall light had to remain on as well, every night…just like I demanded that it remain on when I used to watch “Dark Shadows” in second grade…because I didn’t want Barnabus Collins to bite me.

    I still think it’s a great film.  And, it’s yet another one I could easily add to the “seen 50 times or more” list.

    • Bruce Reber

      It was an “R” rated movie, meaning that kids under 17 had to have a parent or adult with them to get in – the ticket taker must have been a good friend of yours.

  • Patrice Mitsos

    OOOOO..another film…well…it was “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” series, that terrified me for weeks…and that I remembered for about 38 years until I finally saw it again two years ago, was “An Unlocked Window”.  This is, by far, the best and scariest of all of Alfred Hitchcock’s hour-long episodes….and the half hour ones as well.  The DVD is worth purchasing just for this single episode.  It’s about three nurses who live together in a house (and, it’s the same house that he used in “Psycho”…he opens the episode with an outside shot of it….brilliant”) taking care of a sick man.  It opens with news reports that a nurse-murderer is on the loose, in the area.  So, they lock all the windows and doors of their house…or do they…..

    It’s a keeper.  A MUST SEE.  SEE IT.  I was scared for weeks, at the age of eight, and was so happy to finally find it again one night on cable.  I’ve since been addicted to watching old Hitchcock episodes every night for two hours, when I can.  None of them compare in the fright department to this one…but so many great actors worked with him during that period.  It’s wonderful to see a young Gena Rowlands, John Cassavetes, Darren McGavin, Diana Dors (never heard of her before seeing her in a really good episode, in which she plays a nightclub singer), Nancy Kelly, and so many others, play in his vignettes.

    • Jchannes

       I saw that Hitchcock episode, too; finally figured it out before the end was revealed; but it was scarey.

  • JIM



  • Joe K

    The Thing and the Creature From the Black Lagoon

    • Jchannes

       Those were scarey.  I think I was about 9 when I saw The Thing and I remembered the imprint on that melted block of ice; wouldn’t sleep on my back like that for years.  The Creature from the Black Lagoon was scarey, too.  I also remember a Frankenstein movie where, early on, when he gets loose, he finds a little blind girl.  Thankfully, it didn’t show the death scene, but you could imagine.  A Dracula film in color scared me when I was about 17.  I came home that night and NOBODY was at home.  I turned on all the lights, searched the house, then locked the doors til my parents came home.

  • Flutepilot

    When I saw Jurassic Park, there was a mother leading her nearly catatonic 4-5 year old daughter out at the end. I imagine that poor little girl did not sleep well for months.

  • PatM

    All of the ’30’s, black and white horror films terrified me. Hey it was the late 1950’s, early ’60’s and The Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy were pretty scary. But then we weren’t nearly as sophisticated, and special effects were in an infancy.

  • Bobby Donat

    For me: the Creature for the Black Lagoon”.  Nightmares for months…

  • Shadow0109

    No movie ever scared me as much as “The Haunting”. When that door began to swell and thump it scared the booboojeebies out of me!

  • Frank Woolery

    I could not eat or sleep for about 3 days after I watched “The Exorcist” How I wished I never went to watch it. Now, I don’t mind watching it and the sequels….

  • thunderbay37

    I watched a movie sometime around 1945 +/- a few years (I was about 6 years old) that stayes with me to this day. I would like to know the name of it so I can find it, watch it and put it to rest. It’s about a young women going to visit a relative (married sister I think), she takes a bus, the night is stormy and raining, the bus stops on the highway to pick up an old woman in black with a full black veil and a large dog, the bus overturns and crashes and the young woman is a survivor. She is haunted by the spectre of this woman in black ,sees the dog at various times after the acciodent and all starts to go wrong for her (feeds her sisters goldfish rat poison instead of fish food by accident, etc., etc). It all clears up when the old woman’s body is found near the site of the bus crash with help from this mysterious dog. If anyone knows the name of this movie please let me know.

    • Mdvfx

      It’s called “The Woman Who Came Back”

      • John Smith

        Thanks so much!!! I will look up this movie.

  • Burt

    OMG the Exorcist my eyes would turn ALL white when they went towards the girls bedroom door and couldn’t stay in my seat

  • Wjcleveland644

    ONE STEP BEYOND. The 30 minute thriller (series) scares me to this day!!  Reportedly based on true stories, that’s enough for me to know !!

    • Crafty-lady

      When i was in 5th grade, my teacher would look up the stories from One Step Beyond. They were really based on true stories but some of them were changed so much as to almost be unrecognizable. I love that show to this day. 

  • sprayinbedliner

    I was five or six when my folks took me to see Bela Lugosi in Dracula.  It still creeps me out when I see it today.

  • Saintash

    The exorcist for all time scariest..however if you are just going with the pre-seventies..then i would say house on haunted hill

  • Jilm2

    Psychic Killer (1975) when Neville Brand gets his hand caught in a meat grinder. I still have nightmares.

  • Nancy

    The original “The Haunting” is one of the classics.  When I was little, the flying monkeys in “The Wizard of Oz” scared me so bad I would hide when that part came on! 

    • Honeybit

      It’s a relief to know someone else was terrified by “The Wizard of Oz.”  I can still remember getting down between the seats in the theater when the screen filled up with that big green face of the witch.  My parents had to take me out of the theater and I had nightmares for a long time.  A delightful movie for kids???? Not for at least two kids!

  • Nancy

    Oh, “The Hitchhiker” episode of Twilight Zone is really creepy!

  • Mstokes1148


  • Tom

    “The Haunting”, (1963).
    “The Mad Ghoul”, (1943).
    “The Alligator People”, (1958).

  • Ds4u2010

    When I was around 3 or 4 my Romanian grandmother took me to see “Forbidden Planet” when it first came out at a theater in NY. I did OK for most of the movie, but when the invisible “Id” monster made his “appearance” and was fired at by the space-ship crew with those red laser beams, I totally lost it and began to shake and cry. My grandmother was oblivious to my plight (actually, she probably had no idea what was even going on in that movie, being an immigrant with weak English skills) so we sat there until she finally acquiesced to my begging to leave. I couldn’t watch that movie again until I was an adult and, of course, I have now seen several times and I realize how little there was to be frightened of.

    I also thought that the “Cornfield” episode of the Twilight Zone with young Billy Mumey was pretty terrifying.

  • Pribe55049

    “The Thing” that movie scared me a lot when I was a kid!

  • Pribe55049

    To this day I can never get through a certain part of the Jack Nicelson m ovie “The Shinning” very scary!

  • jeanpierre150

    I was about 2 and my mother took me to see Mickey Mouse and Pluto – we were sitting upstairs and I was sitting on her knee looking at this giant, bright orange dog and gigantic mouse wearing lurid bright red trousers and I thought I was going to fall off her knee and down into the auditorium.  So I screamed the place down.  It was terrifying….

  • EO

    The Invisible Invaders scared the bejeezus out of me.  I have it on VHS and watched it once and now I can see it is really “camp”.

  • Teddysmith22017

    Count Yorga Vampire, the 1st one

  • Sjudy

    “Them” scared me silly.  I was at the movies with my parents and I had them change seats
    so I would be next to my mother!  At one crucial moment a highschool boy touched me on the shoulders and I screamed.  I still watch it on TV now.

  • Sjudy

    Creature From the Black Lagoon.  Really frightened me as a kid.  Recently watched it on TV and I was home alone.  The instant the creature’s hand reached out of the water the power went out in our
    neighborhood and scared me to a hugh extent.  I loved everything about this movie.

  • Richardthepianist

    The Beast with Five Fingers…I will be 60 this year ,haven’t seen this I was pre teen…as a pianist this movie has no blood,gore,etc and can still scare the everlovin poo poo out of me!

  • tnmccoy

    Actually, the Thing from Another Planet takes place in the North, the Arctic, and not Antarctica.

  • Jbog1038

    This one is has to be two of the scariest films I have ever seen.”Forbidden Planet”  and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  After watching these two movies I decided not to watch any more horror movies.  But, naturally that didn’t last long.  I love sci-fi and horror movies to this day.  

  • Jbog1038

    Here’s one I forgot to mention “The Day of the Triffids”. a scary sci-fi movie about a meteor storm which leaves half of the population in blindness.  Howard Keel, is a survivor in a hospital who roams the streets searching for those who can see.  The scariest part of the movie is the horrific triffds, plants that have landed and embedded themselves in the earth. They crawl and spurt a poisonous spray that can leave you paralyzed or worse.  You can never believe that these plant creatures can multiply which gives the searing effect  that these plant creatures cannot be destroyed.  But, as fate has it, we find that one element discovered by two people that can destroy them and that is ordinary sea water. What a suspenseful and scary movie this was for me. 

  • classicslover1

    As a Twilight Zone fanatic who eagerly awaits the marathons aired every New Year’s and (sometimes) the fourth of July, I was also delightfully frightened by the episode Eye of the Beholder…but none moreso than Nightmare At 20,000 Feet’s gremlin…so much so that as a kid I would always be frightened each time it rained hard, because I could swear I would see the gremlin peering through my bedroom window, yikes!  As for creepy films. Carnival of Souls, with the eerie organ music and zombie- like atmosphere of the ‘undead’ chasing the unfortunate woman victim, always leaves me frighteningly cold! 

    • Jbog1038

      Good choices you selected. 
      I too watched many episodes of TheTwilight Zone and became a fixed viewer whenever it was being shown on tv.  One of my favorite episodes featured Agnes Moorehead as a woman desperately trying to survive an alien invasion in her own home.  I forget the title of this episode but it certainly had a surprise ending one never forgets.  I believe it was called “The Invaders”.
       Another one that comes to mind was about a young boy who had the power to generate horrible looking creatures into his guests if they were disobedient.  He discovers that his reason for this undertaking was the lack of beng loved. He eventually becomes friends with a young woman guest.  She  tries to reason with the young lad  to use his powers to make things beautiful and not ugly.  The outcome of this classic Twilight Zone episode was indeed one of the best.

      • Madmanny

        You may be thinking of the Twilight Zone episode called “It’s a Good Life.” The little boy was played by Billy Mumy (famous for his Lost in Space role as Will Robinson). I don’t recall if he turned people into horrible-looking creatures in that episode. It’s been too long. What was more memorable about the episode is that if someone upset him, he’d “send them to the cornfield.”

        • Bruce Reber

          That was the episode where the kid said “don’t make any noise while the music’s playing!”, wasn’t it?

  • Madmanny

    “The Black Scorpion.” I was about eight or nine when I saw it at the local moviehouse. I can recall sinking deeper and deeper in my seat with fright. 

  • Sammi

    The original CAPE FEAR, with Jimmy Stewart, Polly Bergen and Robert Mitchum.  I wasn’t a kid, but it still scared the stuffing out of me!  

    • Bruce Reber

      It was Gregory Peck, not James Stewart.

  • Crafty-lady

    The Uninvited with Ray Milland. It was an old movie when I saw it but I was terrified. It has since been one of my favorite movies.

  • EricN ilsson

    “The Black Cat” (when Vidas Verdegast kills the majordomo). I saw this on Channel 9 between in 1960 or 1961 (probably 3 times since on TMC).

  • Daisy Brambletoes

    This will sound really, really stupid, but one film that scared me was the trailer to Plan Nine From Outer Space – and don’t you laugh!  The trailer featured the scene where the Zombie Tor Johnson rises from his grave.  He had a slack mouth and pupil-less eyes, and sat up like Nosferatu (which I only saw as an adult).  Scared me half to death.  Too bad they did not show the next few frames where Johnson got stuck in the coffin and couldn’t climb out.   Would have had the same effect as

    boggarts” in Harry Potter. …”Riddikulas!” 

    • Daisy Brambletoes

      PS.  The movie that scared me most as an adult was “The Wicker Man”.

  • Voyttbots

    I was 7 and went to a Saturday matinee of THE TIME MACHINE in 1960.  The Morlocks scared the yell out of me.

  • Kendall Combs

    When I was young, I couldn’t stand to watch the old black & white, Night of the Living Dead. –Totally scared me to death! LOL I couldn’t watch it unless there was someone sitting right there with me.
    Too funny that it sometimes will still scare me…It’s just not like the new Zombie movies where you are constantly seeing people getting munched on, cuz you know what’s gonna happen.

    The classic version will at least let your mind play tricks on you, cuz all the ‘Walking Dead’ are chasing you like crazy but it doesn’t show them actually getting to you…the element of surprise that today’s versions have taken away, ya know? 

  • Pete

    Day Of The Triffids

  • Snop613

    its funny one night the baby sittr left me to watch T V .  The movie STRAIGHT JACKET was on. The scene with the headless straight jacket man with the ax scared me beyond scared 

  • Phyl

    It was suppose to be a comedy with Bob Hope but to a child watching a hand rech through a bookcase to grab Bob . . .it scared me to death.  Don’t remember the title and have not found it yet as I would love to watch it as an adult now.

  • Cottonball23

    the crawling hands. So creepy. I coundot sleep after that thinking about those hands.

  • Cottonball23

    oh I forgot this one it was about a mirror. and one day this girl went into it and came out. when ever she wanted to . then one day there was a girl beckining her to come into the mirror and she went in. Inside  was an different world.she tried leaving it but the girl changed places with her and got out. As she was running to get to the opening of the mirror , the girl broke the mirror and she was left inside . You see we had a mirror cabinet just like that one. I had to cover that mirror up every night inorder to go to sleep. My Grandma had this old antique mirror. I wish i new what the name of that movie. It was an old black and white.

  • Honeybit

    Not classified as “horror” movies, but two that made a lasting impression of horror on me were (1) “The Last Valley” with Omar Shariff — in the opening sequence, Shariff’s character is walking through a misty forest among dead bodies.  He turns one over, discovers that it is a plague victim, and sticks his hand into a campfire to cleanse it.   (2) “The Strange One” with Ben Gazarra as an evil cadet terrorizing lower classmen in a military academy.  I’ve never talked to anyone who has seen these two movies, and I’ve never run across them on TV.  Now that the comments here have reminded me of them, I need to go see if I can find them online and change my impressions.

  • Lisa Grove


  • D Gordo

    The Blob

  • Charob01

    What do you all think of the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”?

    • D Petersen

       It’s awful.

    • Dave in Raleigh

      It stank like a dead skunk

  • Sheri

    Movies that have scared me – The Bride of Frankenstein as about a 5-year-old (I used to stay up with Dad and catch the late flick), The Incubis (old, old movie), Amityville Horrer, Poltergeist 3 and Ghost Story as a teen.  Although, when I was really little (about 3), I used to wake up screaming because I saw ghost heads flying at me, which I believe stemmed from a scene in “Scrooge” w/Albert Finney (my poor folks didn’t have too many romantic nights during that stage of my life as they generally had this kid stuck in between them).  I do remember one episode of “The Twilight Zone” where a man donated his heart, I believe, in death, and his girlfriend used voodoo to bring him back to life, and he was walking towards her with a gaping hole in him. 

  • Mckayrick

    Carnival of Souls, the original.



    • Cammie Pires

      What a great horror flick!

    • Ellie

      Absolutely! It’s my all time no.1 scariest, creepiest movie, especially the scene where Candace Hilligoss goes out to the landing of the rooming house where she is staying, looks down expecting to see the landlady and sees….HIM!!!!! I always had to cover my eyes when I knew that scene was coming. I still do, even though I’m 66 and have seen the movie more times than I can count!

  • S Campello

    When I was six years old, we were stuck in Milwaukee, WI for six hours waiting for a ferry boat.  To kill time my parents took me to the only movie that they could find:  House of Wax in 3D with, of course the fabulous Vincent Price.  I will never forget having seen him pop up from behind the couch in his partner’s office for the first time with the horribly disfigured face and the hat which was later so outrageously misappropriated by the McDonald’s for their “Hamburglar”.  It was several years before I could sleep without having the closet door securely closed and subsequently I had to sneak up on “Big Macs” from behind.

  • Layloi

    All of the 1930’s and 40’s Universal Monster movies including, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy and all of the House of Frankenstein movies with Dragula.

  • em

    I was scared to pieces by William Castle’s Homicidal, but I forced myself to be brave and remain in my seat through the “Fright Break.”

  • Ridderw

    The Thing

  • victor0630

    Any Dracula movie with Christofer Lee. X The Unknown gave me nightmares.

  • caesar benigno

    the thing

  • Paul

    A friend of mine had cable way back when, and, “Friday the 13th: Part III” was on HBO one afternoon at his house.  It was supposed to be a Cub Scout meeting, but the, “Den mother” went grocery shopping instead.  I was so scared that I cried so my parents to cancel Summer camp, they didn’t, and years later that guy turned into a drug-addicted loser.

  • Msidd

    “Them”  Couldn’t sleep for days afterward.

  • Crafty-lady

    When I was little, my brother and I stayed up to watch “old” movies on tv. We saw The Uninvited with Ray Milland. I was terrified. It has remained one of my favorite movies to this day! My brother was older then me and his favorite movies were the Edgar Allen Poe stories like The Pit and the Pendulum and Buried Alive, etc. They scared me so much that I don’t think I have been able to sit through one all the way through even now. Also the Haunted (original) was very scary.

  • D Petersen

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I think that’s why I never learned how to swim.

  • Sidney Lichter

    The movie that scared my pants off was the Gene Barry edition of “War of the Worlds”.  When the Martians came out of their ships, I became well acquainted with the floor of the Rogers Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Dave in Raleigh

    Body Snatchers, especially the last scene…nothing worse than waiting for them to point at you and shriek! On the hand, there was a film I’ve been trying to find where the guy wakes up in his apartment, and then realizes there is nobody left in town – the streets are empty. Then this robot thing comes walking into town searching for survivors, zapping everything and anyhting that moves with a gort-like zapper. Wish I could remember the name of that film, Scared me to death as a child.

    • Madmanny

      The movie you are thinking of is called “Target Earth” (1954). I notice that you can find the DVD of that movie on Amazon starting at a low of $12.90. If you still have a VHS machine, you can get the VHS movie for as low as $3.00. You may want to check it out. Good luck!

  • Anibaln Perez

    movies that really scared me when i was eight.was monter from green hell.the monster from black lagoon,it came from outerspace also forbitten planet…

  • Anibaln Perez

    i remember i use to sit and watch channel eleven’s shock theater ,iwas watching the mummy;s hand at 12 mid-night when the hand was going to touch the girl my mom came  to tell me not to watch scary movies she touch at the same time.i could have sworn i touched the ceiling when i jumped hahaha…

  • Anibaln Perez

    naturally i great deal of movies from the old days were to be redone ,some of them would be great with the new tecnologyfor special effects,however;there are some that have that special nostalgic appeal that shouldn’t be remade…

  • Tbone

    tbone” psycho”

  • Cherthebean

    Wizard of Oz with those creepy flying monkeys and of course Jaws!

  • Spitfire1938

    The Spiral Staircase 1946! I saw it in rerun when I was 10 (1949). I went to the theater by myself, and it actually scared the crap out of me. I left the the screening traumatized and had nightmares about being able to speak for weeks.

  • Bryan

    The Omen, House of Dark Shadows, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? These are the movies that scared me the most when I was young.

  • Jack Fitzpatrick

    The Thing.  I was 11 at the time.  Still is scary.

  • Tleek

    The Birds 1963, when I was a kid I saw the movie on tv with my dad in the mid 60’s. The next day when I went outside to play birds were on every telephone wire in the neighborhood.

    • Crafty-lady

      I was just watching some science show on tv and they showed the inspiration for the movie The Birds. Apparently there was an incident with birds going crazy on August 16, 1961 on some coast in California and that was the inspiration that movie.  

      • Bruce Reber

        “The Birds” was based on a short story by Daphne DuMaurier.

  • Bigpurplefan

    The movie that scared me the most as a kid — “What ever happened to baby Jane?” 

  • Publius

    I would say the movies that scared me the most as a kid were:  THE HOUSE OF WAX; Vincent Price version; REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN (had nightmares about that one); THE HAUNTING, Robert Wise; And a British film called NIGHTMARE; it really wasn’t scary, but it had its moments; it was more of a murder mystery, and I’ve only seen it one time.
    I was terrified of THE OUTER LIMITS.  I couldn’t watch that show after awhile at all.

  • Gwen

    I’m probably older than any of you, but I really WAS young once.  The Lodger, with Laird Cregar, gave me nightmares for days.  Also a movie (I think it was called The Hidden Hand) in which a hand came out from behind a picture on the wall and did bad things.  I believe it was this same movie that featured a wheel mounted above a mantel which, when turned, opened a trap door underfoot, plunging the hapless victim into a horrible hole.  I’m 78 and this still gives me shivers!

  • Nsdtrlover

    The Haunting [1963] , the 1999 remake had great effects but was not a movie that could keep you awake for weeks hiding your hands under the covers lest a spooky hand holder find where you slept.

  • Tammy

    The House on Haunted Hill, (Vincent Price version) when the old woman appears in the wine cellar and seems to float through the room. I was probably 8-9 the first time I saw it, spooked me good. The other film than had me looking under my bed was a British film, The Blood on Satan’s Claw. There was a scene when this hairy claw comes up from the floor boards, terrorizes a girl, driving her mad and another with a gentleman, who chops off his own hand.

  • Shadowkell

    Not a horror movie, but the french film “The Fantastic Planet” (“La Planete Sauvage”)(1973). HBO first came here in the mid seventies and I watched this movie-probably no older than 8-9. I had a total breakdown. I could not even be in the house when it was on after and I still will not rewatch it to this day

  • Poetrylover3

    Creature From The Black Lagoon did me in every time. I was afraid to go swimming alone afterwards.

  • bill

    there were not many movies that scared me as a child or teen. Invaders From Mars was kind of creepy, back then, and certainly Psycho was a shocker, bur the one i remember giving me a sudden fright was the original ‘Fly’. when the hood was pulled from his head i jumped off my seat. now it’s old hat but still a very entertaining movie.


    There’s no doubt that the films already listed have their scary moments, especially “THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD”. But for me the ultimate horror experience took place within the cinematic confines of the original “DRACULA”  and “FRANKENSTEIN”….(as well as in some of their sequels and spin-offs).   Anything that had to do with black & white goings on around a crypt, in a dungeon, or lurking in the dark involving those nefarious title creatures.  (But remember, Frankenstein himself was not scary…..but rather a brilliant doctor. His monster, however, was, and he never really had a name!)   

    === JIM DRISCOLL ===

  • Arb953

    The Bela Lugosi DRACULA frightened me more because of the demented laugh of Renfield as he crawls on the floor toward the camera… The Robert Wise original 1963 version of THE HAUNTING was the most frightening because the menace was unseen and heard whilst strangely lit closeups of nondescript objects added to the terror. The first tale from Black Friday (Italian production)”The Drop of Water” where someone preparing a corpse steals a ring from off its finger and is haunted to the rhythm of a constant drip and then the corpse comes toward the culprit to reclaim the ring.  HITCHCOCK’s THE BIRDS was the most terrifying.  Especially the scene when she opens the door to an upper room and sees the pecked-through hole in the roof…

    • camille

      Oh my god!! THANK YOU for bringing up that Black Friday reference. I have been trying to figure out what that ring/fly scene was from for YEARS. Turns out the title is actually ‘Black Sabbath’ but I found it! Three parts.

  • Arb953

    Addendum: “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death”(71)  and “Halloween” by John Carpenter

  • M. Clark

    I was 7 years old and I saw Godzilla in the movies. I still have nightmares about him at age 63! I refuse to watch any horror movie at night!



    As a 7-year old, fully understandable.  But, as an adult, “GODZILLA” ….. is a cartoon!!!   ‘Nuff said. 

    ===JIM DRISCOLL===

  • Rick

    I couldn’t agree with you more about your comments on “The thing from another World”. Arguably the best group of characters ever put on screen. I know they seem cliche’ today, but I still live for that repartee. “What if it can read our minds?” “Then he’s gonna be awful angry when he gets to me.” I love that cast so much, I started writing other stories using them. All unpublished of course. Your list is good, but at the risk of getting too recent, “The Exorcist” STILL scares me to this day. Not the gross stuff, but those occasional shots that leave you guessing. The trip into the attic. The slow opening of the bedroom door with the possessed Reagan staring right at you. And my favorite moment, after the young priest leaves the house from visitng the poor little girl who had to be tied down to her bed. He looks up at her bedroom window and sees her shadow walking around the room! Creepy!

  • Alice

    The House of Wax !  I saw it at the movie theatre when I was about 11 yrs. It was very scary. Is it still available ?


      Good choice, Alice.   “HOUSE OF WAX”   WAS scary, and, yes, it is available. 
      And….when Phyllis Kirk was on that slab, in the buff, ready to be hot- waxed …
      well…as a wee one I was enthralled…as much for the scary part …as the thought of beautiful Phyllis….in the buff !!!

      ===JIM DRISCOLL===

  • Kathy

    Scared to Death with Bela Lugosi.


      Anything B


      (Sorry for earlier technical glitch)>>>>>>>>

      Anything Bela did was scary!  His last film:  “PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE”, the one he actually died doing, at the beginning of its production, was no exception, if you could muffle out the audience’s guffaws. Did you know he originally turned down the role of the Frankenstein monster in the 1931 production that made Boris Karloff a star?  But then later got to play the role in a Universal sequel (as the monster, not as Igor).  What a movie character he truly was !!

      ===JIM DRISCOLL===

  • Elizabeth J. Y.

    The Thing (1951) absolutely scared me out of my wits.  I must have seen it on TV, since I wasn’t born until 1953.  I had terrifying nightmares about it.  




      ===JIM DRISCOLL===

      • James H

        Another person who remembers THEM.  Even though that movie scared me to death, it has a lot of memorable points.  Not only did it have James Arness the year before he became MATT DILLON, it had Fess Parker, the year before he became DAVY CROCKETT.  One point that is often missed in that movie is the smart person was a woman.  In movies in those days, it was always the woman who inadvertency allowed the monster to escape.  Way ahead of its time and the male lead was someone we never expected to be in a movie like that was James Whitmore, who was thought to be the nextSpencer Tracy.

        • ravenwolfmoon

          THEM didn’t scare me. I just really liked that movie even to this day. Beginning Of The End was another good one.

  • Elizabeth J. Y.

    I was a young adult by the time The Exorcist came out, but it scared me tremendously, and still does.

  • Rpenros

    Diabolique, Psycho, The innocents, The Haunting

  • Mike48128

    “It Came from Beneath the Sea” scared me to death when I saw it in re-release at a Saturday matinee as a child.  It didn’t matter that it was in black and white. It was on a full-size screen in the 1950’s, not like the dinky screens at today’s multiplexes.  When that octopus took down the San Francisco Bridge, I headed for under the seats!



      • Bruce Reber

        For whatever reason, stop-motion animation wiz Ray Harryhausen gave the giant octopus in ICFBTS only six tentacles instead of eight.

  • gary

    there was only one,the thing 1951,,when the dog fell out of the box, ladies screamed and i jumped so high my seat folded up and my a– hit the floor


      Yes… the “dead dog” jolt was indeed a scary bit from  “THE THING”.   About 2 or 3 years back I wrote & published a book that was a tribute to the old B-Movies of (primarily) the matinees of the ’40’s  and ’50’s, entitled:  “REFLECTIONS OF A B-MOVIE JUNKIE”.  The first page of the Sci-Fi chapter discussed the first scene in which we saw the “killer carrot” from “THE THING”, given as an example of the quintessential Sci-Fi flick that proliferated in the ’50’s. Among others…”INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS”–“THEM”–” DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL”–“CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON” and “THE MOLE PEOPLE”.  Other chapters covered  THE B-WESTERNS, THE COMEDY TEAMS, THE JUNGLE ADVENTURES, HORROR, and the SERIAL.  Those interested may wish to look it up. I believe I wrote an entertaining tribute to these old clunker genres. 

