Attack Of The Crab Monsters

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

Attack Of The Crab Monsters Create-A-Caption

“Stop calling me a wussie!
If you’re so sure bringing appliances into the water with us is safe then YOU do it!”

  • roy levering

    This is just too kinky for me.

  • wayne

    Lets get this straight…you put the goggles and flippers on first and then just take a flying leap, right?

  • Charles H

    “Seriously, woman. What is wrong with you?”

    “But I swear, I thought they said ‘costume party’.”

  • Jack West

    “This will not help me become a Navy SEAL!”

  • Anonymous.

    “Actually Edna, I think I should simply buy a pack of Trojans.”

  • Hyman Rolov

    This will be bigger than sexting!

  • arth klau

    I said “Google it not GOGGLE it !!!”

  • John Goodwin

    But Edna, it will give you a tan in ten minutes!

  • Lou

    Can it core an apple?

  • Jacques N. DeBachs

    Isn’t it a little too cold here for you to use that electric fan that you’re holding ?????

  • Bandyman

    I told you that we don’t have to dress like this to eat at the seafood buffet!

  • Dana Rich

    I’m telling you… this device will show us exactly who is peeing in the pool.

  • Cal

    No need to wear your shower cap while swimming – this new hair-dryer will do the trick.

  • Dr Morbius

    I spoke to the Doc, he said all we have to do is bathe more freauently.

  • Dave Manning

    OK, wise ass, you pull the rope and I’ll point that thing, but remember, the manual says be careful not to ring the bell more than twice!!

  • Mark Townsend

    “From a distance you look like Lloyd Bridges.”

  • decoman

    It treats ED, but for women!

  • CE Carter

    I’ll do it, but this is the last time I go to a Lady Ga Ga fan club meeting with you, Buster.

  • JF

    O.k., this is the plan. You walk into the cave of the Giant Crab with this steamer. I stay here, and warm up the giant cauldron of butter, and…….

  • Mark

    Sorry Professor but, I can’t believe you made that entirely from coconuts.

  • harry abraham

    What do you mean you have crabs? I’m wearing your shorts from yesterday!

  • G-Man

    Do you really think this thing was for killing giant crabs ? It’s a boob enlarger, try it !

  • thomrobbin

    I don’t care if it will make them bigger. I’m not putting my boob in that thing!

  • Michelle Malkin

    When they eat you and gain your knowledge, no one
    will notice a difference!

  • yorel

    How did you get that rope to stand up like that?

  • David in LA

    I don’t know…this seems like a lot of trouble just to get free HBO!

  • Chris

    Why did you bring the breast pump–you don’t like milk

  • Susan Johnston

    Are you SURE that this will improve our satellite dish reception?

  • john

    Madam, I guarantee you that this revolutionary underwater anti-aging device will work……..Trust me.

  • James DeSantis

    Maybe we should just call a plumber.

  • Jeff

    It’s my new brest enhancement and hair styling machine

  • Robin

    Check out this underwater camera. Im going to use it to get proof we have monster crabs then we’ll market them to seafood restaurants and make a killing.

  • Anonymous.

    Edna, this is a nudist camp! No contraption will protect us from whatever is in the pool water!

  • Willy V.

    This is the radio I built for The Skipper and Gilligan to try to contact help!

  • Ron Fagan

    No it’s not for a “Rope-A-Dope” Soap Hanger

  • Jackie

    Is this SUPPOSED to be SCARY? IT looks just plain stupid.

  • Cynthia LaRochelle

    Just think,,, Sanctum will be the the remake!!!!!



  • Bruce Reber

    The 2 finalists in the geekiest swimsuit competition of 1957 – we await your votes folks!

  • Bruce Reber

    Giant man-eating talking crabs? Oooh, I’d love to see Frankie and Annette show up at this beach party!

  • Bruce Reber

    Wow, I’m finally gonna get to use that lifetime supply of Old Bay seasoning I won on Let’s Make A Deal!

  • Bruce Reber

    If we ever get off this island alive we’re never eating at Red Lobster again!

  • Bruce Reber

    No Mary Ann, you hafta leave with the others! I’m staying on the island to continue my research on why divers wear such dorky wetsuits!

  • Bruce Reber

    This is an invention of mine-it powers a car by brain waves! Just think, no need for gasoline and no more pollution-but no one will give me a patent for it!

  • Bruce Reber

    They think this is “Attack Of The Crab Monsters”, but it’s really an existentialist version of “Lolita”!

  • Bruce Reber

    We’re saved! I’m gonna use this thing to hack into a TV satellite and broadcast for someone to rescue us! Only problem is will anyone want to when they see us dressed like this?!

  • Bruce R.

    What do you mean you forgot to bring the beer?

  • Bruce R.

    You’re only doing this crappy movie to pay off your student loans, aren’t you?

  • Bruce R.

    When they said we’d be contestants on Survivor I didn’t think we’d hafta wear these things!

  • banjojane66

    ” Last one in is a fried egg!!”