Movie Poll: What’s Your Favorite John Candy Performance?

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  • Jim

    I actually think his performances on SCTV were funnier than anything he did in the movies.

  • Bill Pentland

    You can’t rule out his part as one of the famous Schmenges! I know it wasn’t a film, but it was way funny. SCTV.

  • Charles H

    I agree. Candy’s SCTV days were great, but in lieu of the poll, I had to give it to Dell Griffith (PTA). Spike Nolan (BM) did come in a very close 2nd for me.

  • Ingrid Nuernberg

    I costarred with John in his last film, WAGONS EAST, so even though it was not a very good film, my vote would have to be for Harlow the wagonmaster in that film. He was truly wonderful to work with.

  • Evie

    I agree wiht you guys. The Fishin’ Musician was my favorite SCTV skit.

  • Chris P

    He also did the bit as the Polka Band leader in Home Alone, too.

  • Bob

    I love the scene in Splash were the top secret Army guys find Candy fishing in the top secret pool where they were supposed to be hiding the mermaid. It’s the scene that to me defined Candy, because it was hilarious and he really didn’t have to do anything but be John Candy.

  • version


    Hapless, John Chester – an everyman and some classic slapstick.

  • Chick

    I have to agree with Version, where’s “Summer Rental”. Although I think “Splash” had many of his classic bits … racket ball … “I love dis guy!!!, hey pal…” Ingrid, it’s great to hear from someone who knew him at least to work with and to validate the great guy and comedian we all think of him as.

  • G Darrell Russell Jr

    What about Candy’s performance in Home alone? He was a scene stealer leading his itinerant polka band.

  • Mike D

    Honnorable mention -Sheriff Bud Boomer in Canadian Bacon

  • David Ecklein

    I agree with Mike D – “Canadian Bacon” should have been on the list. Not only was he funny, but the film itself is still relevant today.

  • Chester

    Per all the comments here about SCTV, I thought that show was funnier than SNL. SNL is a shadow of its’ former self. No ones fault, it’s just that the talent isn’t there.

  • ANDY


  • Joseph Imhoff

    I don’t like John Candy.

  • Rita

    Had to vote for Del Griffith. Haven’t we all met someone like him while traveling? But gosh, Oxburger, Buck Russell, and Chet Ripley were all great characters too.


    Dean Andrews in JFK

  • Bill Dunphy

    No mention of Summer Rental which would have been my first vote, so I went with my second choice as Del Griffith in Plane, Trains, and Automobiles. I can still picture John in bibfront dungarees on SCTV saying “it blowed up good it blowed up real good”! He died way too early, he was coming into being a fine actor.

  • Johnny Zito

    This is tough. I can’t pick just one. I’ve been such a huge John Candy fan since I was a kid watching SCTV! It really depends on what I’m watching him in at the moment. Yeah, I know, kind of a bailout but…

  • Pete

    I always left feeling good after I seen John Candy in a movie or on TV. I don’t need to pay money to see doom and gloom, there is enough in the world already.

  • maureen gooden

    Loved him in everything but uncle buck was my feel good mavie and del but that was a little sad

  • Publius

    We all miss John candy. Not only was he a superb comedian, but also a warm human being and kind father. Some of his best moments were on SCTV. My favorite is when he played Babe Ruth in a hysterical commercial for an old movies in which the kid had him do all these stunts, and Candy built up the performance beautifully. The reason I chose “The Great Outdoors” was because Stephanie Faracy played his wife. Stephanie directed me in “Life With Father” when I played the lead way back in 1972 at Elk Grove High School little theatre. I am glad that he was able to work with her as she was always a splendid director as well as an accomplished actress. Even when the man played bit parts, (as in “Home Alone”) he was always a welcome relief. Hollywood and the world last a real talent comparable with Laurel, Chaplin and all the greats in the comedy pantheon.

  • Mike Huculak

    What about Who’s Harry Crumb? All the different parts he played. I feel this is one of his best movies.

  • Lynn

    My first choice was his character in “Summer Rental”, so I made do with the “Cool Runnings” character.

    When I first saw John Candy I wasn’t that impressed (I didn’t see the SCTV bits until later), but my opinion gradually changed and I thought he was growing beautifully as an actor. He could be so funny and yet he could make you feel so much empathy for him in his straighter moments. We lost a very talented man at much too young an age.