      ===JIM DRISCOLL===

  • Guest

    The one movie that scared the bejesus out of me when I saw it on late night tv was… The Day the Earth Stood Still.  I just remember going to bed, and I kept repeating…

    klaatu barada nikto



  • Clpapa1

    Pyscho and The Birds.  Still hate these two to this day

  • Donna Bien

    The movie that scared me the most when I was young was  Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein.

  • Rory Gibbons

    The Wolf Man 1941 with Lon Chaney Junior, saw it in 1946 in Glasgow Scotland, was 6 years old, terrified me. Remake not as good, any of them.

  • Carolyn E Naclerio

    Nightmare on Elm Street (First One)

  • Ferrantegary

    Night of the Living Dead

  • Brian Lawton

    Grizzly (1976)  Prophecy (1979)  I’m  Not a “Bear fan” I guess

  • Mohan Sagar

    Poltergeist in 1983.  I curled up in a sleeping bag in my parents’ room for three consecutive nights after seeing it.

  • Mgaffney48

    The She Demons, early ’60s. Scared the hell out of me when I was about 8 or 9. The Exorcist too.

  • woyaya

    When I saw it in the late 50s…the title was “Horrors of the Black Museum”. An attractive woman received a pair of binnoculars as a gift. When she looks thru them, spring-loaded spikes go into her skull and the blood runs thru her fingers.That was only the opening scene… the rest of the movie was very gruesome too. Scared this little kid !


      “HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM”…..I loved that scene !!  And…the blonde bombshell….going home….hops into bed…looks up….and is guillotined.  Michael Gough….good job !! 

  • Jgeyer5007

    Split Second with Rutger Howar and Eye of the Beholder/Twlight Zone
    The Stand

  • Brian Lawton

    a few entries from across the pond

    Curse of the Demon (1957) with Dana Andrews
    Horror Hotel :aka City of the Dead (1960)
    Burn Witch Burn  (1959)
    Black Sabbath (196?) Boris Karloff

  • Bjodrie

    Circus Of Horrors(1960)



      ALL GOOD CHOICES!…………………….JD

  • Vix

    The Haunted – It still does-

  • Barryfleckmann

    The ORIGINAL (not to be confused with the awful remake!), “The Haunting” (1963)  Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Russ Tamblyn and Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny, from the James Bond films).  Directed by Robert Wise (“The Sound of Music”), this one is NOT to be watched, alone!

  • Pdcox55

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, slept with light on for 3yrs!!!!

  • James H

    Movies I have seem over 50 times.  Thr absolute winner is Casablanca  I used to travel all over the country, Canada and the Caribbean.  I would leave on Sunday and return home on Friday.  I would get home at all hours and would want to watch a movie.  I wanted something that I could fall asleep watching and be able to wake up ad not be lost.  That movie was Casablanca.  Other movies on that list include Hud,. Hombre.  The Outlaw Josey Wales.  Pale Rider, Four Friends, My Cousin Vinny, 12 Angry Men, original version, The Godfather one and two.  The Star Wars trilogy, Devil in a Blue Dress, The Learning Tree Tora, Tora, Tora, The Buccaneer and Midway.A lot of movies frightened me but the winner is Them.  I saw that movie in 1954, which is my favorite year for movies.  I lived alone with my mother in a basement apartment in Kansas City,Mo.  My mother was dating the man who would become my stepfather and the best father I could ask for.  He took us to movies and for entertainment.  It was just after the end of schoolI was nine years old and my mother worked.  I would spend the day alone in that apartment.  The bathroom was a share bath and was in the bowels of the building.  I had to walk in the dark to the room which had a light  Outside the building, was a lot of what I now know was crickets.  They made an incessant noise and I could not go to the bathroom.  I used my mother’s pots and pans  My stepfather to be, finally figured out that I was afraid to go to the bathroom and strung some lights for me.. In those days, movies were much more real to a kid.  We did not know about special effects or any of that stuff.  It was real. I own that movie now,as I do a lot of movies made in that year.

  • cindy

    The witch from The Wizard Of Oz,as well as the giant green head with Oz’s voice.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame,The Mummy, The Haunting,House On Haunted Hill,The Banshees from Darby O’Gill and the Little People,The Invisible Man (Claude Rains),and Mr. Sardonicus.

  • ravenwolfmoon

    The Omega Man with Charlton Heston scared me badly as well as Grizzly. Both came out in the 70’s. Another 70’s movie that frightened me  starred George C. Scott …. the movie was called RAGE and I don’t know why it was so frightening to me. Even today it scares me and I’m all grown up.

    • Bruce Reber

      In “Rage” Scott played a Wyoming rancher whose son dies after being exposed to nerve gas from a nearby Army chemical warfare lab. Scott goes ballistic and blows up the lab, but he dies afterward because he was also exposed to the gas. I haven’t seen “Rage” for a long time, would like to know if it’s on DVD – I’d like to have it for my library.

  • Garyinthenight

    Is it just me…or does anyone else think that the creatures in Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the Beholder” episode resemble “Darren” (Dick York or Dick Sargent) of “Bewitched”?

    • Vinci67

      Yep, the original Darren (was that Dick York?)  Anyway the original Darren was creepy in the TZ he was in  and it sure looks like the “Beholder” creatures were modeled after him.

  • Garyinthenight

    or was it “Darwood” (?)

  • Meggyx13

    The Exorcist, and it still scares me to this day!

  • Anthonyhaas

    the last house, on the left!

  • Gcagee1

    Curse of the Demon !! Saw it at the old Chelsea theatre in my old neighbourhood before multi complexes took over Scared the crap out of me

  • Doppleganger51

    the  original  birds  and    children   were  the scariest  when  i  was  younger    the  movie  not the kids  LOL

  • Tsschall

    Okay, a TV episode not a movie but as about an 8 year old I hid behind the couch to watch the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.”  I won’t give the story away, but suffice it to say it is the most frightened I remember every having been, and I’m pushing 60. I know I didn’t sleep that night, and I didn’t dare let mom and dad know I’d stayed up after my bed time.  Not sure if I sleot the next night either.


  • Ariel

    I have a kitchen apron with “To Serve Man” embroidered on it…

    • Pamhandle

      That is the greatest, I love it!!

  • Movie Fan

    Invaders From Mars, House on Haunted Hill, Frankenstein, The Thing and Mary Poppins!

  • Archie Leach

    The Birds and Jaws. I became nervous of gatherings of wild fowl and things moving in the water for years.  

  • Afaceman

    House on Haunted Hill,Psycho, Ghost Story, Texas Chain Saw…

  • Wayne P.

    The Exorcist…scared the heck out of me…the car was shaking on the way home just like the little girl whose head spun around…didnt realize we were driving over trolley car tracks on the way home!

  • harryfaversham

    Not a movie but a TV episode from the show Thriller hosted by Boris Karloff.The episode was called” The Hungry Glass” starring William Shatner circa 1961. One Damn scary story. Till this day when I think of that show I still have a moment when I pass a mirror and no …I’m not a Vampire…That’s my Mother -in- Law.

  • smdivad77

    Legend of Hell House!

  • Sromine

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers – 1956
    For months my sister and I were afraid to go to sleep without looking under our beds for giant pods that would take over our bodies!

  • Carl

    The Thing and House of Wax

  • edro3111

    Any movie that had flying saucers or alien invasions in it!

  • The fatt furby

    THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT… the scariest movie ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon

    Darby O’Gill and the Little People   with Sean Connery /  The House of Usher (the original one)

  • Rick A


  • Debbi52

    Psycho….I saw it on TV the very first time I was baby sitting my brother.   I still can’t go into a bathroom without looking behind the shower curtain!

  • nick

    Some one just asked me this yesterday, and I had to say when I saw it on TV, it would have to be the Boris Karloff acted segment of Black Sabbath. ‘When he says “I’m hungry”, and also the ending. 

  • Lmc108

    “Them” Giant ants

  • Rick A

    Can’t argue with ‘ THEM ‘ one hell of a scary outing, specially those final scene’s in those water filled   tunnels !

    • fbusch

      While I can’t argue with “Them”, One that comes to mind, is the Vincent Price verson of “The Fly”. “Help me, Help me!”

  • Pauline

    When I was a child it was “King Kong”. I wasn’t allowed to see scary films so never saw “Dracula” or “Frankenstein” but somehow I went with my big sisters to see King Kong.

  • Joeccosta

    The Wizard of Oz scene with Dorothy looking out the window from her bedroom while it’s flying in the tornado and we see Miss Gulch riding her bicycle and then turning into the Wicked Witch. As a four, five, six year-old that part ALWAYS made me hide under the sofa at my grandparents’ house. (Although at six I did it for effect). All of Margaret Hamilton’s scenes were, of course, unforgettable: she will always be THE Wicked Witch. And, “The Great and Powerful Oz.”

  • Redtopp

     The scariest to me was/is a Twilight Zone show about THE HITCH  HIKER…the girl was Nan Adams and she was travelling cross country from VA to Calif and this Hitch Hiker (Stella Stevens I think the actress was)  He was at every city…always ahead of her…thumb in the air; she called home to talk to her mom to get some sense of reality and the neighbor lady answered the fone and said”  NAN IS DEAD; SHE WAS KILLED BY A HITCH HIKER 2 WEEKS AGO” — Nan gets back in her car and in
    the rear view mirror the HITCH HIKER looms up from the back seat and says…’GOING MY WAY?” ..
    I’m getting gooooooosebumps sitting here at work just remembering that… i was in my teens or younger when i first saw this..and it STILL scares the bejeezus outta me!  lolololol

    • Vinci67

      The protagonist was traveling from NY thru Pa when she had a blowout in the first scene-the repair dude even says something about not believing she survived the blowout.  The actress wasn’t Stella Stevens but of that genre.  The hitcher was death and the tell was that no one else ever saw him.  But I agree, as a child (from Pa. no less) that one scared me

      • Redtopp

         What made me think Virignia..but somehow that is stuck in my head; the funniest part of this episode to me was when the sail beggged to get IN the car and dam near JUMPED OUT!  lololol  sorta  a ‘be careful what u wish for sailor…’  lololol

        • Redtopp

           i meant..the sailor….

    • Wayne P.

      The actresses name in the photoplay was Inger Stevens…she was also in the TWZ episode pictured at the top of this post about the pigfaced people, plus another good one where she was a robot who wanted to really be human…a sad story in real life too, as she killed herself!

      • Redtopp

         Right — i knew it was Stevens…lol …close but no cigar. Yea i am a real TZ fan…the stories they write today have so much gore whereas Serling made us use our imaginations…and he used Hitchcock…without actually seeing the blood and gore..we just knew somewhere somehow it was there though…

      • Wayne P.

        So sorry…got it wrong about the Eye of the Beholder TWZ show at the top here…it was Donna Douglas, not Inger Stevens, who was in that one…if had just read the story

  • Gerald_d

    i will never watch the wizard of oz without recalling the frightening monkeys

  • jrd

    The Wizard of Oz. Those flying (winged) monkeys scare me even now whenever I watch it.

  • Mclegg

    Black Sunday a B & W horror film of the 50’s-60;s vintage with vampires that wanted to suck the blood right out of me.

  • Jerri Bates

    The 1960’s era of The Day the Earth Stood Still. i was a little girl about 5 and I thought the aliens looked like the street light polls.

  • Jared DiGi or(DiGirolamo)

    i got to say the old omen and halloween I And II  Not the new ones with rob zombie also the exoricst as well now i can watch the old omen  and the old Halloween movies no problem but when i was 8 or so man that spooked me big time

  • Bryanmz

    just a comment on Jerri Bates’ comment. she mentions The Day the Earth Stood Still as ’60’s, but that was early 50’s.  and as for the aliens looking like street light poles, that was ‘the War of the Worlds’ , specifically the 1953 classic version of the oft repeated story.

  • cowboyjoe

    Some mentioned original “King Kong” as the scariest I was a pre-teen when I first saw it I thought it was quite erotic 

    • Redtopp

      I too was preteen… guess around 11 or 12 but ‘erotic’ wasn’t even in my vocabulary or realm of thinking at that age and stage of my life lololol

  • Gus

    The Monk (Monty Wooley), Werewolf & The beast with five fingers.( Peter Lorre)

  • Sreems

    Was sitting in the balcony while the original House on Haunted Hill was playing. The cheesy skeleton that came out of the screen went right by my head and I was hiding fast. Also as a young teenager, had to walk home at night after seeing Tony Perkins in Psycho. Longest walk of my teenage life

    • Bruce Reber

      HOHH trivia question: when the skeleton came down the aisle, what did director William Castle call that gimmick?

  • Vinci67

    House on Haunted Hill scared me for weeks when I was six

  • GB

    Exorcist (I agree with one of the other Exorcist comments – her head turning completely around left me sleeping with a wall lamp over my head for several years)!!!
    Also, anything to do with the Wolf Man!!!

  • Velvetfairy

    can any 1 help looking 4 an old film about an indian medicine man ,who grows on this persn back ,and i think his name was manatu ,any1 no the name of this film 

    • Garyinthenight

      I think the movie you’re asking about is “The Manitou” with Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg and Stella Stevens (1978)

  • Renne50

    The Killer Shrews

  • Xalf18

    “The Werewolf of London” (circa 1942) with Henry Hull and Warner Oland scared the living daylights out of me, especially when the werewolf came out of the shadows of a dark alley attacking his female victims.  I was afraid to go down to our basement alone.  I was only 9 years old then. 

    Also, “The Human Monster” with Bela Lugosi scared me.  I can still remember those bodies floating in the River Thames, in London, and Lou, Lugosi’s assistant throwing the blind men (it was a home for the blind) out the window into the Thames below 

    • John

      I’m glad someone else remembers The Werewolf of London. Superb film!

  • Xalf18

    “The Ravine”, aka “The Whole Town’s Sleeping”, based on the Ray Bradbury short story, was as scary as they come.  Although there were several radio versions–the Suspense version with Jeanette Nolan as the protagonist was the scariest.  The episode did appear on television as one of the presentations of “The Ray Bradbury Theater”, hosted by Ray Bradbury.  The story dealt with a serial killer, labeled as “The Lonely One”.  Even now as I write this, I shiver!!!!!!!!!

  • Nativeangeleno Doug

    Anthing broadcast on “Shock Theatre.”

  • HassoBenSoba

    I first saw “Mr Sardonicus” (1961) when I was 19 years old….and the gravedigging scene STILL freaked me out! Can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I had seen it when it was first released (I was 10 years old at that time); I would have been scarred for life.

  • lorraine

    house on haunted hill freaked me but also a twz with the nurse behind the door”stella, your such a pretty nurse”  after leaving the theater with the exorcist i was so scared i might get possessed and i was 20 somethng at the time. 

    • Xalf18

      The nurse behind the door was not from the Twilight Zone (twz) but was aamesn Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1 hour episode entitled “An Unlocked Window”.  The nurse (Miss Ames), who turned out to be the serial killer of nurses was a male impersonator, who kills Stella.  It was one of Hitchcock’s spookiest episodes.  Only his “Psycho” with Anthony Perkins was spookier. 

  • chrijeff

    Neither is a horror film, but:

    When I first saw “The Wizard of Oz” in theatrical re-release, I started screaming when the (green) Witch of the West appeared on the screen.  My mother had to take me out of the theater.

    I’m told, though I don’t recall it, that when I first saw “Fantasia,” the mountain devil in “The Night on Bald Mountain” scared me.  (Now I think his wings are gorgeous!)

  • Moestjoe

    King Kong scared me to death…but then I cried for the poor thing. Also, The House of Wax and Bella Lugosi’s Dracula.

  • John

    The Exorcist and the Hunting. Both Scarred the Dickens out of me.  

  • Mikeking515

    Jaws and trilogy of terror (voodoo doll segment)

    • Tom K.

      @ Mikeking515: There IS a Part Two Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black. In one of the three stories, that Unstoppable – Wicked Little Warrior RETURNS ! Go for it !

  • Ppeters

    Loved Thriller with Boris Karloff on T.V. and remember “Black Sunday” in the movies was scarey as a youth.

  • Gmcauley

    Rosemary’s Baby, whew
    Wait Until Dark, edge of your seat

  • Jpaf


  • zohar

    the tingler

  • Beferky

    The Screaming Skull. The trailer for this movie stated “If you die of fright while watching this movie…we will bury you for free”.

  • Sal

    The Birds

  • Southfish

    I know who you are and I saw what you did…Joan Crawford

    • Irene Childs

      i saw what you did!  also straightjacket

  • Randallhorn000

    House on Haunted Hill.  The original. Hilarious & great fun today, but not when I was a kid.
    King Kong. The original. THE scariest, as a kid.
    The Haunting. (Yes, the original, again) Scary anytime.
    The Innocents. Debra Kerr stars & that face in the window!
    The Exorcist.  Please don’t go back into that bedroom!  I beg you!
    The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch & her Flying Monkey army, of course.
    Finally, Night of the Demon (or Curse of the Demon). I wasn’t prepared for the monster’s appearance
    so early in the picture. Whoa! Shivers up my spine.
    Honorable Mentions: Psycho, The Birds, 13 Ghosts, The Tingler, Wait Until Dark, and, ha ha, Citizen Kane. So great…it’s scary!

    • Tom K.

      Randalhorn000: Those danged Flying Monkeys are just wrong. I’ve watched The Wizard of Oz for 60 YEARS and I still don’t like those creepy, flea – bitten, Flying Monkeys.

  • Move Buff

    The Bride of Frankenstein
    The Incubus (older movie)

  • Dctrevett

    Magic (Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith). The trailer scared me back in ’78!

  • Okzack

    At age 7, “The Wolfman” actually scared me.  Since then I haven’t been scared  —  startled, yes; scared, no.

  • Jay Polerstock

    So many movies come to mind – The Birds – Psycho – The Blob – Night Of The Living Dead – The Hideous Sun Demon – The Tingler – House On Haunted Hill – Carnival Of Souls – A movie from the mid 60’s with Christopher Lee who is a College Professor who’s student wants to do research on The Salem Witch Trials and goes to a small town where she almost gets sacrificed by  Devil Worshippers who try to kill her. The name of the witch in the movie was Elizabeth Selwyn. The scene in March Of The Wooden Soldiers where the – The Bogie Men – invade Toy Land and break through the window of the house and pull the children out of their beds. The Screaming Skull – House Of Wax – The Frankenstein – Wolfman – Dracula – Movies. The Tourist Trap with Chuck Connors – Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – The Legend Of Lizzie Borden with Elizabeth Montgomery – Lady In Cage with Olivia DeHavilland – See No Evil with Mia Farrow.

  • Mexicomary

    The original the Haunting and Horror Hotel.

    • Jay Polerstock

      Thank you so much for mentioning – Horror Hotel. That was the movie I wrote about in my post that I could not remember the name of.

  • Diane

    The movies that scared me the most when I was a kid was – The Night of the Living Dead,   Psycho,
    The Birds, The Legend of Lizzie borden (starring Elizabeth Montgomery),  Frankenstein,  and The Wolfman.   Now that I am much older, they don’t frighten me, but I do get that spooky sensation when I watch them today.    

  • Knclinda

    The one that scared me really bad was “Children Don’t Play with Dead Things”. Had a yard next door that had a bunch of trees and I wouldl always go down the opposite side of the building to use the stairs at night.

    • PrincessNorrain

      Good old Orville the Corpse, huh? I loved when the rest of the graveyard came to life. It scared the poop out of me. Alan and Anya Ormsby starred in, wrote and were in charge of the make-up effects for the ultra low-budget classic “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”.

  • DonDiegoDV

    The movie “Whatever happened to Baby Jane” didn’t necessary scare me since I didn’t really understand it much as a young boy, but the poster to the movie, I had nightmares for weeks.

  • SteveY

    The movie that scared me the most was “The Reptile”, a Hammer Horror film about a woman who morphs between a woman and a reptile.  The movie starts with a guy running down a dark street, and his face is blackened and white junk is poring out of his mouth (from the toxic bite of the reptilic woman).  This was 44 years ago, and I still have that scene perfectly vivid.   

  • Rachel

    I’m still a teenager so some scary movies still scary but I think the one that scared me the most when I was little was Chuckie. To this day I still cant look at the DVD cover or even puppets.

    • Bruce Reber

      Chuckie, of the “Child’s Play” movies, was a doll, not a puppet.

  • moonchild

    the one that left me scarred forever is the one and only ”’BELA LUGOSI’S—–”DRACULA”— i covered my neck for years and years…..

    • The Mofessor

      After seeing Dracula and other vampire movies, my sister hung a glow in the dark cross in her bedroom window for years. She charged up the cross every night, religiously, so that if a vampire came calling, it could not fail to see the cross.

  • Thereal1mccoy

    Maybe someone remembers this.  I distinctly remember a TV show which featured a plot with a hotel that did not have a 13th floor.  When characters pressed the elevator they were taken to a 13 floor where they could hear the swish of a scythe coming closer across the room.  I’m virtually certain this horror TV episode was not The Twilight Zone.  For a while I thought it might have bee Boris Karloff’s Thriller.  I checked the episodes and could find no such plot.

    The show was broadcast in 1959 or 60.  Does anyone remember this?

    • Cammie Pires

      I’m wondering if perhaps you are talking about the Twilight Zone episode “After Hours” which guset starred Anne Francis. It was a department store that only had 12 storeys but the 13th floor existed only for the people who were in fact mannequins.

    • Comicbookal

      Yes, but you actually have combined 2 story lines! It is in fact Boris Karloff’s “Thriller” and the episode was called ‘The Grim Reaper” starring William Shatner but the story did not involve anyone going to a 13th floor! I believe that it was a Twilight Zone episode starring Ann Francis who goes to the 13th floor in a building (department store) that only has 12. Later she comes to the realization that she is a mannequin who is allowed to become human for a day and then has to return for another mannequin to experience the same. But during the period of time that she is human she “forgets” what she really is until the other mannequins ( on the 13th floor) remind her what she really is when she visits the store a number of times . I believe that episode was titled “After Hours”.

      • Rockie

        Okay, the Anne Francis show I remember. Not familiar with the “Thriller” episode. Does anyone remember an episode (Twilight Zone, I think) involving something like a Chinese Warlord. In the end, some little girl gets killed. That’s all I recall; I was probably only 3 or 4 at the time, but I had recurring nightmares for years. Did I make it up, or was there such an episode?

      • garykevinware

        The ‘non-existent floor’ on that episode was the ninth floor, and so that can’t be the cause of the alleged combining of two story lines.

  • Perry Terrell


  • Rick Daversa

    The Thing (1951)!!!!!

  • Dog888k

    There was a Hitchcock Presents story about a Southern guy who bought a jar he became obsessed with, and then he killed his babydoll girlfriend and when she screamed the scene jumped to a guy cutting thru a muskmelon with a cleaver.  At the end of the show the girl’s hair was in the jar.

    • jrd

      I’m so glad that you posted this. I saw that episode when I was eight years old and could remember bits and pieces of it (mainly seeing the back of the head in the jar) over the years, but I could not recall enough about it to search for it online. I thought that it had been on the Twilight Zone. I did not even think about the Hitchcock productions.

  • Beowulf_grendel

    My 2 choices are ” the house on haunted hill ” which I saw as a toddler in the theater. They had skeleton coming down wire into the audience & I still remember diving under my seat. The other was “It” which I saw on either Creature Feature or Chiller Theater . It was really the inspiration for Alien & was pretty intensive scare for the time

  • Raven111cats

    Zombies of Mora Tau.  I was pretty little and their faces scared me.  Now I just laugh.  Also, Rodan.  I was little and saw those eggs hatch and it scared me.  With that  one also, now I just laugh.

  • Dee_6760


  • Intlwebb

    The Body Snatchers.  I was afraid to go to sleep for a couple of weeks.

  • Raygun1

    I was born in 1947 on a farm in North Carolina. You could lay out under the stars and see the Milky Way and thousands   of stars undeflected by city lights and lots of them appearing to be falling. It was a time that felt scary  because of the fear of  atomic nuclear blasts, reports of  flying saucers and limited communications so the imagination could run rampant.I remember going to the movies and being scared by three movies The Phantom form Space, The Thing That wouldn’t Die and It Conquered the World.Although today they are cheesy and laughable, they scared me.

  • judy le normand

    freddir Krouger

  • Dee_6760

    Michael Myers in Halloween

  • Elaine

    The movie that scared the Bejezies  out of me when I was a young girl was “Killer Shrews”.  It was played late on Friday night on Chiller Theater.  I still do know what my parents were thinking to let a little girl stay up late with her little brother and watch scary movies!

  • fluffdegoss3

    The Shining actually scared the crap out of me. The theme music alone gave me the creeps.

    • Phil Troy

      That’s from the Dies Irae movement of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, I believe. It’s also incorporated into some of the music for the Sondheim musical, Sweeney Todd.

      • John

        The Latin hymn “Dies Irae” (Day of Wrath) dates from centuries before Berlioz’s use, though I like the final movement of Symphonie fantastique because I get the distinct impression Berlioz toys with the hymn along with the program topic: “Songe d’une nuit du sabbat” (Dream of the Night of the Sabbath). My favorite recording is an old one, with Charles Munch conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra…it’s a riot!

  • Steve Nicewanger

    A 1956 Drive-In movie called “The Werewolf” with Dan Megowan and Steven Ritch. There was a transformation scene about half way through that scared the poop out of me. My mom got mad at my Dad for taking us to see the movie in the first place and my Dad was irritated with me for not going to sleep in the back seat along with my younger sister

  • Chett56

    I was about 6 years old and our movie theater had a canned food drive, 1 can for a free Saturday afternoon movie. The movie, “The Creature Walks Among  Us”. When they took the bandages off of him and he did not look like the Creature and he did not look like a man, well that was scary enough for me. I ran all the way home from the theater crying and had nightmares for awhile. Now at 56 years old, its one of my faves….

  • Chett56

    Dustin Hoffman setting in that dentist chair…..”Marathon Man”……That still gets me even when I think about it now.

  • Bazz

    Dracula with Bela Lugosi and the 1950’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Saw these movies under the age of 12 and would look under the bed for a pod.

  • Bob62

    “Night of the living dead” (1968) I was 6 and with sister and her boy freind at the drive-in. I jumped up in the front seat and wouldn’t let go of sis.

  • Rhill3850

    Pretty tame stuff now but when I was a kid The Mummy scared me to death.

  • Filkins_c

    Isaw “THE EXORCIST” when it 1st came out, stood in line for 3 hrs, and it scared the living S–T out of Me, had nightmares for weeks!

  • Comicbookal

    The Brides Of Dracula (1960), The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961), The Time Machine (1960), The Day Of The Triffids (1963). There were quite a few others but these particular ones are among my favorites and saw each one upon their original release in theaters. I had nightmares for weeks after seeing Brides Of Dracula and Curse Of The Werewolf both of which were produced by Hammer Films of England……

  • dog888k

    When I was a little kid and we got a TV in c. 1954 the local TV station in Omaha would run the trailer for Creature from the Black Lagoon, and I was scared of seeing the creature appear out of the water and then would be seen swimming underwater with the girl in his arms. I was frightened by the Creature.

