Gimme 5: Famous Celebrity Crushes!

Guest blogger Peter Eramo, Jr. writes:

Here’s a fun & easy one for you and just about everyone can sprout off at least five — so no excuses this week! We all have those actors and actresses who we just love to look at…those men and women who we think are simply hot, hot, hot! From those handsome and gorgeous men and women in those early classic films to the sexy and dazzling stars of today, I am asking this week for you to:


I Will Start:

1.  Ingrid Bergman
(never to be duplicated; never to be matched).

2. Scarlett Johansson
(a stunning blend of 40′s Hollywood and present day all rolled into one).

3. Jessica Biel
(She doesn’t make many good films at all, but The Illusionist is terrific & so is watching her in it!)

4. Christina Hendricks
(it won’t be long before she starts doing big time films…trust me).

5. Diane Keaton
(the tie, the hat, the vest…the epitome of sexiness forever tattooed in my head — and she still looks dynamite!)

My apologies to the beautiful Marisa Tomei!!! You’d be perfect on anyone’s Top 5 List!!!

Now It’s YOUR Turn!

Peter Eramo, Jr. was born and raised in Long Island, NY. He has written several one-act and full-length plays. While living in New York, he worked at various theatres as a playwright, actor and director. He is also the writer of several short stories, critical essays, poetry, and a children’s book, LiliAnne. In 2009, he completed his screen adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial for Telic Pictures. Mr. Eramo attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and later graduated from Hofstra University. He received his M.A. from Columbia University’s Teachers College (2001). In addition to his writing and performance work, he has been working as an English and Drama instructor. Before his career in education, he worked for over six years in NYC as a public relations executive. A film fanatic at a very young age, he continues to go to and see as many films as possible. Because he has a tendency to voice his (very loud) opinions on film, even when nobody really cares what he has to say, he felt it would be a fun, productive, & interesting idea to start writing the Magic Lantern Film Blog. An all-around animal lover, Mr. Eramo lives with his adorable pug, Lily. You can visit his Facebook page at

  • Shirley

    Here We Go:
    Men this time:

    1. Eric O’Laughlin
    2. Gregory Peck
    3. Charlton Heston
    4. Charles Bronson
    5. Harrison Ford
    6. Gene Hackman (Extra)

    I could name a lot of hunks, most of them in the past.

    • JIM RICK


      • JIM RICK


      • JIM RICK


  • NameFrank DeCavalcante

    five from the past:
    Ava Gardner, the epitome of sensual beauty.

    Rita Hayworth, who could resist Gilda?

    Lana Turner, true old fashioned Hollywood glamour

    Gene Tierney, exotic, exciting, and slightly dangerous.

    Loretta Young, vulnerable, lovely and in need of strong male protection

  • Jim Vollkommer

    1. Susan Hayward
    2. Barbara Stanwyck
    3. Loretta Young
    4. Anne Baxter
    5. Linda Darnell

  • Larry Cole

    Esther Williams, Nothing better with water.
    Ava Gardner
    Hedy Lamarr
    Kim Novak
    Marilyn Monroe, standing in for the girl from China Beach

  • Kellie

    1. Clint Eastwood
    2. Kurt Russell
    3. Paul Newman
    4. Steve McQueen
    5. Charles Bronson

  • Allen

    1-Marlene Dietrich
    2-Sophia Loren
    3-Rita Hayworth
    4-Audrey Hepburn
    5-Elizabeth Taylor

  • Dayle

    1. Antonio Banderas…smooth, sexy, suave, and THAT ACCENT!
    2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“DENNY” on Gray’s Anatomy)
    3. Gerard Butler
    4. Matthew McConaughey
    5. Chris Evans (from Fantastic 4…)

  • John

    Oh please…there are so few new half-starlets today that match the beauty of the legends!

    Garbo in Camille
    Dietrich in anything from the 30′s
    Crawford in her softer 30′s mode
    Rita in Gilda
    Loretta Young until she died
    Stanwyck in The Lady Eve
    Ginger in anything with Fred
    Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina
    Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
    Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago
    Marilyn in Some Like It Hot
    Bergman in Casablanca

    and the list goes on…except who from today will be considered a great beauty ten years after their career is basically over? It is hard to tell them apart because even if they have beauty they lack the magic of memorable PERSONALITIES!

  • Lorraine

    1. Clint Eastwood. In everything he ever did. Or ever will do. (Like I even have to explain this to you)
    2. Nastassia Kinski (Heartbreakingly vulnerable and ravishingly sensual in her first–and best–major movie, Polanski’s “Tess”)
    3. Rita Hayworth (“Gilda”, of course. But also “Cover Girl”, “You Were Never Lovelier”, “Salome”, “Pal Joey” and especially “Separate Tables”.
    4. Sidney Poitier (Cool, dark and passionate, with that wonderfully lilting, ever-present West Indian accent–except for the shattering moment he declared “They Call me MR. Tibbs!” putting Steiger’s bigoted sheriff and every racist everywhere on notice.)
    5. Audrey Hepburn (In a dead-heat tie with Marilyn Monroe for the modern cinema’s Eternal Angel)

    Runner Up: Sean Connery (Bond. Forever Bond.)

