Poll: What’s Your Favorite Irish-Themed Movie?

Well, lads and lasses, St. Patrick’s Day is here, which means it’s time for MovieFanFare readers to let us know which film about the Emerald Isle and its people is their favorite. From whimsical comedies (Darby O’Gill and the Little People) to two-fisted dramas (The Quiet Man) to historical sagas (Ryan’s Daughter), sure and it’s a broad list to pick from!

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  • David in NY

    Love “The Quiet Man” but how about: “Shake hands With the Devil;
    “The Informer” (oscar for Victor McLaglen AND John Ford); “Odd Man Out”; there are others more suited to the list than those that are there. (I would have added “Gangs of New York” up to the point where Scorsese sold out [on his own money, I might add. Sad!] but I’m sure you want whole films.

  • Terry

    No “My Left Foot”,”Dancing at Lughnasa”,”The Secret Of Roan Inish”,”Circle of Friends”, “The Magdalene Sisters”,”The Field” “Borstal Boy”, or “The Butcher Boy”?

    “Finian’s Rainbow” ?!?!? HUH? LOL

  • Willie B

    I would have included: “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” for which James Dunn won the Academy Award as Best Actor and Peggy Ann Gardner also won some kind of award for a good acting by a child.

  • cindy

    oh my gosh…Circle of friends with Minnie Driver and Dancing at Luthnasa (Meryl streep) were wonderful movies!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000674276597 Cyndi Lunsford

    I agree, Circle of Friends was an excellent movie.

  • PETER Williams

    I’d love to see a Welsh themed movie listed, especially now that we have seen Ray Milland, Richard Burton, Hugh Griffith, Rachel Roberts, Ioan Gruffudd, Anthony Hopkins, Edmund Gwen, and Rhys Williams and Stanley Baker doing their stuff

    • Rob in L.A.

      Don’t forget Jonathan Pryce and Timothy Dalton!

  • Joe Gideon

    Why isn’t “The Crying Game” on the list ?

  • ted

    The Departed Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor.

  • kenL

    You forgot one of the best – The Informer with Victor McLaglen

  • Rue

    You forgot Ned Devine. The best by far

  • ChicagoGary

    No question – The Quiet Man. Everything else starts at #2.

  • Douglas Aguirre

    I saw a film last year titled “The Irish In Us” (1935) starring James Cagney, Pat O’Brian, Oliva de Havilland. That is my favorite. Good luck trying to find it; it’s impossible. It was a comedy with an Irish flavor. The soundtrack included “Irish eyes are smiling”.

  • kmack

    A little known comedy “Tonight’s the Night” with Barry Fitzgerald. Hilarious.

  • Lois

    So sad not to see the real old ones…. My favorite Irish movies are, Three Cheers For The Irish, My Wild Irish Rose & Shine On Harvest Moon…. And yes glad to see someone mentioned, The Irish in Us….. Only one of these movies you can buy, very sad……

  • Rob in L.A.

    “The Crying Game”

  • Cougar

    How ’bout “The Molly Maguire’s” ?

  • Wayne P.

    Little Nellie Kelly, made in 1940, is a great and often overlooked dramatic, musical period piece with some comedic moments and sad scenes too! It starred a young and talented Judy Garland (in a dual role), George Murphy, and the wonderful Irish character actor Charles Winninger. The songs are fabulous and the story is very touching.

  • ridgemeister

    Well, just about all of the previously named movies had their own charms, I can’t forget about “Hear My Song” (1991). But my personal favorite has to remain “The Quiet Man.”

  • Paul

    John Huston’s last work – his film of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ is a masterpiece – evocative, funny, moving, and a better movie than any mentioned on your list of nominations.

    • NJ Lady

      Oh, yes. I remember reading this work years ago in a college literature class whose name I’ve forgotten. The story is stunning.

  • Bill Wayson

    You did not include my favorite, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn nor my second, Raising Ned Devine..

  • wes halik

    my favorite is “the quiet man” ,luck of the irish, darby o’gill and the little people

  • Carol

    I would have included “Odd Man Out.” It was a fascinating, beautifully acted film, thanks to James Mason and Robert Newton. That would have to be my favorite–even more than “The Quiet Man.”

  • Ray

    Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx starring Gene Wilder. A great and funny slice of life film from the 70’s.

  • Norman Gillen

    “The Great O’Malley” with Pat O’Brien, Ann Sheridan, and Humphrey Bogart. A 1937 Warners entry about the quintessential Irish NYC beat cop. I rate it second to “The Quiet Man.”

  • duckman

    I agree, WAKING NED DEVINE is a great and humorous movie.

  • WldIrishRose

    Of course, it’s The Quiet Man……..a love letter to Ireland, it’s countryside and it’s people.

  • Pat More

    How about Wings Of The Morning (1937) for the scene with the great Irish tenor John McCormack
    (also staring Henry Fonda) or Song ‘o My Heart (1930) with John McCormack and Maureen O’Sullivan Directed by Frank Borzage?

  • ronarck

    In agreement with David and Ken on “The Informant” and “Beat The Devil.”
    Among modern films with a distinctly Irish flavor, I would nominate:
    “In Bruges” and “Michael Collins.” Also worthy of mention, 1940’s “The
    Long Voyage Home,” for its Irish/Irish-American-dominated cast and crew, Including
    actors, John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald and Ward Bond, with John Ford in
    the director’s chair. Still, I don’t think anyone would argue against
    “The Quiet Man” ranking near the top of the list.

  • Walter Hyer

    From this list I had to pick The Quiet Man and Darby O’Gill second. (Own them both). But, seriously, The Informer NOT being on the list?!?! Really? WTF? The Long Good Friday is also a fine film for Irish fans.

  • disqus_Gf76m0Cqd9

    wonderful list of the forgotten listed below…Odd Man Out, The Informer…some very great classic movies…

  • IceStormer

    The Banshee scenes from Darby O’Gill, still scare the bejeebers out of me. And I saw it in its first run!