  • Frank1168

    The original Frankenstein, Swamp Water, Psycho(Perkins, Leigh et al)

  • Tsagiglalal

    -My mother took me to the Starlite Drive-In in The Dalles OR for a double feature.  We saw “The Birds” and “Psycho”.  I was about 12 and part way through “The Birds” I hopped over the front seat to the back.  It took awhile for me to get into the front again but I got there before “Psycho”.  That was scary too. but not like “The Birds”.

  • Robert M. Preston

    Movies that scared me were:  “PSYCHO”,  “THE BIRDS”,  “HOMICIDAL”,  “WAIT UNTIL DARK”,  “HALLOWEEN.”

  • Evelynne

    “The Tingler”, still can’t watch it; and the original “Phantom of the Opera” with Lon Chaney Sr.

  • Bjodrie

    The Indesructible Man(1956)With Lon Chaney JR,Marion Carr,and Casey Adams.

  • Karen

    The “Night of the Living Dead” and “Them” with James Arness about mutant ants.    We lived on the edge of town and after watching these movies I would not go out in the dark. 

  • Larrykandel

    the original thing from another world with james arness  and invaders from mars

  • dude1936

    The Wolfman with Lon Chaney.  I was scared to go outside after dark after seeing that movie

  • Llmathies

    The movies “The Blob” and “Thirteen Ghost” the original done in the 1950’s.

  • Mac Boy

    Got to be “War of the Worlds” …… We had a ’49 Ford and the tail lights were the same as the death ray on the flying saucers …. !!  Scared the H*** out of me when Dad turned on the directional signals in the garage …..

  • Fjblume2000

    “The Killer Shrews” — They looked too D**ned much like Collies!  My brother was scared spitless by “The Black Scorpions”

  • Melanie Aguiar

    Boris Karloff’s “Frankenstien” still to this day can not watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irene Childs

    the other with uta hagen, also burnt offerings.  dark secret of harvest home was a scary bette davis and also the nanny.  too many to mention

  • annie1958

    Psycho & The Exorcist

  • azviewer

    “The Bad Seed” and “Shadow on the Wall” gave me bad dreams as a child. “The Werewolf” was also spine tingling!

  • John M

    “The House of Wax”…..didn’t sleep for a week.

  • roy

    when i was a kid iwent to the movies almost every saturday it seemed it would always be a vincent price movie pit and the pendulum scared the living crap out of me

  • Josie

    I do not know where else to ask: 50/60s sci fi/horror that has octopus-like thing that at master’s command squeezes guy’s head. Thing flew and was about the size of a dinner plate. Someone must have seen this.

    • Skip

      Hello Josie, the only one that I myself can think of was a 1957 movie called “Not Of This Earth” which featured a scene where an alien masquerading in human form pulls what appears to be crumpled paper from a slender glass tube which morphs into an umbrella shaped creature that is sent to kill a doctor that the alien wants eliminated because said doctor was on the verge of divulging the alien’s existence on earth to the local police authorities. The creature is seen floating through a window and lands on the doctors head completely covering it and squeezing it until he collapses onto the floor as blood can be seen dripping from underneath the creature still covering him….Directed by Roger Corman and starred Paul Birch as the alien menace. Really gruesome for this time period and actually was kind of surprised that it was still allowed and not cut by the censors before being released to theaters and eventually television……

  • Suzi C

    Can anyone remember the title of a late 70’s/ early 80s movie that involved a little ghost girl.. I think it was a lodger or someone who had come to visit or stay and he would see her knocking on a door in the hall during the night or she would climb into the bed beside him. Really creeped me out as a kid and I’ve been searching for it for years with no success.

  • Debra Roddy

    The Exorcist scared me so much, I’ve seen it once and will never see it again. It’s the worse movie ever made. Terrible, not worth seeing at all.

  • Ub

    Mine was hush hush sweet Charlet with Betty Davis

  • Rockie

    Ditto on The Time Machine. I had to call my mom to come get me…I was absolutely terrified! But I very young and had not read the book. Today, of course, a classic. As to the ’02 version…forget about it!
    Also, The Attack of the 50-foot Woman, which I watched on late-night tv. Had nightmares for days. Go figure!

    • Bruce Reber

      Actually, I found AOT50FW to be silly, not scary. To me the only thing scary about TTM were the cannibalistic Morlochs.

  • Pretorious

    Curse of the Demon scared me to death when I saw it in a theater in 1958. I saw the movie again in the 1980s, and the way the black magic theme is presented in the still bothered me. The demon caused controversy, but it is still one of best looking monsters on film.

    • Charles M Lee

      I found Curse of the Demon to be very terrifying as young child. They way it appeared out of this eerie fog (if memory serves me right) and came right at you.

      • John

        The director didn’t want to show the demon AT ALL. The producer thought otherwise…

        • Charles M Lee

          I am so glad the producer’s will prevailed. I have to find time to watch that again now.

          • John

            Same director…check his CV, for he was an accomplished one…had a very different idea about the “gremlin” in the original Twilight Zone episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” and the author of the source short story, Richard Matheson, agreed with him. Instead the producers hired a young man with TV but no FX experience to date: Richard Donner.

  • Goldenlobo

    I agree with many of the postings, especially The Exorcist, Halloween, and Night of the Living Dead. As a young teen, I was pretty blown away by Them too. But one I don’t see that left a lasting impression me was The Day of the Triffids (not sure I spelled that right!). Book was equally unsettling. Another that kept me up many nights was The Amityville Horror (I lived at the time in a house that looked very much like that one). Very scary. The Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond almost never failed to terrify. I still love scary movies and am very fond of the Paranormal series.

    • Bruce Reber

      Yes, you spelled Triffids correctly, and that is a truly scary movie – giant killer plants go on a rampage after most of the world’s population is blinded by a meteor shower! I have the DVD. There was also a TV version of TDOTT (BBC I think) in the late 80’s.

  • yoda ono

    Attack of the Mushroom people was pretty creepy, especially when you’re only 9!
    And this episode of, I think maybe the 70s Swiss Family Robinson?, where this white fuzz that’s super painful to touch suddenly appears one day and starts spreading all over the island. Finally I think they discover water makes it go away & miraculously, it rains!
    The eyeball scene from the Mansterhaunted my mind for years after I saw it as a child.
    A few old episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea were kinda scary, like the one where these GI Joe dolls turn into real soldiers, the scary part is where this weird purple wriggling plant drops onto one of the good guys. Another episode that was freaky has the main characters returning to the sub only to find the entire crew has been turned to skeletons, and one taps the captain on the shoulder. Then they had another episode where essentially the same thing happens, only the crewmembers have been turned into what appears to be little missiles or bombs sitting in their chairs (not scary, just silly).
    Amityville Horror was pretty scary, and the episode of the Waltons where the one daughter is in the throes of adolescence and conjurs up a poltergeist. And another episode where the grandkids evidently see (& talk to) grandpa’s ghost up on the mountain – some of these “family” shows in the 70s / early 80s could be pretty intense! (Little House on the Prarie had some pretty rough things happen to the characters!)
    The rape scene from The Entity is without a doubt one of the most chilling scenes from a horror film.
    The final scene from the original Friday the 13th where the girl wakes up in the canoe made me jump the first time I saw it (I didn’t see THAT coming!)
    Lastly, the 1982 version of The Thing… holy crap… talk about disturbing! That goes way beyond the effects, it’s just sick.
    Oh yeah, the Creeping Death with… was it Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee? … was pretty freaky. The final scene where he’s locked up in the asylum saying “you have to believe me!” and we see his hand, was chilling!

  • Fred B.

    You hit the nail on the head with “The Thing From Another World”. I was 10 years old when this film opened and the theater was packed with kids. I remember it was the Midway theater in Forest Hills N.Y. When the guy threw the electric blanket over the block of ice with the “thing” buried inside it and the camera panned from the blanket to the cord and followed the cord to the outlet and you saw it was plugged in, about half the kids headed for lobby and it wasn’t to get popcorn. When the guy is sitting with his back to the ice and it’s dripping and then a shadow appears on the back of the guy, I think the rest of the kids { including me } hit the floor, scared stiff. To this day I remember that scene and loved getting the living daylights scared out of me….

  • Footcenter

    I got to experience the Tingler first hand, but my biggest childhood jolt was definitely House on Haunted Hill, where they ran stuffed skeleton suit down a wire into the aisle during scene where Vincent Price’s wife’s bones came out of vat of acid. I was 4 or 5 at the time & the skeleton got stuck on the line right next to my seat. I remember looking over to it, screaming & ducking under the chair! Still I have much fondness for good B horror films into my late 50’s thanks to , Castle, Corman, Hammer & of course chiller theatre & creature features.

    • Charles M Lee

      I didn’t have the skeleton experience but when I was young I thought that was one of the most frightening movies I had ever seen. But when I saw it as an adult, it was more like a comedy to me.

  • fbusch

    Watched “The Crawling Eye” last night, a strange little flick, not nearly as scary as when I saw it as a kid!

    • Charles M Lee

      Yeah I actually own that movie and some other 50’s horror. Now I am old enough to see how phoney the monsters look in “The Crawling Eye” and it is not so scary.

  • Debbie

    I own a set of “Eye of the Beholder” dolls and a Zanti Misfit.

  • Debbie

    I would have to say that “Invaders from Mars” and “The Thing” scared me the most. Two movies that made me sick were “Caltiki” and “Lord of the Flies”. I still can’t watch “Lord” 50 years later. Ditto with “The Exorcist”. Never sat through the whole thing and never will. A quarter of the way through the movie it was “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”! I couldn’t get out of the theater fast enough.

    • Tami Grover Hance

      Oh wow, how could I leave out Lord of the Flies! I made myself watch the new remake, which was also good, but I’m like you, I still can’t get through the old one! Kyrie Elaison, everybody!

      • Bruce Reber

        That eerie chant from the kids in LOTF – “KILL THE BEAST, KILL THE BEAST, KILL THE BEAST”!!!

  • AGB

    There was a made-for-tv movie called NIGHTMARE ON THE 13TH FLOOR with James Brolin and Louise Fletcher some may be confusing with the Twilight Zone Episode, both of which are unnerving. However, I do remember seeing BLACK SUNDAY and having the holy sugar scared out of me the first time I viewed it with none other than the Queen of Horror, Barbara Steele.

  • Jane

    I found the Hitchcock tv show where a prisoner is trying to escape, (I believe it was Edd Byrnes) and sets it up with the prisons grave digger to be put in a coffin and taken out of the prison. He winds up in the coffin with the grave digger at the end and gets buried alive!!! Scary!!

    • Jeanie

      Yes, that episode scared the hell out of me as a kid. Also, the episode called The Jar.

  • Rusi

    Christopher Lee’s “Horror Of Dracula”, which I saw as an youngster, scared the daylights out of me. I visited the theatre for an evening show and I went home shaking in my boots.

  • taylor401306

    The 2 movies that scared me the most as a kid are “Picture of Dorian Gray” ( that portrait literally gave me nightmares for months.) & “House of Wax”( the opening museum fire).

  • rufnek43

    I was about 6 years old when I first saw Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (1948) which put the two comics up against not only Frankenstein’s monster but also Dracula, the Wolfman, and in the closing scene the invisible man. The scarest scene in that film–and one that can still compete with any modern suspense-horror films–is when Lon Chaney, knowing the full moon is about to change him, orders Abbott and Costello to lock him in his rented room and keep the door locked. Of course, Costello realizes he didn’t give Chaney his bath towels, reenters the room, and is puzzled that Chany apparently has disappeared. Costello hunts room to room for his missing tennant, always just one step and grab ahead of the werewolf stalking him. Even at 6, I knew they weren’t gonna killing off the star so early in the film, but the suspense of that “chase” was palpable.

    I saw the original “The Thing from Another World” at a Saturday kid’s show in my preteen years. In one scene when Dewey Martin’s geiger counter tracks a radiation source to a wood bin, and when he opens the door, a dead dog falls out. We kids jumped so hard that the popcorn flew out of our containers and looked like an in-door snow storm as it came back down. I still love that movie because of its great dialog, staging, and lighting. It’s the Citizen Kane of horror films.

    The scarest film ever made–one I didn’t see until a teen–is the orginal The Haunting, which never shows a monster figure but keys up my imagination with lighting, sound effects, great dialog, and good actors.

  • John Patterson

    Definitely the original”Pyscho”!!
    I was about seven or eight when they showed it one night
    on the late show.
    The scene where they showed Norman’s Mom’s skeletal remains frightened
    the bejabbers out of me!!
    I turned the TV off,jumped in bed,then the next morning,I got up
    and ran over next door to my grandma’s house to see if she was okay!!
    She was.

  • eldersburgrick

    When I was really young THE MAN FROM PLANET X, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, and THE BRIDES OF DRACULA scared the bejesus out of me. When I was a teen THE HAUNTING and THE EXORCIST gave me the frights.

  • Darkkitty13

    I was 6 years old when I first saw Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. Once the head rolled down the stairs, I was done! I also loved Asylum!

  • Johnnie Lewis

    “The Crawling Eye” and “The Wasp Woman” were double billed at our theater once. Two horrors for the price of one, and they both kept me awake at night!

    • Charles M Lee

      As cheesy as it was, I found the “Crawling Eye” to be very scary. There is a very suspenseful scene where the Eye is at the door and a little child is playing with this rubber ball. The hero has to rescue him.

  • Matt Gaffney

    “The She Demons.”

  • Johnnie Lewis

    I remember seeing “The Vampire and the Ballerina” and “The Tower of London” on the same ticket one time. Didn’t know until YEARS later that there SEEMS to be some basis in fact for the Tower of London plot! So scary!

  • Johnnie Lewis

    “Lady in a Cage” with Olivia de Havilland. Didn’t think it was scary until the last scene, but those bloody eye sockets will forever be in my mind!

    • Bruce Reber

      Ms. DeHavilland went the Joan Crawford route with this campy (and sometimes unintentionally hilarious) 1964 B thriller about a disabled woman trapped in an elevator and being terrorized by a gang of thieves led by James Caan. Is this available on DVD?

  • Tjjones

    I remember an early Hitchcock tv episode about a man spending the night in a haunted bedroom. I was 5or 6when i saw it. I’m 62 now and I still have occasional nightmares from it.

  • Gary

    For me it is Rosemary’s Baby

  • ron

    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) the part where the monster pulls of the guys arm messed me up for years it was so bad it was removed when released on dvd you can buy the full movie with the arm pulling off as the uncut verson but even 51 years later i will pass looking at that.

    • Bruce Reber

      At least the monster (the result of the mad doctor’s grotesque limb-grafting experiments) saved the girl from ending up with Jan’s head.

  • Chip Thomas

    The Thing From Another World is still my all time favorite! I measure all others by that movie. Yes there are others….but to me its not the blood and gore….its about the suspense of it. Yes the scene where they are backing away to represent the size of the saucer is awesome. Call me old school…but I love that movie! Yes I have to agree…the fear of the unknown!

    • Charles M Lee

      I agree with you a thousand percent. There are few movies today that scare me. They have replaced creativity and good story telling with graphic gore. It was how the older movies left a lot to our imagination that made them so scary. No one can scare me like my own imagination.

  • Fergo

    “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, an old scary flick from the 1930s featuring Hurd Hatfield and I think Donna Reed, really scared me when I was a kid. The director would cut to this freakish, horrible painting showing the subject getting older and the evil of his youth etched on the painting as the years went by. Dorian still kept his youthful appearance while everyone else around him grew old.
    I had to put my hands up in front of my eyes each time I saw him step forward to take the cover off the picture as I knew what was coming next!

    • Bruce Reber

      The movie was in B&W, but the painting was shown in color, which added to the chill factor.


    I gotta admit, The Thing From Another World is a lot scarier than The Thing, if only because it’s so suspenceful. In fact, Alien and Aliens both stole from it for the scarier scenes! The Monster That Challanged The World is pretty damned freaky too.
    For movies that got me, I’d say Leviathan (no 5 year old should ever see that one), Nosferatu, Phantom of the Opera (silent version), and Nightmare Castle. The later is possible one of the scariest things Barbara Steele was ever in.

    • Charles M Lee

      Actually Alien – according to the producers – was inspired by another old movie and pretty scary in its own right; “It The Terror From Beyond Space”.

  • Mindy Newell

    I was terrified of INVADER FROM MARS, too, even though I watched it over and over, just like you. :-) What was scariest to me was the way the ground opened up underneath the people…I avoided going off the sidewalk (which was impossible during my summers at Camp Monroe, where I would simply run to my bunk).

    Another movie that scared the pants off me was THE GIANT BEHEMOTH…it wasn’t just the “dinosaur” roaming the streets of London, it was the radiation which, uh, “radiated” out from it. And that ending, in which it’s reported that dead fish are washing up on the shores of New York and New Jersey, where I lived. And all the movies in which the “dinosaur” overturned ferries in the harbor also made me throw tantrums on the Staten Island ferry! :-)

    • Charles M Lee

      I loved the Giant Behemoth. That scene where he picks up the car with the man in it was scary. Invaders From Mars had me leery about walking on anything other then the pavement.



  • Carolyn Ferrante

    “The Time Machine” was shown recently on TV. It was a riveting movie, ahead of its time, and Rod Taylor was perfect for the role, along with his supporting cast, including a pubescent (?) Yvette Mimineux. And, yes, it was scary!

    • Bruce Reber

      Yvette Mimieux was hardly pubescent – she was in her 20’s when she starred in “Time Machine”.

  • ANNE

    When A Stranger Calls (The Original), and Silence of the Lambs, Oh! and of course ALL THE HALLOWEENS!!!!

    • Bruce Reber

      The original “Halloween” (1978) was very good, and the next two sequels “Halloween II” (1981) and “Halloween III-Season Of The Witch” (1982) were OK, but after that I wouldn’t give you one dime for the others!

  • Spudsola

    Black Sabbath with Boris Karloff haunted me for years. Everytime I heard a faucet dripping, I would freeze in my tracks.

  • John M

    “The House of Wax”….saw it when I was a kid and didn’t sleep for a week.

  • Boz

    “The Hitch-Hiker” – The Twilight Zone – recurring hitchhiker eventually ends badly. Stars Inger Stevens

  • laustcawz

    This is gonna sound weird, but the opening titles to the TV version of “The Addams Family” scared me to death when I was little. Looking back, I guess I can see why–the creepy music, the gothic b & w imagery, Lurch…

    • Bruce Reber

      Yes, it sounds a little strange to me – IMO the Addams family standing there solemnly snapping their fingers to the very cool theme song isn’t a particularly frightening image.

  • laustcawz

    In “The After Hours”, the elevator actually has 8 floors, with the 9th being only for the mannequins.

  • Tommy L.

    Claude Rains as the devil in “Angel ON My Shoulder”! It was that typically Christian comception of Hell! Of course I was 6 years old at the time, had nightmares for a month!

  • William Donovan

    it wasn’t movie scared me . when I was young , it was episode from classic outer limits . with adam west in the episode . where land the moon and his men were . disaapearing . and space sand sharks .that’s what scared me when I was younger

  • MovieLovingBookworm

    This is an easy one. One of the two movies I played hookie from school to go see (because my parents thought I was too young–I was 13 at the time). Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”

  • roverrocks

    The Pit and the Pendulum with Vincent Price scared the heck out of me when I saw it. I had nightmares. Whoa Nelly!!

  • Trish13x

    I’m looking for a black and white movie I can’t remember the movie or who the characters where or who stared in it I just remember a house with wooden stairs and two old ladies living there with servants they had a piano down stairs Apparently they killed a man by accident and threw him in the muddy pond and at night he came back to haunt them He played the piano but when someone came down it stopped He climbed up the stairs left muddy foot prints and then he hid behind some velvet red curtains in a ladies room and when she woke up she saw him and screamed. It was the scariest movie if any one can help me with a name I would love it.

    • Kathy

      I think the movie you’re looking for is Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. It starred Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland and Joseph Cotten. Very scary and still one of my faves!

  • Vincent J. Anello

    First and best was in early 50’s The Thing, my eyes were closed when he appeared untill the last scene when the killed him. I was about 8 years old.

  • HCUA

    The Iron Mask. Scared the devil out of me .

  • Charles M Lee

    The scariest scene from my childhood was from the original “The Thing from Another World”. There is one scene where they are looking for The Thing, and they open a door and there stands the monster. I was very tentative opening doors for days after that.

  • Charles M Lee

    I found this movie to be very creepy also. Not so much for what was shown, but for what was suggested. If I recall, you never get more than a fleeting glimpse of the Mothman, but you had a sense of his lurking in the shadows, watching and planning. That was very unnerving at least for me. Much more effective than blood and guts..

  • Skippy

    i have to agree that Te Thing From aAnother World is by far as one person dubbed it the Citizen Kane of horror. i was just wondering if anyone had ever seen the Alfred Hitchcock TV episode where there is a person murdering nurses and in the suprise ending a nurse assisting in private home turns out to be the murderer ( of course the nurse is a male dressed as a female) when she changed her voice pitch @ the end and the nurse she was attacking pulled off her wig i about jumped out of my seat what an episode. But of course after my first viewing of Pysco i did not sleep right for days ! how could you ?

    • ToDd gReEn

      this episode of hitchcock was called: “an unlocked window”

  • Jeanie

    Movies that scared me as a kid were Crowhaven Farm, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, Two on a Guillotine, Liegia, and Children of the Damned. Oh, and a few more were Thirteen Ghosts (the original version), Night of the Living Dead, The Innocents, Last House on the Left, and Child of Glass.

    • Bruce Reber

      I remember seeing “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death” on a double bill with “Harold And Maude” in early 1972.

  • NancyW

    I would have to admit that Invaders from Mars really scared me when I was a kid in the 50’s. The Mummy with Boris Karloff was always a creepy thing to watch and still is to this day. I remember seeing scary stuff on Tales of Tomorrow, One Step Beyond, Thriller with the episode of “The Grim Reaper” with William Shatner terrified me, Night Gallery and a show with Kim Darby when she played a newlywed who ended up drugged by some ghoulish creatures that lived in her furnace and dragged her down the stairs and into the furnace, haven’t seen that since the late 70’s. Totally creepy and Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black, the third story had her with a jungle doll that terrorized her in her apartment , you would have to see the episode to get totally scared, almost afraid to go to sleep. I do think that Rosemary’s Baby was scary from beginning to end, it’s not what you see, but what you don’t see! They just don’t make them like this anymore!

    • Bruce Reber

      Let’s hope they DO start making them like that again! The so-called movies being made today aren’t worth a pile of dog crap!

    • Tom K.

      @ NancyW: Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black has a Part TWO ! In one of the three tales that Fierce Little Warrior RETURNS and he is NOT Happy ! Check your T.C.M. Catalogue.

  • facetfact

    “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) – I was ecstatic – it had been a long time since we’d had a good horror movie..

    • Bruce Reber

      “They’re coming to get youuuu, Barbara!”

  • Mar

    Phantasm. I don’t think I could watch it now at 42!

    • Bruce Reber

      That’s one I haven’t seen in quite a while! “Phantasm” came out in 1979, starring Michael Baldwin (Alec and Adam’s brother). I remember the things that looked like beer kegs being sucked into another dimension where there were creepy looking little guys in black hoods running around! Very scary! And that undertaker, like he was straight from Weird City! I’m ready to see it again, right now!

  • Tommy L.

    “Angel On My Shoulder” with Paul Muni and Claude Rains. It was that typically Christian conception of Hell that got me, I had nightmares for a month! That’s pretty good for a comedy, but to a 7 year old, that was scary!

    • Tommy L.

      Beside “Angel On My Shoulder” there was ” The Man in The Iron Mask”, the 1939 version, with Louis Hayward! The thought of being strangled by that mask over time, due to beard growth, was frightening!

    • John Fraraccio

      Viewed that on public TV very recently. Agreed, the undercurrents outweighed the laughs…Muni is scarier than Rains…and the production stories scarier still!

  • Hufhruhurr

    The original King Kong was always one of my favorites. However, to this day I refuse to watch The Exorcist, although I imagine it is fairly tame by modern standards.

    • Bruce Reber

      There are quite a few (including myself) who’d take issue with “The Exorcist” being tame by today’s standards. In fact, it could be argued that TE set the stage for the slasher/gore movies of the 80’s through today.

  • Uncle Phil

    THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS scared the “YELL” out of me. Peter Lorre as Hillary was sensational. I’ve seen it several times as an adult and y’know……it just doesn’t scare me any more.

  • wallyz

    Creature from the Black Lagoon. I was about 8 the first time I saw it on saturday afternoon Creature Features or a like program. My sister said I shouldn’t be watching it, that it would give me nightmares. I was fine til I went to bed that night, couldn’t forget it! Took a long time to get used to swimming again.

  • Bruce Reber

    There is an all-but-forgotten movie titled “Pyro” that I saw on my local (Washington, DC area) TV station when I was about 9 or 10 years old. It’s about a pyromaniac (someone who gets off on starting fires and watching them burn) who gets severely burned by one of his fires. I remember seeing that he had third-degree burns all over his body (but still survived), and that he looked like a giant lump of charcoal. Needless to say, it scared the (expletive) out of me!!! I think “Pyro” was a European movie. Does anyone else remember it, and is it available on DVD? As far as I know it’s never been shown anywhere on TV since I saw it in the late 60’s. I’m a fan of the old horror movies, and I’d really like to see “Pyro” again.

  • Dave

    Night of the Living Dead, my friend and I were about 12 when we went to see it at night when it first came out. It really scared us. On the way home we got to his house first and I had a block to till I got to mine. I asked him to walk half way to my house he said no a ran into his, Thank’s friend.

  • dirkwrestler

    PICTURE MOMMY DEAD with Zsa Zsa Gabor and HOW AWFUL ABOUT ALAN with Anthony Perkins and Julie Harris — think they were both Made-for-TV

    • dirkwrestler

      Picture Mommy Dead, who can forget that creepy little girl singing: The Worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your mouth! Chilling…….to a youngster, that is.

      • John

        Now listen to the final track on the original release of The Pogues’ album If I Should Fall from Grace with God. That truly is the drummer’s voice…

  • Bruin18

    I was aTeenage Frankenstein

  • Shirley

    The next voice you hear-scared me as a child, guilty conscience? Exercist, Invasion of the body snatchers, War of the worlds.

  • roy eckert

    first time i saw psycho a little B+W tv in the safety of my own home , scared the crap out of me

  • FalmouthBill

    Invaders from Mars [ I wouldn’t walk on sand for a year]
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original, [ I had a neighbor with a Watermelon patch that I gave wide berth to ]
    War of the Worlds, the original [ I can still see the Martians veins pulsing]
    It Came from Outer Space [ the music, made with a kinda electronic zither]

    • Bruce Reber

      The instrument for the “music” (tonalities) in ICFOS is called a Theremin (named for its inventor, Leon Theremin, who developed security devices for the Russian government in the early 20th century).

  • Bill Heyer

    Yeah, “Invaders from Mars.” Also, “Psycho,” “The Haunting” and “House on Haunted Hill,” too. Today, there’s TOO much emphasis on blood and gore. Don’t gross me out, scare the hell out of me!

  • Lucius

    The original ‘diabolique’…..