  • Sophy

    1. Ronald Colman – he’s barely remembered anymore, which is a total shame!
    2. Sean Connery – ah, who can forget his early Bond movies? Or “Never Say Never Again,” when he showed he still had it? He’s the only man who can be bald and sexy!
    3. Russell Crowe – So he throws phones? Heck, it was at a reporter!
    4. Colin Firth – Oh, Mr Darcy! Dive in that pond again!
    5. Hugh Jackman – The ONLY good scenes in “Australia” were of him

  • Kai Ferano

    1. James Dean (Rebel Without A Cause)
    2. Horst Bucholz (Fanny)
    3. Johnny Depp (all of his movies)
    4. Malcolm McDonnell (If)
    5. Bjorn Andressen (Death in Venice)
    6. Javier Bardem (Vicky Christina Barcelona)
    7. Alastair Sim (A Christmas Carol)
    8. Edward Mulhare (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)
    9. Albert Finney (all his movies)
    10. Shaun & Parker (The Hardy Boys)

  • Mary

    1. Paul Newman
    2. Burt Lancaster
    3. Cary Grant
    4. Gregory Peck
    5. Joel McCrae

  • Neil Blount

    1. Paulette Goddard 2. Donna Reed 3. Claudia Cardenale 4. Lilli Palmer 5. Rita Hayworth

  • Erin

    1. Stewart Grainger
    2. Tom Sellick
    3. Ricardo Montalban
    4. Howard Keel
    5. Richard Chamberlain

  • Wayne

    Maureen O’Hara….. The Quiet Man
    Dianne Lane…….. Must Love Dogs
    Dianne Keaton…… Somethings Gotta Give
    Ellen Burstyn…… Same Time Next Year
    Helen Hunt……… As Good As It Gets
    Halle Berry…….. Die Another Day
    Capucine……….. The Pink Panther
    ( Pick any 5 )

  • DIRK

    1. Ann-Margret
    2. Raquel Welch
    3. Joey Heatherton
    4. Bridget Bardot
    5. Liza Minelli

  • Karen Morales

    My favorite actress is/was Katherine Hepburn. My favorite actors are/were Henry Fonda and Cary Grant. ANY MOVIES THAT THESE TWO GREATS WERE IN WERE CLASSY MOVIES. Nobody can even come close to the talent of these people.

  • Trippy Trellis

    Audrey Hepburn- the most enchanting woman ever created by God.
    Vivien Leigh- the most beautiful actress of all time.
    Susan Hayward- gorgeous and oh-so-sexy.
    Vanessa Redgrave- a goddess!
    Deborah Kerr- a lovely actress who exuded charm and great warmth.

  • Sally

    Ronald Colman PRISONER OF ZENDA (1937)
    Colin Clive FRANKENSTEIN (1931)
    Ralph Bates POLDARK (1971)
    Henry Fonda THE LADY EVE (1941)
    Fredric March A STAR IS BORN (1937)
    Humphrey Bogart CASABLANCA (43),SABRINA (53)
    Gary Cooper THE FOUNTAINHEAD (1949)
    William Holden SUNSET BOULEVARD (50)
    Errol Flynn ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (1938)
    Sean Connery THE UNTOUCHABLES (1987)
    Gregory Peck TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1961)

    All these men were many layered performers, who could be romantic,villainous,comedic…and were more than just “pretty faces”. God Bless ‘Em!

  • Denise

    1. Cary Grant
    2. Ray Milland
    3. Ricardo Montalban
    4. Ronald Coleman
    5. William Powell

    …they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore…..

  • Stephanie

    Just find it amusing that most of the actors and actresses that people find attractive, sexy, etc. are no longer with us. Looks like today’s stars can’t hold a candle to those from Hollywood’s Golden Years.

  • michael jefferson

    My favorite women, who just also happen to be pretty good actresses, too: 1. Cyd Charisse; 2. Catherine Bell; 3. Hedy Lamar; 4. Paulette Goddard; and 5. Dana Delaney. They all were brunettes with fantastic legs, my main weakness. I’ve been in love many a time!!!

  • Lahrinda

    Clive Owen & Robert Pattinson (neither is classically handsome, but at certain moments, from certain angles, they take my breath away)
    Daniel Day-Lewis (Last of the Mohicans)
    Cary Grant (anything)
    Johnny Depp (especially Don Juan DeMarco and Chocolat)
    Robert Redford (Way We Were, Horse Whisperer)
    David Duchovny (guilty pleasure of mine)

  • carl smith

    Ann Margret
    Maureen O”Hara
    Rita Hayworth
    Ava Gardner
    Liz Taylor=Marilyn Mpnroe

  • Angela

    1. Cary Grant
    2. Gregory Peck
    3. Dana Andrews
    4. William Holden
    5. Joel McCrae
    6. James Stewart

  • Anne

    Halle Berry

  • Candee from Bay View

    I also find that the BEST are the oldies but goodies. They have appeal that lasts.

    Sophia Loren by far above anyone
    Audrey Hepburn as the most regal
    Grace Kelly if she doesn’t talk
    Ingrid Bergman oh! those liquid eyes
    Marilyn Monroe is just plain sexy

    Cary Grant the most suave
    Sean Connery the only James Bond
    Clark Gable the only Rhett Butler
    Robert Redford in anything
    Paul Robson the voice in “Showboat”

  • Anne

    Halle Berry
    Ava Gardner
    Keanu Reeves
    Josh Hartnett
    Jeremy Irons

    These are the actors I would go to see in ANY movie. Yes, I’m a girl…you have a problem with that?

