Billie Piper Guests on the Latest Episode of “The Movies That Made Me”

Best known Stateside for her role as companion Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, Billie Piper is one of the United Kingdom’s best-loved stars. Her latest creative endeavor is Rare Beasts, a brilliant subversion of romantic comedy tropes that Piper wrote, directed, and stars in, proving once more that she is a performer who can truly do it all. (For those unfamiliar with her career, she was a pop star in the U.K. before she began cavorting through time and space with the Doctor).

Posted above, the latest episode of Josh Olson and Joe Dante‘s podcast The Movies That Made Me delivers a fun and fascinating conversation between Piper and Olson in which she discusses her favorite films. A complete rundown all of the titles mentioned in the program can be found via Movies Unlimited’s website here, providing deeper perspective into the diverse works that influence Billie Piper’s career and life. Give it a listen!