  • ursula

    believe it or not—–abbott and costello meet frankenstein!!!! and now as an adult—I love it…

  • Tim Aebi

    As a young kid – no contest – “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” – used to drive my dad crazy – “Turn it off” – then back into the room – “Turn it back on!”. When I was older, and in high school, I have to admit that the 1st time I saw “Jaws” I was freaked out – totally. I’d read the book and loved it, and also loved the film (still one of my faves). However, that night back in the 70’s, after waiting in line for hours and seeing this magnificent film, we went back to the hotel (on vacation) – I have to admit (again) I was freaked out swimming in the pool that night! A testament to great film making. It wasn’t the effects (as we all know) but the incredible sense of apprehension and ultimate terror Spielberg created. I still watch it often, just for the performances from the wildly talented cast. What a great film. My 2 cents!

    • Bruce Reber

      You’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn! LOL!

  • John Harrill

    Without a doubt, Night of the Hunter. I still see those scenes in my mind so many years later. Undoubtedly the most terrifying movie ever made.

  • Stargazerlily17

    Frankenstein, I was 6 and my stupid sister took me to the Astoria lowes with her friends. Boy was my mom livid! I slept with her for months afterward lol

  • Elizabeth

    The Time Machine with Rod Taylor

    • John

      A fine film, and far superior to its remake.

  • jayalay

    “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors.” A little-remembered movie about a fortune teller on a train who tells six passengers the way they would die. I believe it was the first movie to feature a severed hand of a dead man that relentlessly stalked its enemy. Let me tell you… I was only 9 years old and my sister 12, and we were scared WITLESS watching that movie. Couldn’t sleep all night because we were sure the hand was creeping around the room coming to git us!

    • Brenda Smelser Hay

      The Hand scared me to death! I was sure it was hiding under my bed……

  • DMB fan

    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. I was only 6 years old but I can remember her head on that table like it was yesterday!!

    • ludo

      I think that that was the first gore that I ever saw – and evidently remembered – when that guy got his arm ripped off and there’s that blood trailing along the wall…

  • Hollywood

    Let see, Jaws. I was 6 my Dad took me to the theater to see it. My parents were divorced and I lived with my Mom. I remember being awake and still seeing parts of the movie as if they were happening to me. Seeing the shark coming around my bed, screaming and sweating as if I were dying.

  • Mayka

    Psycho. That is why my shower does not have curtains but glass.

    • Tom K.

      @ Mayka: They make a ” Norman Bates ” shower curtain that is clear from the your shoulder height on up. Hampton Inns has them in many of their Motels. Wouldn’t take much for Norman to just slide open a glass door – he wouldn’t even have to put down that BUTCHER KNIFE ! I know – I know, after Psycho, I took lots of BATHS !

      • Bruce Reber

        It’s fairly easy to open a shower curtain with one hand also, which is exactly what Norman Bates did in “Psycho”.

  • William Donovan

    planet of vampires

  • James Hill

    For me there were two – Burnt Offerings and Phantasm. I recently watched Burnt Offerings with my daughter (a double feature with Let’s Scare Jessica To Death!) and still found it to be pretty creepy – especially the chauffeur! Phantasm though still creeps 42 year old me right out!

  • swordfish

    straight jacket joan Crawford ax murdess though she is innocent and come and get me frank lovejoy movie

    • Bruce Reber

      The movie w/Joan Crawford is “Strait Jacket” (1964), one of the camp thrillers she made towards the end of her career – I’ve seen it many times. I’ve never seen “Come And Get Me”.

  • pat

    Frankenstien scared me even into my adult years. Thank goodness for Mel Brooks’ film it really helped. The other one that really, really scared me was, “The Thing” – not the re-make. As an adult who could forget the “Exorcist”?

  • LaurieO

    There is an image from a black and white movie I saw as a child in the late 60’s early 70’s on TV that is all I can remember of the movie. There was a very creepy bare branched tree on a hill and a boy and a girl (maybe 10 -12 yrs old) It may have been set in a country like Romania, Russia. I still get chills when I see a tree like that. Anyone know what the movie was? I know, not much to go on. Such is the memory of childhood

    • craftingtwin

      might be one of the riginal catwoman movies with Jean Simone. one started with a childhood memory of a faimly curse with two kids looking at a tree. when you got closer to the tree it was full of lepoards

      • John

        Curse of the Cat People? And say this about Simone Simon: You quite involuntarily watched her every move…

  • Badger8284

    The original George Pal “War of the Worlds” gave me nightmares for years!

  • soft soap

    I couldn’t go swimming for a long time after seeing THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON!!

    • Tom K.

      @ soft soap: There was recently an outdoor screaning of “Creature from the Black Lagoon” at Wakulla Springs State Park, where the movie was shot. The screen was not very far from the water. The actor / athlete that played the creature was there to either meet the audience OR scare them. I don’t know if the creature came out of the water at some point during the evening, which would have been PERFECT ! I really like that movie and the musical score was good too, especially when the “creature” would show up.

  • coolray

    the scariest movie i saw as a kid was The House of Wax starring Vincent Price

  • sam

    salem’s lot gave me nightmares!

  • Heidi Lynn McDonald Stetler

    There was one with Bettie Davis that lived with her son in this big house that kept coming alive and killing people that lived there. A creepy hearse driver kept showing up with the creepiest twisted grin on his face. I can’t remember the name of it, rats! Anybody know which one I’m talking about?

    • ron

      Burnt Offerings with Bette Davis, Oliver Reed. 1976

      • Heidi Lynn McDonald Stetler

        That’s it! thanks you Ron. Scared the sh- – out of me!

    • Thomas Lesniewski

      burnt offerings. i love that damn film.



  • Monique LaCosta

    The movies that scared me when I was young was the truestory murders. In Cold Blood, The Boston Strangler, Helter Skelter, Also, The Exorcist. Rosemary’s Baby, The Man With the X-Ray Eyes, Jaws, Fatal Attraction is kind of Scary.

  • NadaTall

    I have no idea what the title may have been. At some point during the early 1960s, this black & white film that looked like it was probably made in the ’50s ended up on a Saturday afternoon TV matinée, back when CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS constituted the entire viewing spectrum and no one seemed to put much thought into weekend programming. My mother was watching this movie, which what I now think may have been about a woman with multiple personalities. She looked like a relatively typical housewife most of the time, but when the other personality appeared, the producers and makeup team gave her face just enough of a demonic appearance to be pretty terrifying; and they used a filming technique to make it look as though this ‘evil twin’ was emerging from the woman’s body, taking a step or two out and then suddenly standing next to her. It creeped me out for years!

    I also had some issues with Bette Davis in “The Nanny.” I saw this when I was about eight or nine. A few weeks later, unaware the film had affected me in any way, my father tucked one of my dolls into my bed shortly before I was ready to go upstairs for the night, thinking it would be a pleasant surprise. But when I turned on the light in my room and saw a baby-sized head on my pillow, I let out such a blood-curdling scream that both he and my mother came running to find out what was wrong. I think somewhere in the movie there must have been a scene with the baby girl being drowned in the tub, and something about the doll just lying in the bed may have resembled it enough to associate it with that. I’m not sure, but I’ve never felt the urge to rent that movie and find out!

  • Rainydays

    black and white film i saw in the very early ’70’s about a hand being cut off and it being in a fishtank. something about railroad tracks too…. (i was only about 4 or 5 when i saw it) does anyone know the name ??

    • craftingtwin

      there were several. one with peter lori, i think it was called the beast with five fingers.

      • craftingtwin

        another one was called the crawling hand. There was also one about a pianist who was in an accident that messed up his hand. it had to be cut off and it started killing for revenge.

  • rodahaco

    Two that come to mind….Dracula’s Daughter and I was a Teenage Werewolf, lost sleep on those.

    • Charles M Lee

      Oh Yes “The Birds”. No one mastered the art of subtle and suggestion like Alfred. I was afraid to go outside for days after seeing that.

  • Mike

    I was born in 1940, and I have seen almost all of the good ones. In my case, the one film that totally spooked me for about two years was “The Man From Planet X” with Margaret Field, Sally’s mom. Edgar G. Ulmer was the director. He also directed “The Black Cat” with Lugosi and Karloff.

    • Charles M Lee

      The Universal monsters are what laid the foundation for the horror genre in motion pictures. All hail movie horror’s founding fathers, Lugosi, Karloff, and Chaney.

  • Johnny Sherman

    “Invaders From Mars”—I checked my parents’ necks for a week, looking for injection marks

    “The Killer Shrews”—starring James Best. I just knew those people would never get off the island with all those ratty-looking things chewing up everything in sight.

    “[title?]”—-a spaceship crew is being terrorized by a beast on board their ship. They finally kill it, as it is pounding through a door, by exposing it to gas or oxygen, or something similar. Can’t remember the title—maybe someone remembers this space thriller???

    • Brian

      The movie was “IT, the terror from beyond space”. The beast(Alien) was killed when they removed all the oxygen from the spaceship.

      • Johnny Sherman

        Thank you!!

    • Tom K.

      @ Johnny Sherman: ” The Killer Shrews ” is one of my nephew’s and my favorite Bad Movies to watch and make fun of. We both felt sorry for the dogs that played the shrews. That movie should have won an award for ” Worst Costuming ” !

      • Charles M Lee

        Yes that movie was so bad, but in a good way. LOL. As a child it scared me, I have it on DVD and these days it is like a comedy.

      • Bruce Reber

        The most hilarious part of TKS was those people under upside-down garbage cans to keep from being eaten by the shrews!

    • jbourne5181

      johnny, it was called “it, the terror from beyond space”

    • jbourne5181

      it, the terror was also james camerons inspiration for the movie “Alien”

    • Charles M Lee

      Yes as everyone has said “It The Terror From Beyond Space”. That movie scared me stiff. Did you know that the movie Alien was inspired by the movie?

      • Johnny Sherman

        From “It” to “Alien”—that’s quite a bridge in movie making.

        • Charles M Lee

          It is, but if you think about it, it is the exact same concept only broadened in its scope. Ridley Scott said he was basically remaking “It”

          • Johnny Sherman

            And the well-known “The Seven Samurai” to “The Magnificent Seven”. Next step—-“A Bug’s Life”.

        • Joyce Buckley

          Alien promises but I don’t like the long wait to actually see “the goods.”

    • Winchester73

      That might be “IT! The Terror From Beyond Space” with B film star Marshall Thompson.
      I and many others believe it was remade as “Alien”. Speaking of Thompson, he starred
      in one of my favorite B-horror/sci-fi pictures “Fiend Without A Face”. One of several he
      made in the U.K. in the late fifties. The films’ climax depicts Thompson and friends
      hold up in a house being attacked by disembodied brains- spines still attached. When
      it’s discovered that an out -of- control atomic reactor is responsible; Thompson comes
      up with the novel idea of blowing up the reactor with dynamite!

      • Bob Baggott

        I can’t believe how frightened I was by “IT! The Terror From Beyond Space” nightmares for weeks… it looks so cheesy now but 50 years ago i was petrified. And I can’t belive anyone else saw it. As for “The Crawling Eye” where’s my hatchet…

  • williamsommerwerck

    The Evil Queen (disguised as a peddler) scared me quite a bit. As an adult, I realized that children are often scared by the grotesque — including things adults find comic.

    The only film (I recall) that scared me as an adult was “The Haunting” — specifically, the scene with the loud banging noises and the door distorting. (It is, by the way, a poor film. Every time it starts getting scary, the script allows the tension to dissipate.)

    • Joyce Buckley

      The Haunting was more a mental horror rather than visual. It promised but did not deliver for me. I think I prefer a brief buildup and then a graphic attack a la Psycho which never fails to unnerve me.

  • sherlock

    Many of these movies you mentioned are on TCM all this week. I actually own many of these flicks. Can’t get enough, and that face in the window of the plane scared the hell out me back in 1960’s on Twilight zone, never forget it. Just watched the Tingler the other night, and Halloween III season of the witch”. Best of the Halloween movies in my opinion.

    • Tom K.

      @ sherlock: Twilight Zone: ” Terror at 20,000 Feet ” ( or 30,000 ft. – whatever. ) with pre- Star Trek, William Shatner. Only Shatner saw the ” Gremlin ” on the wing !

      • sherlock

        if I remember he opens the curtain and the Gremlin’s face is right in the window. 40’s years later and I still can’t get that face out of my head.

        • Charles M Lee

          Ditto, one of classic TV’s most terrifying moments

      • jbourne5181

        just so when you’re talking Twiliught Zone with friends [i’m not critizing you] it was called “nightmare at 20,000 feet

    • Joyce Buckley

      The syfy channel has run a Twilight marathon on July 4th for the past couple of years. I never, ever will tire of it. Genius!

  • Chuck

    Sometimes it is just one particular scene or event that freaks you out. Visiting my new girlfriend we were watching “The Indian in the Cupboard”- fairly tame except for when the rat jumps up from between the floor boards and I exclaim, “That’s one big f’ing rat!”- blew my whole cool-guy persona.

  • KarenG958

    I have 4 –

    My parents took us to the drive in a lot, and they’d assume we’d fall asleep before the main feature. Well, I was still awake when The Birds came on, and hid under the back seat of the car, I was so terrified! I was five at the time.

    Then my mom worked the concession stand at a drive in for a while, and would bring us to work some nights. The first feature one night was The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, which was a horror/comedy with Don Knotts, which was already kind of scary for an eight year old & her five year old sister, but then the second feature was The Skull, which was a real horror movie. We were too scared to sit & wait in the car, and ran into the concession building to be with her. I think that may have been the last time she took us to work with her.

    Then when I was in junior high, this tv movie, Crowhaven Farm, about witches, seriously terrified me. I’ve never seen it since, and didn’t really understand the whole movie at the time, I just knew I was really, really scared, and didn’t think I’d ever get over it. Anybody else remember that one?

    The last one was Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black & the little statue. I’m sure lots of folks remember the little warrior doll chasing Karen around with his spear. And that ending – yikes!

    • Ellen Christy Snyder

      I remember Crowhaven Farm- scared the heck out of me when I was a kid! It was one of those made for TV movies on ABC. My sister and I loved that movie- but it was so scary! That scene when they killed the “witch” by laying stones on her while she was under a board was really terrifying.

      • Tami Grover Hance

        So THAT’S what that movie is called! I remember that scene with the witch vividly! I was making a poster for a homework project and that was on TV; I don’t know which family member tuned it in. Never knew what it was called until now, thanks!

        • KarenG958

          Sounds like we three girls must be all about the same age!

      • Joyce Buckley

        Whoa, I have never seen this one either. Ran over to my Netflix again but they don’t offer it…oh nuts.

    • Tom K.

      @ KarenG958: I’ve seen that little warrior dude many times – he’s is a frightful little guy. I’ve got news for you – the Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black has a Part TWO with three MORE tales of Terror, one of which has the return of that FIERCE Little Warrior. I highly recommend it. I went on-line and ordered both Part One and Two.

      • Joyce Buckley

        Whoa, I have never seen Trilogy. Had to run over to Netflix and put it in my queue. Karen Black passed this year.

  • SunniD

    Saw the Tingler when I was about 10 years old. Scared the crap out of me, I was afraid to get in the shower or close the bathroom door for about a year.

  • SunniD

    Saw a movie at the drive-in and never got the name of it. A guy had been killed in Viet Nam but some how came home and no one knew he was dead. He strangled a dog in his yard and tried to kill his girl friend in the back seat at the drive-in. Then he ran over a bunch of people at the drive-in. It was really creepy and very scary. Wish I knew the name of this movie.

    • ludo


      • SunniD

        That’s it ! Thanks Ludo

  • Chip Thomas

    Wow….so many good memories on here!! Mine would be The Thing from another World, The Time Machine (Rod Taylor), The Blob, and The Forbbiden Planet.

    • jbourne5181

      Forbidden Planet is certainly one of the best all time anReplyd with a great cast to boot

  • Brenda Smelser Hay

    The movie that scared me the most when I was a little kid was “The Hand”. I was always convinced it was under my bed at night in the dark and would look down around the sides of my bed constantly. LOL

  • Ellen Christy Snyder

    The original “Night of the Living Dead” was probably the scariest movie I had ever watched while growing up. Rosemary’s Baby also is very scary to watch, I saw it as a
    young teen and was terrified!

  • fredsw

    The movies that kept me up all night were a Roger Corman double feature: Not Of This Earth (the original starring Paul Birch) and Attack of the Crab Monsters.

    • sherlock

      just watched Attack of the crab monsters the other night on vhs tape. I saw it when it came out at my local theater now long gone. part of the atomic monster movie craze in the 50’s. some of the best si-fi movies came out during this period.

    • jbourne5181

      you’re the 1st person i’ve ever heard mention the “attack of the giant crab monsters” i’ve loved that movie from the first time i saw it. that goes for “not of this earth” too. you and i are on the same horror wave length. amazing!!!!!!

    • williamsommerwerck

      “Not of This Earth” is one of those rarities — a cheap Corman film that’s actually pretty good. I was frightened by the umbrella creature.

  • Tom K.

    The Twilight Zone’s ” Eye of the Beholder ” was a brilliant production. Most of the ” Zones ” were well written, had great actors and were technically well done. Another of my favorite “Zones” was called ” The Obsolete Man ” with Burgess Merrideth. Obama Voters need to watch this one again and again. They should show this one in our Government Schools.

    • Charles M Lee

      One could say the same thing about Republicans. Can’t we keep politics out of here and just have fun remembering the old movies?

  • Tami Grover Hance

    Black Sabbath traumatized me after seeing it at a matinee with my brother and sister one rainy Saturday. The dripping faucet bit still gets to me. The part I had nightmares about the most was the vampire story at the end. Other nightmare-inducing movies for me were The Hand (we’re talking nightmares again as an adult!), The Body Snatcher (Boris Karloff), Night of the Hunter (not actually a horror film, but I still get deliciously creeped out by that one- for instance just that moment when Robert Mitchum stands outside the house and calls out in his honey-dripping southern preacher voice, “Chil-dren! Chiilll-dren!” before walking slowly toward the house… I still can’t help shuddering), Creature From the Black Lagoon with it’s wonderful score and underwater photography, and three from Bette Davis: Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte, The Nanny, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?.

    • Joyce Buckley

      Night of the Hunter was very scary and complex to me at first and second viewing. I was prepared for a typical Robert Mitchum film and was perplexed. I couldn’t accept him in this threatening role of menacing children. I have watched it many times since and find it an interesting study. It was far ahead of it’s time that’s for sure.

      • Ellen Christy Snyder

        Nigh of the Hunter is one of my top 5 favorite movies. Did you know Charles Laughton (Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mutiny on the Bounty) directed it? I believe it is the only movie he directed. Excellent movie.

        • Bruce Reber

          You are absolutely correct – it was the one and only movie directed by Laughton.

          • Ellen Christy Snyder

            Oh thanks! Good to know.

      • Ellen Christy Snyder

        I know what you mean. I have watched it many times, Robert Mitchum is so twisted and terrifying in this movie.

  • Tami Grover Hance

    Oh yeah, does anyone remember Night Gallery? The one with Roddy McDowell and the painting of the front of the old mansion that kept changing the burial plot as people would die! That one was great!

    • HelenS

      Yes, I remember it as one of my favorites for it ‘creep’ value.

  • Ellen Christy Snyder

    Another really scary movie I saw was called “The Innocents”. Really well done movie with Deborah Kerr as a governess to 2 children. It is a very interesting ghost story, really scared me as a youngster. I think it is based on the book The Turn of the Screw. I highly recommend it.

    • Carolyn Ferrante

      Ellen — I recently read The Turn of the Screw, and it was creepy as well as great literature. I would love to see the movie you mention that was based on this classic novel. I’m still a bit puzzled about the end…what really happened and why? I don’t want to say too much just in case someone on this thread chooses to read it…so please don’t answer my question.

      • Ellen Christy Snyder

        You need to watch the movie – it is excellent. But I did not read the book, my Mom did and she told me the movie differed a bit from book. The movie is so good, because it is very scary and intense without all kinds of special effects. I do not want to tell you about the end until you see the movie. They show it on Turner Classic Movies every so often.

  • Lizasaurus

    I remember seeing a black and white movie (could have been very late 40’s or early 50’s) about something terrible happening and a teacher told the children to run home. It then focused on a girl and boy and the girl hid in an old refrigerator because she was too scared to go on and the boy kept running. That is all I can remember but I would love to know the name of the movie

    • Joyce Buckley

      Ah yes, I have a vague memory of these two scenes…good one.

    • Lancecorp

      It’s possibly Albert Hitchcock “The Bird”.

      • Bruce Reber

        No, it isn’t “The Birds” (1963), which is in color, has a lot of kids, along with Tippi Hedren and Suzanne Pleshette, running down a road while a huge flock of birds is attacking them. Also, there’s no refrigerator involved.

  • Movie Fan

    I remember a movie called “The Crawling Hand” (?) that scared me silly when I was a little kid. I vaguely remember the plot. What I remember most is that disembodied hand crawling up behind some guy while he’s driving, then jumping on the back of his neck. I had nightmares for a year.

  • jumbybird

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers… both the 50’s and 70’s versions

  • sharsbabies

    an old black and white movie about trees that could uproot and walk around a swamp and something about quicksand that people were pulled into

    • Winchester73

      “From Hell It Came”

  • R Gardner

    The scariest movie I remember from my youth was Horrors of the Black Museum. Every night I would look up and see the guy with what looked like a guillotine blade above my bed, not to mention the binoculars with the spikes that came out when they were being adjusted. Right after that I saw the Hammer film The Mummy and if I was not looking at the blade I could see the mummy coming across the backyard for me.

  • jbourne5181

    i’ve worn out my VHS copy of the original “the thing” from another world. i’m hoping it’s available on dvd as well as “house on haunted hill” and the original “invaders of the body snatchers” these were GREAT sci-fi movies

    • Charles M Lee

      The Thing is available on DVD. I have a copy. I am sure you find one oh the web. I would start with Amazon.

  • Jan

    You hit it perfectly! I love the first ones – never watch the remakes because it is disappointing and a waste of time. My fav has to be the “Thing”. I also loved the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and would watch it every time it was on TV. Of course after that, I had to really keep an eye on everyone else to make sure they were acting normal. I also LOVED a movie called “The Forbidden Planet”, dealing with the mind. That is one reason I prefer the older movies – so many times they only hinted at the terror instead of laying it all out in blood and gore like the remakes do. After all – what you imagine can be a lot scarier than what you actually see.

    • Charles M Lee

      I didn’t think the remake of the Thing was all that bad. It didn’t match the first one, but I liked it. And I am glad you mentioned “Body Snatchers” and you are right I was watching everyone very close. And Forbidden Planet, the first time I saw the silhouette in the ‘force field’ I nearly soiled my pants. You are right about the older movies, they left a lot to the imagination and that was so much more effective than these silly, highly predictable movies they make today.

      • williamsommerwerck

        The Carpenter “remake” is a “make”, not a remake. The Hawks version deviates widely from Campbell’s short story. (And the Carrot Monster looks like James Arness — you can tell a mile away.) Carpenter’s version — though excessively gory — sticks closely to the story.

        Did you notice that Dr Morbius’s monster has a little goatee and a tie like that on his costume? They’re hard to see.

        • Charles M Lee

          Ha ha ha. No I didn’t notice the tie, I did see the goatee though. But it was the fifties after all. They did not have the technology or the budget to do much better. I think they told a better story because they lacked the special effects. I still like it, maybe it is just because its nostalgia from my childhood. The short story – Who Goes There – did not have a monster morphing. It was an entity that simply possessed the host. The closest to the “Who Goes There” was an episode from the X-Files. But I enjoyed your post. Still laughing over missing the tie. Thanks.

    • Georgie

      I agree Jan, your imagination can be a lot scary than what they show. I think the same about books, I read the books and it was so

  • Charles M Lee

    Ah “the Thing From Another World”. That movie scared the daylights out of me. The scariest scene for me, was when they opened the door and suddenly there is James (the Thing) and he swings his arm in attack mode. Oh my God, I was very tentative in my door opening after that.

    Also darn near anything with Vincent Price. “The Tingler”, if you saw it in theaters, they actually had “Tingler Seats” which was some kind of hidden device attached to the theater seats to make them tingle when the creature was shown. Was it scary? Lets just say from watching each other we kids knew who’s parents swore!!!

    Thank you for conjuring up these wonderful old memories.

    • Bruce Reber

      The gimmick that director William Castle used for “The Tingler” was called Percepto, in which selected seats in the theater showing the movie were wired to deliver an electric shock at a scary moment in the movie, hopefully inducing the audience to “scream, scream for your lives!” to stop the Tingler from attacking.

  • Charles M Lee

    You mentioned “The Monster That Challenged The World”. That movie had – in my view – one of the all time scariest moments. The part where the guard at the canal hears a noise and goes to investigate. For several minutes he prowls around then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere the creature grabs him. I was sitting in the front of a neighborhood theater (remember those).

  • tammie

    the movie that scared me the most as a kid was “the house of was” with Vincent Price. it still scares me to this day and i’m 48 years old.

    • MohawkChieftain

      You must mean the old 3D movie: “The House of Wax”. It was great!

  • Bruce Reber

    Thanks Tim, I’ll have to check it out. I was starting to think I was the only one who knew about “Pyro”.

  • Showman’s Daughter

    These are all classics from a past age, but have never been equaled: The original “The Thing” (w/James Arness, believe it or not,not the later version), The Beast with Five Fingers, The Picture of Dorian Grey,” The Mummy (w/Boris Karloff). Best ghost story: The Uninvited w/Ray Milland. As others have said below, none of them depended on green ooze dripping down the walls or skeletons jumping around – and no gore. Where have people’s imaginations gone to?

  • maria

    when i was a child my dad took me to see blue sunshine . well that was scarry enough but the second was worse . don’t know the name but it was a salem witch hunt movie i think ? anyway they they had some supposed witces in a cart and they were pitchforking them . i still have nightmares at 50

    • movieirv

      The film you speak of may be The Conqueror Worm aka Witchfinder General with Vincent Price. Blue Sunshine is a wild film about drug experiments gone awry years after they were used.

    • Joyce Buckley

      I think maybe you refer to The Harvest which had some gruesome scenes.

  • Joyce Buckley

    The original wolfman imprinted me, as a child, with fear and fascination for years. I think it’s at the root of my chronic insomnia.

  • Joyce Buckley

    Good and thorough article, thank you.

  • williamsommerwerck

    Let’s add “Fiend Without a Face”. The ending — with the creatures crawling in the trees — is one of the creepiest in any film, ever.

    • John Fraraccio

      I second that. Stop-motion animation imported from Germany, I do believe.

      • williamsommerwerck

        Yes. Very well done. I wonder if they considered hiring RH. He probably would have turned it down as excessively gory.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Way back when television was in its youth; I’m referring to the early 1950s, there was a LIVE scary show, very simple in its presentation, which had creepy stories. I clearly remember one which just showed a wooden barrel with a flat top on it. At all times someone had to be sitting on the top to make sure “it” never got out. Of course, one time someone, out of curiosity, did lift the top and look into the barrel. I believe a hand came up and pulled the sucker in. This was over 50 years ago, and I still remember this simple but scary scene.

    • pomgirl

      Like your barrel story, I remember a B&W episode of some TV show where a man married this woman and took her to his home. She was told not to open a well that was covered. Of course, she took the cover off the well and a demon escaped. As I recall, it was a black thing with a long tail and pointed ears. Scared me. Anyone know what show this was?

