You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!


“Crunchy on the outside. Chewy in the middle.
Boy, I love these things!”

  • Blair Kramer.

    Teething isn’t easy when you’re the biggest baby on the planet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001826703760 Linda Davis

    “Next time I’m going to use the new tape floss!”

  • Wayne

    Isnt that the Roman Colosseum behind me? And all this time I thought we were in Japan!

  • Aaron

    This licorice tastes funny.

  • Movie Fan

    Smoking all that wacky weed gave Godzilla-man the munchies!

  • Howard

    Stoopid Jason-San

    Dat No Haiku, Dat No Haiku!



    “Need’s Garlic”

  • Ron

    Anyone have an extra large Tums. One about the size of a ferris wheel?

  • Blair Kramer.

    This is the only way I’m able to brush my teeth!

  • Blair Kramer.

    I’m forced to scrape my tongue much more often ever since I took that job as a blast furnace!

  • Taluvskids

    Yuck! Pringles and Lays are better!

  • Fbusch

    No, No, you idiots! it’s Gojira!!

  • Sochocinsky

    oops i dropped 1

  • Rhill3850

    How many times have I told you, those things will ruin your teeth!

  • Rhill3850

    No, I’m too big to be burped.

  • Rhill3850

    Whadya mean it’s not sugar free?

  • Rhill3850

    I’ll have to use the extra strength floss tonight.

  • banjojane66

    “I’ve this taste before, but I can’t remember when…….!”

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  • Charles M Lee

    Proving again that air travel is the safest mode of transportation