  • uncle gibby

    5. Amy Smart-Not sure if she’ll ever get a chance to get a top role but I think she has done pretty well with less than great
    material. In the “The Butterfly Effect”, she was very good.
    4. Diane Kruger-She translates very well for me. Heck, didn’t she launch a thousand ships in “Troy”???
    3. Jennifer Connelly- I’ve enjoyed her work since I first saw her in “Once Upon a Time in America” in the early 80s. She’s been in some “clunkers” but she rises above the material.
    2. Heather Graham- Actually, a better actress than she’s been given credit for. Probably not taken as seriously because she’s been involved in too many comedies.
    1. Rachel McAdams- The most “watchable” actress I’ve ever seen. I have seen every thing she has done and she never disappoints. She has less than a decade in the business and I expect she will be around for decades to come. A future Academy Award winner!!! (You READ it here!)

  • MSteele

    1. Will Patton
    2. Sean Connery
    3. Ed Harris
    4. Paul Newman

  • Bobby Nantz

    1)Claudia Cardinale
    2)Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    3)Kate Beckinsale
    4)Rhona Mitra
    5)Salma Hayek

  • Christina

    I agree with Candee from Bay View that oldies are the best, but I’ve got some other people thrown in here, too. None of these are in any particular order.

    1. Andy Garcia (If somebody looked at me the way he looks at Meg Ryan at the beginning of When A Man Loves A Woman…I think I’d die).
    2. Antonio Banderas (and yes, for the record, accents make just about anything attractive)
    3. Viggo Mortenson
    4. Jimmy Smits
    5. Yul Brynner
    -Christian Bale (runner up)

    1. Grace Kelly (Need I say more?)
    2. Claudia Cardinale
    3. Katherine Hepburn (Not conventionally pretty, but attractive)
    4. Diane Kruger
    5. Marion Cotillard (quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses)
    -Emily Deschanel (runner up-not conventionally pretty, either, but she does have a sweet face and looks like a real person, instead of a blonde stick with no hips like other Fox TV actresses)

  • Steven Fabri

    1. Audrey Hepburn in anything. 2. Sophia Loren (still smoldering after all the years) 3. Maureen O’Hara (gives Rita a run) 4.Ann Margaret(Viva Las Vegas) 5.Dianne Keaton (getting better with age.

  • Mario Brescio

    As a Gay male I am bound by the list found in the Gay handbook:
    Bette Davis
    Judy Garland
    Barbra Streisand
    Joan Crawford
    Bette Midler
    Liza Minnelli
    Carmen Miranda

    James Dean
    Rock Hudson
    Cary Grant
    Charlton Heston
    Marlon Brando (younger days)
    Steve McQueen

  • robert feuerborn

    Ingrid Bergman–Casablanca, I don’t think I could let her go.
    Michelle Pfeiffer– Batman Returns, Catwoman changed my reality.
    Kate Beckinsale– Underworld, skin-tight leather never looked so good, and it has a good history.
    Carla Gugino– Sin City, Umm Wow.
    Diane Lane– Must Love Dogs, pretty sure she is perfect woman.

  • Judy

    My favorites–I’ve always found appealing, so I watch their films–in no particular order:

    Men: Leo DiCaprio; Colin Firth; James Cagney; Charlton Heston; Cary Grant; Jimmy Stewart; Steve McQueen; James Garner; Louis Jourdan; Gene Kelly; Robert Wagner; Yul Brynner; Robert Mitchum; Rock Hudson; Pierce Brosnan; Jeff Bridges; John Candy; Tyrone Power; Clint Eastwood; Peter O’Toole; Jon Voight; Clark Gable; Johnny Depp; Morgan Freeman; Denzel Washington; Bing Crosby; Gregory Peck; Joseph Cotten; Dana Andrews.

    Women: Marilyn Monroe; Gene Tierney; Natalie Wood; Ingrid Bergman; Bette Davis; Loretta Young; Maureen O’Hara; Audrey Hepburn; Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine; Barbara Stanwyck; Sophia Loren; Shirley MacLaine; Grace Kelly; Kim Novak; Betty Hutton; Joan Leslie; Deborah Kerr;
    Jean Arthur; Judy Garland; Leslie Caron; Jennifer Jones; Teresa Wright; Dorothy McGuire; Doris Day.

    • Woody

      1. Natalie Wood (in anything)
      2. Shelley Fabrares (as Mary Stone, Donna Reed)
      3. Nancy Frangione (as Tara Martin Tyler Brent Jefferson, All My Children)
      4. Eva La Rue (in anything)
      5. Elle Macpherson (in anything, especially Sheela, Sirens)

  • Johnny

    Although Natalie Wood could make me swoon at the flutter of an eyelash, the perfect woman ever was Grace Kelly in Rear Window and a close second was Havana’s beauty Lena Olin

  • Rob in L.A.

    Does anyone actually read these things? Hope not. ‘Cos here’s my list:

    1. JOAN CHEN: The sexiest, most beautiful woman who ever lived — even when she’s NOT dolled up. I wish that I was equally enthusiastic about more than just a handful of her movies.

