These W.C. Fields Comedy Classics Are Available Now!

Now available via KL Studio Classics, the following W.C. Fields masterpieces will put a smile on your face. Check out the following titles, which are hilarious to watch everywhere, including Philadelphia!

You’re Telling Me (1934)

Training home after yet another sales pitch ended in disaster, would-be inventor Sam Bisbee (W.C. Fields) commiserated with a sympathetic fellow passenger (Adrienne Ames). He had no inkling that his new friend was a visiting royal–or that she’d show up in his home town to make sure he got some unaccustomed respect. Remake of Fields’ 1926 silent “So’s Your Old Man!,” marked by his signature golf routine, also stars Buster Crabbe, Joan Marsh, Louise Carter, Kathleen Howard.

Man on the Flying Trapeze (1939)

An attempt to take the afternoon off for the first time in 25 years causes nothing but trouble for henpecked family man Ambrose Wolfinger (W.C. Fields), in this outrageous comedy. After lying about his mother-in-law’s death in order to leave work early to watch a wrestling match, Ambrose soon finds himself dealing with one hilarious calamity after another. Mary Brian, Kathleen Howard, Grady Sutton, Vera Lewis also star.

You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man (1939)

W.C. Fields’ popular radio rivalry with the ventriloquist-dummy tandem of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy successfully spilled onto the screen, as impecunious carny owner Larsen E. Whipsnade (Fields) seeks to make sure that his daughter (Constance Moore) gets married off to a wealthy stiff (James Bush) instead of his rebellious employee (Bergen). Fields’ first Universal vehicle also stars Eddie Anderson, Thurston Hall, Mary Forbes.