Reza Sixo Safai Visits “The Movies That Made Me”

On the latest episode of Josh Olson and Joe Dante‘s fantastic podcast The Movies That Made Me, writer/director/actor/producer Reza Sixo Safai stops by to discuss his career and talk about what pop culture works shaped his aesthetic. Co-written with Aaron Hendry, Safai’s latest work is the horror Western thriller Prisoners of the Ghostland, starring Nicolas Cage as a bank robber who gets a chance at redemption when he is tasked with finding the runaway granddaughter of a ruthless warlord. The film is just one of many talked about in this illuminating episode, and we recommend it for the insight into the motion picture industry that it provides.

You can find a complete overview of all the titles that Reza Sixo Safai mentions in the installment at Movies Unlimited’s website. Take a look as it is the perfect companion to this must-hear episode.