Best Friends

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Best Friends (1982 ) the romantic comedy starring Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn

Goldie didn’t quite know how to tell Burt that his tie was straight…
it was his hair that was crooked.

  • Stacy B

    I thought you knew how to tie this thing correctly.

  • Wayne P.

    You know, when you give me that look I know I am about to get all choked up, but no so tight this time, please!?

  • Jeff Asch

    OMG…’s at 7 o’clock , not 8.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    B: You know, we’re just going to a show; It’s not like “Evening Shade” is the biggest hot spot.
    G: I know! I just don’t want you to look like you came out of “the Best Little Whorehouse Is Texas” when you go in!
    B:We could always stay in……and play “Striptease”
    G: Why, you might be “Tempted” to take “Snapshots”!
    B: AAARRRGGGHHH!! This tie is driving me up a wall!! “Deliverance”!
    G: I guess we’re “Starting Over”. (sigh!)

  • banjojane66

    “Now, when we get there, if your a good boy………….I’ll let you have an ice cream cone on the way home!!!”