Movie Poll: What’s Your Favorite “Men on a Mission” movie?

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  • Jim

    Gratifying to see “The Seven Samurai” right up there… one of the greatest films ever made, by one of the greatest directors in cinema history.

  • masterofoneinchpunch

    Also had to vote for The Seven Samurai. I’m a huge Kurosawa fan. Now where is Eastern Condors (kidding though it is a decent men on a mission flick very much inspired by The Dirty Dozen)?

  • Ron

    And the “Great Escape”?

  • Clarice

    Blues Brothers? Just kidding. My vote is for The Seven Samerai


    The devil’s brigade

  • Roger B

    What about The Searchers with John Wayne?

  • Bandyman

    Another great “Men on a mission film ” is the Wild Bunch with Bill Holden and Robert Ryan
    That film should be on your list as well

  • Ron J.

    My pick is Where Eagles Dare. But with that said this is just a great list of fun films to watch. Overall I would not even try to rate this list just watch them all.

    One of the great all-time lines for me is from Where Eagles Dare. Clint’s character says “You have me about as confused as I ever hope to be.” Now while that may not send chills up your spine it is just a great line at the end of about 10 minutes or so of build up. When I saw this film the first time in my youth I felt exactly the same way.

  • RCL

    While I voted for Magnificent Seven and still believe it’s the best, its hard to pass up Saving Private Ryan as a great one.

  • DIRK

    I knew I was gonna choose the least favorite, but movies are all about where you are in life when you see a film the first time, who you went with, etc. And the Poll does ask whats your favorite, not what do you think is the correct answer. So I picked the Warriors; go figure!


    The Blues Brothers is my favorite movie about men on a “Mission from God.”

  • masterofoneinchpunch

    A great “men on a mission” film not mentioned yet is from the great director Henri-Georges Clouzot “The Wages of Fear” (ignore the overly silly ending and overly simple attack on Capitalism).

    I’m a huge fan of Blues Brothers (only the first) and it is one of the films I’ve seen the most times.

  • Charles Brown

    The Seven Samurai ! Heck, the Magnificent Seven is an American copy of it !

  • Tlynette

    “Heck, the Magnificent Seven is an American copy of it!”

    We know, we know! BUT, come on Yul Brynner in all that black?!?! Robert Vaughn in the waistcoat and those leather gloves?!?!? Steve McQueen? Seven men, with attitudes on a mission?! Dammmmmmmn!

    Oops, sorry! Girl drool–my bad! ;-p

    I just watched it recently, and have been humming that theme since, and remembered why I get such a kick out of that movie. Eli Wallach is so good, the action, the dialogue, it’s just a great ride.

  • christina west

    I think all of them are great. What about Capricorn one!

  • tim kenneally

    my favorite is “dark of the sun” with rod taylor, big black cat jim brown and german actor peter carsten. thrilling action scenes and edge-of-your-seat suspence.

  • John

    GUNS OF NAVARONE. It’s got guns, bombs, dancing Greeks,
    and lots of….Krauts. And mountain-climbing, a perilous
    boat-ride, and still more…Jerries? Oh, can’t forget the exploding rat!

  • DeMeio

    Aren’t all movies about men (women or children) on a mission to reach a goal? Dorothy and friends seeking The Wizard, the fisherman to kill “Jaws”, or one of my favorites, the prospectors seeking gold in “Tresure Of The Sierra Madre”.

  • bill robinson

    Seven Samurai has to be at the top of the list, but another great men on a mission movie, and one that’s a lot more fun to watch than almost any on your list, is “Midnight Run.” Robert Deniro and Charles Grodin are priceless.

  • Richard Finn

    I agree with Bandyman, “The Wild Bunch” was the 1st movie I thought of, even before I saw the list.

  • Rita

    I have to agree with some of the others. These are all great “mission” movies but Blues Brothers has to top the list.

  • Andrew

    How about the brave Doolittle Raiders in “Thirty
    Seconds Over Tokyo” with Spencer Tracy as Colonel
    James Doolittle? Now that’s a movie with men on a mission. I agree with “Saving Private Ryan” making the list.

  • Niki

    The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Now that was a mission for Men. And Elves. And Dwarfs. And Hobbits of course.

  • Cat

    I would have liked to have seen “The Great Escape” on that list – they were a bunch of “men on a mission”.

  • hiramg

    Well, the people on a mission in “The Wild Bunch” are the pursuers, so I’m not so sure that counts. Like the comment about how movies like “Wizard of Oz,” “Jaws,” et. al. fit the category. The nominee list could be expanded tenfold. How about “The Professionals”?

  • J. Lyon

    “The Man Who Would Be King” needs to be close to the top of any such list. Danny Dravitt and Peachy Carnahan are archetypal and unforgettable.

  • Rantin N. Raven-Faux VI

    None of the above. In no particular order:

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Dr. Detroit
    Blues Brothers
    Princess Bride
    Dawn of the Dead
    The Fearless Vampire Killers
    School Days

  • Rantin N. Raven-Faux VI

    Hey! I wasn’t through.

    A Boy and His Dog
    Blade Runner
    Godzilla vs. Mothra
    Wizard of Oz
    The Wiz
    Return of the Living Dead

  • Rantin N. Raven-Faux VI

    Okay. I’m done.

  • Rantin N. Raven-Faux VI

    Oops! I forgot Dark Star

  • Rantin N. Raven-Faux VI

    Woman on a mission:

    Debby Does Dallas

  • Paper Girl

    In addition to Blues Brothers how about Men in Black?

  • Tom S

    The Professionals.

  • Marjorie

    Tlynette: must agree that Yul Brynner’s body in black lends something to The Magnificent Seven that the Seven Samurai just can’t give us girls.

    DiMeio: I would agree that most movies would qualify, given a more flexible definition of mission.

    I think Saving Private Ryan & The Great Escape have the flaw that all/most of the men end up dead without an end that really made their sacrifice worth it, and so they wouldn’t make my short list. (But then SPR just bothers me – that one soldier’s life is being counted worth the waste several other soldiers’ lives (who also have mothers and children and spouses and just as much right to be sent home to them) was/is just wrong.

    As far as the Princess Bride, I would suggest that it doesn’t qualify because they’re not really all on the same mission, even in the end. Inigo’s out to avenge his father, Wesley’s out to save Buttercup from Humperdink and Fezzig is up for helping anyone cause he’s just a big softy.


    Operation Secret(1952)
    None But The Brave(1965)

  • callsign

    Actually my very, very favourite “men on a mission” film is The Blues Brothers. They were on a mission from God! What a wonderful, lighthearted, engaging film. Still love it all these years later and it has become one of my two boys (11 and 13) favourite films too.

  • Movielover

    My favorite was not there but Guns of Navarone was. I really love Force 10 from Navarone – the sequel. It’s got drama and suspense, humor, sacrifice, intrigue, etc. l Loved it!

  • Bob Dellapenna

    Earl FLYNN’S BEST MOVIE HE EVER MADE. Is “Burma”I saw this movie over fifty years ago as a very young child and will never forget it. It showed what the Japs could do.

  • Version

    glad to see someone mention Fearless Vampire Killers and Monty python, even in jest – there was a definte mission going on.