“The Movies That Made Me” Welcomes Comedian Wyatt Cenac

In the news this week for signing an impressive an overall deal with Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, comedian Wyatt Cenac is also the guest on the latest installment of The Movies That Made Me. After starting his career as a writer on King of the Hill, Cenac rose to fame through his work as a correspondent on The Daily Show — a position that launched him into comedy superstardom. Subsequently, he has done frequent live action and guest appearances in various film and TV projects (many of which are animated, foreshadowing his new deal). Most notable among these have been the underrated TBS series People of Earth and HBO’s Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, in which he brought a comedic edge to trying to solve some of the crises that face the world today.

The Movies That Made Me Wyatt Cenac

Being arguably the sharpest and smartest voice in comedy today, it’s a pleasure to listen to him stop by The Movies That Made Me to discuss the blaxploitation genre with hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante, as well as other releases that have shaped his sensibilities. From mentioned releases ranging from Foxy Brown to The Venture Bros. (on which he memorably guested), Cenac is at the center of a funny and meaningful conversation like only The Movies That Made Me can deliver.

An overview of all the discussed titles in the episode can be found at Movies Unlimited’s website, and you can listen to the latest episode of The Movies That Made Me above or here.