  • billy bedlam

    Carnival of Souls,House on Haunted Hill,Them & The Blob

  • apinelli66


  • Heisenberg

    The original scream terrified me as a kid I was so afraid of ghost face coming to stab me at night. …now the movies just make me laugh. But there’s a movie I remember seeing as a kid about these creatures that looked like stingrays attached to someone’s back and turned them evil I’ve been wondering what that movie was for so long

    • Bruce Reber

      Probably “It Conquered The World” (1958) and the remake “Zontar: Thing From Venus” (1966).

  • bkathryn

    I didn’t want to close my eyes and fall asleep after seeing “Invasion of the body snatchers” scared the living shit out of me!!! the remake in my opinion is not as good

    • Bruce Reber

      I’ve got the DVD – one of the true sci-fi/thriller classics of the 50’s, directed by Don Siegel. The Pod People – an eerie metaphor for 1950’s “Your next door neighbor could be a Communist” paranoia and social conformity.

  • Lancecorp

    Yes, the Body Snatcher; The Hand; various Twilight Zone episodes. Let’s not forget Karen Black movie Burnt Offering; it was made in 1970 but a great film. I am looking for a film that terrorized me for years; however, I cannot find it. I believe it was called The Black Cat; however, each version of Black Cat movies I’ve seen is the wrong one. The one I looking for is the one when the lady is attacked by many cats at the end and turned into a Skeleton while laughing. Stephen King’s Sleepwalker is not the film. If anyone know where I can find the film and the name of the Director I would appreciate the info.

    • Dapaga

      I think I remember an episode of “Night Gallery” that was similar to this

    • Toast

      There was something like this in “The Uncanny”, I believe.

    • Bruce Reber

      “Burnt Offerings” came out in 1976, and also starred Oliver Reed and the legendary Bette Davis.

  • Reginald

    The original ‘The Thing’ had the perfect plot ,at the perfect time in Sci- Fi history. It was totally believable When the severed arm of the creature ingested the Husky’s blood it started to “move” and a rise in temperature.. Some sick scientist was right on the money when it came to scaring people . Love those scary flics

    • edro3111

      I’m with you on that movie Reg. Scared hell out of me when I watched it late one Saturday night on TV when I was a 12 year old!

      • Reginald

        I still haven’t’ ruled out this could really happen. lol  Well at least we would know how to kill it  I saw a were wolf movie with Anthony  Hopkins that was  the best done  werewolf movies I had seen

    • hypatiab7

      i think the arm was budding.

      • Reginald

        It had seed pods in the palm and the hand was digesting the sled dogs blood

  • Toadie

    I need help with a movie, here is the synopsis that we know of can you help?

    It has man in a black suit that wore black sunglasses with White eyes. He would pull his glasses down when he looked at u and do something with his eyes to u. He drove a black car that was the shape of the Bonnie and Clyde era..MADE WE THINK ANY WEAR FROM THE 1940’S TO 1960S NOT SURE

    If you know it please email me at ty

    • comicbookal

      The name of the movie that you were referring to was called “Not Of This Earth” and was released in 1957! Here is a plot synopsis for you as follows:

      After a nuclear war, the people of the planet Davanna suffer from an incurable blood disease. One of its citizens (Paul Birch) is sent to Earth to examine the blood of the human species on its usefulness for Davanna’s dying race. The intruder has adopted the name Mr. Johnson, conspicuous only for his oversensitive ears and his sunglasses, which he wears even in the dark. The sunglasses hide his blank, white-eyed stare which kills his victims by burning their visual organs and brains.

      Johnson hires nurse Nadine (Beverly Garland) to look after him in his house. Her boss Dr. Rochelle (William Roerick) is under Johnson’s hypnotic spell after he found out about his patient’s peculiar blood cell structure. Johnson’s plans are disturbed by the sudden appearance of a woman from Davanna. She asks him for an instant transfusion because her physical condition has decreased rapidly. Johnson breaks into Rochelle’s office, but by accident he steals a probe of a rabid dog. The Davanna woman collapses in the street and dies at the hospital. Nadine’s friend, police patrol man Sherbourne (Morgan Jones), tries to question Rochelle, but the doctor is speechless under Johnson’s spell. Johnson kills Rochelle for cautionary reasons, but Nadine, the next person in danger, manages to call the police. Johnson flees in his car, followed closely by Sherbourne on his motorcycle. When Sherbourne rings his siren, Johnson, distracted by the sound, drives the car off the road and dies in the crash.

      After Johnson’s funeral, Sherbourne and Nadine stand by his grave, which bears the inscription “Here lies a Man who was not of this Earth”. While Sherbourne expresses mild compassion for Johnson, whose driving force was the rescue of his planet and its populace, Nadine refuses any kind of pity. They leave the gravesite. A mysterious man appears at the site, walking straight towards the viewer. Like Johnson, he wears the same sunglasses and carries the same distinctive case (which contains transfusion equipment). The film was remade again in 1988 starring ex-porn actress Traci Lords (as “Nadine”) and again in 1995 starring Michael York……

      • Toadie

        Ty so very much I so appreciate your help

        • comicbookal

          You are more than welcome! Actually the original 1957 version of “Not Of This Earth” was one of my favorite (of course there are many others from that decade also that I enjoy too!) “B” sci-fi flicks. I can vividly remember when it was shown on the New York television stations WWOR- Channel 9 and WWPIX- Channel 11 numerous times in the very early 1960’s. Another really good ( but considered “cheesy” now) one was “The Trollenberg Terror” (U.S. Title: “The Crawling Eye”) that use to scare the “yell” out of me but I would still watch it each and every time it would come on. Anyway, “again” , your welcome my friend and glad that I could help……

          • williamsommerwerck

            Your summary neglects to mention how Johnson kills the doctor. It is a gruesome scene, and quite horrifying. I won’t spoil it.

            “Not of This Earth” isn’t a great film, but it shows what can be on a low budget with a good idea and a decent script. “A Bucket of Blood” is another example.

  • DB

    Hello…I have a question about a television episode from the 1960s or, perhaps, earlier. It was in black & white and may have been part of a series like Thriller. A woman has died and another woman has come to the home to take care of her body for burial. She ends up stealing a ring from her finger, and then is later haunted by her ghost, who is always asking for her ring. The thief hears dripping of a faucet, and I believe she is in a rocking chair at one point. The ghost appears to float towards her asking, ‘where is my ring?’ or ‘my ring, my ring.’ This episode could have been an hour long, and, as I recall, it may have been titled ‘The Ring’. It also could have been shot as a period piece, not in modern day. I have searched for this episode and I have had no luck. I realize this isn’t a film, however, I thought you may know it or direct me to a site that would know. At the time, it was very scary. I saw it on TV in the Los Angeles area…in the 1970s, as a teen. I still love a great horror/scary/ghost film (not many [great, that is] produced these days). I always watched Thriller, Night Gallery…also enjoy sci-fi greats: The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Loved that ‘Trilogy of Terror’ with Karen Black. Hope you can help with my question.

    Thank you in advance…D

    • glen

      Black sunday . It’s a triology of short films

      • glen

        I’m sorry it’s called Black Sabbath

      • DB

        Hi Glen. Thank you for your reply, too. Black Sabbath. Boris Karloff.

    • Frank Imburgia

      The movie your asking about was one of my favorites made somewhere from early to mid sixties called – BLACK SABBATH. It was a movie hosted by none other than Boris Karloff and the movie had three seperate stories. The first was as you described, a female doctor at the turn of the 20th century pays a housecall to prepare a dead woman’s body for the next day funeral. She see’s a very expensive ring on the corpse’s finger, decides to steal it not knowing that this dead woman was in life an evil witch. Later that night the corspe comes back from the dead to take the ring back scaring the doctor literally to death. The next story moves up to the current 1960’s (when the movie was made) where a beautiful Italian prostitute keeps receiving eeirie phone calls from her ex – a man who was executed after she reported him to authorities about another murder, and he threatens her increasingly with each call warning her that she will be dead before dawn. Other things occur in her apartment that night but finally he appears to her ready to kill her, but she takes out the knife she has under her pillow and thinks she has killed him. Then the phone rings once more and it’s him again saying now he will haunt her forever. The third story stars Boris Karloff himself. The setting is in the 19th century in isolated rural Europe somewhere. It’s about “Verdilacs” which are eastern European Vampires which Boris is now one himself after killing off one. His family suspects he is now a verdellac and he kills them off one by one – even a child turning them into verdellacs. Looks silly now, but scary to kids back then.

      • DB

        Hi there, Frank. Just now saw your reply to my post. Yes…thank you so much for remembering this! Black Sabbath…I sort of remember the other stories, as you have described them. Love Boris Karloff. I could not remember the name of the show for the life of me! Thought it could be a Thriller episode but that panned out. Thank you so much for the reply!

  • chrijeff

    A “movie that scared you” doesn’t have to be horror or sf. I’m told that when I was little, and was taken to see a rerelease of “The Wizard of Oz,” when Margaret Hamilton in her green skin appeared I started screaming and had to be taken out. I’m also told that the first time I saw “Fantasia” (likewise in rerelease), the Mountain Devil in the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence scared me.

  • TGS

    ahh i’ve had a scene in my mind from a horror movie i saw when i was younger, and i cant remember the movie. the scene was it was night and a guy was kissing this girl against a tree and i think one of them started oozing out black blood from their mouth and the girl might have been not human or something i cant figure it out. it wasnt a really old movie like black and white or anything it seemed good quality

    • DB

      Hi there. Sounds like the 1963 movie, ‘The Terror’, starring Boris Karloff, as the Baron & Jack Nicholson, as Lt. Duvalier. Also, Sandra Knight (Jack’s, then, wife) played ‘Helene’/ghost of ‘Ilsa’. This film had five directors including Roger Corman and Francis Ford Coppola. This movie seemed really scary to me too, as a teen in the late 1970s but when I bought a VHS copy years later, well… not so much! Look on IMDb for complete details, and while your there, check out the first CRITIC REVIEW from 366 Wierd Movies by Alfred Eaker, it’s a good explanation. Also, in one of the photos, you can see Helene’s face starting to melt (looks like chocolate to me). You can find this on bluray now. Hope this helps.

  • zeepies

    I can remember a black and white movie that had a hand with an eye in the middle of the back of it. The name of the movie escapes me.”The Fly” was the movie that terrified me as a kid.

    • Kurt

      Invasion of the Saucer Men

  • Lisa Revard

    Hi, I hope someone has an answer for me. I used to watch all those “scary” shows, like Kolchak & Night Gallery, so my question is: I am trying to figure out which show had a character that we kids called “spaghetti head”.
    I know it’s not from Kolchak, which I first thought, so I’m hoping someone else remembers it and can help me. All I know is it gave me nightmares.

    • Shanekt

      Could it be the Night Gallery episode called, “The Different Ones”?

      • Lisa Revard

        Thank you for replying. It might be…it was so long ago, but I looked at a pic & the people were pretty creepy-looking.

  • helen willis

    To me, those movies were very funny. Psycho was not funny. That’s the king of creepy movies.

  • Chris LaBoy

    movie where a group of people think they have a box containing a monkey but it is really a monster

    • monkey


  • wakawaka

    What was that 80’s movie with a blob thing and at first they were feeding it unopened canned food?

    • Michael Cabanes

      the stuff

  • NavyVet6468

    Growing up during the 50’s my friends and I went to lots of saturday afternoon movies. My cousin Bonnie, and I always went together. Besides the horror films of that time, ‘Pyscho’ was the one that scared us the most! We saw it at a drive-in movie one summer night, it had just came out. When we got home, I was afraid to go into the bathroom. Bonnie, told me the next day, taking a bath would be an act of courage, for her!

  • BabyFirefly

    I’ve been wracking my brain (and burning up Google) trying to figure out a movie I saw as a kid. The only thing I remember is the opening scene – dark screen with the back of a woman’s head in the center. There’s a narrator who’s using some variation of “it’s only a movie” as the head slowly turns around. I think… when the head turns to face the viewer, that it’s a skull, but I honestly can’t recall. I saw this on tv probably in the early 80s. I’ve found a lot of movies with that tagline (and most I’ve seen) but none are this film as far as I can tell. Several years ago I found a clip of that intro on youtube but I’ve since lost track of it. Any help would be appreciated!

    • GeorgeDAllen

      Maybe you’re thinking of the trailer to Suspiria? It has all of the ingredients you’ve mentioned (though not all occurring at the same time):

      • BabyFirefly

        Interesting that I’ve seen Suspiria a dozen or more times, but have never seen that trailer! A good guess, but that’s not it. I’ve found about 6 films that all had that tagline and none started with this scene. I know I found the link years ago, and knew it instantly. I just wish I’d saved it somehow. I was babysitting my cousins at my grandmother’s house in NJ at the time (yeah, we were ALL scarred and made several panicked calls to the restaurant lol) so possibly it was something that the local tv station played prior to horror movies. I can’t imagine I was younger than 10, so it probably would’ve been 1979-82. I’ll keep looking and will post the link if I ever find it! Thank you, George!

      • CardboardCutOut

        Was it The Last House on Dead End Street?

  • Arwen

    There’s this movie that terrified me as a child where these kids were left alone at home (one may have been a babysitter) and all of their greatest fears started to plague them one by one. I remember a dark hallway and and one of the children being attacked by bugs…has anyone seen anything like this? It’s really bothering me that I can’t remember. Thanks!

    • Dapaga

      I’m pretty sure it is “The Hole”

  • Tracy

    Help. I need to know the name of this modern horror move. Kid looks out the window at night and sees this human like demon or creature crawling on the grad with long limbs and crawls on all 4’s. Another part where the guy wakes up in bed and sees glowing eyes in the corner of the room and this thing comes at him with his mouth open with sharp teeth. I think the neighbors or neighbor wants the family to give into this creature thing.

  • Brandon

    Interestingly, horror movies have not scared me until I was much older, but there are films (or shows) I saw on TV when I was a kid that stuck with me ever since. There was one where this ghost cladded underneath a blue bed-sheet visited this woman, I remember seeing it in the hallway creeping up the stairs, and then it finally floated to her room, the woman (seen laying in bed in a pitch dark bedroom) said something, can’t remember what, and then it flew to her, and as she was still in bed, she stared up at it, screamed and fussed, trying to kick it away with her legs, but it didn’t go anywhere.

    Another involved a woman cooking something in her kitchen, the woman was wearing a bathrobe/raincoat, and had a pet (I think a dog), the woman opened her almost empty refrigerator and found a can of dog food. She begun to eat the dog food while kneeling on the ground, and as the small dog rushed into the room. The woman stared back at it and growled with this gruesome greenish face. The third I saw a few years earlier, had this young teen walking in a vacant classroom. As she was walking to the front of the class, a disembodied head flew across the room, eventually landing on its corpse, which was seen laying down in front of the front desk, the head and body were still alive. Never found out these titles.

  • Brent Hager

    I Have been searching for a tv show episode about a man (perhaps a killer) who s Hell is reliving the same annoying things over and over. HELL People showing picture slides, his wife nagging, etc……

    • Gary Cahall

      Brent, I think what you’re remembering was a 1971 Night Gallery installment called “Hell’s Bells,” with John Astin playing a long-haired hippie (!) condemned to an ultra-square parlor with bad wallpaper, Lawrence Welk-type music, a elderly sofamate who can’t hear what he’s saying, and a couple with their vacation slideshow. Astin also co-starred with Phyllis Diller in another NG tale, “Pamela’s Voice,” where he murders her to silence her nagging and cackling laugh….needless to say, it doesn’t work.

      • Bruce Reber

        IMO “Night Gallery” was a grade-B knockoff of “Twilight Zone” (both series created and hosted by Rod Serling), but NG had a few good episodes.

  • krunchifrog

    When I was 7 I happened upon a black and white film (TV show?) which I think had three vignettes, but I only remember two. One featured a man at a grand party or ball and he was wearing a fancy suit and a lizard mask. He has problems breathing and eventually falls down a sweeping staircase. The next screen is mostly black except for a small rectangle of light in the centre of the screen. You realize it’s a little window in a coffin as you see the faces of mourners leaning over the coffin. You can hear the occupant start to panic as he realizes he is trapped. Then the little window in the coffin is covered by dirt, increasing until all is black. The second vignette involves a group of hunters. I have no recollection of where they were, but one of the hunters falls and breaks his leg or gets a leg or foot pinned and he is stuck as hundreds of spiders descend from the trees to overcome him. I saw this in 1975 or so. Does anyone recognize it? I’d love to know what it is called.

    • Tony Frazier

      I’m wondering if you’re remembering two different movies, perhaps shown in a double feature. The party scene sounds like a scene in The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971), in which one of the party guests has a frog mask that slowly crushes his head as he ascends a staircase. The other film might be Frogs (1972), which featured the wildlife on an isolated island being incited to attack the humans. There is a scene in which a man in the forest is attacked by a bunch of tarantulas.

      • krunchifrog

        Ooo! Thanks Tony! It may well have been two different movies. Now I’ll try to find them and see how well my memory works.

        • williamsommerwerck

          Mr Frazier is absolutely correct about “The Abominable Dr Phibes”. He’s probably right about “Frogs”, which I haven’t seen in many years.

          • Bruce Reber

            “Frogs” stars Ray Milland as a wheelchair-bound industrialist who has gathered his family at his island home in Florida for a 4th of July/birthday party. One by one, they are decimated by various swamp creatures (snakes, alligators, lizards, turtles and humongous bullfrogs) who are having their revenge for the pollution of their habitat. Definitely not a movie for herpetophobes – I have the DVD and watch it when I want a good fright.

  • The Mofessor

    My favorite thing about that scene is that the cop shows back up, with a rifle in his hand, just a minute later. I always point it out to people and we have a good laugh! Beast is one of my very favorite films.

  • astrogirl

    Do you know the movie where a woman has a beautiful face and there is something going on with it, but in the end, she is riding in a convertible and her skin get dry. This is when they show the horrifying reality of her true face. It looks burned, chewed, dead, decomposing . . . I can still see the image in my memory. It was in the 60’s and likely black and white. I remember the title of the movie as ‘The Face’, but I cannot find any references to it, so I probably have the name wrong.

    • John Fraraccio

      A bad lead is better than none. I’m thinking The Wasp Woman but to be fair I haven’t seen that since I was yay high.

    • ToDd gReEn

      could it be ingmar bergman’s “the magician” 1958 also known as: “the face”?

  • Tsagiglalal

    -My mother (who loved scary movies) took me to the drive-in to see a double bill of The Birds” and Psycho”. I started out in the front seat with her but about half-way through The Birds” I was solidly in the back seat peeking over the front seat. I can sit through them but they still make me a little queasy 50 years later.

  • Roger Womack

    The Tingler !

  • Dee

    Anyone remember a movie with a silver woman? She scared me and my sister so badly, we were seven and in North Carolina, that I lied to my parents when we got home, told them I didn’t want to go to bed because of a purple elephant in the room. Poor silly little kid me. You never know what your kids might be watching at their friend’s houses.

    • Brandon

      Did the woman turn into stone, and did the movie featured some sort of behemoth creature that breathed fire?

  • tom

    The Crawling Eye and House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. I can still see my reactions now as I type this when I was a kid, I wouldn’t turn the light out for two weeks on The Crawling Eye. Now, seeing it again, I look back and see how much of a fool I was! ha! re Haunted Hill, I saw that in Pittsburgh, PA never realizing that I would someday live in Los Angeles and see the house, the Ennis House, that it was filmed in.

  • Deanna

    I was terrified as a child after watching a movie where a man went into a funeral home and the body sits up and then a cut off hand comes up thru the floor trying to grab his foot. Anybody have an idea what movie this was?

  • craig

    You are right on. The Haunting may very well be the scariest movie ever made. It is brilliant. it terrified me as a child. Julie Harris is tremendous and Richard Johnson is a great ghost hunter. Black and white definitely helps. It still bothers me when I watch it today. Remake is a joke; designed for people who don’t think much.
    Why can’t anyone make good movies anymore. outside of a few directors? Commercialism explains part of it. The Thing from Another World is also a great movie. Carpenter’s remake is a pale imitation.

    • williamsommerwerck

      Are you aware that Carpenter’s “remake” is actually very close to Campbell’s short story, whereas the Hawks version is a cheap dumbing-down that completely loses its original point? I was never frightened by James Arness in a giant-carrot costume.

      • hypatiab7

        Aurness back then. But, yeah, I never knew that big,menacing carrot men
        wore black jumpsuits.

    • hypatiab7

      Is that the one with the walls breathing in and out? That spooked the hell out of me.

  • Del

    I am looking for a movie. A man who meets a woman and I can’t remember whether they marry but he takes her to his home at the top of a winding road where he lives with his mother. I think her name is Helga and she is in a wheel chair. He turns out to be the nurse, with a wig, and Helga ends coming down the chair lift on the stairs and when it hits the bottom HER HEAD COMES OFF. I’ve been trying to find out for years what that movie is. I saw it around 1974/75 at the drive in.

  • Adnan Lycan Zigic

    Can someone help me i have been trying to find a movie that i was scared when i was little.The movie is something about a mouse or rat with a human face that make people kill babies by the order of a witch an old woman that feeds of babies bones or something like that….plz if someone knows what’s the name of the movie answer

    • GeorgeDAllen

      Well w/o a frame of reference as to when you were little — the story sounds like HP Lovecraft’s “The Dreams in the Witch House”; there’s the 1968 Boris Karloff/Barbara Steele movie “The Crimson Cult,” though I’m not sure the rat is in that one (help anyone?); for the more faithful adaptation, look to the “Masters of Horror” episode directed by “Re-Animator” helmer Stuart Gordon. Which is out on video:

  • Sal

    Can someone help me with a name of a movie. I saw it at a drive in theatre one night back in 60’s. It was about a man getting burned to death and he comes back to take revenge against his wife and her lover I think. I don’t remember the plot to well because I was 7 or 8 years old and hid in the back seat for most of the movie but the guy comes back for revenge all burned to crisp and it just gave me the willies, I slept with the light on days.

    • John Fraraccio

      Was it Karloff? Try Die, Monster, Die!

      • Bruce Reber

        Or it might have been “Pyro”, one of the movies that really scared me when it saw it on TV when I was about 9 or 10 YO.

        • Niki Lambro

          I’m looking for a movie I saw as a kid. It seemed to be british, maybe made in the sixties but set in say the 1800’s about a girl who is beheaded and the man she uses to find her a new body. I remember her head speaking to him……I would love to get my hands on this one. Scared the hell out of me.

          • GeorgeDAllen

            Hm, this may require some extra assistance from the readers if this title doesn’t fit the bill — but the first (and only, after doing a cursory search for “disembodied head” movies from 1960-70) title that comes to mind is The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, which is from 1962 but isn’t British-made nor set in the 19th century. There is, however, a disembodied, talking gal’s head and the doctor trying to find her a new body. You can see the artwork for the film here, where we have it for sale…

            And you can also have a look at the trailer here to see if this creepy/tacky frightener is the one you’re trying to remember:

  • Terry Powell

    A movie that scared me as a kid was The Shuttered Room. Saw it a couple of years ago on dvd and it was pretty weak. Another was Bucket of Blood which scared me as a kid but now I think is pretty funny.

    • williamsommerwerck

      It’s supposed to be funny. Dick Miller gives a performance far better than the film deserves.

  • John Fraraccio

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers…as in THE original. For the very first time this unsupervised young ‘un asked himself, “What DOES happen when I fall asleep?” Took about a week before my parents noticed I hadn’t wanted to find out…

    • Bruce Reber

      Beware of the pod people – they could be anyone, and they’re coming for YOU!!!

  • John Fraraccio

    Okay, friends, after reading all of yours…and I do mean all…try to top this: Sleeping Beauty. I couldn’t have been four years old, my mother took me to a big, dark theater in West New York, NJ, and when Maleficent turned into the giant dragon I burst into tears, ran screaming into the lobby with my mother in tow, and could only be placated by a conical paper cup of grape soda from the nearest dispenser. I remember this VIVIDLY…and haven’t watched this since. Moral? You can laugh in hindsight, but be there for the kids…

    • williamsommerwerck

      I remember being extremely frightened by the Peddler Hag in “Snow White”. Though — an adult’s eyes — she’s intended to be comically grotesque, to a four0year-old, she can seem horribly frightening.

      Adults forget that children see the world though very different eyes.

      PS: The Blu-ray of “Sleeping Beauty” is magnificent. Give it a shot.

      • John Fraraccio

        Even The Wizard of Oz had its moments when I first viewed it entirely in B&W. Oddly, later seeing it in color helped take a little bit of the edge off…

    • hypatiab7

      This isn’t about a fantasy or sf movie, but …. I was very young when my mother
      took me to see “Lady and the Tramp” There’s a scene where a dog catcher’s
      wagon runs over the sweet bloodhound Trusty. I totally freaked out, thinking
      Trusty was dead. I got down on my knees, wrapped my arms around one of my
      mothers legs and wouldn’t let go until she convinced me that he was going to be
      all right. Sure enough, the next scene showed Trusty with a bandage on his leg
      and surrounded by his friends. All was right with the world. But, that was pretty
      scary for a little child. Dragons never scared me, but that speeding dog catcher’s
      wagon did.

  • caramaharaa

    does anyone remember a movie (saw it on TV–maybe a TV movie–not sure if it was in theaters.) In the 60s or 70s, I thought William Shatner was in it. Basically, a teacher visits a remote village somewhere, and teaches children who all drag their feet when they walk around. The teacher makes them stop and they start flying around. Anyone?

    • GeorgeDAllen

      The made-for-TV movie you’re asking about is “The People” from 1972; it was executive-produced by Francis Ford Coppola (his father Carmine supplied the music score) and starred Kim Darby (the original Mattie Ross in the John Wayne “True Grit”) as the teacher. Shatner is in the film, too. Unfortunately it appears to be currently unavailable (in any kind of legitimate or quality release, at any rate) — though if you pop by YouTube you can probably locate a pretty subpar-looking upload of the film.

      • John Fraraccio

        …but if you’d like to read all the stories written by Zenna Henderson about The People, NESFA Press publishes an anthology.

        • GeorgeDAllen

          Thanks for the added detail! I just looked over a little info about Henderson & the People stories; looks like they would be ripe for resurrecting in the movies — though I suspect the plots aren’t as juiced-up with Big Action as they’d wind up being if they made them for the screen today.

          Here’s the link to the Henderson book’s page on NESFA Press:

      • hypatiab7

        If you can’t find the movie, you might want to read the short stories in
        Zenna Henderson’t “Pilgrimage: the Book of the People”. The movie was taken
        from these stories. Also NESFA has a all the People stories plus one new one in one volume called “Ingathering: the Complete People Stories”.

  • graham2128

    I saw a movie on TV in the early 1960’s (could have been made in the 1950’s) which had UFOs represented by white discs (no features; just white). I believe it (or one of them) crashed into the ocean. Can anyone identify?

    • John Fraraccio

      Could be wrong but two Brit movies come to mind: The Day of the Triffids and Quatermass II (aka Enemy From Space).

      • graham2128

        Thank you John. I don’t think it is either of the two you mentioned. The featureless white UFO’s were quite central to the plot and persisted through much of the movie. It was on TV in Canada as an afternoon movie in the early 1960’s. It could have been Brit, but I suspect it was more likely an American movie from the early to mid 1950’s.

