What’s Your Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Role?

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  • Frankiedc

    I usually enjoy your polls, but to have one based on the talentless former muscle man turned to flab, Arnold S is absolutely the worst possible choice. I guess next would logically be  assessing the films of Paris Hilton or determining which of the Kardashian sisters has the most talent. There are so many fine actors and actresses out there with outstanding films in their  career, why waste a column devoted to this wooden lump?

  • craigtwin1

    You go, Frankie.  Nicely said.

  • billgrove57

    Because he was one of the biggest stars at the time! Maybe not the best, but that doesn’t really matter. By the way, who voted for Kindergarten Cop 17 times!!!!!

  • Tomscats

    I actually liked him best in “True Lies.”

  • Gary Vidmar

    The first terminator.  Arnold was at his best when he had virtually no lines to deliver.  Cameron’s making Arnold into a good terminator was one of the lamest casting decisions ever.

  • Sinatra692002

    Had it been listed , I would have voted for his role in True Lies .

  • Netherlandj

    None of these.  I really thought he was funny in Jingle All the Way…..

  • David Malin

    Although his role as the Terminator is probably his best known, his best acting was in TRUE LIES.

  • Vann Morrison

    Arnold’s best role and best acting for that matter was in True Lies. On the low side, his worst acting was in The Villain with Kirk Douglas and Ann Margret. I had always hoped that Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis would have made a sequel to True Lies.

  • Ganderson

    Arnold delivers one of the best movie lines ever in my personal favorite, ‘Conan the Barbarian’.  In response to the question “what is good in life?” (now stop a moment before you read any further and ask yourself, how would I answer that question?) Arnold the Barbarian says: “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”  Talented actor or not, there’s only one Arnold.

  • Fbusch

    Come on Frankiedc, tell us what you really feel….. I’d have voted for true lies if it was listed.  so, i just went with my fav. monster, Predator.

  • Nooneyboy35

    my favorite arnold swartzenegger role was ‘TWINS’
    with danny devito.


  • TmtJo8

    T.Crowe: My favourite arnold schwartzenegger film is True Lies great film, with comedy, wit, and plenty of action too!

  • Mel

    one you didn’t list True Lies

  • Big Fun (Harry Crumb)

    I voted for Total Recall, but the best movie he was in was Pumping Iron.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PODTFFPVEUXYHXVGNS5G5FWKGI DIRK

    Of the ones listed, yes Terminator – always thought that was the perfect ploy, making the Bad Guy in the first film, the hero of the second! Tremendous!
    PUMPING IRON anyone??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lance-Liebl-Sr/1510776796 Lance Liebl Sr.

    True Lies the best of all

  • Geneva P.

    Twins was really my favorite, but since it was not listed, my next fave is Conan.

  • TmtJo8

    True Lies  a great little acton comedy with Jamie Curtis, supurb