Earth vs. The Flying Saucers

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

Foreign drivers…sheesh.

  • Burnett3064

    Sir! Parking is in the rear!!

  • Stacy

    Remodeling is such a bitch!

  • Jersey Joe

    “Miss, the drive threw window is around the side!!”

  • Sbadolat

    A little off the top please

  • Mike

    So you want some bipartisan spirit? Well here it is!!

  • cowboy

    I told you the democrats were soft on security!

  • Bonnerace

    Mabel!!  The frisbee is stuck in the birdhouse again!  Will you tell those kids to cool it?!

  • Wayne P.

    So this is where the Tea Party is!  We brought the saucer, so where’s the cup?

  • rnbw

    Hell of a way to deliver pizza!

  • Chris

    Filibuster this!

  • Cap’n Marvel

    hE DID WHAT!…..Billllllliiiiieeeeeee!



  • Movie Fan

    “Either that’s a mighty big hubcap, or we’ve got ourselves a problem…”

  • Aaron

    A party crasher.

  • JackW

    Well, that’s one way to cap the budget.

  • bryankr

    I said” DON’T push that button!” just once, can’t you just leave the driving to me?!?

  • hypatiab7

    When Titans play frisbee.

  • Calc

    I’ve dented the family car – what’s Dad going to say!

  • R.D.Cochran

    “Whadya mean Area 51′s in New Mexico??”

    • R.D.Cochran

      “I just came for the food…..”

  • Mark Townsend

    Aaaaargh!  Women drivers!!!!!!!!  

  • Cyphon_8

    Who programmed this GPS?

  • Toystory59

    Didn’t I tell you to go before we left?

  • Scribe_well

    Do we leave a note?

  • Junior51MI

    Are we there yet?

  • Terry1946

    “Mr. President, we suggested a DOME for the roof and NOT a saucer!”

  • Linda Gordon Shipman

    Oops! Missed the parking lot again….

  • Sheldon

    I swear that building wasn’t there yesterday

  • Mofessor

    I’m tryin’ to drive you to the sto !

  • Magman

    Cut the top pretty short but leave the sides longer.

  • Lawrence2171

    Ok, so we’ll get a smaller satellite dish!!

  • hupto

    Ladies and gentlemen! We have a new world’s record in the discus throw!

  • jumbybird

    Congress is cutting back.

  • FLrp

    NOT an Ed Wood movie!

  • Wsopgold

    Finallly, something Congress can agree on.

  • Bugz Bunee

    I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque !

  • Jefferson_Thomas

    You men are all alike — I told you to ask for DIRECTIONS!!

  • SteveInSedona


    • Mark Townsend

      That is witty! 

  • Gonnaplotz

    I TOLD you not to play frisbee around the wedding cake!!

  • Melkior

    The USA welcomes illegal aliens!

  • Bluscot

    Okay, okay.  We’ll let Pelosi back in. 

  • Johny2291

    Domes are out! The pie plate is the new look on all government buildings.

  • Kramer4077

    You guys know where I can find Ed Wood ?  


    I said left at the White House, not right!

  • MovieGoer512

    Hmmm…..look @ it this way folks. The situation is gonna create jobs for Americans.

  • Serialhound

    Parking,s a bitch.I

  • John

    You can’t park there

  • Gerry Todd2012

    Is this a Handicapped Space?

  • Rhisiart22

    Barack, your Lady Gaga hat has arrived.

  • Truckski2

    That’s bad for the paint job.  truckski

  • Grumpywas2

    I told you, don’t no sightseeing in DC when the Michael Rennie / Keanu Reaves film festival is in town!

  • The Gold Bug

    “I knew that Obama weren’t no American…” said in thick hillbilly accent.

  • Rwmacevoy

    Let’s do a 360 and get out of here.

  • Artblaise62

    Who built this in the way, it was not here the last time dad.

  • Chett56

     I’m a lobbyist,  is this where I go?

  • Avenger007

    “I said turn left”

    • Wayne P.

      Id just say “get right or be left”  It does have a religious significance, more importantly, too! ;)

  • Sochocinsky

    thats a eird place to put a dish

  • Sochocinsky

    i thod u 02 make a right turn not a left turn alf

  • Rhill3850

    Coming to a theatre near you “Teacups Against Mars” (The Sequel).