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The history of Robin Hood on the silver screen: Don’t You Worry, Never Fear, Robin Hood Will Soon Be Here

  • James

    Although I am unfamiliar with some of the actors listed here, Errol Flynn remains the definitive Robin Hood to me. The lavish 1938 version seems cartoonish at times by today’s standards but Flynn had the right combination of looks ,charm and athleticism that causes him to stand out from the others.

  • Allen Hefner

    Of course, Errol Flynn is the quintessential Robin Hood, but I didn’t vote for him. My choice was Richard Greene, not for the movie, but because I grew up watching “The Adventures of Robin Hood” on TV.

    How did Costner get so many votes?!? He didn’t even bother with an English accent!

  • bogart10


  • mike jaral

    errol flynn in robin hood, probably my favorite movie, after that would be the magnificent seven. these two movies are great adventure movies, being 70, I recall the critics reviewing these movies with only 2 or 3 stars. now most critics rate them 3 or 4 stars now. its a shame that the younger generations don’t even know who flynn, mcqueen,brunner are.they are missing so much

  • xDJ@V.YouBraveWorld.Tube

    Errol is too pretty for me to take him seriously. Russell Crowe gave the role some beef. But, it’s perhaps a generation thing.

  • Ken

    Errol Flynn was and is THE Best Robin . The Movie was filled with Great Scenery and GREAT stars (Including TRIGGER, in his big screen debut!)

  • Stephen Farris

    Richard Greene was also in a TV series, about “the Hood”, if memory serves.

  • Al Hooper

    Errol Flynn defined the role for all time. But I’m surprised that so many film fans fully realize it, as evidenced by your poll, and voted accordingly. Usually the last actor to portray a given character gets the votes because the typical film-goer has an attention span of about 10 minutes,

  • Carl W. Jacobson

    I have to agree with most of the others. Erol Flynn was Robin Hood. Also Richard Green was excellent in the T.V. series which I also watched when I was younger. (68 now) A lot of things might appear silly from the early days of the old “B” westerns which I still like anyhow, even though some looked faked, but at least everything wasn’t full of dex inuendos and foul laguage. I think my grandson said that the language makes it more real. I watch movies for entertainment we know that most of them are fiction, if I want reality I definately don’t need movies, just step outside and you can get a dose of reality, sex, foul language, violence, you nmae it. The Magnificent Seven was one of the great westerns. A couple of my all-time choices would be Robert Taylor (Ivanhoe) Audey Murphy ( Red Badge of Courage)(To Hell adn Back) Anyone who isn’t aware, RFD TV has brought back Roy Rogers on Saturdays at noon-time.

  • Rick Hirsch

    Flynn is my favorite, however, the silent version is worth a look. Most of the Flynn version deserves high marks for such a great supporting cast.

  • James Sedares

    Your poll says it all. Flynn is the one and only Robin Hood.

  • Cynthia LaRochelle

    Russell Crowe version was truer to the real person and cause of Robin Hood. Can’t wait for the follow up, hope they make one it was left open for another film. Green tights and robbing the rich, yada, yada,,,, pleeeeese. Try looking beyond the goody, goody stuff, although perhaps he’ll get to that in the next one.

  • Steve in Sedona

    Russell Crowe sucks. Even Jonas Armstrong made a better Robin Hood. Daffy Duck also.

  • Linda Schiffer

    Errol Flynn defined Robin Hood, but the role also defined Errol Flynn, and that is a sad commentary because he was such a marvelous actor. (Check out Neal Stannard’s “Now & Then, the Movies Get It Right”). Thanks to the then ‘system’ Errol Flynn languished in roles that were not up to his abilities as an actor.
    Hollywood HAS a way of typecasting (yes, they are still doing it) actors who are so much better than the roles offered them. I can see Johnny Depp as Robin of Lochslee, but even Depp could not create the same RELISH that Flynn brought to the role.

  • Martin Stumacher

    Errol Flynn. Stop, don’t go any further. He,Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Raines. Magic.

  • Sally

    ERROL FLYNN!!! Could it ever be anyone else? He was my first the age of eight, and the most beautiful man God ever put on this earth.

  • sylvia watters

    Everyone that agreed about errol flynn right on. The cast they picked to play each part was perfect. Now for this century russel crow movie was good iwas most interested when they showed the long bowes as i shoot one also so it was was great to see them,as im english.

  • Richard

    You forgot Dick Gautier in When Things Were Rotten.

  • Paul Sprenger

    Errol Flynn definitly made Robin Hood come alive on the screen and for the 1938 production it was done with class.

  • John Bennett

    I voted for Russell Crowe as he portraied the real English “working” chap and with it the grit, dirt and, well the earthyness. His leadship qualities were believable too. Earrl Flynn, tho born in Tasmania was just too clean and laughing all the time and those TEETH, and like Cosner, too American. richad Green was good in the tv series but I still go for R.C.

  • Evelyn

    I guess he doesn’t count as a movie Robin Hood but my favorite is Michael Praed,in Robin of Sherwood. Jason Connery was pretty good too.

  • Carter Lupton

    Unfortunately bypassed 20 years ago as it was released to TV by Fox instead of theaters due to the impending Costner film, Patrick Bergin was far superior to Costner or Crowe, I humbly suggest

  • greeneyes

    That great sword fight between Flynn and Rathbone, wow!

  • john

    Did there need to be any other names on this list?…………No!

  • JoAndra

    Mine is George Segal in the 1992 “The Zany Adventures Of Robin Hood, with his neurotic brother, Prince John (Roddy McDowall). Unfortunately, this one isn’t listed as one of the choices, but it is my favorite.

  • Pat

    Yes, Errol Flynn without a doubt,but I want to mention Richard Todd. I liked his playful Robin Hood. Richard Todd was a very good and much under rated actor.