    2. MAGGIE CHEUNG: I’m still waiting for her to star in “Attack of the Killer Cheekbones!”

    3. BROOKE BURKE: Hey, this list is for CELEBRITY crushes, not just movie stars, and no one looks better in (or out of!) a bikini. Unless it’s maybe …

    4. KIANA TOM: Yes, the fitness guru and former star of the ESPN series “Kiana’s Flex Appeal.” Who would YOU rather watch exercise, Kiana or Jack LaLanne? I rest my case.

    5 (tie). INGRID BERGMAN and AUDREY HEPBURN: I’m a pushover for Golden Age Hollywood beauty and talent myself. Here’s lookin’ at them, kid.

  • Marilyn

    You betcha we read the replies. It’s fun to see what other people think esp when they agree with me.

  • kc

    1. Cary Grant i mean come on!!!! who else?
    2. Robert Redford
    3. Paul Newman pitter pat
    4. Gregory Peck adorable
    5. Brad Pitt…robert redford jr.

    Sean…coolest cat
    Rock…ah baby

  • Ian

    There is only one…..Grace Kelly….luminous, enchanting, smart, everything in one compact, beautifully-shaped package…. Scarlet Johansson? No way…too much fake pout, too much pud and wayyyyy overrated.

  • Philip

    1.Terence Stamp
    2.Julie Christie
    3.Sophia loren
    4.Jeff Bridges
    5.Matt Dillon
    6.Paul Sand
    7.Vanessa Redgrave
    8.Joe D’Alessandro
    9.Andy Lau
    10.George Segal

  • Marjorie

    Can’t do just five.

    The Old Ones:
    paul newman (in his youth, er, as Brick / Hud)

    Burt Lancaster (all his life – even in those cheesy movies with the mute sidekick. Might be the voice).

    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (he could really buckle a swash..).

    Gordon McRae (Like Aunt Eller the voice would have been enough, but the body, the face and that gorgeous head of hair are nothing to sniff at, etiher)

    Robert Mitchum (he’s generally got a dangerous vibe. Kind of smoldery but unsafe. OMG and again, a voice)

    Yul Brynner (Aside from the fact that he’s gorgeous, there’s the way he moved, lithe, agile…)

    Charles Bronson (ok so his face has more character vs. good looks, but there’s nothing wrong with the body and there’s something about him playing a gentle or kind character that just makes you feel like you’d be making a mistake in overlooking him.

    Van Johnson (He’s just so boy-next-door-gone-noble, that you have trouble accepting him as anything less than perfect)

    Henry Fonda (I think I saw and interview with him where he said that when he was making the movie of the Farmer Takes a Wife after playing the part on stage, someone pulled him aside and told him he needed to scale his performance back for the camera and not play to the last row. The thing Henry always had going for him on film was steadiness. I read somewhere that people who move slower are naturally more attractive to others than people who zip around, and my attraction to Henry Fonda jives with that.)

    The New Ones:

    Ed Harris (in eveything, except Just Cause where he was quite scary)

    Robert Duvall(till just after the medicare kicked in)

    Harrison Ford (as Han Solo or Indy – when he was younger)

    Fleeting Choices:
    Paul Bettany
    Ioan Gruffud

    None of you boys mentioned Grethen Mol.


    Sue Lyon
    Ann Margret
    Patty Duke
    Ann Blyth
    Lynn Bari

  • MrMovieClassics

    Elizabeth Taylor
    Marilyn Monroe
    Kim Novak
    Natalie Wood
    Ann Margret

  • Zac

    1.Mariska Hargitay
    2.Grace Kelly
    3.Lauren Bacall
    4.Ingrid Bergman
    5.Kellie Martin
    6.Scarlett Johansson
    7.Maura Tierney
    8.Jenna Fischer
    9.Rita Hayworth
    10.Sophia Loren

  • Richard

    Mr Ed. the talking horse (what a voice!)
    Lassie (of all the dogs in Hollywood, she was the best).
    Flipper (who doesn’t just love a dolphin?).
    Garfield the Cat (such sarcasm, hard to beat).
    Angelina Jolie (another great Hollywood dog!).

  • Jon DeCles

    How could people leave out Lillian Gish?
    But then… There is a scene in “Birth of a Nation” where she goes to see President Lincoln. There is a Union soldier at the door who obviously has not seen a woman in a very long time. Even today his performance manages to convey one heck of a lot of sexiness. Nobody remembers the actor’s name, but everybody remembers his performance. (It is noted that the two of them never had any off screen chemistry.)
    But hey, Lillian and Dorothy Gish. Right up there with the two Hepburns (Kathryn, in “Sylvia Scarlet” right from the beginning, and Audry in everything as well.)

  • randy

    my celebrity crushes:

    1. hedy lamarr
    2. linda darnell
    3. lana turner
    4. susan hayward
    5. bette davis
    6. rita hayworth
    7. jane russell
    8. ida lupino
    9. ann sheridan
    10. mae west
    11. merle oberon
    12. joan crawford
    13. alexis smith
    14. jennifer jones
    15. vera ralston
    16. kay francis
    17. yvonne decarlo
    18. diana dors
    19. veronica lake
    20. gene tierney
    also love joan & constance bennett, virginia mayo,
    ella raines, lizabeth scott, evelyn ankers, olivia/joan, maria montez, vivien leigh, ruth roman, margaret lockwood, so many others…

  • Trish

    Sean Bean
    Robert Downey, Jr
    Colin Firth
    Richard E. Grant
    Howard Keel
    Kurt Russel
    Michael Wincott
    Jeremy Sisto
    Graham Greene (Kicking Bird)
    Gary Dourdan
    Shemar Moore
    James Garner
    James McAvoy
    Ewan McGregor
    Zachary Quinto
    Henry Ian Cusick
    Ryan Robbins
    Jimmy Smits
    Alan Rickman

  • Ken Sherwood

    What happened to Shirley Jones on ALL of these lists?
    She was dynamite in Elmer Gantry and elegant in The Music Man as Marian the Librian

  • Linda M

    While there may be some nice looking female celebrities out there right now, these are my top 15 (broken into groups of 5) – OK, so I cheated a little.