        I appreciate all guesses / suggestions!

        • John Fraraccio

          Truly drawing a blank here. I saw my share of candidate films, and I can cite two that feature flying saucers crashing into a body of water (specifically the Pacific Ocean and the Capitol Reflecting Pool). Could even have been glimpsed in a film serial from the early 50s. It Came From Outer Space features a nice glowing alien spacecraft that passes for a meteor. But, I’d say Stateside TV didn’t really catch on to the phenomenon ’til The (original) Twilight Zone and The Invaders.

          I wonder if Mr Slifkin and the site Webmaster recognize the service they provide many among us who recall film or TV images so vividly but can’t recall the source.

          • graham2128

            Thanks again John. I remember the UFO crashed (possibly near the ending?) into an ocean … not the Capital Reflecting Pool. The UFO looked like the one used in It Came From Outer Space. I think there was more than one UFO in the movie as I seem to recall a scene with UFO’s (white discs) flying in a formation. True it may not have been a movie.

            I sure appreciate the leads… I think we are getting close to identifying this!

          • Bruce Reber

            I think the movie you’re referring to is “Earth vs.The Flying Saucers” (Columbia 1956) – the flying saucers were the creation of stop-motion animation wizard Ray Harryhausen. They also crashed into the Washington Monument and the Capitol building.

          • williamsommerwerck

            Nope. Harryhausen’s saucers were not blank blobs.

          • Bruce Reber

            They sure weren’t – in one scene one of the saucers lands, and an alien comes out and shoots a laser-like beam from its hand, destroying the rocket base. The saucers also shot the same type of beam from a gun-like thing under the saucer. In another scene the inside of one of the saucers is shown, with the “memory indexer”, a rose-looking thing that drains the memory from a human’s brain. There is also a flat-screen TV monitor.

          • graham2128

            Thanks Bruce. Thats a good guess but the saucers I remember were featureless white circles / discs.

          • John David Stewart

            Plan 9 from Outer Space?

          • graham2128

            Thanks John. The saucers in Plan 9 were silver / grey. The movie I am trying to identify used simple white discs / circles for UFO’s.

          • Al

            I’m thinking that from what you described that it may have been “This Island Earth” (1955) which did feature a scene where Exeter’s ( the alien who sacrifices himself) saucer ship crashes into the ocean. The white disc’s flying in formation that you mentioned throws me off a little as there was no scene depicting this in the film itself.

        • hypatiab7

          Could it be “Plan 9 From Outer Space? The flying saucers were painted paper plates.

  • bellalee

    Greetings! I am trying to remember a black & white film – late 1950’s – with a blonde woman who is nothing but her head in a glass jar/vat. She talks and orders people around. I would appreciate any ideas you may have!

    • John David Stewart

      The Brain that Wouldn’t Die

      Jan in the Pan was a brunette. The stripper whose body was the target was a blonde.

  • Bruce Reber

    There was a “Twilight Zone” episode (I don’t remember the title, from season 3 I think) where a man finds himself locked in a bomb shelter under New York City with another man who’s convinced that the world is about to end in a nuclear holocaust. He tells the other man to look at a TV monitor and “watch the world shovel itself into a grave”. A second later NYC is destroyed by a nuclear attack – the man goes upstairs, opens the door to the shelter and sees the only thing left standing is the remains of a fountain. Shortly after that he wakes up and finds that it was only a dream. Can anyone tell me title of this TZ episode?

    • John Fraraccio

      “One More Pallbearer,” from the third season of the original series and starring Joseph Wiseman.

      • Bruce Reber


    • DaggettBeaver

      It was “One More Pallbearer,” staring Joseph Wiseman (James Bond’s Dr No himself.) And it wasn’t
      a dream – Radin became insane and sees the landscape as destroyed, creating his own everlasting hell.

  • mike

    Can anyone tell me or give me an idea to what this movie was: When i was little i swear there was a movie where this kid got angry or something then made sometmikehing come out of his moms nose. Any idea what it was

    • John Fraraccio

      The Fury?

  • Kevin Stover

    Hello all, I’m looking for the name of a Sci-Fi movie and the only thing/scene I can remember is that there is this woman who somehow mutates(?) into a creature that when a nurse comes in to check on her, the creature cuts the nurses skull open with a chop of its hand and then starts eating the nurses brain. I think she is being given some kind of injections by the “Doctors” that turn her into this creature but I am not sure. I believe the movie to be a 90’s era movie. Thanks

  • Justin Zielke

    I am trying to remember a horror movie, it was a frankenstein monster type movie, scary as all hell . I saw it in about 1982 and I beleive it was colour and it likely had been made in 1970’s. it had a hammer feel but I checked them all. It had a very waxy looking monster twist a guys neck and throw him out of a window in some type of castle. Looked super low budget. Any help would be appreciated.

    • John Fraraccio

      Christopher Lee’s “waxy buildup” in the lead Hammer installment The Curse of Frankenstein fits your description but I’m not all that sure of the scene. Bear in mind the Italians and Spaniards had their ways with the character too. The Spanish Karloff was a chap named Paul Naschy, and he played more than a few (ahem) hairy roles.

  • Frank Petrone

    Psycho” 1960 I was 14 years old, went to see it with my dad. Remember not getting too much sleep that night, and the bathtub, became a scary place for awhile!

    • John Fraraccio

      My introduction was under the worst possible circumstances…on TV, during a dark and stormy night, and in my home…alone. Know what? I knew of the shower scene but that didn’t scare me. Vera Miles’ introduction to Mother didn’t either. But Martin Balsam’s introduction did, more of a surprise that I frankly should’ve seen coming. And the very last shot of Anthony Perkins was one of the cruelest jokes that genius Hitch ever pulled!

      • Frank Petrone

        He was the ‘Master’ of thrillers, just hearing the screams from the auidience made your heart pound out of your chest!

      • Bruce Reber

        And also some of the chillingest final words (Norman/Norma’s thoughts): “They’re watching me – well let them watch – I’m not even going to swat that fly – they’ll see, and they’ll say, “Why she wouldn’t even harm a fly!”.

  • Greg Jordan

    Wow I love this site! I found it trying to find the name of a movie I saw in the late 60’s. Not sure when it was made, but I don’t think it was BOB. In the movie I saw, some man had encased a beautiful woman in cement, and threw her into a small pond. Not sure if it was a murder mystery or horror but my mind tells me horror. I remember thinking oh no maybe he didn’t cement her then splash there she went lol.

    • John Fraraccio

      If by BOB you mean A Bucket of Blood I keep thinking that…as in the original flick directed by Roger Corman and starring the one and only Dick Miller…but I also keep thinking other filmmakers “improved” upon the premise, and that should lead you on quite the merry chase indeed. Say this about BOB, it’s…well, a product of its time, that’s for sure…

  • David Westhoff

    there was an old black & white horror flick where a guy kills a big fly in his office with a big nail, and doesn’t see the blood drip from this big fly into his coffee and then he unwittingly drinks the coffee turning him into a, if I remember correctly a werewolf type guys…I could be wrong about the werewolf guy but he is changed due to the blood from this big fly or flying thing…ugh I wish I could remember more. it was favorite of mine as a kid.

    • John Fraraccio

      Try Monster on the Campus, though no fly on the wall…

      • Bruce Reber

        “Monster On Campus” was about a college professor who comes into contact with the blood from a thawed-out coelacanth (a prehistoric fish). He then turns into a fish-like mutant and goes on a murderous rampage.

  • Edward Kissel

    Can anyone help? It was a TV movie, about 1970, a young girl was killed, I believe, in an accident and she starts speaking from a portrait they have of her on the wall. What was name?!?!/

    • John Fraraccio

      Something with which to at least start searching: An episode of “Night Gallery” or “The Sixth Sense,” or some network’s movie-of-the-week. I’ll return if I find a better lead.

    • John Fraraccio

      Try an ABC Movie of the Week, “Daughter of the Mind,” starring Ray Milland, and based on the Paul Gallico novel “The Hand of Mary Constable.” Might not truly be on point but I do remember viewing it. I should find the book. (P.S. The movie-of-the-week pilot for “The Sixth Sense” TV series was “Sweet, Sweet Rachel,” and I remember viewing that too.)

      • hypatiab7

        I have a feeling that “Sixth Sense” was cancelled before all the episodes were
        shown. Some of them ended up on “Night Gallery”.

  • da Doctah

    Movie that scared me the most when I was young wasn’t even a horror movie in the conventional sense; it was “In Cold Blood”, from the Truman Capote novel and starring Robert Blake. Something about the way it was told out-of-sequence, with the killers approach to the farmhouse cutting suddenly to the bodies being discovered the next morning, and only at the end after the bad guys have been capture and retell the whole thing in flashback, with the same buildup this time going directly into what happened inside the farmhouse.

    In the more usual horror vein, the original “Phantasm” is what did it. Especially when that steel sphere came flying down a corridor.

  • Heckster69

    O.K., dig deep for this one. Movie in the 70’s.
    All I remember is there is some type of big truck-sized cocoon on the ground
    (that might be alien or not), that at the end of the movie starts glowing and
    pulsing brighter and brighter while everybody is running around in panic mode,
    then this cocoon finally opens up and a big white glowing face appears in the
    night sky! Looks like a type of demonic featureless bright white face. Anyway,
    the “hero” guy climbs a ladder, possibly a big ladder fire engine,
    and starts swinging the ladder towards it while he is standing in the basket.
    He gets closer and closer while the face gets bigger and bigger (but of course
    the face doesn’t do anything but look at him…) and he eventually runs right
    into the face and they both explode! That’s when I ran out of the room scared
    to death. (yeah, young…) Any stab in the dark with this movie? Been trying to
    figure this one out for years…

    • Gary Cahall

      I could be wrong, Heckster, but I think the movie you’re talking about is Quatermass and the Pit, a 1967 Hammer Studios sci-fi film that was called Five Million Years to Earth in the U.S. London subway workers find strange skeletal remains and what turns out to be a Martian spacecraft buried deep underground. The ship triggers ancestral memories in the minds of anyone near it, causing citywide panic, and the climactic scene features a building crane being swung into the psychic energy field. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available on home video, although Movies Unlimited does have a 1958 made-for-British TV version:

      • Heckster69

        You absolutely NAILED it!!! Just watched the original 1967 trailer on youtube. That was it! Thanks!!!

  • Sandie S

    Hello, this one has been bothering me for a super long time. The movie was a black and white, my parents went to the drive in, us kids in the back and we were not allowed to watch the movie. But, I was able to see the movie in the glass reflection anyway, ha ha. The thing is, the movie scared me for a super long time, all my little child’s mind can remember is that there is an formal fancy entryway into a home/facility, a man is in a wheelchair, some discussion with other people in the room but then he turns himself into a sword, and kills himself and guts were seen, gross! For the life of me, I have no idea what this movie was called. Could have been 1963-67 range of time…but my time frame on this could be wrong if it was an older movie. Anyone know? Thanks!

  • themechanicalchrist

    Looking for a 1950’s movie. People are abducted by fish humanoids,
    resembling The Gill-Man, and taken to undersea lab. A young couple, girl
    was blond, break free. They see a scientist or Dr. turning people into
    the fish humaniods as slave. I think the Dr was an Asian actor.

  • Quiggy

    I had nightmares once after watching the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz… Does that count?

    • John

      You bet it does. That tornado too.

  • Julie Hunt

    I am trying to find the name of a horror flick from the early 70s? All I remember is a Dr. sitting Dow to open a letter and finding a beating heart. P.s. Love this site.

    • John

      Tales from the Crypt, the ’72 Brit film version, its episode with Peter
      Cushing. Oh, yeah, I remember that one too. Want to watch the grandaddy
      of them all, find a GOOD print of Dead of Night. Every so often TCM
      broadcasts it.

      • ToDd gReEn

        hey john do you mean dead of night with the vietnam soldier in 1974 or the dead of night anthology from 1977?

        • John

          I mean Dead of Night the 1945 Brit movie (Ealing Studios) with five or six (depends) vignettes, all connected. Veddy British…but it sticks around long after viewing…and one part of the story arc prompted at least one world-renowned cosmologist to come up with an alternative to the Big Bang Theory. I’ll bet the filmmakers hadn’t counted on that…

          • ToDd gReEn

            sounds cool i will check it out if i can find it. thanks!

          • hypatiab7

            Is that the anthology with the famous story about the ventriloquist becoming the dummy and vice versa?

          • John

            Well, yes and no…anthology, yes, but the story, no spoilers…though Sir Michael Redgrave could play a character who was both unsettled and unsettling pretty well indeed. The original Twilight Zone episode you may think of (with Cliff Robertson) took a different approach to the story.

          • hypatiab7

            I’ve seen both. There have been several versions done of this story.

  • jeeper50

    Wow I hope anyone out there can help me with a movie I saw when I was a kid. The movie was black and white and took place in the mountains (with a ski resort?) and the monsters were like spiders that lived in caves and would draw people in. One of the more horrific scenes was a shot of the interior with people getting the life sucked out of them by these spider creatures. I remember it being a late 50’s, early 60’s movie. Any help on this one?

    • John Fraraccio

      Can’t be Ice Spiders, ’cause that’s in color. Could be Earth vs. the Spider, in B&W and with a cave but no snow involved. I’m sure there’s an amalgam Out There…Somewhere…

    • Al

      The movie you mentioned is definitely “Beast From The Haunted Cave” (1959). It took place at a ski resort, featured a spider like creature, and was a sort of combination horror/gangster/heist film. It was Filmed in South Dakota and it tells the story of bank robbers fleeing in the snow who run afoul of a giant spider-like monster that feeds on humans. Chris Robinson (who later appeared on the soap opera “General Hospital”) was responsible for both creating and portraying the monster and got the part by way of the original Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine where he won a makeup contest sponsored by Warren Publishing. He was then hired by the production company Filmgroup/Allied Artists to create the creature.The movie itself was directed by Gene Corman who is the brother of Roger Corman (film director of many American International Pictures of the 50’s and 60’s including the Poe series of films starring Vincent Price such as “Pit and The Pendulum, House Of Usher, Tales Of Terror, Masque Of The Red Death, etc,etc……

      • jeeper50

        You’ve made my day! Thank you!

      • Bruce Reber

        Chris Robinson also starred in the 1972 chiller “Stanley”, about a Vietnam vet living in the Florida Everglades who uses his pet rattlesnake to get revenge against his enemies.

  • jeeper50

    Another movie I remember was an late 70’s early 80’s(?) movie about an alien bounty hunter which had a bulbous alien head and various weapons some of which were alive (like jellyfish throwing stars kind of things). It was color and kind of Roger Corman cheap but I would love to see it again. It’s #2 on my list of things I’d like to see again. Thanks!

    • jsc

      That film is “Without Warning” starring Jack palance. The alien is a hunter who throws living frisbees. Then he hangs his prey up on meathooks.

      • jeeper50

        Thank you!!! That’s it!

  • jeeper50

    Ok, here’s another one. I saw this on tv at like one in the morning when I was 8. Scared the crap out of me. I don’t remember the story but it involved three old men who came out of their graves to hunt someone down in a town. They had white eyes that made the an electric crackling sound every time they showed their them or their eyes close up. It might have been part of Night Gallery but I can’t find the episode if it was that. The suspense kept building and the electric sound got louder the closer they came. Granted, I was 8 years old, scared out of my mind at 1 in the morning when I shouldn’t have been watching tv anyway but does this ring a bell with anyone?

  • MohawkChieftain

    During the late 1950s (I think) there was a jungle movie that had a scene where the hero dove into a lagoon or river and the bottom was completely covered with human skulls. It was a really visceral scene and I’ve never been able to forget it… but I can’t remember the name of the movie, or whom that diver was. I’m fairly certain it was in color, as well. Any help out there?

    • Rustle Crow

      There is a scene in “Caltiki” where a diver finds skeletons at the bottom of a pool before being attacked and dissolved by a blob-like creature.

      • MohawkChieftain

        Thank you. I think “Caltiki” was made later, but I’m gonna follow up on the lead… just to be sure, one way or the other.

  • MohawkChieftain

    Try “The Unearthly” or “Fiend Without a Face”: both from the 50s. Black & White… and scary as hell, at least, to little kids.

  • Kevin

    I remember a movie from the 1970s when I was a little kid (younger than 10). It was in color. The only thing I remember from the trip to the theater was a cyclops. It was huge, tall, and scary. I seem to recall its back to us in the audience, and the way it turned to the left, showing that single eye, just scared the dickens out of me. Does anyone know the name of a movie matching this description? Of course, my memory may be a bit faulty, but I do remember that cyclops.

    • MohawkChieftain

      Could it be the “7th Voyage of Sinbad”? That one had a great Cyclops! Check GOOGLE images.

      • John Fraraccio

        Agreed, Ray Harryhausen’s the man. My favorite Cyclops features in “O.B.I.T.,” an episode from The (original) Outer Limits that in my blinkered view HASN’T aged…

    • ba ba boooey

      that could be “The Amazing Colossal Beast”(a sequel to the amazing colossal man)

  • Jonathan Robinson

    Posting here more in hope than expectation…i recall seeing a film on TV in the mid 70s (as an impressionable 9 year old on some bleak winter night!). it starts with a young-ish couple driving to their new house…the scene which gave me the goosebumps involves them both (or maybe just the wife) being in bed at night then some dwarf-like creature slowly ascending the stairs. I don’t think you actually see it properly, just in silhouette. I also recall another early scene involving a cat, maybe sat on or knocking off a statue in the house grounds.Now all this must happened in the opening minutes because I decided the movie was far too scary to watch alone and switched it off :) My memory might be playing tricks on me as these scenes correlate quite well with a made for TV 1973 movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark but i’m fairly sure the film I was watching was in black and white and maybe 1950s ?

    • jennyjuice76

      Is it cat eye stephan king? The troll comes out at night and got sucked in a fan?

  • SRayn

    This episode I saw in the ’80’s but it was in black and white and reminded me of a Twilight Zone. A woman falls in love with a ventriloquist who performs at various concert halls. She pretty much stalks him at every show. She finally gets the nerve to meet him in his room only to discover that the “dummy” is real and the ventriloquist was the actual puppet. When she finds this out, the puppet stands up and yells “Get out!! Get out!!” to her. This terrified me as a child, but I can’t find it anywhere. Hoping somewhere here has seen it and knows what I’m talking about?

    • Gary Cahall

      What you’re remembering was The Glass Eye, a third-season episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Jessica Tandy was the lonely spinster who falls for “ventriloquist” Tom Conway, with Billy Barty as Conway’s “dummy.” You can see it on

      • SRayn

        Um…Gary? You’re my hero. Like above Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Santa. Thank you!!!!

  • Gary Cahall

    Dear FanFare readers: The following is a question from fellow horror movie fan Brian, one which frankly stumped all of us here. So I’m sending it out to you in the hopes that someone might recall the film he’s asking about:

    When I was a kid in the 70’s I watched a movie that had a scene of a woman with a purple tongue. It scared the heck out of me. The movie was already older at that time so I think it was from the mid to late 60’s possibly. The scene I remember was of a woman coming down steps and she had a purple tongue. I think there were people at the bottom of the steps. She may have been wearing a silver outfit. Any ideas? I have been looking for this for years. Thanks!

    • Rustle Crow

      I know that film. I thought it was “The Wasp Woman”, but when I checked the description does not match. The film I remember was set in a spaceship. The crew rescued a woman, wearing a silver outfit. She began killing crew members by stabbing them with her tongue and lapping out the blood. I just did a little research: it’s “Queen of Blood”.

  • KSM

    Anyone know what movie this is? I remember only little pieces of the first scary movie I ever watched when I was little. I think it would have been around the mid to late 80’s and I was seeing it on TV – not sure when it was made, but it was in colour. It’s set in a large mansion or hotel and I believe all the guests were invited there by one man and are strangers to each other. It is not the Haunting, or House on Haunted Hill etc. Things start happening to each guest at night – one women gets scalded in the shower and when she towels herself off it’s all covered in blood, a man gets trapped inside a metal cage over his bed, a woman wakes to the sound of her dead son and follows bloody foodprints to a room with a coffin where her son sits up and looks at her, a man is walking through the hallways and stops to look at the eyes on a portrait, when he moves on a figure comes out of the painting and follows him, there’s some scene with a chandelier falling (common I know), and other than that I don’t really remember anything. I’ve been trying for years and years to figure out what movie this was but to no avail. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    • MohawkChieftain

      April Fool’s Day ?

      • KSM

        Nope, it’s not April Fool’s Day, though that’s a good one too!

    • Character Name

      Is it Murder by Death (1976) ?

    • ba ba boooey

      was Roddy McDowell,in this movie?

    • Bruce Reber

      It might be “The Legend Of Hell House” (1973).

      • KSM

        Unfortunately not. There are some similarities and I had checked that one out to be sure but no such luck.

  • Kevin Stover

    Hello all, I’m looking for the name of a Sci-Fi movie and the only thing/scene I can remember is that there is this woman who somehow mutates(?) into a creature that when a nurse comes in to check on her, the creature cuts the nurses skull open with a chop of its hand and then starts eating the nurses brain. I think she is being given some kind of injections by the “Doctors” that turn her into this creature but I am not sure. I believe the movie to be a 90’s era movie. Thanks

  • blueriver

    I’m looking for a movie my dad saw in 1971. It is a black and white film about a town (village?) terrorized by a monstrous owl. Throughout the film the audience never sees the monster, they only see the victim, hear the flapping of giant wings and see the claws latch onto the person’s shoulders. At the end of the film (spoilers!) It turns out that the preacher with the cane was the bird all along. He hid his feathers under his black robe and needed to walk with the cane because he had bird-feet.

  • MaggieMae

    I am looking for a black and white movie probably about 1969. There is a well-to-do husband that locks and chains his first wife in the attic. He re-marries a much younger woman and never mentions the first wife. The new wife hears sounds constantly and tries to investigate. In the end, the first wife gets free, starts a fire and she ends up jumping / hanging from her imprisonment. She is hung by her chains as she tries to get out of the house. The last scene shows the woman hanging and the room is an obviously displaced addition that hangs over a river. Anyone have any idea?

    • Gary Cahall

      It kInd of sounds like the storyline of Jane Eyre, Maggie. Do you think it might be one of the many movie versions of that, or was this more of a straight horror film?

      • MaggieMae

        I thought it may be Jane Eyre’s – Woman in the Attic but I seem to be wrong. I will check that title. Thanks!

        • MaggieMae

          Sorry, stupid mistake on my part. Maggie Mae is my puppy’s name. I stupidly got confused for a moment.

  • KR

    I am looking for the name of a movie from the 70’s (I think) that was about this teenage boy who killed girls and taking parts of their skin. He was nice the entire time so no one expected him to be the one doing all this. Towards the end he’s in an attic pushing a baby carriage back and forth and he is seen trying to put pieces of them together in the carriage. Would be stoked if anyone can help me with this. Thx in advance.

  • AshleeLizbeth

    My Grandmother watched a movie at the theater in the early 1950s about a town where the children disappeared and a fog settled over the town, then like a month later all the women found out they were pregnant. Any ideas as to what this could be?

    • Gary Cahall

      Ashlee, that sounds a lot like the 1960 British film Village of the Damned, starring George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, and a lot of creepy blonde-haired kids with glowing eyes. You can read about a double feature of it and the ’63 follow-up, Children of the Damned, at

      • Bruce Reber

        “Children Of The Damned” came out in ’65 – it was OK, but “Village Of The Damned” was the better movie IMO.

      • AshleeLizbeth

        I think the one she remembers was older, I’ll ask her though! Thanks!

        • hypatiab7

          There were two versions done of Village of the Damned. Your mother
          probably is remembering the first one.

    • Kurt

      Village of the Damned (1960)

  • shopgirl198

    Anyone know this film?? I don’t remember much I was only young, but the bit I do remember was a woman in the bath and she was oblivious to the monster that was in the bath, I think you could see part of it sticking out of the water like a green sharks fin or something and I think it leaps out or she sees the fin and leaps out the bath. I’ve been trying to find out what the film is but with no luck, I’m sure it must be from the 80’s.

    • COMOJO

      Are you sure that isn’t Nightmare on Elm Street?

    • KeroT

      Me to think this sounds like Nightmare on elm street 1. Freddys glove comes up from the water, but the girl wakes up just inn time.

  • Gonegirl

    This would have been in the 60’s,black and white. A woman is running around circus grounds and she comes across a woman with a hypotizing eye.

    • John David Stewart

      Carnival of Souls?

  • KeroT

    Im looking for a film that scared the living crap out of me when I was a kid. The movie was sendt on Sky inn the mid 80th, but the film was much older I think.
    What I can remember about the movie, my face was hidden mostly behind a pillow, was that a old man resived a body at his old house. I think the remains was just bones. The man took of one finger of the body and put it inn water, and the finger started to generate tissue and flesh. Late inn the movie the whole body got exposed to water and it came alive, and it wanted it finger back. It followed and trapped the old man inn the end, and took his finger before wandering into the night. Lol :)
    Anyone seen this?

    • Kurt

      This sounds like The Creeping Flesh (1973) starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee

      • KeroT

        YES!! Thanx Kurt, that was spott on :))

  • mjawesome85

    Hi all, I’m looking for a film that freaked me out as a young child, not really sure of the age (I remember it being in colour) i saw it in the early 90’s, the only part i remember of it is some woman tied to a chair, with a white gag in her mouth, and someone had drawn a tarantula on her leg which came to life and crawled up her, under the gag and into her mouth, she then started dribbling white stuff from the corner of her mouth (like the OD’ing girl on pulp fiction). I really want to know what it is called. Thanks

  • Drawing A Blank

    I’m trying to remember the name of a film from the 60’s or 70’s. It might have been a frankenstein movie or a “thing with two heads” kind of film, but I’m not sure. But there’s one scene where an evil doctor goes down into a basement/dungeon where two kidnapped girls are chained to a wall. They’re being used as blood factories, with the scientist coming down to take blood from them periodically.

    In the John Waters film Pink Flamingos there’s a scene where women are being held in a basement, chained to the wall, and forced to bear children to be sold to adoptive parents, and I always thought maybe it was an homage to the schlocky film whose name i’m trying to remember.

  • Jen from Appleton

    I’m looking for two specific movies I saw once. In the first one it takes place in this hospital or something and there’s a girl or old man walking down a hall and then a hospital bed just rushes out of nowhere and slams into the old man. In a second scene some girl is standing in front of a bathtub full of blood and then a hand or little girl emerges from the water. The second movie a scene I remember was some kid stabbing the eyes of someone and then as he screams it zooms out and the frame turns into a comic of it or something.

    • Kurt

      The bath tub full of blood with the emerging hand is from The Tingler

  • Martin Frobisher

    Great list. Loved Black Sunday and Invaders From Mars as a kid.

  • Guest

    I am looking for a movie that scared me to death when I was younger. It would have had to be between about 1968 and 1972. I can only recall a figure sitting in an attic at the end of the flick chanting “mama”. I know this is so obscure but I could use the help

    • COMOJO

      Is it Burnt Offerings with Karen Black?

  • Leeloo

    whats the old movie where the ground opened up out of nowhere like a sinkhole or quicksand and once they had the young lady underground with them they were trying to put needles in her arm and inject with something i guess to be like one of them.

