Who’s Your Favorite “Good” Movie Angel?

This week’s MovieFanFare poll is on the side of the angels…most of them, anyway. Which of Hollywood’s heroic heavenly helpers–from Jack Benny and Cary Grant to John Travolta and Denzel Washington–is your favorite? 

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  • FalmouthBill

    A worthy choice for the “other” category would be Cloris Leachman as Clara in 1977′s It Happened One Christmas, a made for T.V., gender bending variation of 1947′s It’s a Wonderful Life !
    Starring Marlo Thomas, Wayne Rogers, and Orson Welles, as well as Miss Leachman, supported by a fine cast of characters. This movie is, in my estimation, every bit as good as the James Stewart version. It is in beautiful color, has a superb musical score, and it would make a fine addition to any Christmas list of movies to watch. The storyline is followed, and nuanced only to pursue the same scenario as the original, except where the male, versus female, lead made it necessary. I urge anyone who has never seen this movie to do so, it is a wonderfully directed, and photographed, and as I stated earlier, the music is wonderful in it’s own right.

  • Wayne P.

    A little off the beaten angel path, so to speak. But, I have always thought that both the ‘flying angels’ of the pilot(s) who died in both the original film “A Guy Named Joe” 1943, with Spencer Tracy; and, its remake “Always” 1989, with Richard Dreyfuss, were pretty good candidates for especially helpful movie-land ‘spirits’ as well!

  • BernardS

    Didn’t Audrey Hepburn played an angel in Spielberg’s “ALWAYS” ? She’s not even in your list !
    Shame on you.

  • Dana Thompson

    my top choices are one and two, no comparison, who doesn’t want Cary Grant to show up as your angel and Clarence, well he’s just too cute

  • hypatiab7

    The Blind Angel (Pygar) in Barbarella. The right wing monster was gorgeous when he was a lot younger.

  • Eric

    The angel (and devil) in the bedroom scene in Animal House where Pinto decides whether to take advantage of Clorette whom has passed out.

  • Lawrence Ressler.

    I watched Jack Benny in “The Horn Blows At Midnight” on an independent TV station as a child on New Year’s Eve Night back in the 1970s. It was a very hilarious film, and Jack Benny was at the top of his game in this movie. His comedy work was great, and he worked his butt off physically, doing a lot of stunt work for that film. “The Horn Blows At Midnight” really needs to be shown on TV a lot more often. It is one of Jack Benny’s best comedy films. Highly recommended.

    • williamsommerwerck

      Jack Benny made a mini-career out of poking fun at this box-office bomb. However, it’s an excellent film, with a funny script and high production values. What spoils it is that we know the start that it’s a dream, so there’s no reason to worry that the Earth will be destroyed.

  • http://www.sowhowins.com/ SimbasGuard

    I Liked Annabeth form The All Dogs Go To Heaven Franchise.

  • jbourne5181

    had a tough time deciding between the 2 Mr. Jordans but ultimitely had to go with Claud Raines

  • Robert D Baldwin

    I vote for the starkeeper, played by Gene Lockhart, in Carousel.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    The Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz popped into my mind. Her corny flamboyance was appropriate for the times this classic film was made.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    How about Linda Ronstadt as the feisty angel in La Pastorela/The Shepherd’s Tale?

  • Tom K.

    The Hallmark Channel featured Peter Faulk ( Columbo ) as an angel in one of their Christmas movies a couple of years ago. As usual, Faulk did an outstanding job.

  • williamsommerwerck

    I have to go with Cary Grant, if only because “The Bishop’s Wife” is a favorite film. Jack Benny would be runner-up. (Note the scene in which he tastes food for the first time, which — if I recall correctly — anticipates a similar scene in “Wings of Desire”.)

    Has anyone else noticed not so much a mistake, but a directorial oversight? At the beginning, Dudley is out in the cold weather, wearing a coat. Why? An angel wouldn’t need a coat!

  • Mattz123

    You forgot Paul Hogan in Almost an Angel


    Bruno Ganz (Damiel, “Wings Of Desire”)

  • Hildegard Brosseau

    Definitely Cary Grant.


    “Wonderful Life” is such a hoakey piece of crap. Either “Dudley” is far better.

  • Richarddenning

    Angeia (Rie Rasmussen, “Angel-a”)

  • greyminster

    Jessica Lange as the good Angel of Death in Fosse’s All That Jazz.

  • J Jordan

    I agree with “Tom K”. The best of the screen angels was Peter Falk, who played the angel “Max” in three Hallmark Christmas movies: “A Town Without Christmas”, “Finding John Christmas” and “When Angels Come to Town”. I would have voted for Jack Benny as Athanael, but he wasn’t really an angel in that movie; he was a musician dreaming he was an angel. The Starkeeper in Carousel was a good thought, I had forgotten that one. But “angels” like Clarence, even though I watch the movie every year, would not get my vote. He was a human … angels are not.