Movie Poll – What’s the best ’60s war movie?

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  • http://Website roy levering

    You missed The Blue Max–better than either of the last two.

  • bob brooks

    How about “In Harms Way” and The Devils Brigade”

  • bob brooks

    “In Harms Way” & The Devils Brigade

  • Carol O’Neill

    Where are King of Hearts and How I Won the War?

  • http://Website jerry kreisberg

    Cannot vote on this subject if “The Train” starring Burt Lancaster and directed by John Frankenheimer is not the list.

  • http://Youmeanglorifyingwar... Bob Levittan

    You mean what’s the best movie glorifying war, I assume. The best war movie from the 60’s (or any decade for that matter) is Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

  • http://Website Shane

    Where is the TRAIN ?

  • http://Youmeanglorifyingwar... Bob Levittan

    That being said, Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is hard to top.

  • http://Website Bobby T

    what about A Walk in the sun?

  • diane snider

    When are you going to stop making the choices for us? LAWRENCE OF ARABIA

  • Chris Hill

    What about The Alamo?

  • em

    Love THE GREAT ESCAPE, but what about THE VICTORS? There’s a great WWII film that should be on DVD!

  • Garnic Kidwell

    What about the Green Berets?

  • http://Website Name Geezer

    I would nominate the Good that Bad and the Ugly for its compelling Civil War segment, which nicely captured the brutality of the war although the events in the movie are entirely fictional. Also, in response to Mr. Levittan, I’d say that the best movie depicting–and not glorifying–a hypothetical thermonuclear war was Fail Safe.

  • Rick

    There were a lot of great war movies made in the 60s, but nothing tops the Dirty Dozen!

    “Slipped on a bar of soap!”

  • Patrisha Odell

    It is hard to vote for one movie when I think that The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Day, Where Eagles Dare, The Guns of Navarone and The Great Escape should all be first.

  • Marie Lazzari

    I like The Proud and the Profane with William Holden, Thelma Ritter and Deborah Kerr.

  • Marie Lazzari

    I agree with Patricia Odell – the ones she mentioned should be first but also to include Battle Cry which I think is one of the best.

  • Marie Lazzari

    How about Tora, Tora, Tora? That is one of the best?

  • Marie Lazzari

    Operation Pacific is another good one with John Wayne, Ward Bond and Patricia Neal.

  • http://Website Peter L.

    My pick for best sixties war movie is: TWO WOMEN (1960) by Vittorio De Sica starring Sophia Loren.

    Too bad it’s not on your list. Hey, Lawrence of Arabia is not even on your list. And how about Doctor Zhivago, the Train, the Sand Pebbles, In Harm’s Way, etc., etc., etc.

  • D Watson

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Pork Chop Hill.
    that was probably the most authentic depiction of the Korean war that has ever been made.

  • Mike Poulter

    The trouble is if its not Hollywood it does not get picked. Try watching ‘The Cruel Sea’; ‘The Dam Busters’ or even ‘The Colditz Story’

  • the wb

    from your list,i picked where eagles dare.
    i liked the whole list.but there are so many
    others.the train for one.great train ride

  • Curt F

    Who chose the list? Thw best movies of the 60s are not even there.

  • cman

    What about “Battle of Britain” With Robert Shaw and Michael Cain. Great REAL warbirds used in that movie. Or another Michael Cain classic “Zulu”.


    Not sure if this counts as a “War” movie but how about Fail Safe I think ’64?

  • weasal


  • geeque

    what about Go Tell the Spartans and The Green Beret?

  • Tim G.

    Some great comments on movies not listed. The poll list has big holes in it. The Longest Day was a classic and the Great Escape was immensely popular. But I’d have to agree that Lawrence of Arabia, not listed, is the best of an amazing bunch of war movies.

  • paskunia

    I’d like to include “Kelly’s Heroes” as Best 60s WWII movie, in the sub-category of Cult Film.

  • Maggie

    you also missed the Green Berets and True Grit

  • Liz M

    I agree with serveral other fans In Harm’s Way should have been listed.

  • Replay Ray

    a lot of great omissions, but am i really the first to nominate “Paths Of Glory” directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas?

  • http://Youmeanglorifyingwar... Bob Levittan

    Hey Mike Poulter – ‘The Dam Busters’ and ‘The Colditz Story’ were made in 1955, ‘The Cruel Sea’ was made in 1953. The category was best in the 60’s.

  • http://Website Name Richard Finn

    One of my favorites was “The Enemy Below”, with Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens

  • billyboy 53


  • Salty Dog

    The War was fought on Land,Sea, and Air — and under the sea.
    I enjoyed “Run Silent Run Deep” too!

  • Enrique Bird-Pic√≥

    A hard choice between 2 all time greats: “The Guns of Navarone” and “The Great Escape”. Some other very good movies, too, except that I have always felt that “The Dirty Dozen” has been widely overrated!

  • Kate Whalen

    I agree with many of those who have already spoken about some glaring omissions:
    THE TRAIN is one I will never forget. RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP another excellent film. And all the movies that never make any list, like Homecoming because it was made in 1948!!

  • Stu

    Without question, Stanley Kubick’s “Dr. Strangelove…” was one of the best wartime (cold war, maybe, but so what?) movies ever made.

  • Mike Poulter

    Well Bob Levittan here’s one that was made in the 60’s even if it is not as good as the original Stratfor Theatre Workshop production how about ‘Oh, What a Lovely War’

  • John Stead

    Lawrence of Arabia was the best action/war moivie ever made; however, if one were to pick the best anti-war moivie from the Sixties or any other era it would be Paths of Glory. Neither was on your list (and some on your list were pretty bad).

  • harry wright

    The Bedford Incident – Richard Widmark and Sidney Pointier

  • Ray Bravo

    I agree with follow film buffs, where is the Train, great story and Burt at his best.

  • Peter N.

    Lawrence of Arabia! Man, how can any list of 60’s war films not include the best one!!!!

    You guys need to get a new pollster.

  • Coolray

    Paths of Glory was a great war movie, but it was made in 1957. Laurence of Arabia is a great movie, but I would call it a biopic that takes place in a time of war rather than a true true war movie. The Dirty Dozen is tops in my book.

  • AlanH

    Lawrence of Arabia !!

  • Barbara

    The Dirty Dozen is the best war movie of any decade. To bad Stalag 17 was a different time period

  • Rick Harris

    another great one is Attack! starring Jack Palance and Eddy Albert

  • Ken A

    Agreement with em re THE VICTORS (1963). A great (anti)war war film. It seems that the DVD companies have a thing about 1963 (as they have also neglected to make available AMERICA, AMERICA and another gem TOYS IN THE ATTIC), all from 1963.

  • http://N/A Steven K

    I agree with Coolray, John Stead, & Replay Ray that PATHS OF GLORY was the best of the war movies. But, as Coolray said, it was made in the 50’s and you specifically asked for 60’s WWII movies.

  • Alan Stone

    I keep looking for a DVD of the Cinerama version of The Brothers Grimm which is shown occassionally on TCM. That is really a great flick.

  • Neil C H

    Who in heck made up this list. . .they outta be fired ! Apparently, he hasn’t seen very many films so what is he basing his judgement on ?
    One of Humphrey Bogart’s best. . . S A H A R A

    not even an honorable mention. . . . . !!!!!!!