Cheaper By The Dozen

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Cheaper By The Dozen starring Steve Martin

The kids were hysterical watching his old “wild and crazy guy” routines,
but Steve could only see the mistakes.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    You know, it’s funny how things sound on the phone. She said she needed help. She said her Teacher’s Aide was out…..sick. In my mind, I kept seeing these sweet, well behaved children, we would play games, sing songs! Here it is lunch time…….. I think I know what that Aide was sick with…… I think I phrase it best with “I want my Mommy!”

  • Wayne P.

    Instead of calling the new remake “Belles on my Toes” why dont we just try singing “I’ll be Home with Bells On?” This laughing at my schtick has got my head ringing!

  • Charles M Lee

    I could’ve had a V8

  • Charles M Lee

    Well I see one of them smells it already. Good thing it was a silent one, so they won’t know it was me.

  • John Bonaccorso

    Yes boys, this this is a permanent result from a lifetime of playing volleyball …

  • Buddy

    Another day…another remake. I’m Steve Martin…

  • Nivlac

    I thought “South Park” was a program for children!

  • Salvatore Graziano

    I think those are the biggest boobs I have ever seen, keep an eye on those tassel, WOW !

  • fbusch

    Man, I wish the kids would laugh at my version of “Cheaper By the Dozen” like they do with Cliff Webbs original version.

  • CLPA

    Boys thinking: “He still doesn’t get it!”

  • Frank

    I’ve sat down – and I can’t get up!

  • gonnaplotz

    “Yeah, guys — I know this is more comfortable, but I still think the toilet should be in the bathroom!”

  • John Yeazel

    It’s hard to believe that I, Steve Martin who gained fame in T.V. and motion pictures, acting like an 8 year old juvenile, is now reduced to performing for those very same 8 year olds in schools around the country! Where did my life go wrong?

  • banjojane66

    “That’s the last time I tell the boys to………..bring one of my movies in for “Show and Tell” !”

  • Bruce Reber

    Maybe I oughta sing “King Tut” while walking like an Egyptian – that’ll really make ’em laugh!