    Claudette Colbert*
    Myrna Loy
    Paulette Goddard
    Vivien Leigh
    Hedy Lamar

    Ingrid Bergman
    Susan Hayward*
    Rita Hayworth
    Gene Tierney
    Lauren Bacall

    Katy Jurado
    Marilyn Monroe*
    Dorothy Malone
    Suzanne Pleshette
    Raquel Welch

    * My very best favorites

  • Linda M

    Of Hollywood’s men, no one tops these, in order of preference (handsomest and most talented):

    Gary Cooper
    James Stewart
    Steve McQueen
    Clint Eastwood
    Al Pacino

    Of the current/younger male celebrities, they would be:

    James McElvoy
    Ewan MacGreggor

  • kevin

    Vivien Leigh
    Jenny Agutter
    Jennifer Connelly
    Naomi Watts
    Grace Kelly

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  • Cat

    My list of male crushes – guys who had or have their own unique style:

    1) Cary Grant
    2) Johnny Depp
    3) Clark Gable
    4) Steve McQueen
    5) David McCallum

  • DeeDee

    These are the people that stick out in my mind… Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Paul Robeson, Harry Belafonte, Gary Cooper, Paul Newman, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Ewan McGreggor, Robert Downey Jr.(clean & sober), Jamie Foxx, Richard Gere, Hugh Jackman, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Ralph Fiennes, and Rusell Crowe.

  • Rufnek

    Joan Collins
    Ava Gardner
    Kim Novak
    Joan Blondel
    Mae West (nothing like today’s standards of beauty but busty and lusty–everything she said and every move she made was all about sex.)

  • Rufnek

    Per Peter Eramo’x mention of Diane Keaton: I didn’t care for her looks at all in her early dress-funny period. Much too skinny–looked like a sausage skin stuffed with wire coathangers. But as she aged and filled out a little and got some character in her face, she looks much, much better. Turned into a MILF.

  • Carolyn Quinn

    Male Crushes:
    1- Billy Crystal (Charm, impish, adorable)
    2- Howard Keel (childhood crush-what a voice)
    3- Sean Connery (Sexy total package & accent)
    4- Robert Redford (Gorgeous, mesermizing)
    5- George Peppard (Breakfast at Tiffany’s hunk)

    Female: I want to be her:
    1- Cyd Charisse (Sophisticated beauty,dancer)
    2- Ava Gardner (Smokey voiced sultry beauty)
    3- Sophia Loren (A total passion package)
    4- Hedy Lamarr (Luminous beauty-Like my mom)
    5- Beyonce (Approachable, talented beauty)

  • Stefanie Magura

    I must agree about the following females:
    Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Maurene O’Hara, Vivien Leigh, Lana Turner, Ann Margaret, Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, and Myrna Loy. I know I might be forgetting some women who Ihthink are beautiful. I listed the guys I crush on in a follow up post.

  • cleo

    Cary Grant,
    Young Jerry Lewis
    Johnny Depp
    Young Robert Redford
    WC Fields
    James Cagney
    Abotte & Costello
    Marx brothers,
    James Stewart
    Patrick Swayze
    Gene Wilder

  • Cindy Urban

    Cary Grant(handsome,and funny),Sam Elliot(The Mask,love his great voice.)Clint Eastwood(In every thing since Rawhide,especially Bridges of Madison County),William Powell(The Thin Man,Debonair personified),Tom Berringer(Shattered),Daniel Day Lewis(Last of The Mohicans),Christopher Nolan(The Prestige)Jimmy Stewart(Vertigo),Burt Lancaster(in everything),Sean Connery(best tuxedo,best Bond.)Michael Caine(again,love the voice)Paul Newman(those blue eyes,all American looks,approachable,good deeds.)I can’t think of any current sexy actors,no one does it for me except the aforementioned actors.

  • Cindy Urban

    P.S.How can I forget Stewart Grainger in Scaramouche,and “Big Bob Mitchum” in The River of No Return withe the Beautiful Marilyn Monroe.I personally, am sick of Scarlet Johansson(I don’t even think she’s a good actress,not like Gweneth Paltrow,who can act and sing,and she’s beautiful!)

  • Cindy Urban

    I meant Christian Bale,I mistakenly printed Christopher Nolan(who knows maybe he’s sexy too!)

