Cinemassociations: From A to Z

How does Movie Irv get from the glorious, gore-ious 1979 monster movie to the name of a film director who once offered his expertise to the pope? It’s a fun little stream-of-consciousness list of Cinemassociations that also manages to work in a legendary star of cinema swashbuckling and some memories of cheesy TV:

Now take up the mantle and give us your 10. Or take the list to another realm entirely using your own movie memories to start with “alien” and see what comes to mind…

When you’re done here, see how Irv does (or see how you can do) with the words:




Wall Street.

  • Masterofoneinchpunch

    Franco Zeffirelli

    Romeo and Juliet (he directed it)
    Shakespeare (he wrote the above play :D)
    Mel Gibson (was in Hamlet – Words, words, words)
    Mad Max (Mel baby yeah)

    Max Headroom (Matt Frewer; I saw the series when it came on TV making me a fan of Matt)
    The Meaning of Life (Matt is actually in this; did not notice this until I rewatched it on DVD)
    Brazil (Terry Gilliam who directed the first part above and this film)

    Ikiru (another anti-bureaucracy film)
    Sanshiro Sugata (Kurosawa’s first directed film – full credit)

    Throw Down (Johnnie To’s film influenced by the above film; Judo baby)

    • GeorgeDAllen

      MOIIP, I salute your dedication to playing. Let me take up your list, starting from “Throw Down” :

      Falling Down (uh, both titles end with the word “Down”)
      Postal (another movie about going berserk)
      Uwe Boll (made Postal)
      Bloodrayne (also made by Uwe Boll)
      Kristanna Loken (she put the Rayne in BloodRayne)
      Terminator 3 (featured Loken as the TX)
      Arnold Schwarzenegger (he was back in T3)
      Danny DeVito (Arnold’s co-star in “Twins”)
      Andy Kaufman (DeVito’s Taxi co-star; dead or alive? Irv was the
      judge of this week’s nutty controversy, here: )
      Heartbeeps (Oh, how I wish I’d seen this in the theatre. Odds on Criterion Blu-ray release?)