Disney/Pixar’s “Luca” and More of This Week’s New Releases!


A journey through movie history awaits you in this week’s overview of new releases, one that spans the star-driven motion pictures of the 1930s and ’40s through to the stunning computer-generated graphics of modern family films. As you browse these latest DVDs and Blu-rays, take a moment to appreciate the depths that movies transport us to, and how great it is to be able to have a diverse array of classics literally at your fingertips thanks to physical media. Here’s a rundown of this week’s new offerings!

Luca (2021)

Living off the coast of Italy, young sea monster Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) couldn’t shake his curiosity over the land his sheltering family tried to warn him off of. Making a buddy of the brash, older Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer)–who shows him that their race transforms into humans when they dry off–they venture to a shore village for experiences that’ll change them even further. Charming Pixar entry also features the voices of Emma Berman, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

In the wake of a failed rescue mission, Montana smokejumper Hannah Faber (Angelina Jolie) was resigned to lookout duty–and the inability to forgive herself. A dangerous chance for redemption might be at hand, when she comes upon a fleeing boy (Finn Little) whose mob accountant father was just silenced by a pair of ruthless hit men (Nicholas Hoult, Aiden Gillen)…and they’re out to tie off all loose ends. Taylor Sheridan’s gripping take on the Michael Koryta novel co-stars Jon Bernthal, Tyler Perry.

Take Back (2021)

The media attention that follows after Zara (Gillian White) puts down an attempted robbery shines a light on her shrouded past, disrupting the quiet life she and husband Brian (Michael Jai-White) have made for themselves. Things take an even darker turn as the ruthless leader (Mickey Rourke) of a human-trafficking operation abducts Zara and Brian’s daughter, setting the stage for a deadly showdown. James Russo, Jessica Uberuaga co-star in this action-packed thriller.

The Killing of Two Lovers (2021)

In a rural town, it had long been over between manual laborer David (Clayne Crawford) and his high school sweetheart spouse Nikki (Sepideh Moafi), and he told himself he’d separate amicably for the sake of the four kids he loved. However, as Nikki tried to move on with new boyfriend Derek (Chris Coy), David’s toxic inability to deal with it might yield tragic repercussions. Writer-director Robert Machoian’s sobering study also stars Avery Pizzuto, Bruce Graham.

Under the Stadium Lights (2021)

After their 2008 season ended on a crushing note, nobody was expecting much out of the Abilene High Eagles the following year–not even the players themselves. Team chaplain Chad Mitchell (Milo Gibson), however, wasn’t giving up on them…and the mentoring he’d provide, to even the most troubled kids, helped steer the squad to the Texas state high school championship. Inspirational tale adapted from Mitchell’s memoir “Brother’s Keeper” co-stars Laurence Fishburne, Eddie George.

Arise, My Love (1940)

Awaiting execution in Franco’s Spain for his Republican leanings, American aviator Tom Martin (Ray Milland) was sprung courtesy of an audacious gambit by reporter Augusta Nash (Claudette Colbert). The understandably grateful flyer began a romantic pursuit of her across the continent, but as their journey takes them through Europe’s gathering war clouds, both might find a greater calling. Mitchell Leisen’s long-demanded drum-beating dramedy also stars Dennis O’Keefe, Walter Abel.

The Little Rascals: The ClassicFlix Restorations, Vol. 2

Contains the next 11 Our Gang sound shorts produced by Roach at the dawn of the “talkie era”: Pups Is Pups (1930) to Dogs Is Dogs (1931) — with each short newly scanned and restored from original Hal Roach 35mm film elements. A must-have for any true Our Gang fan, Volume 2 features the talents of Jackie Cooper, Allen “Farina” Hoskins, Mary Ann Jackson, Bobby “Wheezer” Hutchins, Norman “Chubby” Chaney, Dorothy De Borba, Matthew “Stymie” Beard, as well as June Marlowe as the unforgettable Miss Crabtree.

Four Frightened People (1934)

When an outbreak of bubonic plague hits their steamship, an unlikely quartet–a wealthy chemist (Herbert Marshall), a timid teacher (Claudette Colbert), a hard-nosed journalist (William Gargan), and an officious diplomat (Mary Boland)–opt to take their chances in a lifeboat. Washing ashore on a Malayan isle–replete with hostile locals–the four are thrust into a fateful battle for survival. Leo Carrillo co-stars; Cecil B. DeMille directs.

Union Pacific (1939)

Following one of President Lincoln’s last directives, troubleshooter Jeff Butler (Joel McCrea) is determined to see the Union Pacific Railroad pushed through to California. Unfortunately, there’re lots of obstructionists with a stake in scuttling the project–including Dick Allen (Robert Preston), Jeff’s old war buddy and rival for the attentions of postmistress Mollie Monahan (Barbara Stanwyck). Cecil B. DeMille’s sweeping opus co-stars Anthony Quinn, Brian Donlevy

No Time for Love (1943)

When elegant newspaper photographer Katherine Grant (Claudette Colbert) gets sent to cover a tunneling project below the Hudson, her presence causes an on-site dust-up that costs average-Joe laborer Jim Ryan (Fred MacMurray) his job. Feeling responsible, she offers him a position as her assistant, with conflict and romance sure to develop. Ilka Chase, June Havoc, Richard Haydn co-star; Mitchell Leisen directs.

It Was Always You (2021)

Staid dentist Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) had it all mapped out–a shared practice, and a shared future, with fiancé George (Giles Panton). With weeks till the nuptials, a surprise party for George’s mom yielded the surprise appearance of his freewheeling, globe-hopping brother David (Tyler Hynes)…and with the one that got away uncomfortably close, Elizabeth is saddled with second thoughts. Hallmark charmer based on a Miriam Hurst short story co-stars Elysia Rotaru.

Seance (2021)

Newly arrived at a prestigious boarding school, Camille Meadows (Suki Waterhouse) wanted to fit in…and she shrugged it off as mild hazing when six classmates had her join a ritual to contact the spirit of a student who’d notoriously died there years ago. However, the following morning found one of the girls dead–and as they began dropping off one by one, Camille would learn it was no mere prank. Inanna Sarkis, Ella-Rae Smith, Madisen Beaty, Seamus Patterson also star.

Mix Up in the Mediterranean (2021)

Trendy chef Julian (Jeremy Jordan) needed to win a Maltese culinary competition to salvage his restaurant, and he dragged along his short-order cook identical twin Josh (Jordan, again) to give him some ambition. Julian proceeds to throws his back out, leaving his sib to sub, and try to put it over on event planner Meg (Jessica Lowndes). Josh can’t hide his attraction to her…which makes things dicey, as Meg knows full well Julian’s married…to Henri (Callum Bleu), in this clever Hallmark farce.

Coogan’s Bluff (1968)

Star Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel’s first collaboration effort was this crime drama. Arizona deputy sheriff Walt Coogan (Eastwood) copes with culture shock–not to mention a brutal pool room fight and the impediments brought on by an uncooperative police lieutenant–while in New York City to bring back a fugitive murder suspect. Co-stars Lee J. Cobb, Don Stroud, and Susan Clark.

The Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Limited Edition)(1986)

In the year 2005, the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons reaches its pinnacle as they vie for control of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the one thing in the universe that can stop the giant planet-devouring robot Unicron’s reign of destruction. ‘Til all are one! Feature-length animated actioner includes the voices of Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Eric Idle, Lionel Stander, and Orson Welles (in his final role).

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