  • flower

    ok,the hottest men ever!
    1)Gary Cooper
    2)Michael Pitt
    3)Marlon Brando(young)
    4)Clark Gable
    5)Robert Pattinson
    6)Andy Gsrcia

  • William Dukenfield

    1. Louise Brooks
    2. Louise Brooks
    3. Louise Brooks
    4. Louise Brooks
    5. Scarlett Johannson

  • xDJ@V.YouBraveWorld.Tube

    1. Fairuza Balk in Valmont
    2. Lana Turner in Dancing Co-Ed + Keep Your Powder Dry
    3. Meg Tilly in Valmont
    4. Kim Novak in Pal Joey
    5. Marilyn Monroe in Bus Stop

  • Bridget

    I would say, Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland, Andy Garcia, Gerard Butler and Michael Keaton. I really love all but Liam is a fast first pick! Bridget

  • SylvanWiz

    1. Mary Steenburgeon
    2. Rita Hayworth (RIP)
    3. Scarlett Johansen
    4. Monica Delucci
    5. Inger Stevens (RIP)

    yes,….I’m sure I have typos.

  • TexAg71

    Here are my five. The order changes with my mood:
    Greer Garson
    Melora Hardin
    Sela Ward
    Deborah Kerr
    Audrey Hepburn

  • mehrdad

    film sex women

  • Geezer

    Considering my age, the ones from my teens:
    Janet Leigh
    Gina Lollobrigida
    Leslie Caron
    Mitzi Gaynor
    Brigitte Bardot

  • JohnCougar’sMelonCamp

    Okay.In High School I had a crush on Mackenzie Phillips on”One Day at a Time”;Jaclyn Smith on”Charlie’s Angels”and Jamie Lee Curtis.

  • buddy mantia

    Sophia Loren Michelle Pfeiffer Lana Turner
    Rita Hayworth Barbara Rush Tuesday Weld
    Ava Gardner Jaqueline Bisset Kim Novak
    Julia Roberts Gene Tierney Rachel Ward
    Brigitte Bardot Cyd Charisse
    Kim Basinger June Haver
    Marilyn Monroe Betty Grable
    Raquel Welsh Hedy Lamarr

  • Elizabeth Brown

    My favorite actor was Cornel Wilde. He was excellent as a dramatic actor in “A Song To R$emember,” and he was also good in a comedy role in It Had To Be You.”

  • lillian

    I agree that the actors/actresses of the past had much more substance and beauty than the current ones. Nicole kidman, Gweneth Paltrow and especially Angie Harmon are three of my favorites as they are beautiful & appear more natural than most. But my all time favorite (in the past group)were first and foremost, Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner but mostly Deborah Kerr who was rarely mentioned in any best movie picks. Sorry Deborah, I will always remember you in the “King and I” and also “An Affair to Remember” w/that gorgeous hunk Cary Grant. Again, Angie Harmon is by far the most beautiful of the small screen actresses (why not the movies??) As for Johnny Depp he is so unattractive and needs a good bath and hair wash. Sorry about that.

  • l2ma

    1. Cary Grant
    2. Cary Grant
    3. Cary Grant
    4. William powell
    5. Sam Elliot (That sexy Voice)

  • Ellen Badders

    My top five are:

    Robert Redford
    Dana Andrews
    Gregory Peck
    Leo Dicaprio
    Sidney Poitier

  • John Small

    Diane Keaton???? Really?

    All my real entries on a “celebrity crush” list would be actresses from eras past, I’m afraid. There are a handful of modern actresses that are admittedly easy on the eyes, but by and large I haven’t cared much for their work and for me that generally plays a factor. I know it’s silly, but it’s true all the same.

    Top five celebrity crushes… hmmmm. Let’s see who I come up with:


    1. Maureen O’Sullivan – Anyone who looks that good in jungle togs AND can hold her own with the Marx Brothers is tops in my book!
    2. Raquel Welch – “One Million Years BC” and “Fantastic Voyage.” Nuff said (1966 was a good year…)
    3. Linda Darnell – I never had any problem understanding why Tyrone Power fight for her love in “The Mark of Zorro.”
    4. Ingrid Bergman – If I had been Humphrey Bogart’s character, “Casablanca” would have had a much different ending…
    5. Maureen O’Hara – She was great in “The Quiet Man” and “McLintock!”, but she also made a mighty fine Lady Godiva and was a swashbuckler’s dream in movies like “The Black Swan” and “At Sword’s Point.”


    1. Mary Tyler Moore – Especially during the “Dick Van Dyke Show” years. A number of historians have pointed out that this was the first sitcom where you could believe the lead characters had an actual sex life; watch the way Laura Petrie takes off her pearl necklace as she walks off in the last scene of the pilot episode and you’ll understand what they mean.
    2. Barbara Eden – Come on, have you seen that harem costume she wore?
    3. Yvonne Craig – Her Batgirl costume had much the same effect on me as a youngster as Barbara Eden’s “Jeannie” outfit.
    4. Eve Plumb – Middle sister Jan grew into a really sexy looking teenager during the last couple of years of “The Brady Bunch.” I’ll take her over Marcia any day.
    5. Pam Dawber – She was just so cute as Mindy. Na-nu Na-nu, indeed!!!

  • tim

    1. carole lombard 2. myrna loy 3. gene tierny 4.joan crawford 5. susan hayward 6. rosalind russell 7.lana turner 8. marilyn monroe 9. katharine hepburn 10. maureen o’hara



  • Lenny Cassioppi

    Gregory Peck
    Charlton Heston
    Claudette Colbert
    Barbara Stanwyck
    Lorettra Young

  • Richard V

    1. Susan Hayward
    2. Rhonda Fleming
    3. Elizabeth Taylor
    4. Gina Lolabridgida
    5. Doris Day (have you see her FRECKLES!!!)