  • Richard

    Yes Errol Flynn was my pick also it was great, but the one I really love was the one with Kevin Costner grat love story use the main love song as my wedding russellcrowe for me put too many qustaings in the history that all the other movies did

  • tony payne

    Errol Flynn was without doubt the greatest swashbuckler of all time. As most of the comments prove he was the definitive Robin. I read that Warner Bros. were considering JAMES CAGNEY for the role but thank goodness he turned it down. Can you imagine it? The combination of Flynn and Michael Curtiz was unsurpassed. It was a great pity that their classic The Sea Hawk was not shot in Technicolor – the best clour system of them all.

  • Hockeyfan

    Errol Flynn had it down perfect. He did a number of other swashbuckling roles but Robin Hood was the top. He carried the fight scenes and the various confrontation scenes perfectly. I read a bio that was published in the 70s or 80s and it turned out he was a less than stellar character in real life but as an actor he was near perfection in many of these types of roles.

  • xDJ@V.YouBraveWorld.Tube

    Richard Todd? Oh, he’s the one with Ronald Reagan in The Hasty Heart… He’s the head of the merrie men, but he’s no hood.

  • Garry Stewart

    Errol Flynn was way out in front as the best screen Robin Hood of all time, and the best swashbuckler in screen history . Looking at the more recent film interpretations, it’s more of a story book I guess, but for pure entertainment, it will still be around when all the others are gathering dust. Now over 70 years old it still rates it’s arse off on television, thanks to the Flynn magic and one of the best staged dueling sequences in film history, staged by the legendry master at arms, Fred Cavens .

  • ww

    Errol Flynn was the best, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Disney’s animated version with Robin as a fox!


    Errol Flynn, hands down. That poster of a scruffy looking Russell Crowe was enough for me not to see the 2010 version.

  • Jim Snook

    I am not generally commited to my childhood heros, but in this case I must admit that Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood will stand in my mind forever. The others were enjoyed, yes, but “The Adventures of Robin Hood” is the standard by which all others will be measured.

  • Eileen

    I love the Errol Flynn version, but when Russell Crowe added the grit to Robin in 2010, his Robin Hood became my all-time favorite.

  • Lisad

    Whaddya mean, “EVEN Jonas Armstrong??!!” He was the BEST so far. But even he acknowledged Errol as the best.

  • zazou

    This 2010 version of Robin Hood is beautifully photographed,with great sea and forest shots. Crowe is a good Robin Hood,convincing in appearance and manner. The 1938 Flynn version is good as well,just a different take on Hood. It is a much more cleaned up Middle Ages with lots of bright colors. I prefer the muted golden look of thie Robin Hood. The studio should make a sequel.

  • Tamy

    As gritty as Russell Crowe may have been, Robin of Locksley was not a common man, he was a noble. As far as films go it is Errol Flynn, the eternal Robin Hood.

  • Lasse

    of course russell crowe.
    you have to be a fag to think othervise :P

  • swept

    The fun thing about Robin Hood was he could have been a nobleman or a common man because he was a “myth.” I liked Costners but much preferred Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott version as it was done before he was an outlaw. Have seen the outlaw part lots of times altho I hope to see it again with Russell Crowe. Sequel please.

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  • Jack

    Never seen JOHN DEREK mentioned here. Although he’s well down the list!

  • John

    For children of the 50s,Richard Greene with that great speaking voice was as much Robin Hood as Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger.This was accomplished on a small screen without the big budget and glorious Technicolor that aided Mr. Flynn,who was excellent as well.

  • roger zotti

    I grew up watching Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood, though at the time I didn’t appreciate him or the film. But let’s not forget, though, the film’s terrific supporting cast: great villains are Basil and Claude; lovely is Olivia and nobody is better at crankiness than Una; better pals than Alan and Patric don’t exist; and Eugene Palette as the good ole Friar –terrific. Everything about The Adventures of Robin Hood is terrific. It’s a wonderful movie to introduce a young, would be movie fan to…Second choice: Sean Connery in Robin and Marian…

  • Steven Fabri

    Errol Flynn,and the cast make it a classic.Richard Green in the TV version the best.

  • thomas cummons

    Flynn is so far above all others that I am shocked that it wasn’t higher than 70% . Great cast and production values . One of my all time favorite movies . I love all of the Errol Flynn movies . He along with John Wayne & Clint Eastwood are my top 3 action stars . I have almost all of their movies on tape or dvd .

  • Gloria Briganti

    Aw come on now, who else but Errol Flynn!

  • Roger Z

    Errol Flynn is the benchmark by whom all others will always be compared.


    Richard Todd was my first Robin Hood and the best, better than Flynn. A really good version. The worst by far, Kevin Costner, and worst British accent. The California surfer dialect kept creeping in. Laughably bad. The guy was a really lazy leading man. He’s better now in character roles.

  • Sci-Fi Fan.

    Daffy Duck was very definitely the best Robin Hood! And Porky Pig was the best Little John!

  • Gary Cahall

    Porky was Friar Tuck, Sci-Fi Fan.

  • Sci-Fi Fan.

    Oooops! OK. Porky was Friar Tuck. I’m not sure he was identified by name in the cartoon. In any case, I obviously didn’t remember which character he was supposed to be. What can I say…? These things happen to all of us one time or another. Oh well. YOIKS, AND AWAYYYYY……!!!

  • CS9

    Flynn’s defining role which shot him to the top of the box office and kept him there. Continued the magic with Olivia D. An epitome of a classic. Fairbanks was also great .I haven’t seen the others but,why? I also don’t have the time. I’d rather see the 1938 film again. Why did they name the character in Tangled Flynn? Nuff said.