  • John Thomas

    I voted for planes trains and automobiles, but his best movie was who’s harry crumb.

  • Roger MacEvoy

    I have to say the Del Griffith character of the ones available here Sheriff Bud Boomer from Canadian Bacon is my favorite because these are the two most John Candiest of his movies characters. (If that makes any sense to anyone but me.)

    I was an SCTV addict and loved the sheer outrageousness, originality, fun, cleaverness and fresh personalities on the show.

    We see nothing like this today on SNL or any SCTNs comedy clones or even in the comedians who have no finesse, humility, intelligence, originality, humanity, or even an ability with language in their comedy.

  • jim

    or how about 1941 but i would go with splash as far as a movie. but i like him in the blues brothers, (orange whip?) anyone

  • Al

    While I clearly love many of the movies you listed, I was a little surprised that the movie “Wagon’s East” wasn’t one of the selections to choose from. Still, I believe that his role was as Del Griffith in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” so “Wagon’s East” would not have been my first choice anyway. However, I would rank it in front of some of the other movies you have listed to choose from such as Brewster’s Millions and The Great Outdoors.

  • Big Fun

    I agree with Mike Huculak–he’s great in Harry Crumb, a movie that also features a young and gorgeous Shawnee Smith.

  • Mark H.

    None of the above.

    Frank Dooley in “Armed and Dangerous”!

  • Melody Merritt

    Delerious is my favorite John Candy movie although Cool Runnings is a close second.

  • Christopher Anne Samson

    I, too, go for the Polka Band leader from Home Alone 1. He handled that role with a deft touch, playing it a bit close and this resulted a truly sweet character — a person who I would actually like to have met. Candy’s sequence and the discussion with the old man (Do you know what it is like wearing a Bird Sweater when you’re…) were what made that film work for me.

  • zia ria

    John Candy is wonderful in all his roles. Del Griffith is my favorite in the choices listed. Also liked him as Tom Tuttle in Volunteers with Tom Hanks.

  • JohnCougar’sMelonCamp

    Of all the films he made,his most touching was in 1991′s”Only the Lonely”with Ally Sheedy and the lovely Maureen O’Hara.

  • Roger Phillips

    “Only the Lonely” is really a classic. Maureen O”Hara had not made a movie for 20 years and made it. John and Maureen as son and mother were movie gold. Though it is mainly a comedy, it is touching how everyone wanted him to stay single and watch out for his mother. This seems like a comedy version of the 50s movie “Marty” with Earnest Borgnine (pretty good company).

  • MissKitty

    Happened to see Uncle Buck not long before he died, so it is a poignant image I will always have of him with that kind of bittersweet smile as he’s waving goodbye at the end.

  • sidf

    What about Uncle Buck?

  • Ed M

    What about Det. Burton Mercer in The Blues Brothers? It was a small part, but still my favorite.

  • mickey

    Anything he did on SCTV was worth watching. I’ll never forget him as “The Beaver” in a Leave it to Beaver sketch. Hysterical. I always thought SCTV was funnier than SNL.
    I miss John.

  • Marsha

    I agree with Mike and Big Fun – “Who is Harry Crumb” – anytime my brother and I see a wrecked car we say looks like he got “Harry Crumbed.”

  • charlie

    I liked John as Augie Morosco in once upon a crime

  • rufnek43

    The best thing about televised showings of John Candy films is that, when they come on, I can change the channel. I have never, ever liked that guy on TV or in films. He always came across to me as a fat bully without a funny bone in his body. I could never get passed that image of him.

  • karlene

    delirious–definitely!! also loved him in the Blues Brothers

  • karlene

    oh, and for you John Candy haters–why do you even look at this poll and comments?????????

  • Elizabeth Parker

    Uncle Buck, best movie ever, love the part when he goes to the school and tells off the princeaple..

  • Jim Crawford

    We did’nt get SCTV in Australia so I would have to say Del Griffith & Uncle Buck. He was priceless!

  • Jim Crawford

    I thought this was about our favourite John Candy roles? Why dont you people who did’nt like him P. Off. It is not for you but for people who loved him! Get on-board some other topic and dont annoy us !!

  • Ken

    “The Great Outdoors” was really great and underrated!!

  • Trish

    Only the Lonely just captured John Candy’s humor as well as that sensitive, sweet side he had.