Create-A-Caption: Psycho

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!


“I prefer showers to baths. Why do you ask?”

  • Movie Fan

    Hem your jeans? Who do you think I am? Your mother???

    • Th-th-th-the Next Day–Sunday!

      At least my head stays on in this version.

  • Bruce Reber

    If you think I’m a little off-the-wall, just wait til you meet my mother!

  • jackie

    What do you do for fun around here? Do you have a girl?

  • BernardS

    Think you can have your way with me just for milk and a sandwich ? Cheap pervert !

  • Bob R

    I don’t have any etchings to show you, but would you like to see my stuffed birds?

  • Tom K.

    Norman, I detest that wimpy name – it gives me a stabbing pain just to hear it.

  • Chancellor23

    What do you mean, “Trick or Treat?”

  • John Collignon

    Ever do it in the shower?

  • misaligne

    Do you always do what your mother says Norman?

  • Toby Martin II

    “Just give me a few minutes before you check-in… I want to make sure that the shower stall is nice and clean.”

  • awaywrdsn

    If I told you we were together in a past life would you believe me ?

  • badleg60

    Have you ever showered with a girl? we could scrub each others back!

  • joescarp

    Stop looking at my breasts. You make me feel dirty. I think I need a shower.

  • Bruce Reber

    I want to get something straight – are you Marian Crane from Phoenix, or Marie Samuels from Los Angeles?

  • bornagain710

    My favorite song? Yes, April Showers. Why?

  • John Y.

    So your names Norman. You have the look of a guy named Norman. I once knew a guy named Norman………………Nuttier than a fruitcake. Funny, Huh?

  • cat in Tn

    “Could I please have some extra towels. After seeing all the stuffed creatures in your office, I think I need a shower.

  • Christiepunk24

    You’re my kind of woman. You know,people say I’m a real lady-killer.

  • jk46

    So, I hear your mother isn’t feeling well.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    You say you have a problem with impulse control? Have you ever studied Freud?

  • Aging court

    I wouldn’t worry Norman, cross-dressing doesn’t really hurt anyone………….

  • Quartermass

    You look like a psycho to me!

  • fbusch

    suppose you could get my car washed while I’m in the shower?

  • fuzzy

    Please don’t leave your shoes at the foot of the bed again. I hate making excuses for you.

  • stan

    so your mother is going us for supper

  • stan

    so your mother is going to join us for supper

  • Pat

    You say your mother lives with you? How nice.

  • chett56

    I hear you are a cross dresser… you have an extra bra I could borrow?