  • Alfie

    Crushes? An actor’s attraction to me was always about his ‘kissable lips’ … so, with this in mind -
    My actors in this category include Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Joe Penney, Michael Keaton as Batman, Gregory Peck, Burt Reynolds, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and Robert Redford in their early acting years. James Dean might have made the list, but he wasn’t around long enough.

    Actresses admired were numerous; however, if I were a male, my crushes would have been for Hedy Lamarr, Gene Tierney, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Lena Olin, Susan Hayward, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak, Vivian Leigh, Simone Signoret, Lana Turner, Natalie Wood, Jean Simmons, Jennifer Jones, Sophia Loren, Jessica Lange and Marilyn Monroe.

  • Bill

    1.Donna Reed
    2.Myrna Loy
    3.Ann Margaret (Nam Vets understand)
    4.Sela Ward (my wife will not let me watch anything if Sela Ward is in it).

  • Kenneth Orr

    starting out as a very young kid it was all guy action; John Wayne and assorted tough guys as westerns & WWII took to the screens, but Margaret Obrien caught my attention: then in 1943 at age 8 ‘Lassie come Home’ appeared with Elizabeth Taylor and I sat up and took notice:
    but at 17 SHE came along, the ultimate Goddess, appearing in ‘The Barefoot Contessa’ and ‘Pandora and the Flying Dutchman’, Ava Gardner. Everyone else was the cake, but she was the icing.

  • Cara West

    My crushes by my chronological age:
    Stewart Granger (Scaramouche) first man I ever loved
    Cary Grant (in everything) never really got over him
    James Garner (that smile) and The Americanization of Emily
    Peter O’Toole (How to Steal a Million)
    Kevin Costner (No Way Out, Bull Durham, The Bodyguard)
    Pierce Brosnan (Yes, I like his version of The Thomas Crown Affair better than Steve McQueen’s)
    Antonio Banderas (the Zorro movies)
    . . . and Mikhail Baryshnikov, God, I love to watch him move!

  • m.j. hensler

    top most beautiful actresses:
    Grace Kelly (in anything Dial M for Murder, Rear Window
    Linda Evans (Big Valley, Pool fight in Dynasty)
    Myrna Loy (Thin Man Series)
    Greer Garson
    Maureen O”Hara (anything with John Wayne)

    top hottest actor:
    Robt. Downey Jr. (clean and sober)(Sherlock Holmes)
    Bob Hope (grnius in anything)
    Richard Dean Anderson (Macguyver)
    John Scneider (on stage in Brigadoon)
    Cary Grant (in absolutely anything.)

  • Brian Jodrie

    1Deanna Durbin
    2Ann Margret
    3Patty Duke
    4Ginger Rogers
    5Ingrid Bergman

  • Alton Robertson

    Catherine Denevue, forever
    Juliette Binoche, forever
    Jeanne Moreau
    Emmanuelle Beart
    Julie Christie

  • m.santayana

    Deborah Kerr
    Kim Novak
    Ingrid Bergman
    Luise Rainer
    Greta Garbo
    Audrey Hepburn (extra)

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  • ferrygirl

    1. Richard Burton 2. Richard Burton 3. Richard Burton 4. Richard Burton. 5. Richard Jenkins!

  • Steve Martin

    Raquel Welch, Elke Sommer, Senta Berger, Yvonne Craig and Denise Richards

  • Kevin Albertina

    I think the two biggest that I have had over the years were Jenny Agutter and Jennifer Connelly.

  • Robert E Feyerabend

    YES to Ingrid Bergman. Let’s add Elke Sommer.

  • nivlac

    Gene Tierney, Jennifer Jones and Ingrid Bergman

  • Debbie

    John Richardson, Steve McQueen, Rupert Penry-Jones, Jean Dujardin, Anthony Andrews, Matthew McFadyen. All have the essential T-Factor (testosterone). Not like the limp-wristed pretty boys that are passing for men and stars these days.

  • lightyr

    All tied for no. 1 are Kim Novak, Natalie Wood, Liz Taylor, Myrna Loy, Audrey Hepburn !!!!!

  • Brian K

    Diane Lane, Joanne Woodward, Brooke Burke, Mariska Hargity, Anne Margaret.

  • Tom S

    Priscilla Lane, Lizabeth Scott, Romy Schneider, Susan Hayward, Carol Lynley

  • rapalmi

    Hanna Schygulla, Angel Tompkins, Maren Jensen, Sabrina Siani, Veronica Lake (n.b., if adult films were included, Rhonda Jo Petty would be numero uno).

  • Bill

    1st crush when I was a kid: Janet Munro in some Disney movies — Darby O’Gill & the Little People and 3rd Man on the Mountain.

    • Frosty

      Janet Munro was also in “Swiss Family Robinson, “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”, and “The Crawling Eye”.
      She was very cute. It’s too bad she drank herself to death.

  • Rick

    1. Sophia Loren (still hot for 78 years old) 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. Ann Margret 4. Lauren Bacall 5. Shirley Maclaine. All Classics and all Legends. They don’t make them like this anymore. A real woman.

