Cool Hand Luke

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Neuman

(Fifty hard boiled eggs. What was I thinking? Should’ve got ‘em scrambled.)

  • Richard

    “Where’s my cue stick?

  • Tito Pannaggi

    Paul Newman: Edith Massey (The Egg Woman), I love you!

  • wayne

    How do I know which came first? the chicken or the egg; the way I feel, they can both go back where they came from!



  • Gary

    I think i’m throwing up!

  • Ron

    Here, lets see if we can fit this severed head into an eggshell.

  • Movie Fan

    Ping-pong…I hate ping-pong…

  • ehsteinert

    “You mean you didn’t see that sign in the bathroom about washing your hands??”

  • tim

    I can’t believe i just crapped myself… again

  • James

    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob

  • E J Says

    There are fifty eggs in a bowl, fifty hard boiled eggs, you swallow one down and what you got left, is forty nine hard boiled eggs left in a bowl. Man I am definitely going to have a failure to commnicate after this.

  • DAN


  • Abbey Normal

    Ya see, that’s the problem.My piercing blue eyes are bigger than my stomach.

  • Jim Wurth

    What we have here is failure to regurgitate!

    • Abbey Normal

      Best one yet Jim. LMFAO

  • richard finn

    Whadda mean you found another 50!

  • Dave McCool

    Suddenly a night in the box doesn’t seem so bad

  • Woody

    Wish I ate just one.

  • Susan Johnston

    Hmm… Wish I could think of a good way to use up some of these…Maybe a good dressings of some kind.

  • Rocky

    Doesn’t this special come with bacon and toast?

  • Bandyman

    The all you can eat Egg breakfast seemed like a good idea at first , until they ran out of coffee, juice, milk and water.

  • Doe Farnston

    I shoulda specified pigeon eggs.

  • Dave

    “Mayo. I need mayo!”

  • Fred Smith

    “Looks like the yoke’s on me.”

    (somebody had to say it)

  • Cool Hand Jack

    I’m sure there’s a small file in one of these!

  • Parker Benchley

    The least you can do next time is cook ’em!

  • Magman

    It’s like eggs and bacon…the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

  • Bryan K

    “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Don’t know, don’t care! Right now, if I ever see another egg, I’m shooting the chicken!

  • Bryan K

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! again and again and again and…..

  • Jerry Semro

    Ping Pong anyone??????

  • Darrell McCoy

    “Another fifty?! Let me go to the john first.”

  • Gregory

    “I’ll just keep imagining each one is Sophia Loren!”


    I can’t lay any more, my ass is killing me…

  • hockeyfan

    I guess there really is no free lunch…..

  • headly927

    I’m eggsausted

  • roger lynn

    God I so hate chickens

  • bsteele2

    Wait, I thought I said I could eat FIFTEEN eggs!

  • Deb

    I’m tired. I’ve come, I’ve laid, now I’m out of here.

  • Carol Vernia

    I’m gonna turn into a chicken!

  • Lycan1953

    Excuse me, do you serve “Egg Beaters”?

  • rapalmi

    Man, auditions for THE EGG AND I remake are tougher than I thought.

  • harperlee

    damn gonna have some stinky gas tonight

  • Alan Smithee

    ” I can’t believe I ate the whole thing !”

  • DMena

    Well, there goes my cholesterol!


    Where did you say these eggs came out of? THE CHICKENS WHAT?!

  • Magman

    And I thought Easter was this Sunday !

  • Amos koito

    I feel like a dumb cluck!!!!!!

  • Sue

    You mean I have to eat all of those without a prize?

  • lovestorun

    Two down and forty eight to go boss.

  • PrincessNorrain

    Eggs…Why’d it have to be eggs?

  • Movie Fan

    MMMMMM…try ’em with the shells…crunchy!

  • Richard

    “now I know why the chicken crossed the road.”

  • Joseph23006

    Does any one knoe how to make Eggs Benedict?

  • John Y.

    When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut! I thought I was going to be on “Challenge of the Super Stars”. The only thing I’m going to get out of this is one humongous stomach ache. Somebody get me the PEPTO!!

  • DaveP326

    A few beers and all those hard boiled eggs and I could bloa a fart of biblical proportions…….

  • Shirley

    So many eggs, so little time

  • NadaTall

    The dyes, the dyes, my kingdom for the dyes!

  • Freebyrd

    Why didn’t someone run over that chicken when it was crossing the road.

  • MichaelTJ

    I’ve heard of “The Egg and I” but this is ridiculous!

  • knitwit

    I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

  • Laust Cawz

    Anyone got any bacon??

  • Bruce Reber

    You want me to make egg salad for HOW many people, boss?!

  • Sherman Baker

    What.. No green eggs and ham?

  • banjojane66

    “Salad dressing anyone?”

  • Jo

    If I see or eat one more hard boiled egg my feathers will start dropping off!!!!

  • A jay

    Ooooo that smell….

  • FilmFan104

    “Whadaya mean, I gotta eat the shells too?”

  • Jimster

    Joey Chestnut ate how many???