Send Letters To Paramount For “American Hot Wax”!

Vito from Voorhees, New Jersey writes:

Music rights hold up a lot of movies from being released on video, including one of my all-time favorites “American Hot Wax”.  It’s the story of Alan Freed, the ’50s DJ widely credited for coining the term “Rock and Roll”.  Tim McIntire plays Freed along with early roles for Fran Drescher, Laraine Newman (in a role based on Carole King), and a young Jay Leno!

It’s filled with great oldies from the era and features Rock and Roll greats Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry appearing as themselves.  The only time the movie was ever available on video was a short stint at the beginning of VHS through the Time/Life Video Club.  It rarely plays on cable, and I would want a factory copy anyway.

Anyone who knows the movie or is interested in the story of the roots of Rock and Roll and wants to see this great film on DVD NOW is urged to email Paramount at