    • Kurt

      This would be Invaders From Mars

  • Siobhan7

    I remember as a kid watching ‘Chiller Theater” on Saturday nights and one move sticks in my mind. I think it was from the 1950’s, it was black & white, and the story was of a man who lost his wife and was so distraught that he tried to bring her back to life. I remember her body sitting in a chair and him hooking her up to electrical wires. What the name of this film?

    • Sancho

      Sounds like 1941’s The Devil Commands starring Boris Karloff.

  • Alicia Preston

    I remember watching a movie, I think in the 80’s and it scared me. It was in color. I don’t think it is castle freak as the monster looks different but it is kind of the same thing. A white monster human thing chained in the basement with pointed teeth. It was scary as anything. I haven’t seen castle freak in years and I know that is similar but it seems older than castle freak and I was much younger watching it. If I remember right the monster just wanted someone to love him at the end and wasn’t “all” bad. I don’t think its castle freak but again I haven’t seen that one in so long I could be mixing 2 movies up. Any help would be appeciated

    • Kayce

      The Goonies?

      • Alicia Preston

        not at all lol…


    I am looking for the title of a movie that was most likely from the 50’s. What I remember is that it is in B & W, involves a school for girls with a nurse walking to the school through the woods. She is attacked by a monster who has long nails and puts some sort of stuff on her face to copy it, puts the face on and goes to the school. Sounds like a movie anyone knows?

    • Kurt

      Sounds like Terror From The Year 5000

    • Bruce Reber

      Yes, that’s TFTY5K, but it’s not a school – it’s the house of a scientist experimenting with transporting objects back and forth from the present to the future. The house is in a remote area of Florida near a swamp, and the nurse is actually a woman from the future who’s been mutated by atomic radiation. I have the DVD.

  • marflo

    Can anyone remember a movie about a scientist whose daughter returns home from school on vacation and brings her 2 friends home with her,( a boy and girl ) the father kidnaps the girl and takes her into the dungeon and there he dismembers her and puts her arms and legs on a wall and her head in a clear box and she is still alive and can talk and move her arms and legs. This was a black and white film I saw in the mid 60’s, but i think it was a lot older when i saw it. At the end of the movie her friends find her and the last words she says is bury me.

    • victora87

      You may be talking about a film called “The Frozen Dead”.

      • Bruce Reber

        IIRC “The Frozen Dead” is about a Nazi Concentration Camp doctor (Dana Andrews) conducting experiments on German soldiers that were frozen to death during WW2, trying to revive them and create an army to take over the world. I saw it on TV a couple times, many years ago.

  • amp

    There’s a movie I saw as a child in the early 80’s (before or around 85, I think)…looked like the movie of that time or maybe late 70’s. Can’t remember anything but one scene where a couple are in a hotel room for their honeymoon and a clown floats past the window and then comes up from the bathtub (bubble bath) while the woman was bathing. I was probably watching this movie on HBO or the like….and I probably only remember this part because I got busted.

    • amp

      This may have not even been a movie…could have been a Twilight Zone, etc. episode or music video for all I can remember but it would be awesome if someone knew.

  • Schnauzer momma

    There is a movie and I’ve searched everywhere it is a movie about the Bermuda triangle but I can not find the movie I am looking for and there are a lot of those movies out there I am hoping ya’ll can help me with the one I am looking for. There are a group of 3 or 4 guys doing their annual boat trip one takes medication for I am assuming heart problem they are waiting on their buddy to show up and he brings his girlfriend even though was supposed to be a guys only trip. They deal with it and go to get their charter fishing boat the guys credit card does not work which makes them have to hunt for one they find an older charter boat willing to do it with the captain and his helper the helper is a woman he raised. They go out to fish and also dive while diving one man finds a old key with one of the tags for a door number and puts it in his diving bag. Later on the boat starts having engine issues and i remember they end up on a large boat and people start dying I remember the guy with the medication has what appears to be a heart attack. Can anyone help me out I was young when I watched this but I would really like to try and find it.

  • Alexander Neil

    Oh yeah. Invaders gave me nightmares for weeks. (Or maybe it was the 3 Butterfinger bars before bed)
    Our local RKO Keith’s wired several seats at The Tingler. Nearly caused a panic.
    That same RKO’s also ran a skeleton on a wite up to the mezzanine during House On The Haunted Hill.
    Good times.

  • androphiles

    Jacques Tourneur’s “Curse of the Demon” (1957) was one of the scary highlights of my young life. Look for the DVD with both the American release and the longer, rearranged original, “Night of the Demon.”

  • Strangebird

    Wondering if anyone knows of an old WWII film where a group of soldiers stumble across a UFO in a barn? Thank you.

    • John Fraraccio

      The Bamboo Saucer…maybe. Not set in WW2 though.

  • Prakash

    Hello everyone, I am trying hard to recall the name of the movie, where an wheelchair bound lady appears to be doing all the miss-deeds which later revealed to be done by her care taker. The wheelchair bound lady was dead already but the caretaker presented the lady live and chatting by her ventriloquist skill. That was a suspense thriller that I am trying to recall the name? anyone remember?

    • ToDd gReEn

      DEAR DEAD DELILAH from 1972?

  • ChicaRee

    Hello, I’m looking for the title of a black and white horror movie which starts off with a mother receiving news that her soldier son died in battle. She casts some kind of spell to keep him alive, and he returns to her, only to begin to decompose, skin falling off while out with friends at a drive-in movie, runs over some people with a car, and ends up in a cemetery, flings himself in a grave and tries to cover himself with dirt, like he just wants to die! Thanks for your help!

    • ChrisRoberts

      Bob Clark’s Deathdream from 1974. Not black and white, but a variation of The Monkey’s Paw which includes the incidents you describe. Creepy little flick!

      • ChicaRee

        Thank you for the reply, I’ll go check them out :)

  • taree

    Hi! Looking for the name of a movie that gave me nightmares for years as a kid in the 50’s. It took place in a house (on a hill, I think) that was some kind of sanatorium. All the patients had dinner together every night, but one woman turned up missing. Turned out the doctor had her in the basement doing experiments on her to ‘keep her young’. Two of the patients snuck out of their rooms one night and went looking for her. They found her in the basement, and when they rolled her over, her face was all messed up. Her name was Loretta, I think and I’ve always been freaked out by that name because of that movie!

    • Gary Cahall

      There was no woman named Loretta in it (just a male doctor named Loren), taree, but this sounds a lot like a 1957 film, The Unearthly. John Carradine starred as the mad medico performing gland-transplant experiments and the great Tor Johnson was his assistant, Lobo. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available on home video.

      • taree

        Thank you so much, Gary! That sounds just like the one. Even though I remembered the name incorrectly…I’ll keep my eye out for it if it ever comes back again. God that movie scared me to death. My brother and I were given free tickets to the movies for being in a Halloween Parade, and the Marquee advertised an Elvis movie, so my mom just dropped us off. Instead, this is the movie they played with “The Beginning of the End” about giant locust for a couple hundred little kids between about 6 and 12. The screaming could be heard for blocks, I think, and I was totally damaged by it for years.

        • Bruce Reber

          The movie you’re referring to, “The Beginning Of The End”, is about atomic radiation-mutated giant grasshoppers that threaten to take over the world, starring Peter Graves, about a decade before he played Jim Phelps on the TV show “Mission:Impossible”. Graves also starred in another B sci-fi movie titled “Killers From Space” (1954), about an Air Force pilot who discovers bug-eyed aliens are plotting to use giant insects and reptiles to conquer Earth. I have KFS on DVD.

  • ToDd gReEn

    hey all, i saw a pretty terrifying movie when i was a kid but over the 35 years since i’ve seen it, it’s a lot fuzzy. the scariest thing about the movie was at the very end when a child who was slowly walking downstairs was pushed from behind and the child’s shocked/surprised face was freezeframed on, and ominous/creepy music cued up then the credits rolled. very terrifying as i would have been about 5 and it would have been 70’s saturday/sunday tv matinee afternoon fare. anybody retain this horrifying image as i have? lemme know if you have any clues. kthnksbye

  • sammich

    Please help me. Ive always been trying to figure out a movie i saw as a kid in the 90s. All i remember is a farm and bunch of children. i remember a scene with blood and think theres like a bathtub or pig trough which was filled with the blood. It was in color.

  • footballsux

    “Horror of the Black Museum” (binocculars rigged with spikes), “The Hypnotic Eye” (hypnotized babes disfigure themselves), and “Corruption” (doctor forced to engage in murder to provide his wife with serum to maintain her beautiful face after she is horribly burned by a photographer’s lights.) Talk about a trilogy of “roughies”! I can’t believe these nasty films were regularly shown on Saturday afternoons for the viewing pleasure of little children.

  • melody

    loved chiller theaters showings of EYES WITHOUT A FACE even though it was the american cut all chopped up with another name like the awful dr hitchcock or something like it. It still creeps me out now

  • Joe Games

    I’d like to know the name of a tv series (not a movie) in the 60’s or 70’s about a hounted house, paranormal activity and unexplained smelling. at the end their characters are simply litle puppets in house’s doll and all their life was fictitious. thanks if anyone can help me to find it out.

  • gem

    Can someone please give me the name of the movie. I can’t remember much I was a bit young maybe six or seven and that was in the early 90s so the movie may have been made in the 70s most likely 80s. But anyways all I can remember is alot of strange things were happening and I think there were a lot of weird creatures and this guy was running alongside a mountain or something he had a sword in his one hand but the other had this thing coming out of it with teeth it was really ugly. Someone please help me.

  • bhwerner123

    Could someone tell me what the movie is where there is a kid in a diner and he orders a milkshake. There is another kid playing pinball or something and one outside the window. All the people drinking in the shop die from poison and the kids pull out knives and approach the one with the milkshake.

    • Taylah Blue

      That’s children of the corn the 1984 one :D

  • Mike Calo

    Could someone tell me the name of a movie from the early 70s that had a “Monkey’s Paw” segment called “Wish you were here” where a woman ends up hacking a guy in a casket to bits with a samurai sword? And is it on the web or for sale anywhere? Thanks.

    • GeorgeDAllen

      Without being 100% certain, my guess is that you’re trying to find the 1972 Amicus film “Tales from the Crypt,” with Peter Cushing. The “Wish You Were Here” segment of that British horror omnibus stars Richard Greene and Barbara Murray.

      If you’ve got a Blu-ray player (and if not, you should!), you’re in luck — because it’ll be released Dec. 2 on a double-bill disc with “The Vault of Horror.” And you can preorder that from us right here:

      For the DVD, you’d have to do a little hunting around because right now it looks like that’s out-of-print.

      • John Fraraccio

        Yep, that’s the one. And that vignette was perhaps the cruelest. The one with Cushing is a close runner-up.

  • Wilchbla

    Help me out. I remember when a child seeing a movie where these aliens took over the bodies of people and only the teenagers in town realized what was going on. The movie was from the late 50’s or early 50’s would be my guess. If I remember the aliens which looked like they had giant warts all over their bodies could be killed with light. They would melt. It wasn’t Invasion of the Saucer Men or Invaders From Mars either.

    • Gary Cahall

      It sounds like you’re describing 1965’s The Eye Creatures, an even lower-budget remake of Invasion of the Saucer Men from B-horror director Larry Buchanan. The title monsters look like either wart-covered leeches or walking nougat candy bars, and are done in by the headlights from the local teens’ cars. Sadly, it’s not currently available on home video.

      • Wilchbla

        Yes, that is it! Thanks.

  • Kayce

    I’m trying to figure out a movie, which I’ve been looking for for a couple of years now. I think it’s from the 80’s, and I remember two kids being in the woods, I think brother and sister. They get taken in by a “giant” (I think), who wants to eat them. The giant has twin girls with blonde, curly hair, and they wear bonnets to sleep in. The sister overhears the giant saying he’s going to kill them, so she takes the bonnets of the sleeping twins and puts them on herself and her brother, so when the giant reaches up, he feels the bonnets on the brother and sister, and breaks his own daughters’ necks. After that, he threatens to beat the siblings, and she says they’ll howl like dogs if he does. They end up catching his two dogs in a burlap bag that they were supposed to be in, and he beats the dogs to death instead of them. Any ideas what it is? Thanks!

    • rudeboy

      a bad trip

  • tayla

    does anyone know the name of a horror with a white ghost lady cheating with a black guy and her husbaned kills both of them ? and their daughter gets locked outside and dies in the cold..

  • Kwok Ming Cheung

    Anyyone know a film about a bithday horror suprise, starting with a car broke down in the hill, the man and woman went up to the lighted big house at the top for help. When there was no answer from the door, the man climbed into the house, after longwhile the woman also went in to look for the man. After she went in she were scare by many things inclued a tall straw grim reaper. At the eng she was over scare and had a axe or sickle, she was approaching to the toy grim reaper and swing the sickle to him, but at the same time the wall turn round open was his friends singing birthday song to her and her boy friend holding a cake, but had his head chopped off.

  • Leslie

    Hi, I have a movie that scared the beejesus out of me when I was young. This must have been in the late 50s or
    early 60s. It might have been a TV show. A very beautiful woman has a magic wig and when she takes it off when on a date with a man, she turns into a hideous monster and scratches him to death.

    • Lily Rose

      I know there was an Alfred Hitchcock episode called Madam Devora’s Wig that had something like that. Could be it.

  • jennyjuice76

    Can any one help me I’m looking for a movie in either the 70 or 80 were there was an old man carting a casket in a house. There was also a seen with a bird cage and a cain?

  • Cinerama 70mm

    I remember chiller theatre providing many a sleepless night with such 1950’s-60’s entries as:
    “The Manster”
    “It The Terror from beyond Space”
    “I was a teenage frankenstein”
    “Monster from Piedras Blancas”
    “From Hell it came” ( I’m sorry but all of Paul Blaisdell’s creations freaked me out)
    “Horror hotel”l (aka:City of the dead)
    “Curse of the doll people”
    “The killer shrews”
    The Mummy (1959)
    The Crawling eye (aka: The Trollenberg Terror)
    Curse of the demon (aka: Night of the Demon)
    Monster that challenged the world
    X the unknown

  • Bumper

    I remember a black and white movie or episode on television about a woman trying to find water using a stick (water witch) and her talking to a military man’s decapitated head to find his body(maybe Calvary or Civil War?), it was in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I was thinking it might have been one of the horror shows on Saturday night.

    • Gary Cahall

      Bumper, I used my movie divining rod and it pointed me towards The Thing That Couldn’t Die, a 1958 Universal movie in which some folk dig up the severed head of an executed 16th-century Satanist. The devilish noggin takes over a farm hand and sets out in search of his body. You can read more about it and purchase it here:

  • jayalay

    Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors. This little screen gem was made in the 1960s and was about a fortune teller on a train who tells six passengers how each will die. I do believe it was the FIRST film where a dismembered hand was on the loose and chasing a guy all around the city trying to kill him. Let me tell you, I was 9 or 10 years old and SCARED CRAPLESS! I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I just knew the killer hand was creeping across the floor to git me. A few years later I saw a movie about killer plants in the woods that would catch people and choke and squirm them to death. It sounds ridiculous, but for some reason that movie actually scared me! If anyone knows the name, I’d be grateful.

    • Cinerama 70mm

      Got to be “Day Of The Triffids” 1963 with Howard Keel (in one of his few non singing roles) and Kieron Moore (from “Crack in the world” & “David & Bathsheba”)

      • Bruce Reber

        I have the fullscreen “Day OF The Triffids” on DVD from Allied Artists. It’s about an intense meteor shower that brings spores of plants called triffids from outer space. The next morning, a sailor (Keel) awakes in a London hospital after eye surgery to find that nearly all of the population has been blinded as a result of watching the meteors. He and a young girl look for those who can still see while trying to avoid the triffids, which can move and inflict a lethal sting. Kieron Moore is a marine biologist working with his wife in a lighthouse off the coast of England, and he devises a way to kill the triffids by spraying them with sea water, which causes them to dissolve.

    • hypatiab7

      You’ve never seen “The Beast With Five Fingers” with Robert Alda (Hawkeye’s dad) and
      Peter Lorre. A private librarian kills his wealthy employer who has just fired him. Then,
      you don’t know if his boss’ hand really is chasing him around the house trying to strangle him or if he is imagining it. Lorre did a great job as a man going mad.

  • Carlos Vazquez Roman

    Hi everyone, i have been looking for a specific movie for a very long time, it’s about some archeologists finding a mumy in egypt, but this mummy was different, it was burried in a sand pit on the ground inside the tomb, it spread terror and it also terrified me, i have been for many decades now trying to find this movie to no avail, if only i could remember the name . . ., saw it back in the early 80’s but it was clearly a late 50’s early 60’s b/w movie or was it in color?, If anyone can help me i would really appreciated. thank you ! ! !

    • Cinerama 70mm

      sounds like “The Mummy’s Shroud” released by Hammer 1967 It was put out by
      anchor bay some years ago I do remember The mummy being found in a sand pit
      It’s a fairly good film either way. hope this helps

      • Carlos Vazquez Roman

        That’s the one ! ! !, thanks a lot ! :-)

  • Jošhuå N

    Hi, ok I have been trying to find the name of this one alien movie for years…… It is about these small aliens that attach to the back of the humans’ necks, then controls them with whatever comes from them to their brains. It is not ( Invaders From Mars ) Thank you.

    • Gary Cahall

      Another ’50s sci-fi film that had aliens taking over humans, Joshua, was a 1956 Roger Corman picture, It Conquered the World, with Peter Graves and Lee Van Cleef. The invading monster (which looked like a giant mutant cucumber) sent bat-winged “drones” that left mind-control devices on folks’ necks. Could this be what you’re thinking of? Unfortunately, it’s not currently available on home video.

      • Jošhuå N

        Nah man, thanks but this one I believe was released in the early 90’s or late 80’s. The alien would come out of this circular egg looking thing, black/dark brown in color and would attach to the back of the necks.

        • Gary Cahall

          Strike one on me, Joshua. If it’s ’80s/’90s vintage, I was thinking it might be The Puppet Masters, a 1994 sci-fi tale with Donald Sutherland and Julie Warner. The aliens are brownish and slug-like and, like all good invaders, attach themselves to people’s necks. If this is the film you recall, it’s available on a triple feature at

          • Jošhuå N

            Not this one either…. They are not on a ship but this was a good film as well. I remember the movie having to do with government agents as well.

          • Quiggy

            The plot sounded so much like the plot of the Robert A. Heinlein book “The Puppet Masters” that I went to wikipedia to see if it had been adapted as a movie more than once. It listed a 1958 movie called “The Brain Eaters” as being uncredited as the inspiration for the movie. Maybe that’s the answer?

      • Bruce Reber

        I have the 1966 remake of ICTW titled “Zontar-Thing From Venus” on a 2-DVD set with the 1966 remake of “The Day The World Ended” (1956) titled “In The Year 2887″. I’d like to have both ICTW and TDTWE on DVD, but as you said they’re not currently available.

    • Edward Bayer III

      Think the one you are referring to is the New Outer Limits that ran in the 1990’s. Where they put 5 people in the silos to end the world because the Hubble spotted the alien ship coming. In the end the General tells the remaining survivor they beat the aliens but in reality the alien was attached to the general neck and it showed DC burning.

      • Jošhuå N

        Thanks guys, it was ” The Puppet Masters ” one…. appreciate all the good other suggestions. I will get those as well :)

      • Kerry R White

        OLD? The Brain eaters. Little black fuzzies with fangs. A ship that came _up_ from deep underground. Old man with a beard in it, played by a young Leonard Nimoy.

  • Hey There

    Hi, I recently remembered a scene of a movie from my childhood around the early 2000s late 1990s. The scene I remember is this little kid sitting in front of an old squarish tv with antenna’s and the kid is watching a children’s show. Now I think suddenly the kid’s mom says something and shortly after one of the characters from the TV show starts to talk to the kid, I think telling the kid that her mom needs to go away. I feel like I remember the character being giant and purple but I’m not too sure on that.

    • Brandon

      I think you are referring to the episode of Angels titled Smile Time. In the episode, muppet demons try to control children through the TV sets set out to suck out their life forces, there is a large purple one.

  • Talsius

    Hi All,

    I remember as a 6 year old seeing a sci fihorror film in the very early 60’s although I believe the film was made in the 50’s. It was black and white it scared the C**p out of me as I had nightmares for many weeks afterwards.

    All I can remember a some snippets:

    1. seeing flying saucers in the sky

    2. A devil like looking creature with a leathery skin and long toes and finger ( he really scared me)

    3. A scene where small aliens were sat around a table and by using some form of telekinisis causing objects to levitate all over the world,in some under water location.

    I would be grateful if anyone has a clue to what the title of the film was.

  • Elebabydoll


  • EleBabydoll

    I remember this horror/thriller t.v movie. It was a strange movie about these men being killed with a clam claw by a female with ash blonde spiked like hair. Detective realized all these men have in common was that they was in the Vietnam war. Then learn the killer was a prositute and a man. The detective that chief asked to be on the case had developed an idea of who the killer is, probably. Turns out the killer was also U.S Soldier in Vietnam war. He told the detective in his odd apt what happened to him The heli was about to pick up all of them for the Vietnams was more in numbers and closing in, but one of the soldiers injured him and boarded the heli and the others laughed. The Vietnam Soldiers kidnapped him and he was at their mercy.He stated that he was to walk up and down that campside wearing a red dress being raped on a minute basics after a very long time later they gave him their flag and let him go. His wife in the US knows something was wrong and never believed that crap that he died in the arm of duty. But when he did arrived home he just couldn’t be with her. love her and kids but too much had happen to him that changed him. He had decided to become a prositute and seek all those drunken and no good soldiers and killed them one by one. Someone responded to me and said the name of the movie is “The Red Spider” But can not find it. Any ideas?

    • ToDd gReEn

      it’c called “the red spider” it’s a tv movie so it might be hard to find. you can watch the trailer on youtube if you do a search for “red spider 1988 trailer”. i did post the links to imdb and youtube but i guess the moderator didn’t like that. it wasn’t spam though so i don’t see the big deal.

  • xfactorx

    I have had a couple of dark movies stuck in my head since childhood, but one in particular is the most haunting since I was about 10. Made around 1950’s, I remember it being in black and white and generally a depressing tone throughout. It is about a woman who is unfairly declared insane and locked away in an asylum. I remember the building being old and featured stone blocks in some rooms. It didn’t have any humour at all like one Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! The last is the one that has stick with me. The camera slowly pans up to an aerial view of the room of patients all walking in circles following each other in hospital gowns (around a centre pole I picture) and shows her walking with them – accepting her fate. That last image has haunted me and created my greatest fear of being locked away like that and not able to prove my innocence. (Probably a pretty common one). I would love (hate) to watch this again just to get the story back in perspective and hopefully clear that haunting image. Any ideas here?

    • Gary Cahall

      Two very different films come to mind from what you describe, xfactorx. The first was a serious 1948 drama, The Snake Pit, starring Olivia de Havilland as a woman who is committed to a mental hospital. The second was an 18th-century-set thriller, producer Val Lewton’s Bedlam, with Anna Lee as a wrongfully-imprisoned inmate and Boris Karloff as the superintendent. .

      • xfactorx

        thanks Gary! I think I may have merged these movies into one scary memory. I am going to watch each one again and sort my haunting memories out!

  • Jemjem7

    Does anyone know what this film is? Sorry I can’t remember much about it- it starts with a body being found in a old wooden house with the life sucked out of it and there’s a rose left in it’s hand,

  • Gary Walton

    Not a film but Sci-Fi TV series, 1960’s. Hi all, this has been driving me nuts for years. I remember watching a series as a kid. It seems that some peaceful aliens had crashed into the sea/ocean and lived their lives out of human knowledge for many years. When humans discovered the race, there was some kind of battle, as humans thought they were hostile. I think they used depth charges or something. The aliens looked like bumble bees, as I recall, with black and white stripes and were seen swimming in the water. I’ve been trying to think what it was called for years. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks, Gary

    • John

      Just a guess, but it might be an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and likely from that series’ later episodes broadcast in color…what you say definitely has an Irwin Allen-ish tone…search the Web for “Mike’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone” and set sail for that comprehensive site. (I’m more likely to recall the first season’s B&W episodes, especially the one with Robert Duvall playing an alien that looked only slightly removed from Boo Radley but still scaring the marmalade out of me.)

  • Lesliie

    Hello! Cant quite remember this movie that i saw when i was a kid and i dont remember much, but this scene comes to my mind very often when talking about old movies, it’s about a vampire or i dont know, i just remember this woman in a white dress being hostage of a short man in a tuxedo, and he tears the back buttons one by one of the wedding drees which the women has on, she frees away and i can see him having a jar of what it seems blood (thats why i think he was some sort of a vampire) any way she gets away. Any body knows it?

  • Kat

    1960’s or early 70’s B & W TV movie with scene where woman opens medicine cabinet in her bathroom while running a bath and sees on the inside of the cabinet her own death certificate. Camera then pans to show water running into bath and it turns to color and is blood !! I think she is deaf and there is no sound during this scene… Anyone know what this was ??? It’s been haunting me for almost 40 years !!

    • Gary Cahall

      The movie you’re thinking of, Kat, was William Castle’s 1959 chiller The Tingler, with Vincent Price. The woman in your reminiscence was the deaf-mute wife of a movie theater owner, and….well, I don’t want to give too much away. If you (or anyone else out there) wants to see what happens to her, you’ll find The Tingler available at

      • Bruce Reber

        Trivia tidbit – the deaf-mute woman in “The Tingler” was played by Judith Evelyn, who also appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” as one of Jimmy Stewart’s neighbors, Miss Lonelyhearts.

  • DickNuts

    This is vague, but a movie around the 60’s I think it was called the monk. all I remember is a woman going into a bedroom in an apartment and there’s a form of a body beneath the blankets on one bed and the figure sits up and she screams. I think the disfigured guy jumps down the fire escape or something.

  • jpgrygus

    Here’s a tough one…
    When I was just a small kid I remember watching a B&W movie which scared the hell out of me.
    All I remember to this day is just one scene…..a terrified girl runs to her house, bangs on the door begging her mother to let her in.
    The girl is followed or chased by a big black cat (panther??)
    The mother doesn’t let her in…..
    Girl is attacked by the cat……next shot is a pool of blood pouring underneath the door….
    That’s all I remember. Any help to recall the name of the movie would be appreciated. I have been trying to locate this movie for over 35 years.

    • Gary Cahall

      jpgrygus, you’re remembering one of the most chilling scenes–chilling for what it does and doesn’t show the audience–in classic horror film history, and it came from the 1943 RKO movie The Leopard Man, directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton. At the moment it’s not available as a DVD single, but is part of the Val Lewton Horror Collection . Every fan of shock cinema should have this set in their library.

  • Tomothy Lowe

    This is the only movie I haven’t tracked down – hope you all could shed some light on it.

    Could be two movies I’m describing but here goes –

    First scene is an old woman/man hiding from an evil toy and hides under a bed. Said toy enters and stabs at old person with realistic bayonet – all you see are chunks of flesh being flung out from under the bed. Scary stuff.

    Second scene is a woman looking in a room and finding only a refrigerator. Inside is a white sphere the size of a grapefruit as sh holds it an arm bursts through and grabs her face – I’m sure that’s where the movie ends.

    Any ideas?

