What’s your favorite Martin Scorsese-Robert De Niro film?

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  • Fred B

    Saw both of these on a double feature years ago. Walked in to see Taxi Driver on reputation and walked out raving about Mean Streets. Great film.

  • John Zalusky

    I really like “Blue Velvet”

  • Joy

    I loved the original Cape Fear…and sadly…for me…De Niro didn’t manage to pull off the hidden menace in the character as well as Robert Mitchum did in the first movie. That character…in the original…left me with nightmares because there was nothing characterish or characture about him…. He was simply real and frightening!

  • version

    all very good for many reasons. Goodfellas makes more classic connections with me. Taxi Driver and Rageing Bull are works of art though – a great study in how well these two men work together.

  • ace

    DeNiro is the greatest actor of all time
    All great movies, Casino is the best

  • ace

    I can’t believe Goodfellas has the most votes when DeNiro is not even the main character!

  • Marjorie Gunjkler

    It was a terrible mistake to remake Cape Fear. It was perfect as it was. Not a plus for DiNiro

  • Maggie P

    These two make amazing films. I hope they really do The Irishman. I even loved New York, New York!

  • mike jaral

    I voted for goodfellas cause for many a reason, I really like the music in it. the old R&R songs were right on the money. De Nero I thought best in a little known movie called Maddog and glory. a very funny movie. takes the bite out of movies like casino and goodfellows, which were fairly true movies. “maddog” sort of laughs at these other movies.

  • BadGnx2

    I voted for “Goodfellas” as the favorite MOVIE, although I really think “Taxi Driver” is its equal. “Goodfellas” is really an ensemble piece with many good performances by all involved, while DeNiro is clearly the star of “Taxi Driver”, but he gets some fantastic support. Both are very dark movies.
    As a matter of fact ALL of their movies can stand on their own. Some are better than others and just about all have an element of crime in them.
    “New York, New York” was an experiment at the time. Its a return to the old studio film and had an old “movie studio/back lot” kind of feel to it, like an old Warner Brothers or Fox film. It was too dark to be an MGM film. Although the DeNiro character is not the nicest person to America’s darling (at that time) Liza Minnelli, DeNiro was still good at playing a slightly likeable heel.

    The original “Cape Fear” was a very good movie. It was a nice, tight little thriller shot in black and white and yet the film had a “B movie” kind of feel to it. The remake took it to an “A movie” kind of level and it was shot in color. Whether or not one is better than the other might be left up to the viewer. I would advise someone to see BOTH films and then make up their OWN mind.

    “Raging Bull” is more of a character study and features DeNiro at probably his rawest level.

    “The King Of Comedy” is probably the least known of the group and unfortunately the one rarely viewed, even on TV. It was originally supposed to be featured at the first TCM Film Festival with star Jerry Lewis. But when Lewis dropped out (for an unknown reason), the movie was shelved. I haven’t seen it in years and would love to see it again (especially on a big screen) to get a better handle of this film.

    DeNiro was not the star of “Mean Streets” either but he was clearly THE breakout star of the film. It had elements that both would perfect in subsequent films.

    Surprisingly, none of these films have been featured on the TCM station as of yet.

  • Andrew

    I heard that there is a sequel to “Taxi Driver”
    in the future. That would be very interesting.
    Wow! Travis Bickel some 30 plus years later.

  • christina

    I know this has nothing to do with the subject, but being it’s Easter, has anyone paid close attention to Jay Robinson as the Mad-Emperor Caligula in The Robe? Brillant! Haven’t seen any better than that. Recently watched him in a couple of episodes of The Walton’s and I remember him in some episodes of Barney Miller and of course, The Robe. Just thought I would mention it.

  • christina

    Oh, I forgot to mention Jay Robinson also in the sequel to The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladiators. He makes you glad that he ‘gets’ it in the end.

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  • Wefw


  • Bjodrie

    He played a great Al Capone in The Untouchables.