  • Movie Fan

    My heartthrobs were:

    Robert Taylor
    Charles Bronson
    Yul Brynner
    Lee Van Cleef
    James Coburn
    Ernest Borgnine
    Anthony Quinn
    Jack Palance
    Claude Akins
    Clint Eastwood

  • fbusch

    Sofia Loren, and Barbara Stanwick beauty and class all the time. ( first saw Loren in Italian Harem farce she at 16 topless at pool scene WOW!.).

  • Cara

    My first love was Stewart Granger, and I still think he’s sexy as sin, especially in Scaramouche. Cary Grant became my second great love, and that love was nurtured by his Hitchcock pictures. The chemistry between Grant and Ingrid Bergman was unbelievable. Think Notorious. If an actor radiates sexual chemistry with his co-star, then I feel it too. Grant managed to create chemistry with almost all his leading ladies. Pierce Brosnan is one of my guilty pleasures, although Sean Connery is possibly the most graceful animal ever captured on screen. James Garner over the years has made my heart flutter. I love him in The Americanization of Emily with Julie Andrews. It’s a hot movie. But my favorite heartthrob is an admittedly quirky one, since he didn’t make many romantic pictures. Peter O’Toole. He’s just such a magnificent, mesmerizing actor, and in his youth, he was so gorgeous. I could and have watched How to Steal a Million fifty or more times.

    • Cara

      I just realized I commented on this blog a year ago. Well, it’s nice to know my tastes remain consistent. Sorry for the repetition.

    • Rick

      You are right about Bergman and Grant, but the better picture for your point is Indiscreet.

  • BernardS

    My celebrity crushes are :
    FEMALE S- I want to be her friend, I want to protect her, I want to buy her things, I want her face to

    be around me all the time : these are : Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Susan Hayward, Deborah Kerr, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot.

    MALES- I want to be his friend, I want to be him !, I want his face to be around me all the time,
    be it on a TV screen image or a photo anywhere, these are : Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Rock
    Hudson, Alain Delon, Tony Curtis, Gerald Philipe, Steve Reeves, Christopher Reeve, John
    Payne, Anthony Perkins, Errol Flynn, John Garfield, Paul Newman.
    Yes, you guess right, I watch TCM- Turner Classic Movies all the time.

  • Frosty

    Favorite Women: Fay Wray, Marilyn Monroe, Hedy Lamarr, Ann-Margret, and Jessica Alba.
    Honorable mention: Paulette Goddard, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Tuesday Weld, Inger Stevens, and Raquel Welch.

    Men I’d like to be friends with: John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Ronald Reagan, Dean Martin, Hugh Jackman and Nicholas Cage( I’ve seen him on talk shows – he seems like a nice and pleasant type of guy).

    • Frosty

      Forgive for not including Bob Hope.

  • Debbie

    I forgot to add Ronald Coleman to my list. His voice…..

  • Tiberius

    Esther Williams, Jennifer Jones, Audrey Hepburn, Nancy Kwan and Sharon Tate were my famous celebrity crushes

  • KarenG958

    In my youth I developed several early crushes, and I must say, I had excellent taste!

    William Powell, so debonair
    Ray Milland, ditto
    Donald O’Conner
    Robert Preston
    Sir David Niven – the MOST debonair

    • NativeMont

      Cary Grant made the word debonair famous.

  • Capoman

    Jane Russell, Katharine Ross, Sally Field, Valerie Perine, Adrian Barbeau, Raquel Welch, Lee Remick, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Aulin, Bo Derek, Wonder Woman.

    • Frosty

      Eva Aulin was gorgeous in “Candy”, but she made lousy movies.

      • Capoman

        Who cares?

  • Antone

    I admit that I am a fossilized dinosaur, born the same year as The Wizard of Oz. Thus many of my first crushes came from watching radio. We had to watch to be sure that the curtains on the tuner remained shut. If they began to open, the transmission frequency was shifted requiring a tuner adjustment. We got a few reps of butt lifts, while tuned in.

    Radio crushes: Mary Livingstone [wife of Benny--she always got in last word]; Kate Smith [great singer but very ample woman]; secretary on Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar [who always typed his insurance investigator travel voucher]; Sapphire [sassy & funny lady on Amos & Andy]; Miss Kitty [ saloon manager---aka madame---on Gunsmoke]. Speaking of Gunsmoke; my 2nd greatest disappointment in life—after the Santa bomb—was seeing radio’s Matt Dillon stand and take a bow on Ed Sullivan’s TV show. I was expecting something like the Duke; but up jumped William Conrad [4 feet tall & 4 feet wide; but what a voice].

    Early movie crushes: Margaret O’Brien; Liz Taylor; Natalie Wood; Lassie [though some wise guy tried to tell me later that she was a male in drag]; and cougars June Allyson & Dale Evans. A little later, when everyone had the hots for beach bunnies Sandra Dee, Annette F, etal; I preferred the lanky, leggy, sarcastic Paula Prentiss.

    TV crushes: Barbara Eden; Barbara Feldon; Kate Jackson; McGuire Sisters; Bambi Lynn; Judy Carne; Diana Rigg; Eve Arden [not loveliest but very sarcastic and funny]; Audrey Meadows; Cher.

    That ends my crush period. I’ve previously responded to the sexiest pre-60′s actresses. Now my preference is “When I’m not facing the face that I fancy; I fancy the face I face.” All women are beautiful.