Death Wish

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Charles Bronson stared in Death Wish

“Christ, the Mets lost again. Just between me & you, Paul,
I wish that vigilante guy would do something about them, ‘cause they’re killing us!”

The Five Best Charles Bronson Performances

  • doug


  • Trainman

    Although Death Wish was kinda of a low budget film it got the point across. The courts can’t seem to do anything we’ve had our ham strings cut with lawyers making big money. My father was right a $.35 bullet can solve allot of problems, Lord knows it would sure help the prisons over population. The only difference between Dirty Harry and Paul Karsey is, Harry warns the suspects with “come on make my day,” on the other hand Paul just pulls the trigger to make his day. Every time I watch either movie and the bad guy is blown away they make my day. Nothing more needs to be said. Except these two words “Boom gotcha.”

  • roy levering

    It says here they are casting Shia Labeouf in “Family Of Cops 4″.

  • wayne

    I’ll see ‘ya at the firing range! good hunting tonight, Ok?


    “Hey! Donald Trump bought a baseball teams, and he’s going to be their pitcher. Figures he can sling a baseball as good as he slings bullshit.”

  • Babs

    Here’s a recipe for Spaghetti and Liver !!!!!

  • Ada

    PAUL: NAH!!!!

  • Bandyman

    Hey Buddy they have a new Charles Bronson film playing down the block and i am trying to find the movie house can you help me?

  • Bob Riley

    You look great in that leather coat and stingy brim hat, I don’t. But I am still the star, and you are following me!

  • Ray

    The description of the vigilante says he looks like an old Charles Bronson.

  • David Bennett

    Hey my name is in the obits.


    That DARN Charlie Brown ! ! ! !

  • Jefferson Thomas

    I can’t help it, Paul — I can’t escape the feeling the Vigilante is someone right under our noses. What do you think? Paul?

  • Marty

    WOW…It says hers that the vigilante is the one who shot Bin Laden!

  • Diane

    Oh look – there’s a sale at Target!!

  • Mike Oldfield

    “Wow! Big surge on Wall Street! Winchester and Remington stocks are going right through the roof! I wonder why?”

  • skip

    oh look there’s a sale on mustaches, maybe i should get one.

  • S.Petty (Black & White Critic in Color)

    Paul I cannot find a comedy showing anywhere….they are all murder mysteries.

  • stanley ochocinsky

    i wish that guy behind me would scratch my back

  • Phillip

    Never seen a bad Charles Bronson movie

  • banjojane66

    “I told you before……the movie starts at 7:30 pm!”