“The Movies That Made Me” Welcomes “Don’t Look Up” Director Adam McKay

The Movies That Made Me — the indispensable podcast hosted by Josh Olson and Joe Dante — launches its fifth season with an incredible guest, writer/director Adam McKay. Best known for his work on films like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, Step Brothers (a personal favorite), and 2018’s acclaimed Vice, McKay’s latest work is Don’t Look Up, a biting satire that viciously skewers mankind’s ignoring of global scale problems like climate change. Despite the heady subject matter, the conversation between Olson, Dante, and McKay is lively and fun, as the latter shares thoughts on some of his all-time favorite films.

Head to Movies Unlimited’s show companion page for links to all the available titles mentioned in this week’s show. And congratulations to The Movies That Made Me for five seasons of unmissable entertainment!