This Week In Film History, 11.06.11

Ronald Reagan, Steve McQueen, Home Box Office, movie historyNovember 7, 1902: French inventor/film executive Leon Gaumont demonstrates his Chronophone system of showing films with synchronized phonograph cylinders.

November 6, 1958: Steve McQueen (article: Non-Expressionism The Gift of Steve McQueen) battles that man-eating goo from outer space, The Blob, in his first starring film role.

November 8, 1966: Two years after retiring from the screen in The Killers (his first villainous role), Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California.

November 8, 1972: Cable TV takes a giant step when Home Box Office debuts in 350 homes in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. The first movie shown is Sometimes a Great Notion.

November 11, 1976: Universal and Disney launch proceedings against Sony for copyright infringement, hoping to halt the manufacture of their Betamax machine.

  • Blair Kramer.

    As I understand it, Thomas Edison made his first film around 1890. What many people may not know is the fact that the very short film actually had a SOUND ON FILM track! In fact, the film featured two edison assistants (both men) dancing to the music of a violinist on camera. The early sound recorder can also be seen in the film. Moreover, you can watch this short film, WITH THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, on YouTube. Just search the name of Thomas Edison.