“The Green Knight” Director David Lowery Visits “The Movies That Made Me”

Among contemporary writer/directors, David Lowery stands out thanks to an impressive filmography that straddles the line between art house sensibilities and blockbuster entertainment. At just 40 years old, the Texas-based auteur has won critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase thanks to his films like Ain’t Them Body Saints, the remake of Disney’s 1970s animated classic Pete’s Dragon (which is the most thoughtful and involving “children’s film” since Spike Jonze‘s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and his A Ghost Story, a rumination of legacy and how we continue to touch the world (or not) long after we’re gone that is, pardon the pun, truly haunting. Lowery’s latest effort is The Green Knight, an Arthurian fantasy starring Dev Patel that subverts expectations at every turn.

As you may have gathered by my flowery praise above, I’m personally a huge fan of the work of David Lowery and find that his films are fully immersive experiences that somehow manage to be hugely entertaining while also making statements about the times in which we find ourselves. So I’m especially eager to hear Lowery discuss his work and influences on the new episode of The Movies That Made Me with hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante. Count on plenty of information on how Lowery brought his vision for The Green Knight to the screen, along with insight into what makes this compelling creative force tick. You can find all of the films discussed in this episode at Movies Unlimited’s website, for additional enlightenment.