  • daniel

    Ok some Im trying to find a horror movie dealing with a girl getting raped in the back of a moving car as she fights back dude who is trying to rapes her hits her out the the car I think she hits her head but that’s all I can remember of the movie I know it’s not last house on the left or I spit on your grave I also know that is not much to go off of but that’s all I can remember I don’t know what happen too her or why it even happen been trying to figure it out but movie has to be 1970-1996 I remember waching it as a little boy at my grandmothers house just need the name help if you can…. I think they go back to check on her and think she’s dead due too her hitting her head when he kicked her out of the car while moving?!

  • Yvonne M

    Help I’m trying to find the name of a movie, it’s an old film, it’s very vague but I know there’s the ruins of a house at the end that’s burned down, there’s an old man in a wheelchair with a plaid blanket over his legs, I think the woman is a governess or something, the guy in the wheelchair in one scene is in a kinda greenhouse with flowers, so vague but it’s been bugging me for years.

    • beerguy

      You are thinking of “Die Monster Die” starring Boris Karloff and Nick Adams.

  • Des

    I am trying to find the name of a 1970’s television movie where a family buys an old farm house that has a barn with jars of living things in it. During the movie they have a model taking pictures in front of a big window and when they look over the negatives, they see two shining eyes At the end of the movie, they leave in a station wagon as they flee.. I do not know who is in this, but it has been bugging me for decades. Can anyone help me please.

    • shelly

      This movie is called Something Evil. It has the boy from family affair in it. johnny whitaker. I rember it so well it scared me when I was a kid. The jars out in the garage with body parts. The 2 eyes glowing in a pic or in the window when there leaving. and they draw a circle for protection. The boy from family affair gets possessed. This was on tv about 5 or 6 years ago. I recorded it. on vhs. I don’t have the tape no more. I know this is the one.

      40,000 other titles are available to watch now.

      SEE RANK

      Something Evil (1972)

      TV Movie – 73 min – Horror – 21 January 1972 (USA)


      Your rating:


      Ratings: 5.8/10 from 789 users
      Reviews: 28 user | 9 critic

      A young couple moves into a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. What they don’t know is that there is an unseen presence in the house, and that it wants to take possession of the wife.

      Director: Steven Spielberg

      Writer: Robert Clouse

      Stars: Darren McGavin, Sandy Dennis, Ralph Bellamy | See full cast and crew »+Watchlist


      Own the rights? Add a poster »

      Contact the Filmmakers on IMDbPro »

      • Des

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just watched it on YouTube it definitely was the movie I was looking for.

    • SusieKline

      Is this the movie where something in one of the jars looks like sand and it breathes? I’ve been looking for that movie forever!

  • sheloaha

    I’m trying to find a movie from the late ’60’s or early 70’s. A town finds a large object and starts to dig it out. One fellow in town feels that it’s evil but he is ignored. The ending is a huge devil shape made out of fire, and the man climbs onto a large crane to swing it into the being in order to kill it.

    • Gary Cahall

      Sheloaha, you’re describing one of the most asked-about film in this post: Quatermass and the Pit, a 1967 Hammer Studios sci-fi film that was called Five Million Years to Earth in the U.S. London subway workers find strange skeletal remains and what turns out to be a Martian spacecraft buried deep underground. The ship triggers ancestral memories in the minds of anyone near it, causing citywide panic, and the climactic scene features a building crane being swung into the psychic energy field. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available on home video, although Movies Unlimited does have a 1958 made-for-British TV version:

      • comicbookal

        Hello Gary, don’t know if you are aware of this but Mr. Simon Oakes (CEO of the revamped Hammer Films) has stated that he wants to remake the Quatermass series beginning with The Quatermass Xperiment (aka The Creeping Unknown in the U.S.) following Hammer’s success with Let Me In (2011), a vampire film starring Chloe Grace Moretz as the creature, Woman In Black (2012), and it’s recent sequel Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death (2014). I am a very big fan of Hammer Films beginning with The Brides Of Dracula which I saw at the tender age of 6 upon it’s original release back in ’60 and happens to be my all time favorite followed by The Curse of the Werewolf, the Dracula/Frankenstein series, and of course the Quatermass films. This film (Quatermass And The Pit) can also be picked up at Amazon at a very pricey $69 from their Hammer Collection Series. Would love to see this film officially released here in the U.S. in a BluRay version……

      • sheloaha

        Wow! That is it! For some reason I remembered the image at the end as an shape of a devil. I just watched it again online and it brought back great memories of me and my Dad watching it. He is the one that got me into Sci Fi. :)

  • Lenny

    The Mummy in the early 40’s when I was very young.

  • shirl

    Trying to remember the name of a movie where the mummy? Grabbed coeds, placed them in a tub of water with electrodes that seemed to suck the life from them. Their pupils slowly rose until only the whites of their eyes showed. Sketchy but I was pretty young.

    • Shirl

      I found it — I think it was The Man Who Turned to Stone

  • Jamie

    Okay I have been looking for the title of this movie for months . I found it a year ago and have forgotten it again and can’t find it now
    The movie was on the scifi channel and I remember a guy going to stay with this older man and his young either wife or daughter can’t remember. At night the young woman goes out to the graveyard to sleep with zombies and at the end of the movie this older woman brings out the zombie baby and the baby attacks the man . Can some one help me !?

    • hamhockdeathlock

      I believe you’re looking for a Masters of Horror episode called heckels

  • coop

    Need help finding a movie title, all I remember is a alien in bed with human heads on tentacles and also a smaller alien comes to warn people but his helmet gets broke and his head explodes. Must be from the 80’s

  • pitdogg

    Ok im looking for a movue from the early 80s a family moves into a house and the son finds a book and as hes reading the book the monsters start coming to life it has Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and its not The Monster Squad ive been looking for this movie for a long time any help is welcomed

    • Angel Louise

      Saturday the 14th

  • nanushka

    I am looking for the names of two movies I had watched as a child in the 70’s.
    The first one was of a two headed man. A scientist had attached his head onto a body of a mildly retarded guy, or something like that.
    The second movie is one that is set in the jungle with a lady who is in charge of a tribe. She has a ring that she presses down on her victims neck and I believe she takes their soul.

    • GeorgeDAllen

      The first movie you’re looking for is the cult favorite The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (1971) with Bruce Dern. (Dern is the doctor, not one of the two heads) For a while it was available from MGM on a DVD double feature (of course) with the other great “two heads” movie, The Thing with Two Heads, but it’s currently out of print. You can still find copies of it lurking around, just be prepared to pay an elevated price to satisfy your two-head movie desire.

      Maybe there’s another reader who can help out with your second mystery movie, ’cause that one is unfamiliar to me.

    • Kerry R White

      B&W Woman gets ring and powder from old tribal woman and has to take tiny piece of brain to stay young = The leech Woman

  • Cayla Jean

    Okay so im looking for this old movie about vampires i used to watch it on vhs. On the cover it says “hush little baby dont say a word” The main vampire ties the woman vampire to a tree to burn to death by the sun
    The head woman vampire seduces this young guy and turns him into a vampire….. I loved this movie and wish i could find the name. Please help me!

  • Gramsatbing

    The two movies that I am looking for the names of are described as follows:
    The first one was an old black and white movie, and all I can remember is this younger woman dressed in a white gown ( maybe her pajama gown ) outside at night and all of a sudden she just keeps falling and tumbling while screaming down this humungous hill. It seemed like they showed her falling for at least 2-3 mins. Rolling and screaming and falling forever.
    The other one was about an old man and maybe his grandson or granddaughter putting together a doll house where they dressed up chocolate chip cookie/stick people for the house. It ended by their real house catching on fire and the old man I believe died near the doll house.

    • Illaythia

      The second one i believe, may be The Amityville Dollhouse. A family move into their new home and the father finds a dollhouse in a barn on the property. Hope this helps :)

      • hypatiab7

        Is this the one where s witch had arranged to give a little girl a doll? Then the girl and her family move into a new house. Due to the doll, all the toys start acting up. Finally the whole family piles into their car and, terrified, they drive away,
        crash the car and all get killed. the witch reclaims her doll and arranges to give it to someone else. I think it was part of a trilogy.

  • Judeela

    I was in high school. 1963-66. Theaters asked that no one reveal the plot twist that ended the movie. Scene: Woman in wheelchair/staircase assist…at bottom of stairs. Her nurse/aide has pulled a knife on her. Victim screams for her nephew. Nurse tears off wig…revealing “she” IS the nephew. And I believe the last words were “I’m here, I’ve always been here.”


    I saw this at the drive in and when my date went to the refreshment stand, I got out my geometry compass to protect myself!

    • Gary Cahall

      We hope you didn’t accidentally stab your date with your compass, Judeela! Anyway, the fright flick that had you so scared was Homicidal, a gender-bending 1961 shocker that was horror maestro William Castle’s attempt to outdo Hitchcock’s Psycho. It’s available for purchase at

  • Robert Wilson

    Hello all,
    There are three movies that Scared the ba’jesus out of me when I was a kid. 1. A woman is being chased in her house by little creatures ( it’s not Don’t be afraid of the dark). It ends with then pulling her down the kitchen drain. 2. A woman is trying to concise people there are “two types of daemons”. There is a scene in the woods with a pale dead girl. 3. There are these creature that look like giant crawling pods with tails. One fell out of a tree and ate the guy.

    I know it little to go on. What can I say, it was some 35 years ago!

    • John

      Best guess on #3: Fiend Without a Face.

    • Rustle Crow

      I think #3 is Island of Terror, absolutely terrifying British Hammer film with Peter Cushing about a cancer cure gone very wrong. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Second only to the severed head scene in “The Monster of Peidras Blancas”. Third to me would have to be “The Horror of Party Beach”.

      • Robert Wilson

        That’s it! Island of Terror! Thank you. I search and found the scene I remember.

  • Marcos

    I have vague memories of a movie from the 50s or 60s where a woman in a bride costume is chased by a man in a skeleton costume during a mardi gras or carnival like parade. Does this sound familiar at all to anyone???? thanks

    • Negatwit

      Bride being chased….by another person in costume. Night of the Ghouls?

  • BxNY

    I have vague recollection of a black & white movie that involved tracing phone calls by having telephone company employees race around the switching equipment so that they could count off the clicks as a number was dialed. I also recall that a special television circuit was set up so that some thing could be seen at one location. I also recall several scenes with reporters who were assisting by not reporting about the search. Any info about what this movie title might be would be appreciated. Thanks. ,,,:-) !

    • Bruce Reber

      One movie that involved tracing phone calls was “The Slender Thread” (1965), directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Sidney Poitier as a suicide hotline worker who’s trying to locate a woman (played by Anne Bancroft) who’s overdosed on sleeping pills by having the call traced. I don’t know if this is the movie you’re referring to – probably not.

      • BxNY

        Thanks, I’ll try to hunt that movie down. (I am into history and old technology.) The movie I recall (partly, anyway) involved either a kidnapping or ransom of some sort and ended with a shootout near a payphone booth located at an intersection in a very remote, isolated area. I think it might have been from MGM or one of its divisions. Thanks again.

  • Staci Pacey

    I remember a boy’s dog barking and his stepfather hit it with a baseball bat and blood splattered on his face. The boy met a girl who painted an outer space scene on his face to match his thirty and there was a flamethrower. I was in 4th grade so it was about 1990. Could have been HBO. Everytime I search I get “A Boy And His Dog” which isn’t even the same type of movie…help!

  • damage

    Loving this site, have spent several hours reading (most of) the comments. Some great movies mentioned,many of which i’d forgotten about. Also, some great help to people searching for movie names.

    Me, scared witless by Alice in wonderland, wizard of oz – aged about 6, when I was already comfortably watching the old Dracula, Frankenstein movies. Weird! First horror I watched – the pit and the pendulum, nightmares for a week. By the time I was 10, Texas chainsaw massacre had scared me, and several others…. Mostly b & w movies….And I thought I couldn’t get scared no more…. Being all grown up and nearly a teenager! Then thescene in american werewolf n lLondon, on the subway… Terrified. For me, its usually individual scenes that do it, often in films that may have no other scary scenes. Too many other favourites to bore you with…. From carnival of souls, night of the demon, dead of night, the haunting etc – even ghost train which I realised later was a comedy!

    ANYWAY… I would love some help. I have located most of the old movies, scary or otherwise, that I wanted to watch, but there are 2 left. Tried lots of forums, but no sucess , as I have so little to go on. First movie…… Involves a man unwittingly buried alive. It also had a scene of a man walking/ slowly creeping along a long window ledge on the outside of a building. There may or may not also be a circus or carnival in the movie (or I’m mixing two movies together). Definitely made before 1975, probably 40s to 60s. American I think, and black n white.

    Second movie.. All I know is black and white, american. Made 40s to 60s. Set between say 1850 and 1930. In it there is a big old house, ramshackle. Maybe backing’onto an ocean? In a fairly deserted town. Very eerie atmosphere. Man goes into house to look for woman (ghost woman?) Possibly falls up the stairs. That’s it, little to go on.

    After years of searching, only these two movies to find!

    • ToDd gReEn

      the movie with the man walking the ledge around the building is “cat’s eye” from 1985. a collection of a few interconnected tales involving a strange cat.

      • damage

        Thanks Todd. I will check it out. However, not too hopeful as imam fairly sure I watched it some years before 1985. But do appreciate your reply.

        • ToDd gReEn

          oh okay. i remembered having sweaty hands while he walked around the building on that ledge as a kid. was sure that was the one. maybe “cat’s eye” stole that tense scene from the movie you are looking for. happy hunting.

      • Bruce Reber

        I saw “Cat’s Eye” on one of my local TV stations in the late 80’s. It was based on Stephen King’s story about several people’s fates being affected by the presence of a cat. The scene you’re referring to involved Robert Hays (Capt. Ted Stryker from “Airplane!”) trying to keep from being knocked of a hotel ledge while Kenneth McMillian squirts him with a fire hose.

  • Illaythia

    There is a movie i’ve been desperately searching for for almost 9 years now. All i remember is a family move into a new home (as most ghost movies start) and notice a nasty stain on the wall- i think in the kitchen- and no matter how many times they paint over it, or scrub it, it keeps coming back, growing bigger up the wall. I believe it turned out to a body. Was in colour, released around same time as poltergeist possibly bit earlier. :/ any help would be much aprecciated .

    • GeorgeDAllen

      Two possibilities for you (though I’ve seen neither of these to confirm just how much a stain on the wall is actually involved) – there’s a TV movie from 1991 called “The Haunted,” that was adapted from one of those “Woo! True story!” Amityville-style books about a Pennsylvania family (The Smurls). It stars Sally Kirkland and Jeffrey DeMunn; not available on video at this time—though if you do a little searching on YouTube a terrible-looking upload is there for the checking.

      More recently, there’s the 2007 film “The Messengers,” starring Kristen Stewart and set in North Dakota –apparently it involves a ghost emerging from a pesky blood stain of some kind. That one is still available, although it’s now out of print:

      • Illaythia

        GeorgeDAllen you absolute star!Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This may seem really stupid, but this has plagued me for years, and now i finally have my answer! All thanks to a kind stranger who took a few minutes to reply!! The Haunted!!! Confirmed by a youtube clip :p I shall never forget it again! My mum will be delighted, she got me into ghost flicks, and i can’t wait to watch it with her!! Thank you again, so much!!!

    • Julie Elandt

      The Messengers from 2005 starring Kristan Stewart and Dylan McDermott!

  • Janet

    I’d like to know what movie it was that scared the living daylights out of me when I was about 3 or 4. (Early 70’s). To my little mind it looked like a sentient tree ripping people’s arms off. Any idea what in the world I was watching?

  • Triority

    I remember one or two snippets from a movie that terrified me when I was 4 or 5. A blond woman in a long white gown is told to play the piano. She sits down and lays her hands on the keyboard, but when she lifts her harms, her disembodied hands stay on the piano. Later — I think in the same movie — there’s a long line of people (?) in white gowns/robes walking along a wall or a corridor outside what seems to be a castle. Has anyone seen this one?

  • time1800

    I remember a move were there was a old man and a device in a cellar that he had to take care of to keep the aliens from destroying the earth.

  • Gio

    I remember a black n white movie where a woman ghost followed a young girl inside of a tenebrous stone-wall castle… the woman ghost was covered by a white blanket and the girl hit it with a candle lamp an ran away by the stairways, but when she opened any door, the ghost was waiting to catch her. In the end, a guy saved the girl, and the castle began to burn and destroy. I believe this movie can be made around 1940 decade. Can anyone help with the title of this movie?

  • Doubly Bubbly Soap

    A B&W movie that I saw when I was around 6, so 1969 or so. About a man that had his head chopped off (guillotine) for some kind of crime. This girl who was in love with him threw herself off a cliff. A doctor or scientist got both of the bodies and somehow transferred the girls spirit into another body, but the man’s spirit refused to be transferred and shattered the glass container that it was in. When the woman came too after the procedure, the man’s spirit talked to her and told her to avenge him by killing the people who actually did the crime.

    • comicbookal

      1965’s Hammer film production ‘Frankenstein Created Woman” starring Peter Cushing as Dr.Frankenstein and Susan Denberg who also was a Playboy “Centerfold Of The Month” which was basically how she got the part after having been selected for the role by the producers of the film. One of Hammer’s better productions during the mis 1960’s…..

      • Doubly Bubbly Soap

        Thank you so much!! Been wondering about that one for several years. :)

  • Julie Elandt

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tarantula, and I was a Teenage Werewolf.

  • paul c.

    “The Creeping Unknown,” the American title for a 1956 British Sci-Fi horror film known as “The Quartermass Experiment.” Creepy (in a good way) film about an astronaut returning to earth. The ship crash lands and we discover that everyone on board has died from a strange fungus infection. One man is comatose, but still alive and is taken to the hospital, where his bone structure begins to change. His wife thinks he will be better off at home (!) and she smuggles him out of the hospital. It is unclear that he knows this woman at all and he apparently cannot talk. The scene between them in the car was excruciatingly unbearable. The film is less interesting after he morphs into “the creeping unknown,” but those first thirty or forty minutes were scary to this 12 year old kid. Stephen King gave this film its due props in his book, “Danse Macabre.”

    • John

      Excellent flick. You wouldn’t think a noir approach would work in this genre…but this one does.

  • gp

    Does anyone know of an old horror film from the early 70’s about garbage bag looking creatures that made a funny sound who brought women into their cave near or in the water? It is in black and white. Any thoughts? It’s been bugging me for years.

    • Gary Cahall

      I think you’re remembering a 1959 Roger Corman production, Attack of the Giant Leeches. It’s about some man-sized bloodsuckers (whose costumes do look like oversized plastic bags) who bring their victims to an underwater cave before draining them of their precious bodily fluids. It’s available for purchase at

  • Doubly Bubbly Soap

    There was another one that I wanted to ask about…. It was about a man who created another man out of dead bodies like Frankenstein, but called him his brother. The “brother” was very popular with the ladies as he was very handsome. After a while, the “brother” started decaying and there was nothing that could be done about it. I can’t remember how it ended. And I’m not sure about the year, but it wasn’t black & white.

    • Gary Cahall

      Doubly, this sounds like Frankenstein: The True Story, a 1973 made-for-TV version of Mary Shelley’s oft-told tale. Leonard Whiting starred as Dr. Frankenstein, Michael Sarrazin played the (at first) handsome creature, and the cast also included James Mason and Jane Seymour. It’s available for purchase at

      • Doubly Bubbly Soap

        Thank you, Gary! I appreciate the help!

  • Paulyymac

    I have two movies in Mind that I watched as a kid, therefore there is very little I remember…
    1. All I remember is a guy finds a town and as a ritual or something to that effect they drown people in a fountain in the center of tow, I think the guy saves someone from being drowned and the town’s people go after them.

    2. The only thing I remember is it was an alien movie and a guy sticks his hand in a vending machine, there’s an alien inside it.

    Vague but maybe you guys can help? Thank you!

    • Paulyymac

      Btw these are two separate movies

    • ToAd gRoAn

      could the first description be the TV movie “the spring” from 2000? look it up on imdb.

      • Paulyymac

        I did come across that after hours of searching and I do think that’s it. Meets the exact time frame

    • hypatiab7

      “Killer Clowns From Outer space”?

  • Nathan Carmack

    I’ve been trying to find an old 1950’s B&W sci-fi movie that had a scene that scared me to death when I was a kid. All I remember is 3 or 4 astronauts (mix of male and female) standing on a crashed spaceship in a sea of pulsating black ooze. I believe they were going on about how it was alive.

    • John

      Check out an (original) Outer Limits episode, “The Invisible Enemy.” Adam West is in it. Scared me when I first saw it on network broadcast premiere.

      • hypatiab7

        If that’s the one I remember, the Martians were critters that ‘swam’ through the sand to get to their victims.

  • Paula Wittman Lotte

    This is driving me crazy! I know I saw a tv movie just like Night Gallery’s “The Cemetery”, but it had different actors and it was in black and white. Can anyone help with this?

  • Anel Grimes

    Im going crazy trying to find this movie..It was a scene where this girl is ina room..and out of no where this guy walks across the room really fast..It’s a black and white movie. I just don’t remember the name. Any suggestions?

    • . . .

      It seems like I’ve visualized a scene like that before. Like it’s a scene that’s been on horror movie countdown on TV. I wish I knew the name because I’ve been trying to figure out the name of a movie like that too.

      • Anel Grimes

        Yes..the first time i saw it was in the countdown on the tv..Then we watch it on line…But i just can’t remember the name

    • GeorgeDAllen

      Too bad the movie is B&W, otherwise I’d have the answer right away. In the 1977 “The Sentinel,” there’s a way-crazy-scary moment with a guy-out-of-nowhere walking across the room really fast. It’s talked about here:

  • . . .

    Okay, I’m going to try and explain this movie the best I can. It’s been years since I’ve seen it. It was a black and white film from maybe the 1940’s? I used to watch it on VHS at my grandma’s house all the time.

    Basically, I remember a couple, they’re driving and then stop at this B&B I want to say? BUT the old man in charge is more like a mortician? And he’s working on dead bodies in the basement or something and the wife wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the guy (possibly a doctor gone mad) working on bringing back a dead person. And all I remember is the movie ending with the man searching for his wife and finding her downstairs with the other dead bodies and it shows her slowly pulling down a casket lid down over her because she’s like a “walking dead” person now.

    Man I don’t know if that made sense or if it was enough description, but I have been searching, googling, asking around to see if anyone knows what I’m talking about….with no luck so far. I keep wanting to say “Konrad” is in the title but I’m not 100% sure if that’s what I’m thinking of. Any help would be great.

  • Leon

    I got one for you all. If you can tell me what this is I would be really pumped. It’s either late 70s or early 80s. From what I can remember it’s about a boy and his family but there is an alien living in the attic of their house or a church down the street. It terrified me as a kid but I can’t remember anything else about the film. The boy was sick or something and the alien had something to do with it. Please if you can help.

    • Ya know

      E. T. maybe?

      • Leon

        Not at all. It’s a horror movie not a family film. Thanks for trying though I appreciate it.

  • Leon

    I got another one for you. 90s flick I believe about a space crew. They find out that one of them is a robot and she kills everyone but two people ( a man and a woman) who try to escape in an escape pod after the robots hand(after being dismembered) sets the automatic destruct sequence. The two escape in the escape pod only to wake up in a small room. They walk outside the room and see a burned up security guard. They then open the door to outside and see there was nuclear destruction everywhere. If anyone knows this one beers are on me all night! Thanks and good luck.

  • Haylee

    Okay there’s this movie that I’ve been trying to think of for years! The only part I can remember is this lady like real creepy like climbs in a window. The she sits down on a rocking chair and unexpectedly shatters like glass. Can anyone help me out?!


    I don`t thin this was the film..the brain that wouldn`t die.. a woman bring her girlfriend home but her dad is a sceientist and he dismemebers the girlfriends body and the head is in a glass cASE AND THE END OF THE MOVIE..THE WOMAN LIMBS ARE HANGING UP ON THIS WALL AND THEY KILL THE EVIL DOXTOR AND THE END SHOWS THE GIRLFRIEND TALKING TO THE HEAD IN THE BOX.. OR DID I DREAM THIS ON EUP..ANY HELP??

    • Rustle Crow

      “The Frozen Dead” with Dana Andrews as the evil doctor.

  • Thom

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    • Melissa Field

      Heck yeah!Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one of my favorite horrors!

  • The Mofessor

    Hi everybody!

    I am a big fan of “The Blind Dead” movies, but was very disappointed when I had finally watched all four and realized that a scene I had thought was in the series was not there. The scene is in some ruins, similar to those in “Tombs of The Blind Dead”. A character (I believe it to be a man) has walked as far up a crumbling ledge that he can, with the Blind Dead like monsters following him. He stops moving and the monsters do as well, since they can no longer hear him. I can’t remember how or if he gets away … I just remember him standing there, trying not to move and get killed.

    I have seen several different edits of The Blind Dead movies and none of them contain this scene. I have checked a few other films by the same director, but to no avail.

    If someone can point me in the right direction, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Mark

    Circa 1958 to early 1960s: B&W movie……a girl soon yo be married 1st had to climb stairs in an old house/castle. Room at top of stairs had a dressing mirror…she was required to look into the mirror but not turn around…she did and I think became grossly ugly……can anyone remember this movie and the name?

  • Melissa Field

    Night of the Lepus scared me when I was little! I even had nightmares right after!

    • ToAd gRoAn

      “for god’s sakes jim i’m only a giant rabbit hunter!”

      • hypatiab7

        Leapin’ lepuses, Jim! I’m a doctor not a killer bunny hunter!

        • ToAd gRoAn


        • Bruce Reber

          A huge step down from “Star Trek” for DeForest “Bones” Kelley.

          • hypatiab7

            The poor guy couldn’t get acting jobs after the show due to being type cast. I was glad when the movies started coming out. They kickstarted their acting again. Thanks to the movies, De was able to retire.

          • ToAd gRoAn

            a lot of folks i know around my age were pretty freaked out by NOTL. many have even told me they had nightmares and when they described the film, people looked at them like they made it up. lol almost like the premise is too unbelievable. i still remember the bratty lil girl though that switched the bunnies? i wanted her to get it bad possibly stomped by rampaging bunnies. lil brat

  • Bill Placzek

    Ths one is going to be tough but have wondered about it for years, Saw this on TV in the late 1950-early 1960’s and am not sure if it was a movie, an Alfred Hitchcock show, or a One step beyound or what! A couple walks through a tunnel and when the come out there is no one anywhere…I believ they go up in the Empire State building or a skyscraper and the coffee cups are warm and the cigerettes still lit, but no people. Have wondered about it over fifty years!

    • John

      Was it filmed in B&W? Semi-informed guess, a movie: The World, the Flesh and the Devil. If I think of more I’ll add to this chain.

      • Bruce Reber

        TWTF&TD (MGM 1959) is about a miner (Harry Belafonte) who’s underground during a nuclear war. When he comes out of the mine he discovers everybody’s gone (dead). He drives to NYC, where he meets a woman (Inger Stevens) and a man (Mel Ferrer), and they are the only three people in the world left alive.

  • djsteffen

    For me it was Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” with Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren. As a 6 year old that was suspense and absolute terror. I believe it still stands the test of time.

  • Earl

    As a kid (now 75) I walked out of a movie. Would like to find it. It started with a man arriving at a house and being welcomed but he was an imposter of someone who had been missing for years. He wound up being dumped down an old dry well where he found the skeleton of the person he was impersonating. This was probably in the late 40 s or early 50s. Any ideas?